Near Future Report by Colin Tedards Legit? [Unbiased Reviews]

Looking for a Near Future Report review?

I’ve encountered the newsletter being promoted via numerous Colin Tedards presentations over the past several months. I’ve also seen Near Future Report reviews on the internet and they don’t really help with demystifying the service.

That’s why today I want to share my unbiased review of his most popular service.

I’ve researched everything that there is to know about the newsletter to learn more about the investment strategy on which it is based and put together this honest Near Future Report review.

Keep reading to learn everything I have uncovered about it.

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Key Takeaways

  • The Near Future Report is a premium investment research service offered by Colin Tedards, initially created by Jeff Brown.
  • It focuses on providing tech stock recommendations after thorough market analysis.
  • There is an emphasis on emerging opportunities in technology and Colin mainly recommends large capitalization growth stocks.
  • He also targets trends like self-driving cars, quantum computing, cloud computing, machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence.
  • VERDICT: The Near Future Report is legitimate and Colin Tedards has a track record of finding promising startups and understanding both tech companies’ inner workings and financial aspects. It is suitable for those new to investing in tech stocks or investing in general. You can give it a try, with the option to cancel within 90 days if expectations are not met.

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Introduction to Near Future Report

The Near Future Report is a premium investment research service offered by Colin Tedards and published via Brownstone Research.

It was initially run by Jeff Brown who created it to provide his followers with a steady stream of tech stock recommendations after scouring the market for the best opportunities in the sector.

The Near Future Report

He is interested in trends that are bound to improve the world in ways we cannot fathom but that will make the advancements we have already made pale in comparison.

The Near Future Report leans heavily into emerging opportunities in tech and almost all the recommendations are tech-related large capitalization growth stocks.

The Near Future Report leverages Colin Tedard’s experience because he has made a name for himself as one of the most knowledgeable gurus in the niche.

All the monthly issues of the Near Future Report come with comprehensive market data and analysis. Therefore, the newsletter is not just about the stock picks.

Colin Tedards targets trends like self-driving cars, quantum computing, cloud computing, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and other technologies that will revolutionize their respective industries in the near future.

By this, he means the technologies that are on the cusp of mass adoption, not the ones that will take decades to come to fruition.

Ultimately, the Near Future Report is not only about providing you with recommendations because it also provides guidance and gives actionable pieces of advice regarding the biggest trends happening in the market.

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Presentations and Bonus Reports

When you subscribe to the Near Future Report, you gain access to all the past and future reports Colin (and previously, Jeff Brown) has issued (and will issue) to members.

Studying these reports and the opportunities they offer can help you better understand how Colin Tedards identifies his stock picks because with Jeff Brown gone, Colin now basically follows the same template.

A few examples of bonus reports members have received when they signed up for the Near Future Report include:

How to Make a Fortune from Tesla’s Secret Supplier

A while back, Jeff Brown released a presentation talking about a new project that will be launched by Tesla (TSLA) called SAV. You can read my full, comprehensive review of the presentation here.

SAV is an abbreviation for “Shared Autonomous Vehicle” which basically means that Tesla is working on a ride-sharing service that will be serviced by self-driving cars. Jeff explains that Tesla is not a conventional carmaker because the company designs software first then builds a car a round it.

It is no secret that the company has been making their cars autonomous (although not to a fully-self driving version) with the aim of creating “robotaxis,” which must be what Jeff picked up on when he made the presentation.

The idea behind robotaxis is that when the cars are fully autonomous, you will have a phone app that will allow you to convert your car into a taxi that will drive itself around and earn you income (up to $30,000 by Jeff’s estimates).

But since Jeff doesn’t want you to invest in Tesla directly, he wants you to go for a small company that supplies the image sensors used in the cameras mounted on the car. These sensors are what will enable the car to be self-driving.

Since this company may play a pivotal role in the mass adoption of Shared Autonomous Vehicles (SAV), Jeff wants you to invest in it and this special report has all the details concerning the company.

My #1 Pure 5G Play

Since 5G is the tech buzzword that all investment gurus want to write about these days, naturally, Jeff Brown chipped in with his version of things.

According to him, as the 5G network roll out gains momentum in the country, it will take network infrastructure to another level. This means that more devices will have access to fast internet as the IoT trend reaches mass adoption.

In this report, Jeff Brown introduces us to an “under the radar” stock that trades for less than $5 per share that has massive potential upside.

