Dan Ferris Prediction: 2023 Warning Legit?

Wondering what Dan Ferris prediction and warning for 2023 is all about?

Dan Ferris has been sharing with his followers predictions over the years have on how to avoid financial disasters afflicting the market. He predicted the fall of Lehman Brothers and the top of the Nasdaq, among other big predictions that came to pass.

Now he is warning his readers that the market may fall 75% bursting the biggest mega-bubble in stock market history.

He thinks that you need to prepare for what’s coming next. Therefore, let’s take a look at Dan Ferris Predictions.

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Dan Ferris Prediction: 2023 Warning Legit? 7

Dan Ferris Predictions

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Introduction to Dan Ferris Prediction

Dan Ferris terms his new predictions concerning the market as his scariest prediction to date because he thinks that the biggest mega-bubble in history is about to burst. Dan Ferris’ prediction is that it could get worse than the Dot-Com crash and the 2008 meltdown – combined by impacting nearly every asset and perhaps ruin the retirements of millions.

He says that ignoring this is the biggest mistake investors are making right. However, if you wish to start acting on it immediately, he’ll show you the steps to take to prepare.

Dan Ferris Prediction

Stocks have become expensive and bonds aren’t as profitable as they once were because interest rates are still trending on 50-year lows. Dan Ferris says that as the Federal Reserve kept interest rates low for too long and all that cheap money was wasted on inflated corporate spending and speculation.

At the same time, real estate values have gone up to unrealistic and unsustainable levels, pricing out young buyers and the stock market continued soaring higher and higher resulting in what he considers the biggest mega-bubble. America finds itself where 1989 Japan was, right before its stock market bubble burst.

The Fed is raising rates means that the economy could be in what’s likely to be the worst recession in our lifetime.

On top of that, the yield curve has inverted and every time that has happened, a recession has inevitably followed:

Dan Ferris Prediction

Therefore, we are in a recession right now because the chart shows that.

Dan says that during a recession, profit growth for public companies suffers and stocks tend to fall.

Then, after a market crash, there tends to be a period of stagnation with minimal to no growth.

Dan Ferris Prediction

Now is not the time to start investing in stocks believing that you will be getting them at a bargain because the bottom is NOT in.

You should not go in thinking you can just go grab any beaten-down stock because you will essentially be playing Powerball with your retirement savings and could lose a lot.

So, what should you do instead?

First, he thinks you should remove Apple (AAPL) and Tesla (TSLA) from your portfolio.

Why the two stocks?

Apple and Tesla are among the five largest stocks by market cap but they haven’t performed as poorly as Microsoft, Alphabet, and Amazon so far this year. These three are all down roughly 30% in 2022.

Apple is down around 16% and Tesla is down about 23% and, therefore, Dan Ferris expects Apple and Tesla to follow the rest of the large caps in falling by least 30%.

He also thinks you should get out of most of your index funds and ETFs because he is not a fan of passive investing.

He’s written a report about all this and it’s called:

Your Meltdown Survival Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Survive the Coming Crash and 20 Years of Zero Returns

This report is his playbook for how to navigate the markets. He breaks down everything that’s happened to stocks over the past 20 years.

Dan Ferris PredictionHe shows you how to invest in a period of higher interest rates not lower, or lower equity valuations, not higher.

You also learn how to manage a portfolio when stocks and bonds are more correlated than ever before.

There’s a section on how to invest in Gold. Although gold has not gone up even when inflation started rising, it has crushed stocks, bonds, bitcoin, and most financial assets since the bear market started.

Historically, since the U.S. dollar went off the gold standard in 1971, it has outperformed stocks in the 21st century and it has a long history of preserving wealth because it offers a level of protection you can’t find in assets that can be manipulated or diluted, like stocks or Bitcoin.

For these reasons, gold has been used by a lot of super-rich families to stay rich for decades despite the crashes and decades of no returns.

You can get the report for free if sign up for the newsletter offered by Dan Ferris called Extreme Value. We’ll cover it in later in this piece.

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Who is Dan Ferris?

The strategy is designed by Dan Ferris. He is the editor of Extreme Value, a monthly investment advisory that focuses on some of the safest and yet most profitable stocks in the market. His strategy will help you find safe, cheap, and profitable stocks.

Dan was among the few analysts to accurately predict the breadth and depth of the Global financial crisis in April 2008. 

Dan Ferris has appeared on Money with Melissa Francis and The Willis Report on Fox Business News, as well as The Street with Paul Bagnell on Business News Network. He has also been featured several times in Barron’s, the Value Investing Letter, and numerous financial radio programs around the country.

Dan Ferris shares regular research findings, market insights, and the occasional trade idea. This time, he has come up with a unique market prediction that can help plan your finance more securely and safely. 

Other analysts have done the same, including Jim RickardsNomi Prins, and Jeff Brown.

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How Does Dan Ferris’ Extreme Value Work?

Dan Ferris’ Extreme Value is a financial newsletter through which Dan Ferris shares his latest ideas, investing insights, and big-picture analysis.

