John Crestani Review: Internet Jetset Legit 2023?

Looking for a John Crestani review?

John Crestani is an affiliate marketer and the founder of several training programs teaching people how to make money online with affiliate marketing.

Let me guess, you watched one of John’s adverts on YouTube and now you’re wondering if he’s legit?

However you found him, you’ve come to the right place because I’m sharing my honest John Crestani review.

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John Crestani Review: Internet Jetset Legit 2023? 16

John Crestani Review

Here is what I’ll cover inside this review of John Crestani:

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Since the internet is widespread, it is easy for just about anybody to become an online entrepreneur. Most young people hope to become popular on social platforms because they know that earning money online is within reach.

If you want to start an online business, and watch it rake in big sales numbers, you may have to seek help from people who know the game better than you do. These are the gurus you see online.

There is a group of people who have made a career out of teaching people to make money online (and John Crestani is in this category).

Due to a low barrier to entry, almost anyone can declare that they are experts who help people this way. So, the affiliate marketer niche is rife with fake gurus.

I have encountered a few of them and some of them offer underwhelming programs like Profit Point Autonomy and 12 Minute Affiliate.

These are programs that promise to help people out on their quest for financial freedom but end up underdelivering if not outright take off with their money.

As a consequence, small businesses and the general public are skeptical about freelancing social media marketers (who are not part of an agency).

who is john crestani

John Crestani has made a name for himself as one of the reliable gurus on the internet. He is also very vocal about it and you may have encountered a Facebook promotion about him, Google Ads or seen people talk about his programs on YouTube.

John Crestani is in the affiliate marketing business. Most of what he does is talk about starting online businesses without having to sell products.

John is best known for his online course, Super Affiliate System, through which he teaches people how to become an affiliate.

If you are totally new to this and have no idea what affiliate marketing is, sit tight because I will be revealing that in a bit.

You may also be wondering whether John Crestani is actually legit.

On here, you will learn everything about John Crestani as a professional and what he offers.

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Who Is John Crestani?

With that out of the way now, let’s get straight to the point: who is John Crestani?

I’ve personally been seeing him all over on his YouTube channel talking about how affiliate marketing works and I’m sure you have too.

John Crestani Review: Internet Jetset Legit 2023? 17

That’s actually one of the reasons I’ve decided to put together this article about him because he seems to be everywhere lately.

He is an online marketer who started his first online business in 2012 and by 2014, he was earning a million dollars without employees and investors.

John is a well known affiliate marketer who’s even been featured in a number of publications, including Forbes and Business Insider.

John Crestani an internet success story who went from rags to riches thanks to affiliate marketing and now he teaches others how he earns a living online.

He does that through his social media platforms and online courses.

I recently contacted John because I wanted to talk to him about one of his products (Super Affiliate System) and to my surprise, he was happy to chat via Skype.

As it turns out, John is a really nice guy and he struck me as someone who wants to help.

I shared my findings about John and his training (which were largely positive) in my Super Affiliate System review.

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a marketing phenomenon where an individual or entity, known as the affiliate, promotes a product or service that is offered by another business.

The business offering the product is called the merchant.

John Crestani Review: Internet Jetset Legit 2023? 18As an affiliate, you are rewarded for your efforts when your actions directly lead to a sale with a percentage of the sale, which is called a commission.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most convenient ways for people to make money online because it has some advantages over starting a business in the conventional sense, which is why many people learn affiliate marketing.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

  • Becoming an affiliate is an easy process. All you need to do is sign up with an affiliate program, find a suitable product, push your tracking code or affiliate link through your website or social media handle, wait for customers to buy, and earn commissions when people buy through your site or promotion code.
  • It has low overhead because as an affiliate marketer, your job is to connect customers to the products they want. You don’t have to worry about inventory, customer service, order tracking and shipping. The merchant takes care of that.
  • You can work anywhere and anytime with a computer as long as you have internet access.
  • It is a form of passive income because when you set it up, as long as you have a productive strategy — which you learn via John Crestani’s Affiliate Marketing program — you can even earn income while you are asleep.

Drawbacks of Affiliate Marketing

  • Digital marketing is a one-person job most times and you can find yourself isolated. Therefore, ensure that you maintain a healthy work life balance by spending time with your friends and family.
  • Finding the right product can be tricky. An affiliate marketer has to select a product that will sell and product research is time consuming.

Affiliate marketing, though convenient, does not make you rich overnight. However, if you seek the guidance of someone who knows the ropes like John Crestani through his Super Affiliate System (formerly the Internet Jetset System), you can make the process smoother.

