Click Wealth System: Scam or Legit? [2023 Review]

The Click Wealth System is marketed as an all-inclusive platform designed to empower aspiring entrepreneurs in the realm of affiliate marketing.

With a streamlined and user-friendly interface, the system is meant to cater to both beginners and experienced marketers, offering a range of benefits to its users.

From comprehensive training and step-by-step guidance to proven strategies, the Click Wealth System promises to support individuals on their journey to online success.

In this Click Wealth System review, we will delve into how this system operates, its potential to generate an online income, and explore the various advantages it claims to provide.

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What is The Click Wealth System?

The Click Wealth System is an online money-making program that claims to help individuals earn substantial income from home.

The internet is rife with other programs like Push Button System and Income Team X that also purport to be money-making systems. However, most of them do not work as they are meant to.

Click Wealth System

The program is promoted by Matthew Tang, who presents it as a make-money-online platform offering tools and insights for generating income by showing you how to start driving traffic to your site.

The program involves a method called Customer Middleman Arbitrage, where users select a verified customer source from a list, set up a website using provided cloud software, and redirect customers to the new website from a customer source.

This approach connects retailers with brands instead of customers with brands.

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How Click Wealth System Works

The Click Wealth System consists of just nine steps and most of these steps are text-based and provided in a PDF format, with limited video content that offers minimal value.

The main training employs questionable marketing tactics, which can be off-putting for users. Additionally, the lack of a search feature in the training materials makes it difficult to find or revisit specific lessons.

Private Facebook Group

Click Wealth System has a private Facebook group but that seems inactive, with no new posts since 2020 and no new comments since 2021, rendering it essentially useless for seeking value or support from the supposed “community”.

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How does Click Wealth System help you make money?

A closer look at how the Click Wealth System operates reveals that this platform claims to be a pathway to financial freedom, utilizing the potential of affiliate marketing to generate income.

In the world of affiliate marketing, individuals promote products or services from other businesses by sharing unique affiliate links on their websites, blogs, or social media profiles.

When a user clicks on one of these links and makes a purchase, the affiliate marketer earns a commission from the sale. This system is built on the premise of leveraging affiliate marketing to help users create a source of income and achieve their financial goals. They also offer what they refer to as independent investments opportunities and daily profit-maker tips.

While the Click Wealth System begins by declaring that it has found the perfect product for users to promote, Matthew Tang later reveals that the product being referred to is, in fact, the Click Wealth System itself.

click wealth system review

Furthermore, Matthew goes on to suggest that individuals can earn over $10,000 per month by persuading others to join CWS and receive a commission for each successful referral.

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Is Click Wealth System an MLM?

Since Matthew’s CWS relies on you recruiting other people to sign up, you can easily conclude that it’s a Multi-Level Marketing scheme.

Who is Matthew Tang?

Matthew Tang, the creator of Click Wealth System, is from Singapore. He says in the promotional video that he used to work as an accountant at a local manufacturing firm, but due to an economic downturn, he lost his job and was left with no stable income. This forced him to explore opportunities to make money online from home.

After years of trial and error, he stumbled upon a method known as Customer Middleman Arbitrage, which he saw internet gurus using to generate online income. It is essentially affiliate marketing.

Matthew says that he gave it a shot, and his efforts eventually paid off as he now earns at least ten times more than he did at his former job, gaining the freedom to pursue other interests.

Fueled by his success and a desire to help others achieve financial freedom and supplement their income, Matthew started Click Wealth System.

Matthew has garnered a fair amount of controversy due to his elusive online presence. He is so difficult to find on the internet that some people even question his existence.

Apart from a Facebook profile with a single picture that can only be accessed via his private Facebook group, there is almost no trace of him outside of the Click Wealth System.

This lack of a substantial social media presence raises suspicion and can be concerning, as it becomes challenging to validate the credibility of a course when there are no credible endorsements or testimonials.

