Force Factor Review – Scam or Legit?

Force Factor ( is a new website that promotes a business opportunity called Digital Altitude. Today I’m sharing more details about this to give you the bigger picture and help you understand whether this is really the business for you or not.

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Force Factor – Overview

So what exactly is the Force Factor, seems like a strange name right? Well actually the reason it’s called that is because the creator of Digital Altitude the company being recommended behind this website is actually called Michael Force hence the name the “Force Factor”. So the Force Factor itself is not actually a system, it’s simply a website that is promoting the Digital Altitude business opportunity which I’ll talk about more below.

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I’m not going to give a full review of Digital Altitude on this page because I already did a Digital Altitude review here so you can get all the details by clicking on that link or you can keep reading to get “most” of the details here. Essentially what’s happened is Michael Force has created a new sales presentation for his affiliates to use to promote the business opportunity that is Digital Altitude. There have been a number of these websites launched under different names which basically act as different “sales funnels” for the affiliates to use to promote and sign more people up. Other variations of this sales presentation are the likes of Aspire Today and Digital Millionaire Secret.

What Is Digital Altitude?

Digital Altitude is a business opportunity created by Michael Force. In case you’re wondering what the companies products are let me explain that they are digital products teaching you digital marketing methods. To be honest their product line is very similar to a company in the same space called Mobe because they offer a number of digital products teaching marketing methods but also hold live events too. The products are what we call in the industry “high ticket” which basically means they are expensive (you can potentially spend 5-figures here to buy into all of the products). People who join will be put through a series of steps that teach them all about business and then offered different products such as Rise, Ascend, Peak and Apex.

Ascend, Peak and Apex are live events so when you purchase these you are able to attend these live events (that the company will pay for) and you’ll get educated on a number of things to do with digital marketing. The company will bring in experts including top affiliates of the company to teach you. You will also be offered the opportunity to become an affiliate of Digital Altitude which means you can re-sell the same products you have bought into and earn commissions on them. Digital Altitude is a “pay to play” business so you need to actually buy into the products in order to be able to earn the maximum commission levels on these products.

Negatives For Force Factor / Digital Altitude

Whilst Force Factor (Digital Altitude) is not a scam there are certainly a few negatives that will put people off. For one despite this having a very low barrier to entry of just $1 to get started on a trial it’s actually a “high ticket” opportunity because you can potentially spend 10’s of $1,000’s. In fact if you buy all of the products I believe you will be spending over $50k. This isn’t a problem if you implement what you are taught and gain real value, but unfortunately many people don’t do this for whatever reason and they will inevitably end up in debt. The other negative is that the way this business opportunity is structured you could argue that people are only buying into these products so that they can resell them to earn commissions. Do people really want the products as “stand alone” products, or do they simply want to own them to resell?

I personally can understand this feeling because I had it in the past with previous business opportunities that I was involved with. Back in 2012-2015 I was involved in a big MLM company that many others in the space were involved with at the time and this again was a “pay to play” business where you had to own the “digital” products in order to be able to resell them and earn commissions as affiliates. Whilst I made 6-figures in that company it always bugged me that I had to buy products that I really didn’t actually need or want just so that I could re-sell them.

Is Force Factor A Scam?

I’ve been a part of Digital Altitude and I made over $50k there before moving on to other ventures which I personally believe can benefit my audience better. Whilst I am no longer involved with the company as an affiliate I don’t believe that what they have is a scam. There are simply too many success stories from other affiliates, plus knowing how the business operates I know that it’s not a scam. That being said, some people will believe that it’s a scam due to the low barrier to entry of just $1 and then being hit with a bunch of up-sells that could set them back $50k. But to be honest these are the kind of people that probably shouldn’t get involved in this type of business in the first place because ultimately this is a business opportunity where you need to spend money to make money.

One thing I did notice on the website that looks a bit strange. A popup comes up saying you can get access for just $1 and that it’s normally $497. I’m not sure whether they changed their pricing but I have never seen Digital Altitude being sold for $497 so I’m not sure why they are doing this, but anyway….

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Force Factor Conclusion

As I mentioned I used to be an affiliate for Digital Altitude and I did make some money however I moved away from it because I felt that there were better alternatives for my blog readers and subscribers that could really help one to build an online income. So I won’t personally be recommending Force Factor (Digital Altitude) as I’d rather recommend my “no.1 recommended system” which has personally helped me generate over $100k in the last 5 months:

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Force Factor Review - Scam or Legit? 9

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