Jeff Brown Predictions For 2023 Legit? [Top 7 Exposed!]

Wondering what Jeff Brown predictions for 2023 are?

Jeff Brown (tech investor) has been one of the most prolific investment analysts we cover. Suffice to say that he has made some exciting predictions about the stock market that we have shared with you over the past year.

Jeff has been making predictions about the market for many years now and even claims to have called the No. 1 returning tech stocks of 2016, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

So, this is what he does and he has been pretty consistent about it.

In this piece, I would like us to revisit some of the predictions he has made throughout the year as we look ahead at what we can expect from him in the year 2023.

We’ll also take a quick look at a section of the prediction series he has been sharing with subscribers to the Bleeding Edge as the year comes to a close.

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Jeff Brown Predictions For 2023

Jeff Brown is one of numerous experts we follow who has been making predictions of disruptive tech investments throughout the year. We recently covered others like Nomi Prins, Jim Rickards and Marc Chaikin.

Jeff regards himself as an active angel investor, which means that he is the kind of investor who monitors early-stage technology startups.

He is into tech stocks, promising biotech companies, and even cryptocurrencies and blockchain stocks.

Jeff’s M.O. is pretty simple: he leverages his access to information that the general public is not aware of to find the best early stage tech companies. Then he recommends them to people who are subscribed to his newsletter.

Tech Predictions

He regularly highlights such opportunities in his presentations. A few examples of these include:

Jeff Brown Predictions For 2023 Legit? [Top 7 Exposed!] 19

Jeff Brown Predictions For 2023 Legit? [Top 7 Exposed!] 20

To find the best picks, he identifies a tech stock that has the perfect profile because he believes that when a company lacks the right formula, even with a great product, it will not take off.

This is true in an industry that is saturated with startups and new players and where nine out of 10 startups fail. Therefore, he has to be meticulous and decisive to edge ahead, and he has been doing that for the most part.

Jeff Brown even recommends private companies. I’ve seen him talk about “pre-IPO” companies in some of his presentations. These may be massive private companies on the verge of going public.


He has also talked about cryptocurrencies and claims to have been right about them in 2016:

Jeff Brown Predictions For 2023 Legit? [Top 7 Exposed!] 21

COVID-19 Predictions

To his credit, Jeff Brown has not let the COVID-19 slow him down and he has been making predictions over the past two years that have caught people’s eyes.

For example, in 2020, he made some predictions:

Jeff Brown Predictions For 2023 Legit? [Top 7 Exposed!] 22

In April, Jeff revealed in a presentation (“Stunning Confession”) that he had learned he had prostate cancer while he was researching a biotech company. What happened was that he was put under a machine that detects it and it revealed this. Just as I said in that presentation, I hope he recovers fully and continues to lead a healthy life.

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Who is Jeff Brown?

Brownstone Research

Jeff Brown is an investment analyst and angel investor best known as the founder and chief investment analyst for Brownstone Research.

Jeff Brown

Brownstone Research is a boutique investment research firm he created in 2020. It is affiliated with Legacy Research Group. Before he launched it, he was working for Bonner & Partners.

He edits premium newsletters like The Near Future Report, Exponential Tech Investor, The Early Stage Trader, Blank Check Speculator, Unchained Profits, and Day One Investor.

He also publishes a free e-letter daily called The Bleeding Edge. We will be taking a closer look at the 2022 predictions he has been making to The Bleeding Edge readers.

Career Background

Jeff Brown was born, educated, and began his career in America but spent two decades living and working overseas. Jeff spent 25 years as a high-technology executive for some of the best technology companies in the world, like NXP Semiconductors, Qualcomm, and Juniper Networks in Asia (especially Tokyo, Japan).

He believes that the experience gives him a unique global perspective on business, investing, and analysis. Jeff Brown’s net worth has grown partly because of this.

As an angel investor that focuses on early-stage technology companies, he is privy to information the public never sees about the industry. He is usually on the front line monitoring things months, if not years before other people catch wind of them.

For example, he is keen on things like AI, 5G, Crypto, self-driving cars, cloud computing, and other trends and he finds small startups showing great promise in each. They make up a bulk of his investment portfolio.

