Freedom Checks – Scam or Legit? [Honest Reviews]

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Matt Badiali

Looking for Freedom Checks reviews?

Perhaps you’re wondering how to get Freedom Check payouts or whether Freedom Checks are a scam or not?

I’ve been taking a closer look and now I’m ready to share all the details in my full review.

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Freedom Checks Reviews

I first reviewed Freedom Checks back in February 2018 but the website has since been updated, so I figured it was time to update my review.

To be honest at the time I published this review I wasn’t aware of the company behind the Freedom Checks website and I’ve since learnt that they are most definitely a legitimate and trusted company.

That being said, my review of Freedom Checks I believe is honest and unbiased. I should also mention that Freedom Checks should not be confused with American Superpower Checks which is a completely different program.

Freedom Check Payouts could be making a come back so I decided to update this review since it’s been a fair few months now since I originally published it.

Since publishing this review which was viewed by 1,000’s of people I’ve also gone on to review other similar programs such as Federal Rent Checks and Kennedy Accounts.

Anyhow here is the review of Freedom Checks (aka Freedom Check Payouts).

How Do Freedom Checks Work?

I recently came across a website claiming it could help you cash in “huge Freedom Checks” and many people were reaching out wondering whether this website was really legit.

After all it’s hard to believe since the website claims you can cash checks as high as $24,075, $66,570 and even $160,923.

Is this freedom checks payout investment really legit?

freedom checks website

The claims made are very substantial and there’s already apparently been success stories from a number of people like Doug Smith, a 46 year old from Joplin, Missouri who’s set to cash in a a freedom check payout worth a whopping $24,075.

That’s actually one of the smaller checks the website claims.

Mike Reed, a 53 year old from Colorado is going to be cashing in a huge $160,923 payout.

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Reading these stories it makes it hard to believe to be quite honest.

Why would these regular people be getting these “Freedom Checks” for doing basically nothing at all?

Apparently “savvy investors” are making even more.

With hedge fund manager Robert Mercer getting $7.1 million in Freedom Checks payouts every year.

What Are Freedom Checks?

The question is, what are Freedom Checks (aka Freedom Check Payouts)? And are Freedom Checks real?

The program claims that 568 agencies across the USA are authorized to send out the “Freedom Checks” money.

This amounts to as much as $34.6 billion and anyone can claim regardless of age, or whether male or female.

It’s not actually connected to the government and has nothing to do with 401k’s, IRA’s, social security or even Medicare.

That does beg the question, where on earth do these Freedom Checks come from and who exactly is authorizing them?

freedom checks proof
Here’s a “freedom check”

Upon further investigation I was able to find out that the company behind sharing the information on these huge Freedom Checks is Banyan Hill Publishing.

They have published information which shares how you actually get hold of these Freedom Checks.

In fact they are the ones that seem to have coined the term “Freedom Checks”.

They do this for marketing purposes because “Freedom Checks” sounds interesting. They have done similar things when marketing other programs like Fluorescent Sand.

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There are hardly any real reviews of Freedom Checks so it’s hard to know the legitimacy but what I can share with you is the details behind where they came from.

Who Is Matt Badiali?

Matt Badiali is an expert in the mining, energy and agriculture industries. He’s been considered an expert for more than 2 decades now and has even taught geology at Duke University and the University of North Carolina.

He has traveled the globe and been to places as far as Iraq, to the Mexican desert, Hong Kong and even Singapore.

He’s spent time around many top business people, including CEO’s and has been relied on by 100,000’s of people in his career.

This paints the picture of a respectable person who certainly seems like someone you can trust. I also reviewed his Magic Metal video recently and was impressed by that.

Why Should You Trust Freedom Checks?

Matt recently released a video about these US Freedom Checks and everyone has gone wild wanting to know more about them.

Let’s face it, when someone claims that huge Freedom Checks of 5 and even 6-figures are being given out to people for absolutely zero work it does raise a few eyebrows and make you wonder whether it’s legit and something to pay attention to.

I myself have been wondering more about it, and wondering how exactly I could get involved. I am an investor myself and always looking at opportunities for ways to grow my income.

Lately I have been a big cryptocurrency investor, but this has absolutely nothing to do with crypto.

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Where Do Freedom Checks Come From?

So how do you actually claim freedom checks?

Matt claims that Freedom Checks come from companies operating in the production, processing and storage of natural resources in the US, like Oil and Gas industries.

There has been a huge decrease in the amount of oil being imported from Middle Eastern countries and a huge fracking boom has meant oil and gas production has remained at home in the US.

Matt claims that these companies will be getting huge profits and paying out an estimated $34.6 billion to investors over the next 12 months.

Also since many of these companies have stock, many of them will raise significantly in the next few years paying out huge dividends/returns to investors.

Matt claims his historical analysis shows companies could see gains of 5,889%, 8,839% and even 39,832%.

Huge gains of course but that means a tiny investment of $1,000 could turn into nearly $400k.

That might seem unrealistic and to be honest it does seem that way, but I guess given the information it could be possible.

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Is Freedom Checks A Scam?

Since the video was released a number of people are wondering whether US Freedom Checks is actually just a scam and question whether you can even get freedom checks at all.

Since originally publishing this review where I will admit I was incredibly skeptical I have since learnt that Banyan Hill the publication behind the Freedom Check Payouts website is most definitely NOT a scam and a legitimate source of investment advice.

What’s my personal opinion?

I’ll be honest, I am skeptical because the thing is in order to learn more about these investments you have to sign up to a newsletter which actually costs you $49.

Since there’s no other way of learning about these investments, how do you really know if they are legit and whether you can trust them?

There’s really zero way of knowing for sure if you are stumbling upon this website Freedom Check Payouts.

Plus there are many companies like this that claim they have amazing investments but you need to join their newsletter and of course these newsletters are always paid newsletters ranging from $49 to even $100’s and $1,000’s to join.

Whilst I am not saying Matt Badiali is a scammer, or Banyan Publishing is, I can tell you that some of these investment newsletters have been exposed in the past and some are even pump and dump schemes.

It’s very difficult without actually signing up and investing to know the legitimacy of the whole program.

That being said…

I have done my research on Freedom Check payouts and the team behind Banyan Hill such as Matt Badiali and Paul Mampilly (another expert on the panel at Banyan Hill) and I’m confident they are NOT A SCAM because they clearly have a team of experts researching their newsletters and giving the advice.

I recently shared my review of Paul Mampilly’s newsletter Bold Profits Daily.

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Positives For Freedom Checks

There are however some positives about Freedom Checks that do help it’s legitimacy.

For example these companies involved in these investments are MLP companies and apparently they must pay out 90% of their income to investors.

That’s where you start to think perhaps this is legitimate because it would mean that payments would need to flow back to investors in the form of “Freedom Checks” as claimed.

Matt claims there are 568 companies that will do this, and in the newsletter you will find out more when you sign up.

Freedom Checks Conclusion

After taking a closer look at Freedom Checks I won’t deny that it’s certainly interesting.

But is it something I could recommend?

My personal advice is that you should only invest money you can afford to lose.

I would never advocate signing up to something like this and plowing life savings in like some people unfortunately will.

Be cautious, because ultimately whilst you “could” make money, it is potentially a gamble and there are no guarantees.

If you are someone who is looking to invest though then Freedom Checks could be the perfect solution for you.

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