What Is Fractional Content? [Taylor Welch News Feed Authority]

An internet marketer called Taylor Welch has been promoting what he refers to as “Fractional Content.”

It is a new plug-n-play system he created that he says is designed to help freelancers, consultants, agencies, and coaches offering different kinds of services more clients through social media.

In this review, I will be taking a closer look at what Fractional Content is all about to help you figure out whether it is something you may consider.

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What Is Fractional Content? [Taylor Welch News Feed Authority] 25

Fractional Content Review

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Introduction to Fractional Content

Taylor Welch designed “Fractional Content” to give consultants, coaches, freelancers, agency owners, and all other professionals who are looking for a way to target and get high-quality clients a new approach to going about marketing themselves. He says that with his strategy, you no longer have to do any cold pitching or spend money on ads.

Fractional Content

If you are running such a business, Taylor claims that it is one of the best ways to grow your business because it allows you to reach out to clients who want to pay for your services.

According to Taylor Welch, the main reason most consultants don’t get value from their advertising, particularly on social media, is that they focus on being informational. According to him, information alone does not get you the clients you want because it does not flip the right psychological switches in the mind of your prospects.

He argues that if you focus on informing people, the approach does not convince prospects to take action, it doesn’t instill trust, and it does not make them feel like you are the right person to help them. It is not effective because it does not trigger the right emotions that can make them keen to invest in working with you.

And this brings us to the question that you are asking yourself as you read this:

How is Fractional Content Different?

To answer that, let’s take a closer look at how Fractional Content works.

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How Fractional Content Works

Taylor Welch claims that Fractional Content is effective because it is the only kind of content that activates the three parts of the brain responsible for making high-stakes decisions. A good example of a high-stakes decision in this context is the client deciding whether they will spend thousands of dollars on what you are offering.

Taylor explains this with a diagram of the brain:

Fractional Content by Taylor Welch

He says that fractional content targets the right side of the brain (the limbic system), which comprises, among other parts, the amygdala, the prefrontal cortex, and the hippocampus (these are the parts that are involved when making high-stakes decisions).

Why should content target these three parts of the brain?

He says that by stimulating the right side of the brain, you target the parts involved in trust, belief, and emotional decision making. In contrast, when you read an informational post, it activates the left frontal part and it minimizes your chances of closing the sale because this part is not heavily involved in high-stakes decision making.

“information alone is not enough!

Let me repeat that because it’s so crucial to your success…

Information alone will never get you the clients that you want.

It won’t flip the right psychological switches in the mind of your prospect…

It doesn’t convince them to take action.

It doesn’t instill trust. It doesn’t leave them feeling that you’re the right person to help them. And it doesn’t trigger the right emotions that have them eager to invest in working with you.”

Taylor Welch’s says that when you activate the right frontal lobe using his fractional content system, you will set yourself apart from everybody else posting content on social media.

And he gives us a good understanding of that when he talks about how he accidentally “discovered” this type of content. He was creating ineffective content until one day he decided to do things a bit differently. He explains,

“Instead of what I’d done before – the same kind of stuff everyone else does with their social media posts… I hammered out a crazy post that went against everything I’d been told. I didn’t talk about my expertise. I didn’t talk about client results. I didn’t even talk about what I offered.

Instead, my post actually helped somebody transform the way they thought about money and risk… and how that relates to their success in business. I posted it. Slammed my Macbook shut. And basically forgot all about it. Until…

What. The. #@$%?

The next morning I couldn’t believe my eyes. That off-the-cuff post I hadn’t given a second thought to… it somehow worked. And now I had 3 new people in my DMs interested in potentially working with me.”

Altering his perspective is exactly what did the trick for his business and resulted in a change of fortunes.

What this shows is that instead of seeing you as a source of information, your ideal clients will start seeing you as a source of transformation, which is what they really need. You will be giving them a new perspective and altering the way they see something or feel about it.

On a deeper psychological level, they start seeing you as an authority figure and the only person capable of helping them achieve what they want.

Taylor says that this is how fractional content brings in more clients with less effort yet it only takes 30 minutes per day to work on it.

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Should We Stop Using Social Media?

Taylor says that although social media is popular, it is not as effective as fractional content in bringing in new clients to your business. He also says that concentrating too much on social media marketing is time consuming and it deviates your attention from serving your clients.

What Is Fractional Content? [Taylor Welch News Feed Authority] 26However, he is not railing against social media marketing because he argues that it is actually a good way to market your business if you are bringing in less than $10K a month and would like to grow your revenue without adding more work.

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Who is Taylor Welch?

Taylor Welch is the co-founder of Traffic & Funnels (along with another digital marketer called Chris Evans).

Fractional Content by Taylor WelchTraffic & Funnels is a $20M/year worth company that helps coaches, consultants, and service providers enroll more potential clients and scale their business.

