Is Electric Glass Technology Legit? [Jason Williams Pitch]

Angel Publishing released a presentation titled “Electric Glass” that was hosted by Jason Williams.

The presentation centers on a new technology that is being developed by a Nobel laureate, which is set to “reshape the world.” Behind this technology is “one tiny company” that could hand early investors a huge windfall.

I sat through the presentation and put together this review to discuss the new “electric glass” technology and everything Jason tells us about it. By the end of this review, you should be better informed as to what Jason is talking about.

Before I start…

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Is Electric Glass Technology Legit? [Jason Williams Pitch] 10

Electric Glass Review

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Introduction to Electric Glass

Jason Williams mentions that CNBC, Forbes, and PwC have already declared Electric Glass as a revolutionary technology that could spark the fourth industrial revolution. It can even change and reshape the world. It has to do with the energy industry.

According to Jason, Electric Glass is a new energy source that is going to be 10x more powerful than Tesla’s famed lithium-ion battery, will have the capacity to be fully charged in less than five minutes, and will help power football stadiums, aircraft carriers, and even your entire city for up to 150 years without being replaced.

Recently financial expert Nomi Prins made similar predictions sharing her Liquid Energy stock recommendation.

Is Electric Glass Technology Legit? [Jason Williams Pitch] 11

Electric Glass is a highly conductive glass formed from lithium hydroxide and lithium chloride and infused with barium.

Since Jason Williams is more concerned with its potential as an investment, he says that it can kick off a tidal wave of wealth and possibly create a group of rich individual investors. 

Already, institutions like Vanguard, Fidelity, and Morgan Stanley have invested over $1 billion. The rich people haven’t been left behind because Jack Ma, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, and Bill Gates have also invested heavily in the technology.

Governments all over the world are also keen on the new technology. Jason claims that the Department of Energy wants to deploy electric glass to 8,000 charging stations and  countries in the EU want to start using it. He also says that China intends to build five massive power plants that will be powered by electric glass.

What is Electric Glass?

Electric Glass is a term that Jason William coined to refer to solid-state batteries.

A solid-state battery is a battery that uses solid electrodes and a solid electrolyte instead of liquid or gel electrolytes that are typically found in the Lithium-ion batteries we use today.

Although solid-state battery technology was discovered in the 19th century, it didn’t have solid-enough interest until recently when electric vehicles became popular necessitating better batteries.

One of the most significant voices in the research is Dr. John Goodenough, a 99-year old veteran scientist who won the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 2019. He is the guy Jason Williams mentions in his presentation.

Dr. John Goodenough (Electric Glass)Dr. John Goodenough is known for his pioneering work that led to the invention of Random Access Memory (RAM), a breakthrough technology that fast-tracked the personal computer revolution, and the Lithium-ion battery that you find in all devices today.

In 2017, Dr. Goodenough unveiled a solid-state battery with an anode made of lithium, sodium, and potassium. He partnered with a tech company called EnergyX in 2020 to help bring these batteries to market.

Solid-state batteries are thought to be the next big invention in the energy sector because there is huge demand from the electric vehicle and renewable energy industries.

Jason William claims that it is the most conductive battery ever created because its unique chemical composition is resistance free and allows electric charge to flow through it like water. He adds that it can conduct 27 times more energy than the best Lithium-ion batteries and it can hold 25 times more charges than Tesla batteries. They can also be charged in just five minutes.

I should mention that this isn’t the first time we are seeing a presentation about solid state batteries. I recall seeing a presentation by Matt McCall where he was discussing “Quantum Glass Battery” and another by Paul Mampilly where he was talking about “The 12 Million Mile Battery.”

Tiny Company behind Electric Glass

As I mentioned earlier, Jason William is more concerned with making money off of the “Electric Glass” phenomenon.

Jason Williams' Electric Glass RevolutionHe says that there’s a tiny company whose share price could skyrocket at any moment because it controls numerous patents for the technology. He goes as far as saying that the little-known company could soon become the most valuable energy company in the world.

Jason Williams wants you to invest in it at the ground-floor before the mass adoption of electric glass and reveals a few details about this company in the presentation.

Speaking of the founder of the company, he says,

“The founder was a boy genius and immigrated to America at just 15 years old to study computer science at the University of Maryland.

In 1987, still only 20 years old, he was recruited by Hewlett-Packard to modernize its telecommunications division.

He parlayed his experience there to start his own company that developed software for wireless telecommunication networks in 1992.

Just four years later, he sold it for $65 million.

Immediately after that, he founded a second company…

And developed a way to vastly improve the efficiency of fiber-optic cables by splitting data into different spectrums of light.

This discovery was so revolutionary that he was able to sell this second company for $500 million.”