The New Economy: 5 Stocks that Will Soar in the “Post-Covid” World

With the world recovering from the pandemic, economies are starting to regain the momentum they had before all of it. Undeniably, some economic trends emerged in 2020 that will carry on into the aftermath of the pandemic.

In this report, Jeff Brown focuses on stocks that will benefit from these economic trends. These stocks are not the same ones you see on cable news yet they are high-potential picks that investors haven’t caught onto yet.

If you would like to find out what stocks are on the report, you have to sign up to the Near Future Report.

Ten Cryptocurrencies to Avoid Like The Plague

This report delineates the ten cryptocurrencies you should never invest your money in at all costs because they are linked to “some shady characters.”

Secrets of the “Cryptocurrency IRA”

The cryptocurrencies market is massive and lucrative; it has been like that for the past few years. However, buying cryptocurrencies directly can expose you to some of the most tumultuous experiences you may ever have.

Since they are remarkably volatile, they have been known to fluctuate wildly between the highs and lows, sometimes days or hours apart. If you are interested in cryptocurrencies but wouldn’t want to be involved with them directly, Jeff has an alternative worth your consideration covered in this report.

The Top Biotech Buyout Candidate: The 2,200% Secret”

Jeff Brown has been keen on the biotech market in the past few months if presentations like “Jeff Brown’s Biotech Profits Stock” and “Jeff Brown Miracle Cure Antibiotic” are anything to go by.

In this special report, he focuses on a genetic sequencing biotech company that is likely to be bought out. He argues that buy out stocks tend to skyrocket when they announce plans of an acquisition. Investors who go for buy out candidates can make money when their targets are acquired.

Since it can be difficult to learn about these biotech stocks if you don’t have the connections, Jeff Brown has identified a biotech stock that is one of the hottest buy out candidates and he wants you to invest in it. All the details are in this special report.

“Jeff Brown’s New 679% Stimulus Play”

In this report, Jeff Brown acknowledges that the Biden administration is pushing for a big stimulus package — he says that since Joe Biden was known for loosening the purse strings in his Obama days, he won’t be shy about spending more money.

Republicans are also not averse to a stimulus (although they are more restrained). What’s important is that both sides of the aisle want to spend and with such bipartisan support, they could successfully get it done.

Brown knows that some companies will gain more from a stimulus deal than others and among the beneficiaries, Jeff believes some small companies could potentially skyrocket. He wants you to invest in these small companies before the stimulus deal is realized.

He has identified one particular company that he expects to be the biggest winner when a deal is eventually struck because he expects it to post gains as high as 679%. All the details regarding this pick are in this special report.

How to Profit from The Private Money Revolution

In one of the marketing campaigns for the Near Future Report, Jeff released a presentation where he says that “An epic battle is taking shape: Big Tech vs. Big Government – and no matter who wins, investors could reap massive gains in 2021.”

Jeff Brown believes that a significant-tech change is underway. He says that so far, governments have maintained tight control of the money we use. The government prints money and adjusts interest rates to control its supply, and therefore, inflation.

With cryptocurrencies, governments do not have the monopoly of control over the money and this is why Jeff sees cryptocurrencies as “The Private Money Revolution.”

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies have emerged as possible alternatives to centrally-regulated money and they’ve made a mark on our financial system. But, Jeff sees new potential in the industry especially as major company plan to launch their cryptocurrencies.

For example, it is Jeff Brown’s belief that Facebook may be the first of several tech giants that will introduce a cryptocurrency. Some companies may launch more than just a cryptocurrency: they might create an entirely new financial system.

He sees an investment opportunity here and he wants to help you capitalize on it.

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Who is Colin Tedards?

Colin Tedards, a California native, initially invested $1,000 in 1999 and later pursued business studies at California State University, Stanislaus, focusing on Economics and Business Management. After a setback during the 2008 recession, he taught himself coding and successfully built and sold various websites.

colin tedards

During the 2008/09 stock market crash, Colin made strategic investments, eventually selling the acquired shares in 2016 to purchase a house in California. He began his writing career in 2014 as an analyst for Seeking Alpha, initially focusing on micro-cap companies. In 2023, his buy ratings on major companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Getty Images yielded market-beating returns.

Colin ventured into investment videos in 2016, amassing over 10 million viewers globally. Notable calls include Enphase Energy, Intel, Meta, Plug Power, Palantir, and Lucid. In 2022, he accurately identified a market correction and advised viewers to resume buying stocks before the October 2022 lows.