Before he started Traffic & Funnels, Taylor was a freelance copywriter. He had quit his 9 to 5 job to earn a living on the internet.

Taylor’s brother, Payton Welch, is the guru behind another marketing program called Inbound Closer.

In the past year, Taylor Welch’s company has been seeking to help clients grow their ventures into 6-figure and 7-figure businesses, just like John Crestani (another digital marketer) has been doing with his program.

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What is News Feed Authority?

News Feed Authority is a package through which Taylor Welch sells his Fractional Content system. Therefore, if you want to learn more about how Taylor Welch’s fractional content works and how to implement it in your business, you can only do that by purchasing News Feed Authority.

Fractional Content by Taylor WelchInside it, Taylor says that you will find his 3-part system as well as every other tip, trick, and secret he has learned along the way for using social media to fill your pipeline with clients.

It is divided into modules and here is what each module contains:

Module 1: The Foundations For Fractional Content That Brings In New Clients – Fast!

This module covers the steps that you must take before you ever post your first fractional content post. It lays the groundwork and everything you need to learn to open the floodgates of opportunity.

Taylor Welch reveals the “success indicators” you should look for when you are evaluating yourself to know whether you are on the right track.

He also shows you the three steps you need to take to prepare your personal profile.

Then, he gives you the process that guarantees that your fractional content gets better with each post.

It also covers the common mistakes to avoid, the different “modalities” of Fractional Content, the “big picture” understanding of how and why this framework is so effective, and how to alter your mindset in 30 seconds.

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Module 2: Identify and Get In Front Of Your Dream Clients

This module is all about a 2-phase formula that you can use to identify who exactly your dream clients are. Once you have nailed that, you learn how to get your fractional content in front of them in a way that they will be receptive to it. Here is what’s included in this module:

  • How to find and nurture pre-existing pools of clients to get traction quickly.
  • You learn about a website that points you to where all your ideal clients are likely to be. It is not Facebook, Linkedin or Reddit.
  • An Avatar Builder worksheet: It is a template you keep referring to as you ensure your messaging remains potent and efficient.
  • You discover 4 target market mistakes that may hamstring your client acquisition efforts from the start. Many people running businesses make these mistakes and one well-known “authority” is inadvertently leading experts astray. The training reveals this.
  • A simple 3-part strategy for getting clients out of groups before you even make your first post without having to directly message them.
  • The 3 important differences between a Facebook group that has people who’d make great clients and one that could end up being a waste of your precious time. The differences are usually subtle and unperceivable if you don’t know what to look for. the tips you get here will save you from dedicating a lot of time into something that fails to pay off.
  • The first impression that a prospect should get when they first encounter you in a group that will instantly put you on higher footing than anyone else competing for their attention.
  • How to rapidly settle into a new group. Taylor highlights the things you must focus on during the first week and explains why you should hold off on making any Fractional posts during that time.
  • How to speak the to your target audience in a way that breeds trust and gets them paying attention to you.
  • The group post techniques that ensure that you grab the interest of your target audience. This includes the key factors for determining the ones that you apply to “sales averse” groups.
  • The “reverse” technique for finding rare groups that are filled with people in need of your help.

This module lays the foundations and gives you an idea of how to reach your dream clients in large numbers. When you implement the techniques that are provided in this module, you’ll start getting your message in front of hundreds, if not thousands of the ideal prospects.

Taylor Welch says that it is almost like having paid traffic without spending a penny.

Module#3: The 3-Part Fractional Content System To Pack Your Calendar With Dream Clients In The Next 21 Days

Taylor says that there are three types of content that go into the fractional content system. Individually, they do well but when you combine them, he says that they even do better.

The three types of content are:

Fractional Content by Taylor Welch

Module 3 inlcudes the following:

  • You peek over Taylor’s shoulder as he writes a Fractional post from scratch. He writes his posts in a short period and by the time you finish the module, you will also be writing posts as fast.
  • You learn how to reach out directly to prospects without having to message everyone asking “what are your business challenges?” Taylor has a 3-part approach you can use to instantly become a welcome guest in the inbox of your prospects and not a bother that they can’t wait to get rid of.
  • Taylor explains why you don’t need a website. He highlights two things that are must-haves if you want a steady flow of potential clients coming to you.
  • A simple way to increase drastically the number of people who see your posts – without putting in any more work
  • A four-step framework Taylor has been relying on for a long time whenever he prepares to write a “transformational” post. The framework clarifies what you need to say to have words practically spill onto the page. He walks you through each step in real-time.
  • You learn about two critical pieces, you can use to bypass the need for experience while still seeing rapid success with your Fractional Content. According to Taylor, these pieces have allowed many experts to bring in their first clients faster than they ever imagined.
  • Access to the “Daily Metrics Tracker” Taylor’s clients use to measure their progress and identify their greatest opportunities. He claims that you can use this to remove any guesswork when determining what’s actually working.