What an expert does is show you how to avoid amateur mistakes, generate traffic through organic and paid advertising, and craft advertising campaigns on platforms like Google and Facebook, just to mention a few.

They can also help with all the basics, like setting up a sales funnel and handling a Facebook Group.

Often with digital products, commissions can vary anywhere from 25% to 75% or more.

In my opinion, affiliate marketing is the best way to get started online because it requires minimal investment and no physical stock.

What is John Crestani’s Source of Income?

One question many people ask is: what is the John Crestani net worth?

To answer that, we need to understand how he makes his money.

John Crestani Review: Internet Jetset Legit 2023? 19John Crestani has gone through an evolution on his affiliate marketing journey.  John Crestani, became popular due to his numerous online courses and a charismatic personality. While some praise him for his affiliate marketing courses, others dismiss him, labeling him a scammer.

John Crestani’s Journey has been quite eventful too.

Before he launched Super Affiliate System, he had other ventures (rumor has it that at one point, he was selling pseudoscientific health products) .

John Crestani started his journey in affiliate marketing by working for others. At one point, he worked for a Los Angeles firm.

He accrued years of experience on the job and learned all the techniques he later put in his courses.

He earned a living as an internet marketer though affiliate sales.

John Crestani also started a YouTube channel, which he has continued to run to this day. His YouTube videos allow him to share his process with marketers all over the world without charging them.

However, the YouTube videos are not a substitute for a program like Super Affiliate System because he does not delve into the practical steps he takes in his process in great detail.

YouTube also allows people to sample his work and decide whether he is worth following. In fact, if you are considering signing up for his program, you should watch his videos to get a feel of him first.

If you subscribe to his course, you learn more about affiliate marketing than you can through a YouTube video.

John later started training other people how digital marketing works by offering online courses. His first major one was Internet Jetset System, which later became Super Affiliate system.

John is proof that you can earn a living by focusing on affiliate marketing but you don’t necessarily have to offer training.

What Course does John Crestani Offer?

John Crestani’s old IM Jetset course was meant to provide people with information on how to market products and services through Facebook and Amazon to make money as an affiliate marketer.

His Super Affiliate System 3.0 course upended that (you can read my Super Affiliate System review by following that link).

John Crestani Review: Internet Jetset Legit 2023? 20From my understanding and after personally reviewing John’s products, the Super Affiliate System offers more in-depth training.

This doesn’t come as a surprise because, of course, with the higher priced product you expect that you are going to get more value.

Super Affiliate System teaches you how to be an affiliate marketer, which is essentially selling other peoples products and earning a commission.

There are up-sells for people who want extra information. This is standard with these kind of products and actually across many different niches. So don’t be put off by the extra products, they are definitely optional but you should take a look.

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John Crestani’s Internet Jetset Podcast

John’s first major course was the Internet Jetset program, which covered all the basics of internet marketing. When he rebranded it to Super Affiliate System, he decided to use the previous name for his podcast because it was in the public consciousness.

John Crestani Review: Internet Jetset Legit 2023? 21

He started the podcast to reach out to people who want to quit their 9-5 to work for themselves and experience the freedom that comes with entrepreneurship.

He brings on guests to talk about tactical ways you can go about it and blueprints you can use to build the life you crave.

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John Crestani’s YouTube Channel

John Crestani also has a YouTube channel through which he talks about his work in greater detail.

John Crestani Review: Internet Jetset Legit 2023? 22

The channel is quit popular and as of writing this, it had over 497,000 subscribers and close to 24 million views.

John covers a variety of topics on his channel and there’s even a YouTube video playlist of interviews of billionaires.

What is John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System?

Super Affiliate System is an affiliate course that shows you how to set up your affiliate marketing business from anywhere in the world. It was built based on his Internet Jetset program.

John Crestani Review: Internet Jetset Legit 2023? 23John Crestani teaches you to build your online business from scratch by providing you with the best tools and marketing funnels to start your journey towards financial freedom.

You learn how to set up ads, email campaigns, landing pages, and affiliate network referrals through weekly coaching. You get all the insights you need to start making money online, a process that typically takes time should you choose to go alone.

The Super Affiliate System takes 6 weeks and comprises 42 videos and 34 instructional videos that walk you through the step-by-step process you need to follow to succeed in affiliate marketing.

He looks at affiliate marketing through the lens of a funnel: you need a funnel to bring leads in and find the best places to get engagement.

He mentions that it starts with finding traffic hotspots and presell pages. These are sites that host the affiliate link or the link that’s going to send prospective clients to a sales page.