Aside from his financial pursuits, Colin has been volunteering for a decade, teaching a stock market class to junior high students. He remains engaged in coding websites, follows web design trends, and maintains a strong sports fandom, supporting the Cincinnati Bengals, LA Lakers, and San Francisco Giants.

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What is Brownstone Research?

Brownstone Research is an independent financial publishing company that was launched in 2020 allowing Jeff Brown to split from Bonner and Partners.

The new spin-off was designed to deliver insights and profitable investment opportunities to all investors with a focus on the technology sector.

Brownstone Research

It was designed to make proprietary research available to ordinary folk who are typically inadequately informed.

Jeff Brown has since left and was replaced by Colin Tedards as the new head of the publishing unit.

Jeff Brown started it off claiming that he wanted to give ordinary folk access to the kind of investment research that was inherently reserved for hedge funds, private equity, high-net-worth individuals, and investment banks.

Now, Colin does that by publishing articles regularly as well as offering general advice through his investment newsletters. We will take a brief look at each of the advisory services, except the Near Future Report, to determine how they are different from each other:

The Bleeding Edge

This is service that gets the most readers for any service published by Brownstone Research.

It is a free technology e-letter through which he delivers daily insights and information from the high-tech world. He discusses trends that could create lucrative investment opportunities. He doesn’t share tech stock picks overtly but you can get a good idea of what he is working on.

The Exponential Tech Investor

The Exponential Tech Investor newsletter focuses on micro-cap tech companies on the verge of growth. These are the companies that Colin believes have the potential to become as big as Netflix, Amazon, Apple, and other tech giants.

Usually, the stocks he recommends are involved in innovative trends, like cybersecurity, genetic sequencing, 5G, biotech, and AI, just to mention a few before they achieve mass adoption.

Early Stage Trader

This advisory service is dedicated to delivering quick returns on small tech stocks. As an angel investor, Colin claims to have information regarding private technology companies with over 100 completed deals.

He uses his experience to target tiny tech stocks that are about to grow exponentially. Colin explains that you can profit from these investments in a matter of weeks so that you don’t have to wait years thanks to a little-known market anomaly. His system pinpoints the best time to buy or sell to maximize returns.

Blank Check Speculator

Colin started offering this research service to talk about and recommend special purpose acquisition corporations (SPACs). These entities, sometimes called blank check companies, are designed to bring early-stage private companies to the market via a reverse merger.

Colin insists that investing in a SPAC before the reverse merger technically enables you to gain access to pre-IPO shares in an existing company. He even did a presentation called Pre-IPO Code centered on this concept.

Brownstone Unlimited

Brownstone Unlimited offers you an exclusive lifetime membership to all of Colin’s current publications at a lower price than it takes to subscribe to the publications individually. On top of that, members are also given access to any new publication he offers in the future.

For inquiries about your Near Future Report membership, you can contact Brownstone Research via email or phone.

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What you get when you join the Near Future Report

Near Future Report provides its followers with a bunch of investment research reports such as the ones we examined earlier.

Colin Tedards near future report

These reports cover the biggest upcoming trends in tech while outlining the hottest companies that are at the forefront of each trend.

When you subscribe to the Near Future Report, you enjoy the following benefits:

The Near Future Report Quick Start Guide

This guide (which comes with a video presentation) takes you through the full range of services offered via the newsletter. It shows you how to make the most of the service in four easy steps.

Monthly issues of the Near Future Report

Every month, Colin Tedards and his team find new tech trends and investment opportunities. They travel across the country finding those opportunities and then share them with investors.

Near Future Report by Colin Tedards Legit? [Unbiased Reviews] 5This is the most important part of the subscription because you get a new issue of the newsletter every month with new stock picks, extensive research, and analysis.

You can also get access to previous issues of the newsletter through the membership portal. All stock picks are predominantly emerging opportunities in the technology sector.

Access to the Near Future Report model portfolio

When you sign up for the newsletter, you can view the portfolio where Colin has all the recommended stocks from the team, including the prices of those stocks, their entry and exit points, dividend rates, year-over-year growth, and other details.

Near Future Report by Colin Tedards Legit? [Unbiased Reviews] 6He updates his portfolio every month and sends you an alert when any position changes.

As you’d expect, the portfolio is filled with technology stocks that Colin Tedards wants you to consider investing in. This stems from his knowledge of the sector.

When you sign up for the newsletter, going through the model portfolio is the best way to gauge his performance as well.