Also, there are some bonus benefits…

What Is Fractional Content? [Taylor Welch News Feed Authority] 27

10 Fractional Content Post Templates: These templates are based on the highest performing posts.

What Is Fractional Content? [Taylor Welch News Feed Authority] 28

The “2-Step” Strategy That Floods Your DMs With Your Best Prospects: It is an advanced organic strategy for triggering a surge of messenger conversations with people who want your product.

What Is Fractional Content? [Taylor Welch News Feed Authority] 29The 8-Figure Fractional Content Swipe File: It is a collection of top-performing posts that you can emulate for your business.

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News Feed Authority Pricing

You can get News Feed Authority for $27.

The News Feed Authority has a lifetime money-back guarantee:

Fractional Content by Taylor Welch

Pros of Fractional Content

  • You don’t need any experience because it works as long as you possess the expertise required to help someone achieve their goal.
  • You don’t need a funnel, website, webinar, or social media following
  • You don’t need to cold pitch strangers or spend money on ads.
  • Taylor says that his type of content does not require you to be great at writing content. He adds that you don’t need experience and it works as long as you have the expertise required to help people achieve their goals.
  • You don’t need a funnel, website, webinar, or social media following to make this strategy work.

Cons of Fractional Content

  • The actual results you get from using Fractional Content vary depending on an array of factors.
  • There are no guarantees that you will be successful because your success will be defined by factors that are intrinsic to you as an individual.

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Is Fractional Content The Same As Fractional Marketing?

If you are not keen enough, you may not notice that Taylor is talking about “Fractional CONTENT” and not “Fractional MARKETING” or “Fractional CONTENT MARKETING.” Is there any difference between the three?

Yes, there is!

Fractional content, the way Taylor Welch defines it, is content that you create that is meant to inspire an emotional response in people and make them active consumers of what you are trying to relay. It is not meant to be informational and logical.

What is Fractional Marketing?

Fractional marketing refers to outsourcing a part (or you can call it a fraction) of the marketing department of your organization to a part time CMO. This means that your company or business still has an in-house marketing department but part of the marketing tasks are done by someone you hired for one project or marketing campaign.

What Is Fractional Content? [Taylor Welch News Feed Authority] 30With fractional marketing, you can even outsource the leadership of your marketing team by hiring a fractional chief marketing officer (CMO) who only works for your company part-time. They can help you run marketing campaigns and design a marketing strategy for you. When you hire an outsider to lead your team, you go for someone who is experienced. Fractional marketing is popular with smaller businesses on a budget. Fractional marketing means you can hire marketing professionals who have had years of experience at a fraction of the cost.

Who is a Fractional Content Marketer?

A fractional content marketer is a part time position in a company that does not want to hire a full time content marketer. Their job entails developing a content strategy for the business to ensure that the business has quality content.

What Is Fractional Content? [Taylor Welch News Feed Authority] 31If a business decides to use fractional marketing, they can hire a fractional content marketer to handle their content marketing needs. Note that content marketers only deal with the CONTENT marketing plan bit and not the whole marketing operation.

Content marketing is becoming more important to businesses these days because generates more natural traffic to the website, it engages the audiences thus improving response rates and positive interactions, and it positions a business as a thought leader in the industry it belongs. Content marketing offers a good ROI.

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Is Fractional Content Legit?

Yes, Fractional Content is legit.

First, Taylor Welch is a legitimate internet guru who has been showing people how to become better marketers on the internet for a while now.

Additionally, he is right when he says that using your marketing material to target people’s emotional response is more effective than targeting their logical thinking. Most advertising exploits how we feel rather than inform us about the product and it makes sense that using that approach when promoting yourself on social media will work more effectively.

The Fractional Content strategy they teach has been used in more that 76 different industries. This includes marketing, performance coaching, real estate investing, business, photography, relationships, health, church, ad agencies, acting, branding, and fitness, just to mention a few. Therefore, I think his program is legit.

However, there are no guarantees that implementing his strategy will work for you because your results depend on an array of factors outside content creation (and he highlights this in the fine print).

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Fractional Content Verdict

Fractional Content is a new way of creating content that Taylor Welch developed that he claims is more effective than what most people post because it targets the regions of your brain that handle emotional response. Taylor says that when people are making big decisions, they rely more on how they feel (emotions) rather than evaluate everything objectively (and come to “rational” conclusions) and his course is designed to show you how to make your content exploit emotion.

Taylor is right. We like to think that the decisions we make are based on logic when, in fact, we mostly rely on instincts and how we feel. If you can tap into that, you will be more effective than people who seek to inform when they are advertising.

Therefore, I think Fractional Content is worth trying out if you are looking for an effective way to market your consultancy business with quality content.

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What Is Fractional Content? [Taylor Welch News Feed Authority] 25

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