He sets you up with your own funnel, Clickfunnels, which features pre-made sources that enhance your conversions using high pay-per-click rates.

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John Crestani Review: Internet Jetset Legit 2023? 24These are portals that have been proven to work and John Crestani uses them too. This program has all the training and knowledge you need to learn how the funnel works.

The Super Affiliate System course is always put in the same category as Wealthy Affiliate, an all-in-one platform for building an affiliate marketing business from scratch. This program offers you a free account, a free website, and comprehensive training on SEO (free traffic methods),

Here is what you learn when you join Super Affiliate System:

Developing the Entrepreneur Mindset

You learn how to navigate the affiliate marketing scene and avoid common mistakes that most newbies make. You also engage in a John Crestani exercise that shows how how to overcome challenges.

John Crestani Review: Internet Jetset Legit 2023? 25

You also join a couple of affiliate programs with little to no experience and earn your first commission.

Choosing Your Niche and Offers

Choosing your market niche is an important part of the process. Here, John shows you how to choose one that will be profitable. He shows you how to differentiate between low and high paying networks. He then introduces you to seven high-paying networks that pay an affiliate more than the merchant.

Creating Ad Campaigns and Structure

This part of the course is all about ad setup.

John Crestani Review: Internet Jetset Legit 2023? 26You learn how to create YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Bing ads, native ads, and ads on other networks.

Developing Effective CopyWriting

Writing copy is yet another important part of marketing and here, you learn from a guy called Ronnie Sandlin.

Ronnie is an copywriting guru who supposedly earns a 7 figure income through his work. He shows you how to gain people’s trust through words, how to craft a profitable ad, and how to tap into people’s reptilian brain.

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Weekly Webinars

John Crestani hosts weekly webinars where he provides his students with marketing advice on promoting their products.

If you are a student, John reviews your marketing strategy, copywriting technique, and other aspects of your campaign to show you how to be more efficient.

You also have access to an archive full of these webinars and you can learn from them.

Scaling and Automation

The ultimate goal of running a business online is to earn passive income. John shows you how to use media buyers and survey funnels to automate. You scale from 1 to 20K and learn from real-world case studies.

The Super Affiliate Marketing Schedule

The program is broken into weeks:

Week 1 – Setup

You get an introduction to affiliate marketing. In this first week, you learn how to attract customers to your funnel.

  • How to make your first commission
  • How to get approve to your first affiliate networks so you can start earning commissions
  • How to setup your ads, presell pages, and affiliate links, no prior experience required
  • How to setup facebook ads that convert on broad audiences
  • How to leverage affiliate networks and their representatives so that they work for you, for free

Week 2 – Choosing Your Niche

  • How to create the right mindset to help you succeed even if you’ve never been successful in any other business before
  • How to figure out the niche and affiliate offers that will work best for you
  • How to choose an ad network to specialize on
  • How to create competitive advantages for yourself as an online marketer

Week 3 – Advanced Marketing Skills

  • What copywriting is, and how you can write highly profitable headlines for your advertisements
  • 5 keys to a profitable presell page
  • How to tap into people’s deepest emotions to hypnotize them to buy
  • My 17-step copywriting method that works
  • Advanced optimization tactics that will allow you to take affiliate campaigns from barely breaking even, to being massively profitable (this includes using paid traffic)

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Week 4 – Facebook & Google Advertising

  • How to create facebook advertising campaigns that generate clickthroughs and ROI.
  • How to stay compliant with Facebooks complex and ever-changing policies so that you never get an ad account shutdown
  • How to understand all the different metrics in advertising so that you can safely navigate your way to profitibility
  • How to leverage Google’s advertising network to consistently generate clicks and sales to your presell pages

Week 5 – Youtube Ads & Native Advertising

  • How to setup ads on YouTube so that you can get penny clicks, quick way to scale up profitably
  • What native advertising is, and how you can use native advertising networks such as Taboola, Outbrain, and MGID to fuel your affiliate marketing business
  • How to use a clicktracker to do even more advanced optimization on your advertising campaigns.
  • Secrets to profitable video ads on Facebook
  • How to structure your advertising campaigns effectively

Week 6 – Scaling and Automation

You learn the following:

  • How to use survey funnels to supercharge your facebook conversion rates
  • The $240k solar campaign case study
  • How to scale affiliate campaigns from $1000/day profit, to $20,000+ per day profit
  • How to hire and manage media buyers, and build an organization around your affiliate marketing campaigns

How Much does it cost to Join Super Affiliate System?