Access to the Near Future Report Website

When you become a member, you have personal access to the members-only website (via a login page) where you have access to all the features of the investment advisory service. This includes Colin’s updates, newsletter issues, the model portfolio, and the special reports.

Portfolio Updates and Alerts

When Colin Tedards has an update to the model portfolio that can’t wait to publish in the monthly newsletter, he puts out an alert with the update. Such updates usually include changes to stock recommendations so that you are always on top of your updates when the time comes.

Near Future Report by Colin Tedards Legit? [Unbiased Reviews] 7These alerts are as detailed as the newsletter issues because they include price targets and other pertinent details.

Colin Tedards reacts to all the tech news that he deems relevant to his stock picks.

Customer Service

As a subscriber, you get access to US-based customer service, which is available on working days (Monday to Friday from 9 am to 7 pm Eastern Time).

Near Future Report Pricing

A year’s subscription to the Near Future Report is worth $199.

Near Future Report Refund Policy

The ‘risk free’ refund policy varies depending on how you subscribe to the newsletter. Always check your order form to determine how the refund policy applies to you. A good example of how this changes is evident here:

When you subscribe to the newsletter through the presentation about Elon Musk’s SAV project, you get a 60-day money-back guarantee:

But if you subscribe via the official website, the subscription comes with a 90-day guarantee; a 90-day period during which you can cancel your Near Future Report subscription and divert your $199 to any other service offered by Bonner and Partners or its corporate affiliates if you cancel your membership for whatever reason.

Near Future Report by Colin Tedards Legit? [Unbiased Reviews] 8

Note that they do not give back your money in the second instance.

Either way, Colin Tedards promises that you will keep all the bonus materials if you ask for a cancellation.

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Is Near Future Report Legit?

I think the Near Future Report newsletter is legit.

Is Colin Tedards’s service good? Well, One of the main reasons why I think it is a good service is that Colin Tedards has an impressive track record of finding the right stocks to invest in – he has a reputation for finding promising startups.

He has also taken technical jobs in the industry, built startups that went on to generate hundreds of millions in revenue and studied tech companies that became market leaders in their respective subsectors.

Therefore, he knows both the inner workings of tech companies and the financial side of things; a winning combination that puts him head and shoulders above other analysts who attempt to do what he does.

That’s why I am confident that he is trustworthy enough to listen to.

Colin Tedards reviews are mostly positive although there are people who are not fans of his work. People’s opinions about Colin Tedards service are subjective.

That being said, you should take what he promises with a grain of salt because he offers general advice, not personalized advice. This means that whenever you receive a recommendation from him, do your own research first before going along with it.

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  • Colin has a knack for identifying tech companies on the verge of exponential growth. He reveals to you everything you need to know about the most innovative trends and revolutionary shifts in the technology sector. He also spotlights any new technologies he’s tracking and he gives you easy-to-follow recommendations for generating solid profits from emerging trends.
  • When you subscribe to the Near Future Report, you receive all of Colins’ bonus reports, including the ones he has published in the past, for free.
  • The sales page is secured with 128-bit encryption to protect your information from hackers.
  • At $199, the Near Future Report is relatively cheap – compared to some other advisory services. You can even get it for as low as $49 if you subscribe via one of his presentations.


  • Colin does not have a refund policy sometimes that would allow you to reclaim your money if you find the service unsatisfactory.

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Near Future Report Verdict

The Near Future Report is an investment advisory focused on revealing technology companies that have the potential to do well. These are typically companies that are working on some exciting technological advancement. The Near Future Report promises to provide you with a constant stream of information about such occurrences.

As Colin says on the Brownstone Research website, he focuses on large-cap growth stocks and not risky penny stocks. Investing in small unproven companies runs you the risk of losing all your money — he focuses on the more established brands that still have room for massive growth.

If you are looking to add tech cover to your portfolio, you can do worse than subscribe to Colin Tedards’ Near Future Report. The model portfolio is filled with promising tech stocks.

It is run by someone who knows the technology sector and the stock market better than most of his peers. Therefore, you can trust Colin Tedards’ picks because they are a result of extensive research.

It is a great financial newsletter for those who are new to investing in tech stocks and those who are new to investing in general because every detail he shares with his readers is presented in simple terms – he doesn’t use jargon.

Is the Near Future Report worth it? I suppose you can give it a try and if it fails to live up to your expectations, cancel your subscription in 90 days.

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