Jason says that the co-founder has a Ph.D. in solid state physics and is one of the leading figures in storage technology. His work has been published in 800 publications. On top of that, two board members were Tesla executives before they joined.

He says that the company could soon break ground on its first factory that will be used to commercially produce the electric glass batteries.

He wrote a special report titled How To Get in on the Ground Floor of the Multitrillion-Dollar Electric Glass Revolution where he reveals all the details you need to invest in the tiny company.

You can get a copy of the report for free if you sign up for Jason Williams’ newsletter, The Wealth Advisory.

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Who is Jason Williams?

Jason Williams is a regular contributor to Wealth Daily and is part of the editorial team at Angel Publishing.

Jason has had a long career that started when he graduated from the University of Baltimore’s Merrick School of Business. He did his post-graduate work at the Harvard Business School.

Jason Williams worked for the Military where he had a hand in designing and analyzing complex projects. He cultivated relationships during his time there that he uses to keep an eye on developments in D.C.

Jason then went to work for Morgan Stanley where he was an investment banking analyst. He later started a family office where he made his first angel investments.

When he started writing newsletters, he decided to focus on cutting-edge tech investments. So, it comes as no surprise that he has pinpointed a brand new technology i.e. electric glass, and a small company to invest in.

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What is The Wealth Advisory?

The Wealth Advisory is a newsletter that is published by Angel Publishing and edited by Jason Williams.

Jason Williams' Electric Glass RevolutionOnce you become a subscribed member, you will have access to the report about the company behind the electric glass revolution. The report reveals the company’s name and ticker symbol.

This special report reveals the science behind “Electric Glass” in easy-to-understand language without the jargon. Jason believes that this could be one of the biggest investment opportunities of the next few years. 

As a subscribed member to The Wealth Advisory, you will also have access to twelve monthly issues of the Wealth Advisory newsletter. Every month, you will receive an exciting new investment opportunity delivered straight to your email address.

These newsletters will reveal the complete break of the play, including details such as the buy price, recommended exit price, and ticker symbol.

Jason will not just focus on the technology sector and will discuss opportunities from all sectors every month.

There are a few additional benefits…

  • VIP Access to the Private Archives where you can read all the other special reports and newsletters that have ever been published since the inception of the newsletter.
  • Weekly Market Updates
  • Access to the VIP Member Services Team

Subscribers will also receive two additional bonus reports:

#1 Make Massive Gains From the 5G Tollbooth

This report talks about how a 5G wireless network will allow devices to transfer data and communicate with each other. It talks about the next generation of wireless technology. You will even learn the name of a company that has the potential to multiply its market cap six times over.

#2 The Ultimate Retirement Cheat Sheet

This special report will reveal a ton of “off-the-beaten-path” tips and tricks that can help you to build your financial future.

The Wealth Advisory Subscription Fee

An annual subscription costs $99.

The Wealth Advisory Money Back Guarantee

The Wealth Advisory newsletter has a 180-day money-back guarantee.

Jason Williams' Electric Glass RevolutionTherefore, if you want to cancel your membership, you can do so within six months and they will refund your subscription fee.

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Pros of the Electric Glass presentation

  • You will reveal the best pick for Electric Glass technology.
  • You get to sign up for The Wealth Advisory at a lower fee.
  • The subscription includes several benefits, including access to special reports.
  • There is a 100% money back guarantee, applicable for the first 180 days of purchase.

Cons of the Electric Glass presentation

  • Jason is encouraging you to invest in a small company. Small companies are volatile and can be quite risky.
  • Jason Williams doesn’t share enough details about the technology thus you have to spend money on his newsletter to get all the information.

Is the Electric Glass presentation Legit?

I think the Electric Glass presentation is legit.

Jason Williams is a credible investment analyst who publishes his work via Angel Publishing. What you pay for when you join his newsletter is what you get. 

On top of that, the solid-state battery is something many scientists are working to bring to market. Therefore, the idea of a battery that performs better than Tesla’s batteries is not farfetched because it could happen any time in the future.

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Electric Glass Verdict

Jason Williams presentation is all about a new technology that could spark a fundamental reorganization of the world’s energy landscape. It will lead to social, environmental, and geopolitical consequences. And, above all, it can possibly create a new class of millionaires.

That being said, don’t be too excited about the technology yet because it could take years for the battery to be mass produced and have an impact as big as Jason expects it to have.

Ultimately, the decision to follow Jason’s advice is yours to make. Just bear in mind that there is more to it than he is telling us in the presentation.

If you are looking for a new tech trend that is both ground-breaking, then Electric Glass is worth your attention. Considering its future potential, early investments in this sector can pay off in a big way. But, please note that stock investments are always subjected to market risks. 

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Is Electric Glass Technology Legit? [Jason Williams Pitch] 10

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