Here is what you get when you sign up for the Super Affiliate System course:

John Crestani Review: Internet Jetset Legit 2023? 27

John Crestani values the Super Affiliate System at $4,985 but you only have to pay a one-time fee of $997.

The Super Affiliate System Refund Policy

John Crestani Review: Internet Jetset Legit 2023? 28Super Affiliate System comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Pros of Super Affiliate System

  • John Crestani’s training is done online with the Super Affiliate System (SAS).
  • The lessons come in the form of video tutorials of varying run times. This teaching style is suited to more people because visual learning through videos is better than reading the content on a screen.
  • You can take John Crestani’s course, the Super Affiliate System, at your own speed.
  • John teaches you how to begin your journey as a newbie until you are ready to start to earn money. In the first week, he explains what to expect from the upcoming lessons. I think it is arguably the best affiliate marketing course when it comes to showing you how to set up Google Ads, YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads, and other forms of paid Ads as a beginner.
  • Super Affiliate System offers support when you enroll. John has a forum for SAS marketers that works a bit like Reddit. You get to chat with other members and they answer your questions if you have any. You can also connect with a community of John Crestani’s Students that functions like a support system.
  • Super Affiliate System shows you how affiliate marketing works in detail. You are set up through Clickfunnels and learn how to set up an affiliate link on traffic source websites. John makes a point of simplifying his course for beginners.

Cons of Super Affiliate System

  • The Course is quite expensive.
  • You can get some of the concepts he teaches for free online. For example, you can learn how to generate traffic using paid advertising by watching a couple of videos on YouTube. There are also tons of resources on affiliate marketing.
  • Most of the reviews for Crestani’s Super Affiliate System are done by super affiliates who want you to sign up for the program.

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Is John Crestani Legit?

John Crestani is a legitimate marketer who offers solid training programs.

I’ve reviewed hundreds of systems that have to do with making money online and I can tell you from my experience that John is not a scammer running a get rich quick scheme.

An example of products that are flat out scams that I have exposed are CMES System and Profit Point Autonomy, neither of which appear anything like John’s program.

I don’t really like to mention the word scam when it comes to legitimate people like John Crestani but because there are many people asking themselves this, I feel like I need to address it to make it clear.

John Crestani is a legitimate marketer and I recommend his products.

John was featured in an article on Forbes about how he built his $500K per month business while traveling the world.

John Crestani Review: Internet Jetset Legit 2023? 29John Crestani has done a lot of marketing on Facebook and YouTube and reached a wide audience but this has its downsides too.

It’s similar to Tai Lopez who spent a lot of money on YouTube ads to promote himself and people hate him, calling him a scam even though he’s not one. Tai Lopez actually offers good programs like the Real Estate Flipping Program, Social Media Marketing Agency and Amazon Sales Blueprint.

Unfortunately, when someone starts offering these products and they market them as he has, there are always people who try to bring them down.

The same has unfortunately happened for John, the mass exposure has also caused some people to label him a scam.

I do think that more people have come around about Tai now because he has stood the test of time. Hopefully, John will also win over his detractors in time as he proves himself!

In the meantime, it looks like John’s making so much money — over $500k a month according to some sources I have seen.

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John Crestani Verdict

Nowadays most people in the online marketing niche are scam artists. Therefore, people looking for a way to make money online automatically assume that every guru is out to cheat them off their money. Unfortunately, John Crestani has fallen victim to the stereotype.

However, when you evaluate him objectively, you find out that he is just a hardworking guy who has done everything to help people achieve success as affiliate marketers. He teaches proven concepts on how to get more traffic and, therefore, sell products.

In addition to his main course, he runs a YouTube channel through which he teaches his audience new strategies to make money online for free. It is open to people of all skill levels, including people who don’t know anything about affiliate marketing.

After evaluating all the information I’ve shared about him, there is no reason you shouldn’t trust John Crestani.

He’s a quality marketer who has built a strong brand and a very profitable online business.

He’s someone who I will certainly be following and learning from in the future alongside other “digital” mentors I have.

Furthermore, I’ve personally spoken to John via Skype and I am happy to recommend his products.

He has helped me with my online business and spent his valuable time to give me advice without asking me to pay him. So, yes I think John is the real deal and I’m sure his Internet Jetset program can help you.

Still not convinced?

If you still are not convinced by John Crestani perhaps you should take a look at my “no.1 recommendation” below which I rated no.1 out of over 600 systems I have personally reviewed and tested for making money online.

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John Crestani Review: Internet Jetset Legit 2023? 16

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