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Click Wealth System Upsells

Click Wealth System offers up these upsells to members:

  • The Profit Activator, priced at $147, promises to increase your customer base by up to 150% using scarcity, social proof, urgency, and retarget activators. These tactics are based on Matthew’s marketing methods, so if you’re not a fan of his approach, this may not be the right option for you.
  • The Click Profit Multiplier, costing $148, claims to provide access to a fully-automated system that supposedly sells products on your behalf. However, the promise of such a system being too good to be true raises doubts about its effectiveness.
  • For an additional $95, the 5x Profit Pages offer five more “profit pages,” but they appear to be basic prompts where potential customers can enter their name and email address. The value of this add-on seems limited, considering the simplicity of the offered features.

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How much is the Click Wealth System Subscription Fee?

You can get Click Wealth System for a one-time subscription fee of $9.

Is Click Wealth System A Scam? [Unbiased Review]

You pay for your subscription through Clickbank.

The Click Wealth System Money-Back Guarantee

Since Click Wealth System is sold via Clickbank, you are sure that they will send you a refund if you request it.

Is Click Wealth System A Scam? [Unbiased Review]

Click Wealth System has a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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Benefits of Click Wealth System

  • You can start using Click Wealth System even when you don’t have a background in sales and marketing. The goal is to start earning money online.
  • The subscription price is low. The price for this program is just $9 but you can get a full refund.
  • Click Wealth System is offered through ClickBank, which allows you to pay for it seamlessly if you have a ClickBank account. It is also easier to ask for a refund because ClickBank is known for reliably delivering on this.

Drawbacks of Click Wealth System

  • Misleading claims that affiliate marketing is an easy way to make money online.
  • No updates seem to have been made to the training.
  • Abandoned private community with little engagement.
  • Limited information is available about the trainer, Matthew Tang.
  • Insufficient training on promoting anything other than Click Wealth System itself.
  • Lack of significant positive results reported by students who followed the training.
  • Following everything the Click Wealth System teaches you may not be enough to earn money if you don’t work hard and improve your skill set. Unfortunately, he doesn’t emphasize this in his marketing campaign.
  • Matthew gives you a false sense of scarcity in the sales video by implying that Click Wealth System will be unavailable if you don’t act fast when in fact, it will be available. This kind of deceptive marketing is quite prevalent in online businesses.

    Is Click Wealth System A Scam? [Unbiased Review]

  • There are added costs that are not factored into the Click Wealth System subscription that you have to pay for. For example, when you build a mailing list, you have to subscribe to a provider like GetResponse and they will charge you a fee every month. If you have to buy solo ads, you have to pay extra as well.
  • There are upsells once you sign up for the program. As soon as you enter the members’ area, you will be bombarded with them.

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Is Click Wealth System Legit?

I have doubts about the legitimacy of the Click Wealth System.

Matthew Tang’s inspiring story might be interesting, but there is very little information available about him online. The lack of visibility raises questions about his marketing experience and whether other people have had success with the system since its launch.

Moreover, the absence of any photos of him on the internet adds to the skepticism. Marketers like Dan Lok and Devon Brown have more credibility because we know more about their backgrounds.

Without concrete evidence, it’s challenging to trust that Matthew’s story is genuine, and he might have fabricated it to convince people to subscribe to a subpar service.

The low subscription price could be a tactic to minimize buyer’s remorse when new members discover that the system doesn’t work as promised. This approach may attract initial sign-ups, but once people realize the system’s ineffectiveness, Matthew may rebrand it and advertise it as a new money-making system, similar to what we’ve seen with other programs.

Click Wealth System Review: Is It Worth the Investment?

We have serious doubts about the credibility of this program. There are no substantial success stories or testimonials, and the ones presented in the sales video are not convincing.

click wealth system review

Moreover, the sales page hasn’t been updated since 2020, which raises concerns about the course’s relevancy and effectiveness.

If there were real success stories, we would see more students sharing their results or Matthew showcasing many more success stories to back up his claims.

The lack of such evidence makes us skeptical about the Click Wealth System’s ability to deliver on its promises.

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