What are Colin Tedards 3 Amazons of AI Stocks? [AI 2.0]

Wondering what Colin Tedards 3 Amazon of AI Stocks could be?

Colin Tedards (chief analyst at Brownstone Research) released his latest presentation talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI). You may have seen it titled “Welcome to AI 2.0” or “The Great AI Lie.”

Colin figures as AIs grow more advanced and new models become more widely known, it will usher in a new wave of AI (or AI 2.0) and with it, a new wave of profits for those who know where to look.

Our team analyzed the presentation and in this piece, we share our findings concerning what Colin Tedards is proposing, his newsletter, and whether he has a valid point in all this. Let’s take a look:

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Key Takeaways

  • Colin Tedards believes in a “second wave,” AI 2.0, set to unfold, recommending three stocks to buy and seven to avoid.
  • Colin Tedards emphasizes the transition from AI 1.0 to AI 2.0, highlighting the potential for profit in the evolving landscape of AI-driven software.
  • The Near Future Report, which Colin Tedards promotes in the pitch, focuses on trends on the verge of mass adoption, emphasizing stable growth stocks.
  • The Near Future Report typically costs $199 per year but often comes with discounted prices in promotional presentations.
  • VERDICT: Investors are advised to exercise caution, diversify sources of advice, and stay informed about the latest trends and developments in the AI space.

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Introduction to Colin Tedards AI 2.0

Colin Tedards has been on a bit of a streak lately releasing pitches about different ways to invest in the Artificial Intelligence trend that has been unfolding over the past year.

We saw him release Project Gemini (ChatGPT Killer) exploring a new AI project by Google and The Nvidia Effect, a pitch about new opportunities arising in the wake of Nvidia’s dramatic surge.

The new pitch that we are covering here is titled “The Great A.I. Lie”.

Colin Tedards The Great AI Lie

Or “Welcome to ‘AI 2.0′” depending on how you access it.

Investment gurus usually release two titles sometimes so that doesn’t mean these are different pitches.

Colin Tedards welcome to AI 2.0

The premise is the same:

Colin Tedards believes that there is a “second wave”, AI 2.0 if you will, of AI that’s set to unfold and he has three stocks he is recommending you buy to get ahead of the wave and a list of seven you should avoid.

In his own words:

“AI 1.0 is finished.

A phase defined by hardware.

Think about it this way:

Before our interstate highway system connected the nation…

Someone had to pave the roads.

That’s what the first phase of AI was all about.

The H100 Nvidia chips, high speed networking kits, and servers are the physical infrastructure that AI runs on.

This 1.0 hardware technology built a massive, interconnected system for a new slate of software players to emerge…

And effectively “Set up shop” along AI’s hardware highway.

Just like the gas stations, shopping malls, and restaurants that started pulling actual dollars out of Eisenhower’s interstate in the 50’s…

AI’s 2.0 service apps will be what makes investors money starting in the weeks ahead.

And that’s why I’m recording this message today… not a year, or six months ago… and not 6 months from now.

Thanks to the platform Nvidia built, breakthroughs that used to take years are happening in days and weeks.”

We won’t bore you with the details of what Colin is saying about the new AI applications or the different ways that they will improve our lives. You’ve heard about that countless times before.

So, we’ll cut to the chase and reveal what stocks he is pitching here:

Colin Tedards’ Three Stock Picks

The three stocks are what he calls “Aftershock picks”.

AI Aftershock Pick #1:

The first pick has to do with Customer Service AI.

Here is what he says about the first stock pick:

“One company aims to take back those hours and earn you a windfall.

By partnering with companies like Adidas, Walmart, Amazon, General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, and transforming their service department with AI.

85% of Fortune 500 companies are already customers…

And now their latest AI upgrade will draw billions in additional dollars from America’s top companies.”

He claims that out of thousands of candidates, Nvidia have chosen the company for a new partnership.

AI Aftershock Pick #2:

The second company is in the healthcare sector and he calls it “Limitless Doctor”.

Colin says that when doctors have AI, they can detect cancer early and treat patients in time. This company has something to do with that and here are some of the details he shares about it:

“Since 2018 they’ve more than tripled sales…

Grown operating profits 9-fold…

And quadrupled their net profits…

And while most investors have never heard of it…

19 Billionaires have taken a position in this stock.”

AI Aftershock Pick #2:

The last pick is something he calls “The Automatic Accountant”

He says that this company uses AI 2.0 to file your tax returns to make sure you never leave a tax refund you are owed.

This company has been growing revenues and cash flows by 17 to 20% a year since 2020.

The details concerning the three stocks is in a special report called The AI Aftershock Blueprint: 3 Stocks That Could 10X By 2025.

You can get it by signing up for The Near Future Report.

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Who is Colin Tedards?

Colin Tedards is the Chief Analyst at Brownstone Research, bringing a wealth of experience and success in the world of finance and investment. His journey began in 1999 with a modest $1,000 investment, setting the stage for a remarkable career.

After studying business with a focus on Economics and Business Management at California State University, Stanislaus, Colin ventured into entrepreneurship by opening a small retail store in 2006.

colin tedards

Unfortunately, during the great recession just two years later, he faced adversity and lost everything. Undeterred, Colin taught himself how to code and subsequently spent several years building and selling successful websites.

Then, Colin did well during the stock market crash of 2008/09, making key investments that eventually allowed him to sell shares and purchase a house in California with his wife Annie in 2016.

Colin joined Seeking Alpha in 2014 as an analyst, initially focusing on micro-cap companies. His calls on companies such as Full House Resorts, LogicMark, The Joint, and Upland Software garnered attention. In 2023, Colin’s buy ratings on major players like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Getty Images delivered market-beating returns.