Education Background

Jeff Brown has an undergraduate degree in aeronautical and astronautical engineering from Purdue University and a master’s degree in management from the London Business School. He also has professional certificates from MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley’s School of Law, and the National University of Singapore.

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Jeff Brown’s 2021 Predictions (And What They Tell Us About 2022)

If we look into the past year’s predictions, I think we will get a feel of what we can expect from him in the coming year. So, here is a recap of some of the most popular predictions he has made in 2021 that should give us a clue as to what we can expect from him.

1 – GTE Technology (20,000 IPOs All in One Day)

Jeff released a presentation about something he was referring to as G.T.E Technology. He was saying that with this technology, we can have up to 20,000 IPOs in one day, and with just $25, you could profit from every single one.

Jeff Brown Predictions For 2023 Legit? [Top 7 Exposed!] 23He was not talking about Initial Public Offerings in the conventional sense, rather he was talking about asset tokenization and the blockchain.

He was explaining that there would be a “World IPO day” when there would be thousands of “IPOs” and these would just be new tokenized assets coming to market.

Was He Talking About NFTs?

These sound a lot like NFTs, which he says allow you to own anything from works of art, real estate, software programs, a car, a racehorse, to rookie cards. In addition to that, all these things would become tradable.

Speaking of GTE Technology, we learned that he was using the term to refer to a Global Token Exchange. He clarifies that it should not be conflated with NFTs, which he says form a tiny sliver of the whole thing.

The Global Token Exchange is a platform where people can trade digital tokens thus allowing people to switch ownership of assets. Jeff expects a lot of money to be invested in the Global Token Exchange.

When it comes to investing, he says that rather than find the best “IPO,” the best way to invest is to own a piece of the entire exchange. This technically means that you profit from all transactions indirectly.

He likens it to investing in Coinbase, where you profit from the cryptocurrency trade rather than pick digital currencies individually.

He’s not the only expert making predictions like this when it comes to Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. We’ve seen “the most trusted man in cryptos” Teeka Tiwari echo similar views as Jeff too.

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2 – The $1.5 Trillion Arms Race for S.C.G. (The End of Smartphones)

In a more recent presentation, Jeff Brown was talking about S.C.G. Technology (I should clarify that this has nothing to do with a company called SCG Technologies LLC).

Jeff Brown's SCGHe was saying that S.C.G. is likely to be transformational and could revolutionize the niche in the next 50 years. On top of that, companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook & Microsoft are all involved in it.

Jeff was referring to “Spatial Computing Glasses” (SCG), which he believes could make smartphones obsolete.

Jeff describes Spatial Computing Glasses in his pitch;

“Computing will no longer be limited to two-dimensional flat screens, laptops, or phones.

It will be all around us.

You’ll be able to control it with simple hand movements, your eyes, and your voice.

Tech insiders like me call this “spatial computing”…

You’ll be able to view information and use the internet much like how we do for smartphones today…

Except this is totally hands-free.

You’ll no longer have to look down on your screens.

Instead of holding a smartphone in your hand and staring at a screen, you’re going to wear it.”

And he thinks they will be better than phones:

“With these glasses, you’ll be able to do everything you can do on a phone – text, call, check emails, get directions, and browse the web…

All by using voice commands, hand gestures, and even eye movements.”

Spatial computing, where Jeff must have derived the term SCG, is the digitization of activities by people, objects, and machines and the environments in which they exist to allow the optimization of actions and interactions.

Jeff Brown Predictions For 2023 Legit? [Top 7 Exposed!] 24

In this computing environment objects, people, and machines do not interact with computers as outsiders because those objects interact as if they are within the digital realm. The interaction with the three-dimensional world is facilitated by augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR). It couples the real world and the digital landscape.

VR headsets and AR glasses are just some of the few applications of spatial computing.

Jeff Brown Predictions For 2023 Legit? [Top 7 Exposed!] 25

Jeff Brown Predictions For 2023 Legit? [Top 7 Exposed!] 26

Jeff Brown must have been referring to AR glasses when he was talking about spatial computing glasses because these glasses project data and imagery and already have industrial applications.

Apple Connection?

Jeff is keen on Apple because he believes that if they start making these glasses, they will replace the iPhone as their most important product.

