CopyMatic: Legit AI Copywriter? [2023 Review]

If you have never utilized an AI writing tool, you should think about trying out a few of the most popular solutions available. The use of AI has fundamentally altered how we produce and distribute material, and Copymatic AI is an excellent illustration of this.

CopyMatic is a content generating software and with it, you can produce all the text you need for marketing, make discussions fly off the rails, and boost your return on investment.

You must be considering whether it is a suitable fit for you, whether its feature set stands up well to alternatives on the market, and whether the pricing is reasonable enough considering what you get.

In this CopyMatic review, we are going to take a deeper look at the software, how it works and help you determine if it is the ultimate creative writing tool.

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CopyMatic: Legit AI Copywriter? [2023 Review] 10

CopyMatic Review

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What is CopyMatic AI?

CopyMatic is a relatively new AI-powered content writer that can write a limitless number of sales pages, emails, advertisements, social media posts and video scripts in 109 different languages in under 10 minutes. It is the one of the AI writing tools available online, enabling you to generate content with great conversion rates for all markets.


For your pages, including sales pages, lead capture pages, thank you pages, upsell pages, and many others, CopyMatic develops copy that converts and sells. For your emails, it uses high-converting subject lines like “cart abandonment,” “affiliate marketing,” “discount offers,” among others.

This AI content writer uses the power of GPT-3, a Natural Language Generation model developed by OpenAI to generate content and creates based on the context that the tool is given.

Copymatic is especially suitable for the following:

As an AI copywriter, Copymatic gives you the ability to produce compelling content, SEO-optimized blog pieces, and highly convincing copy quickly to meet your diverse content needs.

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What features does Copymatic offer?

The copywriting AI tool Copymatic is slick, intelligent, precise, and effective. It can produce text that is original, fully grammatically correct, impressively coherent, and devoid of plagiarism.CopyMatic Review

The AI-powered article writer offers a variety of features. They include:

SEO keyword research

One of the best features of Copymatic is keyword research. You can use this tool to generate keyword ideas if you’re having trouble deciding which SEO keywords to include in your text. Thus, you may conduct keyword research inside Copymatic rather than using outside tools.

You can target KGR (Keyword Golden Ratio) and long-tail keywords to uncover suitable search terms to support your content. Nevertheless, because it costs 3 credits every search to use this tool to assist you find potential keywords to rank for, you will have to upgrade your account.

High converting copy

You can create advertising, emails, upsells, ready-to-convert pages, video scripts, and much more using Copymatic. Also, you may create content for a variety of niches using a single dashboard rather than being restricted to just one or two.

You may now use Copymatic to increase sales, increase, content marketing increase conversions, and increase profitability without spending money on pricy copywriters or experiencing writer’s block.

Next level automation

The tool is sure to impress because it elevates automation. For future reference, Copymatic will save the response regarding your product.

You can now create focused, trustworthy, accurate, and effective material for the same product in a variety of media, including scripts, videos, and more, with just one click.

Copy saving

In contrast to the majority of software, Copymatic saves each and every copy for you. In order to provide a better context for your product, you can use and reuse the copies.

You may quickly access these copies anytime and wherever you want to create high-quality material.

Supports multiple languages

With Copymatic, expanding your business globally is now simple. You create your material, and let the software translate it into more than 100 languages.

Simply put, you may present your product in almost every region of the world using Copymatic.

100% cloud hosting

With memory space becoming more and more expensive, Copymatic offers you a dependable, nearly cost-free, and effective alternative. Simply put, there is no need to download or install the program.

You can access it from any location in the world using any device of your choice because it is hosted on a quick and dependable cloud server.

Next generation software

As an AI program, Copymatic is obligated to learn from the past and produce content that is more accurate, up-to-date, and relevant in the future. It should comprehend your preferences for products.

Multiple templates

With CopyMatic, you may write emails, sales letters, video scripts, and advertisement copy in a variety of popular categories. Additionally, it creates captivating material for an endless number of themes.

Plagiarism checker

Receiving a plagiarized output is one of the main issues with employing AI. With a built-in plagiarism checker, Copymatic can quickly address this and guarantee that your content is original.

However you can only access this tool if you upgrade to a Starter or Pro membership. Also, it has a 3,000 word consecutive limit and a 10,000 word free limit.

WordPress plug in

Another feature that distinguishes Copymatic is that you may utilize it to assist you in article creation by installing a WordPress plugin on your website. In general, not many AI authors are capable of doing this.

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How to use CopyMatic

To begin using this AI writing assistant, install CopyMatic and instantly login and select the template for the type of copy you want it to generate. Briefly describe what you want by responding to a few simple question prompts. Finally, press the enter key to quickly create your AI-generated copy in whatever language you like.

You will be routed to the dashboard after registering. Once you are in, you get access to various tool tabs and information about how the software functions at the top. The FAQs can be found by clicking on the “How It Works” tab. The “What’s New” tab will display any product updates.

With Copymatic AI, you can create content of various types with the variety of templates offered. They include:

Blog Post

For long form blog posts, Copymatic provides all the essential templates and functionalities, including:

  • Blog title generator
  • Blog outline
  • Brainstorm blog posts & pick the right ideas
  • Listicle and blog title, introduction, and conclusion
  • Create blog posts that are properly optimized for SEO in minutes using a title and outline.