When you sign up for it, you will have access to a special report called 10-Stock Portfolio for a 20-Year Go-Nowhere Market.

It is Dan’s portfolio that comes with a done-for-you approach designed to protect your portfolio’s downside and help you survive the crash.

This special report dives into everything you need to know about each recommended position, and exactly what Dan recommends to protect yourself and your investments during a looming market crash and 20 years of zero returns.

Another special report you get is Your Meltdown Survival Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Survive the Coming Crash, and 20 Years of Zero Returns. 

This report will show you Dan’s exact playbook for how to navigate these historic times, the hedges that make the most sense right now, and all the crazy things that could happen, during the government’s response to this unprecedented disaster.

There are some more benefits, including:

  • Stansberry’s Financial Survival Program ($3,000 value) – special bonus. It contains every one of the seven (7) opportunities detailed in this program designed to help protect your savings and give you relative safety and stability during the devastating bear market ahead and the 20 years of potentially zero returns that will follow.
  • Access to TWO full years of Dan’s Special Updates
  • TWO full years of Dan’s warnings and predictions
  • Dan’s full archive of issues and special reports, including the Extreme Value Member Handbook

All these aforementioned benefits are reserved for those who opt for the subscription to two (2) years of Extreme Value.

The Extreme Value Subscription Fee

You can get instant access to everything for just $1,695 for TWO YEARS.

The Extreme Value Refund Policy


“We do not offer cash refunds. For the simple reason that if we did, too many people would sign up, grab my new model portfolio and report… and then cancel.

It’s happened before!

But this isn’t fair to my paid subscribers”

But you can cancel your subscription within 30 days to use that money on another research service offered by Stansberry Research.

“In short, you can take the next 30 days and check out everything Extreme Value has to offer… the model portfolio… the reports – everything.

And if you’re not completely happy, you can receive a FULL REFUND in the form of Stansberry Credit. Which means you can apply the money you spend today to ANY of Stansberry’s 20+ research services, no matter the price.”

They let you take the money you paid for this newsletter and repurpose it to pay for another newsletter.

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Is Dan Ferris Prediction Legit?

In our experience investigating Dan and his programs, we can say that Dan Ferris Prediction is legit for sure. He is a well-known investment veteran who has years of experience and expertise in this field. He has come up with his strategy to help ordinary investors to take advantage of the market crash.

But this does not guarantee that his prediction will be right. In fact, his recommendations may lead to financial losses should things pan out differently.

Dan Ferris Predictions

In the presentation, when asked by the host what he thinks of the markets, Dan does make a few predictions and here is how the conversation played out.

The Market Bottom

Question: Alright, next question. I know you said the bottom is not in yet… but what is your timeline for this crash? How long do you think stocks will continue to fall?

Dan was asked whether the markets were bottoming out and he revealed that the markets could fall even more:

“Well, I don’t know. Nobody can know this. Don’t let anybody tell you that they know when any of this will happen.

But I will tell you this: not only is the bottom not in, I don’t even think the top is fully in yet.

You don’t get brand-new meme stocks like Bed, Bath and Beyond shooting up hundreds of percent in a couple of days at the bottom. That doesn’t happen at the bottom. That happens near the top. So I think we have a long way to go.”

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Question: You’ve talked about gold and silver being good hedges. Some of your fellow analysts have called Bitcoin a good long-term hedge. What’s your position on that?

This is about investing in Bitcoin and Dan does not think cryptos make for great investments. He trusts gold and silver that have a proven track record.

“Bitcoin is, I believe, best seen as a really interesting speculation. I wouldn’t put a penny into it that you aren’t ready to lose.

It does not have the proven track record of wealth preservation that gold and silver have for thousands of years. There’s just no comparison.”

The US Dollar’s Future

Question: Alright, Dan, are you at all worried the Dollar’s future is in jeopardy? You mentioned scenarios where if rates keep rising, the U.S. wouldn’t be able to afford the interest on its debt… and yet that seems to be necessary for keeping inflation in check. What are your thoughts on the Dollar’s future?

The last question is about the US dollar. Dan expects it to get stronger.

“I think actually the dollar is going to get stronger, mostly because other currencies compared to it are getting weaker, and it’s already happened.

Get yourself a chart of the yen or the euro or almost any other currency, and relative to the dollar they’re already weakening.

But the bottom line is – I don’t really think that this issue matters as much as other people do. Yes, I think long-term the dollar will always tend to lose value, as it has since the Federal Reserve took over in 1913, but this portfolio is designed for a wide range of scenarios.”

Dan Ferris Predictions Conclusion

We are living in an unprecedented time when extreme events are happening – all across the market. These events have never happened at the same time before in history.

If you fail to act fast, Dan Ferris thinks that every dollar you’ve spent your life earning, saving, and investing could be wiped out in the coming weeks.

But he has tips on how to survive this but you have to sign up for his newsletter.

Don’t forget that all investments carry risk and past performance does not indicate future returns.

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Dan Ferris Prediction: 2023 Warning Legit? 7


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