Jeff Brown believes there is a lot of money riding on this but instead of going for Apple stock, he wants you to consider a little-known firm that will supply Apple as it makes its SCGs.

He expects it to skyrocket in value as the new SCG device takes on the smartphone market due to its partnership with Apple.

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3 – The $33 Trillion Tech Race to M.T.A. (America’s FINAL Tech Wave)

Jeff Brown is referring to the Metaverse as M.T.A. The Metaverse is a creation of digital realities where people work, play, and socialize

In this presentation, he gave his take on the impact the Metaverse will have on the sector as well as the economy.

As we already know, Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook (renamed to Meta) wants to be the leader in the new trend because Zuckerberg sees it as the future of how people will interact.

Jeff Brown MTA Technology

But Jeff Brown believes that it won’t end with Facebook as he sees other big tech companies following Facebook’s example of investing heavily in the Metaverse.

Jeff Brown also revealed that up to five trillion-dollar tech companies and four billionaires are working hard to dominate the Metaverse as it seeks to go the mainstream.

Future Impact

Overall, Jeff expects it to have a huge impact in the next few years.

Jeff Brown Predictions For 2023 Legit? [Top 7 Exposed!] 27For example, he was saying that the Metaverse can cause a massive $141 trillion-dollar shift in the global economy and save tens of millions of lives as it disrupts the $11 trillion healthcare system. He also believes that it will create thousands of new businesses and jobs.

He expects it to become bigger than 5G, driverless vehicles, space, robotics, quantum computing, AI, cryptocurrency, and the blockchain.

When it comes to investing, he has his sights set on a relatively unknown company that he says all major tech companies will have to go through to fulfill their company vision of the metaverse.

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4 – Elon Musk’s Next Big Project: S.A.V.

One of Jeff Brown’s most viral presentations was the one he did with the title “Elon Musk’s Next Big Project: S.A.V.

The intro of the pitch read:

“Elon Musk made $180 million on PayPal, $18.7 billion on SpaceX, and $110 billion on Tesla. But it’s what he’s planning next that will shock everyone. It could even put up to an extra $30,000 in your pocket every year”.

In the presentation, Jeff says that electric cars are going to dethrone gasoline-powered ones as the more popular cars. However, their popularity will not be caused by people all of a sudden becoming environmentally conscious, but because of economics; electric cars will be cheaper.

Elon Musk's Next Big Project (S.A.V)

S.A.V. is an acronym Jeff created to refer to Shared Autonomous Vehicle. So, he is talking about rideshare services.


Tesla has been working on self-driving capabilities to create “Robotaxis.” Jeff Brown must have been referring to them when he coined the term “shared autonomous vehicle.”

Jeff Brown Predictions For 2023 Legit? [Top 7 Exposed!] 28The concept works such that when you buy a Tesla car, there will be a phone app that will enable you to convert it into a taxi and since it will have fully shared autonomous vehicle technology, it will drive itself around and earn money.

The car becomes a self-driving asset and it explains where Jeff got that $30,000 figure he says people will earn (gross profit) from their Tesla as a taxi business per year.

Because self-driving cars need sensors, algorithms, artificial intelligence, actuators, and strong computer processors, he wants you to invest in a small company that he thinks is making these sensors for Tesla.

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5 – The Tech Shock

Jeff Brown is talking about the Global Chip Shortage in his presentation “The Tech Shock.”

Jeff Brown The Tech Shock

He says that the last time there was such a shortage was during the Dot Com Bubble in 1999, a technology shock that put some big companies out of business and elevated small ones that offered solutions to the issue.

Jeff Brown expects the supply shock we are witnessing now to be even greater and more consequential because we are more reliant on electronic gadgets now than was the case at the turn of the century.

Jeff Brown wants you to consider investing in companies he describes as “the next generation of ‘Tech Shock’ winners.”

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6 – CTX Technology

Jeff Brown’s latest prediction is something he refers to as Elon’s Final Act aka CTX Technology. It refers to a new biotech development that he believes is the financial opportunity of a lifetime.

elon's final act ctx

In this presentation he makes a bold claim that a Tesla factory 400 miles from Berlin has stopped making cars and started making biotech devices instead.

He refers to these devices as RNA Molecule Printers.