Expanding his reach, Colin entered the world of investment videos in 2016, reaching over 10 million viewers worldwide. His notable calls on Enphase Energy, Intel, Meta, Plug Power, Palantir, and Lucid showcased his ability to identify lucrative investment opportunities. In 2022, Colin demonstrated his market awareness by promptly identifying a market correction and advising viewers to resume buying stocks just weeks before the October 2022 lows.

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What is The Near Future Report?

The Near Future Report, as described by Colin Tedards, is an investment advisory service with a specific focus on identifying trends that are on the verge of mass adoption.

The newsletter concentrates on large-capitalization growth stocks that are closely connected to revolutionary shifts in technology, such as 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and more.

Colin tedards the near future report

These stocks are positioned as reliable and “sleep well at night” picks, emphasizing stability and growth potential.

Colin Tedards, as the editor of The Near Future Report, reveals companies poised for significant growth in each monthly issue. The newsletter provides subscribers with insights into the most innovative trends in technology.

Colin not only highlights these emerging trends but also introduces new technologies that he is actively monitoring.

Overall, The Near Future Report aims to provide a comprehensive and accessible investment advisory experience.

What is included in The Near Future Report?

When you sign up for the Near Future Report newsletter by Colin Tedards, you’ll receive the following:

  1. A Full Year of the Near Future Report: You’ll have access to the newsletter for a full year, receiving insights and recommendations related to AI, crypto, and robotics.
  2. A New Recommendation Every Month: Each month, you’ll get a new issue of The Near Future Report featuring Colin Tedards’ top recommendations, providing at least 12 plays with the potential for significant growth.
  3. 24/7 Access to the Model Portfolio: Access a comprehensive model portfolio with details on various industry sectors. The portfolio includes buy-up-to recommendations, and currently boasts a 100% win rate with no losing positions in the open portfolio.
  4. Weekly Updates and Urgent Alerts: Stay informed with regular updates and urgent alerts on all recommended positions. This ensures you know the opportune times to enter or exit positions to maximize your potential earnings.
  5. Professional U.S.-Based Customer Support: A professional customer support team based in Delray Beach, Florida, is available Monday to Friday, 9 am–7 pm ET. They can assist with any questions or concerns regarding your subscription, although individual investment advice is not provided.

Special Reports Included with Your Membership:

The AI Aftershock Blueprint: 3 Stocks That Could 10X By 2025

This report provides insights into three firms set to monetize AI in 2024, including a never-on-hold customer service AI, a limitless doctor, and an automatic accountant. These plays have the potential to earn you 10X or more by 2025.

Bonus Report: The Horrific 7 – Seven AI Stocks to Sell ASAP

Discover seven AI stocks that could negatively impact your portfolio. This report provides details on stocks that might suffer in the wake of the winners of AI 2.0. Learn why these stocks could plummet and get insights into the biggest retirement ETFs holding them.

Bonus Report: The AI Power Play

Uncover the challenges and opportunities in the AI industry, with a focus on the electricity requirements. This report reveals the name and ticker of Microsoft’s #1 nuclear power partner and why it’s expected to surge in 2024.

The AI Moonshot

This primer report includes details on Colin Tedards’ #1 tiny AI play to watch. Previous moonshots selected have seen significant growth, making this a valuable report for potential high returns.

By joining the Near Future Report, you gain access to a wealth of information, recommendations, and insights into the rapidly evolving landscape of AI and related industries.

The Near Future Report Pricing

The Near Future Report typically goes for $199 per year.

Colin tedards the near future report pricing

However, whenever Colin Tedards releases a presentation promoting it, you can get it at a discount for your first year. You can sign up for $49 for one year in most of those pitches.

Colin tedards the near future report discount pricing

Like the case with this presentation here.

You should always look for the presentations to get the discounts. Also read the fine print because sometimes, the $49 is just for the first year and then the subsequent years you will be deducted a different figure (like $129 in this case)

Colin tedards the near future report pricing 2

The Near Future Report Money-Back Guarantee

The Near Future Report does have cash refunds.

Colin tedards the near future report refund policy

The terms in our example here is 60 days.

If you intend to sign up for the newsletter, ensure that you check the terms and conditions first.

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Colin Tedards AI 2.0 Verdict

According to Colin Tedards, AI is advancing rapidly, transitioning from what he considers the hardware-centric phase, which he calls “AI 1.0”, to a new era marked by software applications, which he refers to as “AI 2.0.”

Based on Colin’s analogy of building highways, AI 1.0 laid down the infrastructure – the H100 Nvidia chips, high-speed networking kits, and servers – creating the physical framework for AI’s journey.

Now, as we enter AI 2.0, the focus shifts to the service applications running on this established infrastructure. This marks a significant shift where investors have the opportunity to capitalize on the potential of breakthroughs and innovations in AI-driven software.

Colin Tedards rightly emphasizes the emergence of new investment opportunities as AI applications evolve. The progress made, thanks to platforms like Nvidia, has accelerated the development of AI technologies. What used to take years is now happening in days and weeks.

However, as you navigate this new landscape, it’s crucial to exercise caution and not rely solely on one source of information. While the potential for profit is evident, the dynamic nature of the market requires a nuanced and well-informed approach. Be vigilant, diversify your sources of advice, and stay informed about the latest trends and developments in the AI space. The evolving AI wave presents opportunities, but strategic decision-making and continuous awareness will be key to navigating these exciting yet complex investment possibilities.

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