It’s simple to write new blog entries from scratch or edit entire blog posts using any of these themes. Articles (first drafts) can be readily created in a few minutes.

Social media posts

You can quickly and easily write effective ad copy and social media posts for all of the major social media platforms using Copymatic. These include:

  • Instagram: Captions & hashtag generator
  • Twitter threads
  • Facebook- Headlines & Primary text
  • YouTube Video – Video scripts, Titles, Descriptions and tag generators
  • LinkedIn posts
  • Google Ads
  • Personal bio
  • Quora answersCopyMatic: Legit AI Copywriter? [2023 Review] 11

Content marketing

In Copymatic, you get a variety of marketing templates, including

  • Descriptions of goods on sales pages
  • Feature to benefit
  • Press reports
  • Emails: welcome, follow-up, cancellation, and confirmation
  • To assist your initiatives, create an in-depth video training course or an advertisement script.

With a few easy text inputs and the click of a button, you can quickly produce high-quality copy for everything you need.

Website copy and SEO

With Copymatic’s extensive feature set, you can quickly create content that converts well. These features allow you to:

  • Build landing pages that are high converting
  • Write copy for your marketing efforts that are high converting
  • Use established frameworks for writing such as AIDA, PAS, etc.
  • Build a sales page with meta descriptions, customer testimonials, a call to action, and FAQs.

Moreover, Copymatic provides other tools geared towards optimizing your content. For example, by concentrating on the keywords you want to rank for, ‘Rewrite with Keywords’ is a feature that rewrites previously prepared articles into highly engaging written content.

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How much does CopyMatic Cost?

The charges may change without warning so it is best that you confirm the going rates on the official website first.

However, at the time of writing this, Copymatic has a single front-end price and 4 OTOs. On the front-end, you would need to spend $31 in order to access services like unlimited custom copies, emails with a maximum of eight categories, video scripts with a maximum of seven categories, and sales letters with a maximum of six categories.

Moreover, you can translate in more than 100 languages with just one click. Within 30 days, you can receive your money back. You could access an unlimited number of high converting copies, email sequences, video scripts, ad copies, and much more by purchasing the first OTO, the Unlimited Edition, for $57.

The creation of a copywriting agency costs $97, while the Copymatic 6 figure tool costs $67 and the Copymatic White label license costs between $97 and $297.

Fortunately, you have the option to test out Copymatic’s software before spending money on it. The trial is available for free. You receive 10 credits after you sign up for the free trial version. Use these credits to unlock various AI software capabilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions About CopyMatic

Can you genuinely use the content that an AI-powered content writer produces in a blog post?

There are a number of AI tools that can help you produce quality content that is engaging and will help drive conversations such as Agility and ShortlyAI.

It’s crucial to conduct research before selecting the best AI content writer or copywriting program for your blog articles or marketing materials, just like you would with any other employee. Be sure the one you select is the most appropriate for your needs because each one has a unique set of skills.

What is the plagiarism rate for Copymatic?

Copymatic boasts one of the lowest rates of plagiarism, at 2%, according to their website. In other words, you don’t have to worry about your content being flagged by search engines for plagiarism.

What are the alternatives to Copymatic?

Yes there are other alternatives if you find this AI copywriting tool is not suitable for you. Some of them are:

  • Jasper AI– One of the most well-known AI content generators to take into account is Jasper AI. It is perfect for businesses and more experienced users and has a ton of features. New users can also take advantage of a free trial.
  • Agility Writer – It is an AI powered writing platform that helps writers of all levels produce professional, engaging content in less time. With features such as natural language processing, automated research and editorial suggestions, this AI writing software will drastically improve your output while keeping quality high.
  • Scalenut– Although Scalenut is a lesser-known AI writing assistant choice, it has a special feature for creating copy that is SEO optimized for Long Form material. New users can also take advantage of a free trial. Its standout characteristics are price & SEO integration.
  • Copysmith– If you’re looking for an AI writing assistance with a focus on sales and marketing, Copysmith AI is an excellent option. It is an effective tool for companies since it can provide compelling copy and promote conversions. Additionally, it features built-in SEO capabilities that save you time and money.
  • WriteSonic– The AI writing tool Writesonic is effective and supports a variety of use cases. Its fee structure is distinctive (including a Free forever version).

Pros of CopyMatic

  • With Copymatic AI, content creation happens swiftly with just a click. Most modules don’t require a lot of training to use them.
  • There is something in the Copymatic AI tool for every blogger, freelancer, copywriter, and agency.
  • Many features will let you auto-generate quality writing with just a few of your inputs, eliminating writer’s block immediately.
  • Unlimited words are available in the Pro edition, and the price is fairly reasonable.
  • You can manage content development for numerous websites, regions, and languages with ease.

Cons of CopyMatic

  • Those who don’t fit into the pricing profiles may not utilize Copymatic because it appears to only offer two payment options.
  • 1000 words in the free trial may not be enough to fully examine Copymatic’s features before committing to a purchase.


In conclusion, Copymatic is an adequate AI writer that is well worth the $19 monthly cost. In comparison to other AI copywriting tools, I think it is reasonably priced and produces high quality content. Also, Copymatic includes a useful function that makes keyword research easier.

Thus, if you’re seeking for another accessible AI writer, give Copymatic a shot and judge the effectiveness of its text for yourself.

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CopyMatic: Legit AI Copywriter? [2023 Review] 10

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