The technology that Jeff calls CTX is also known as CRISPR and he says you should invest in stocks that are behind this technology.

7 – Jeff’s Private Deal Room

Jeff recently added another prediction which is that money will flow more into private companies during times of turmoil rather than the stock market.

He’s allowing others access into these private deals via his Private Deal Room.

private deal room

Jeff mentions how when markets hit historic lows investors poured $37.6 million into private deals in June alone. This number continues to climb even whilst the stock market goes down.

As an angel investor Jeff can get access into deals that aren’t available to the average joe and he’s opened up the opportunity for others to invest alongside him.

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Jeff Brown’s Prediction Series

Since December 20th, 2021, Jeff Brown has been running a “prediction series” for subscribers to The Bleeding Edge newsletter.

I think these predictions will give us a clearer picture of how he expects the market to pan out over the coming year touching on 5G, precision medicine, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, SPACs, and private investing.

Since the series runs for two weeks, we will be going over the ones that he has already released so far.

“The Biggest 5G Development Nobody Saw Coming”

Jeff Brown has been writing about 5G a lot. In the past, I have reviewed presentations like State Of 5G Summit.

Jeff Brown Predictions For 2023 Legit? [Top 7 Exposed!] 29Jeff notes that the sale of 5G devices has already outpaced the sales of 4G-only devices, which he sees as an indication that the transition to 5G is underway.

Here is what he says about 2022:

“In 2022, we’re going to see an explosion of augmented reality (AR) applications running over 5G networks. Augmented reality is when our view of the world is “augmented” with additional data or images. Amazon already has a useful AR feature that let’s you visualize furniture in your living room.”

He says that 5G networks will be used to tether smartphones to augmented reality glasses.

This sounds relatively close to what he was saying in his SCG presentation that we reviewed this year. He predicts a big year for augmented reality glasses and he mentions companies like Samsung, North, Nreal, Apple, and Meta.

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Biotech Has Its “Crypto Winter” Moment

The second prediction is about CRISPR genetic editing technology. This was recently discussed again in a presentation about CTX Technology.

Jeff Brown Predictions For 2023 Legit? [Top 7 Exposed!] 30He talks about biotechnology and precision medicine. He defines precision medicine as a convergence of technologies like genetic sequencing, genetic editing, and Artificial Intelligence.

“Right now, our medicine is very reactionary. We only seek help when symptoms present themselves. But with this new paradigm, our healthcare becomes proactive and personalized.

In the near future, it will be common for us to sequence our genome and spot disease years before symptoms present themselves. And personalized, genetic editing therapies could be used to address the problem right away”

He had predicted that some private companies would IPO, including Caribou Biosciences, Verve Therapeutics, Decibel Therapeutics, Sana Biotechnology, and Graphite Bio.

The Future of Biotech

He acknowledges that the biotech sector has underperformed in 2021 after a record-breaking 2020 but he expects it to have a change in fortunes.

Why is he still optimistic? He says that we currently have a backlog of clinical trials that may be done in 2022 and he sees new therapeutics making breakthroughs. He says:

“I predict we will see at least two major therapeutic announcements around genetic editing technology. In other words, we will see two strong proof points that demonstrate that genetic editing technology works and that it is durable, safe, and effective in treating whichever disease it targets.”

He says that the slight stalling is similar to the “crypto winter” between 2018 and 2020 that preceded record returns.

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Artificial Intelligence and the “Great Resignation”

Jeff Brown thinks that AI is a must-have for businesses and he thinks that it will revolutionize biotech.

Jeff Brown Predictions For 2023 Legit? [Top 7 Exposed!] 31He makes a prediction centered on DeepMind, Google’s artificial intelligence subsidiary.

“… when I look towards 2022, I’m keeping a close eye on DeepMind’s new sister company, Isomorphic Labs. Isomorphic is an AI-powered computational biology company. It will focus on using AI for new drug development.

Isomorphic Labs will be headed up by the CEO of DeepMind, Dennis Hassabis. And I believe Isomorphic will leverage the work already done by DeepMind and will be very mission-driven.

And I’ll make a prediction along these lines. I believe the company will make a breakthrough along the lines of how drugs interact with proteins. In other words, Isomorphic will make a breakthrough and discover a drug candidate that will be the least toxic and have the highest levels of efficacy.”

He calls this technology trend “The Convergence.” It is the intersection of AI and drug discovery.

Jeff Brown Predictions For 2023 Legit? [Top 7 Exposed!] 32

Speaking of how artificial intelligence will impact the labor force, he thinks AI will be a necessity due to the labor shortage, which he calls “The great resignation.”

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One Step Closer to Tesla’s “Masterstroke”

Jeff Brown talks about a convergence of technologies that will give rise to the electric, self-driving car such as the one that Tesla is working towards.

Jeff Brown Predictions For 2023 Legit? [Top 7 Exposed!] 33He had talked about this in presentations like “Elon Musk’s Shared Autonomous Vehicle” project in 2021 and he appears he will be running with it well into 2022.

He says that in 2022, Tesla will have the most advanced AI for autonomous driving and he sees the whole subsector picking up. He even expects autonomous technology to get into trucking.

“Why Bitcoin Will Top $100K”

When Jeff talked about cryptocurrencies in 2021, he said that he was expecting institutional adoption to increase, which did happen.Jeff Brown Predictions For 2023 Legit? [Top 7 Exposed!] 34

This time around, he makes a prediction about Bitcoin:

“I predict that sometime in 2022, one bitcoin will be worth more than $100,000. I don’t know if it will end the year above that level, but I think we’re going to get there next year.”

In addition to that, he thinks that decentralized finance (De-Fi) will continue to proliferate.

“The NFT Boom Is Just Getting Started”

Jeff Brown claims that he saw the potential for NFTs early and he doesn’t think this is a fad.

Jeff Brown Predictions For 2023 Legit? [Top 7 Exposed!] 35He predicts that the NFT market will be valued at $100 billion sometime in the next twelve months.

In his presentation about the Global Token Exchange (G.T.E. Technology), he said tokenization is going beyond NFTs because it is also being applied to real-world assets.

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“The Next Stage of the ‘Tech Shock’”

Jeff Brown called the global chip shortage witnessed in 2021, a “Tech Shock.”

Now, what is his take on how that will pan out in 2022?

He says that the shortage can be divided into three phases.

  • In Phase One, the industry cannot produce enough semiconductors to meet demand, which is where we have been.
  • Phase two sees the construction of more semiconductor fabrication sites to meet new demand.
  • Phase three is when we see supply outstrip demand.

Jeff Brown Predictions For 2023 Legit? [Top 7 Exposed!] 36He says that now we have entered phase two because manufacturers are building greater manufacturing capacity;

“We’ve now entered Phase Two. TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) is already committed to a major plant in Arizona. We have GlobalFoundries planning to break ground on a new facility in upstate New York. Even Intel is beginning to spend $20 billion to build its new foundry business.

And there were some very smart policies enacted to support this growth. In June, the U.S. Senate passed the CHIPS for America Act or CHIPS Act. This law approved $52 billion in spending to support U.S. semiconductor manufacturing.

I’ll skip ahead to my next prediction along these lines.

I expect 2022 will be the year we see these funds deployed to help bring semiconductor manufacturing back onshore.

But we need to remember that these facilities can’t be built overnight. They take years to plan and build. So the semiconductor shortage – the “Tech Shock” – isn’t going to be fixed right away. This is something we’ll be dealing with in 2022 and perhaps into 2023.”

He expects manufacturing to be brought back to the United States because the rise of automation and machine learning will lower the costs of manufacturing to a level comparable to what China does.

He also says that technologies like additive manufacturing, 3D printing, and AI will also help with this.

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What We Should Expect From Jeff Brown in 2023

It looks like Jeff Brown is carrying most of his predictions from 2021 on to 2022 and 2023, which shows an impressive level of consistency. He is not like other gurus who change their predictions along the way and it is admirable.

Although he has made good calls in the past, it does not assure us that he will be right in 2023. Therefore, you should vet every recommendation he makes to ensure that it matches your investment strategy.

If 2023 is as eventful a year as 2020 and 2021 and 2022 have been, we expect a jam-packed schedule from one of the most prolific investment analysts in the game. A lot of it will be in the Near Future Report and The Bleeding Edge, his most popular newsletters.

We will be watching closely as he reveals his predictions and we will cover them as they come.

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