What Is George Gilder’s UberNet Investment?

Welcome to my review of George Gilder’s “UberNet” presentation.

George Gilder, a self-proclaimed tech futurist, released the presentation titled “The UberNet is Here” to talk about a new type of network that he claims to be 250% faster than regular WiFi. He further asserts that it is about to trigger a $15.1 trillion stock market opportunity.

If you would like to learn more about this investment opportunity, you have landed on the right page because in this unbiased review of George Gilders UberNet presentation, you will learn more about the investment opportunities he is teasing.

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What Is George Gilder's UberNet Investment? 7

George Gilders UberNet Review

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Introduction to George Gilder’s UberNet

According to George Gilder, a new form of the internet (UberNet) is about to be unleashed all over our country very soon. He claims that it will be much more powerful than the regular Wi-Fi. 

Moreover, it’s so powerful that Apple, Microsoft, Intel, Google, and Facebook are jointly backing it.

George Gilder's UberNet

Gilder also says that the UberNet will power new technology from some of the world’s biggest technology companies, including Apple, Samsung, and Intel. So, considering the potential that UberNet has, it could soon be one of the greatest wealth-creating trends in American history. 

He says that this new network was made possible by a little-known government ruling with the codename Docket 18-295.

But George says that this is not the first time such a ruling has had such a significant impact. He then talks about another ruling in 1985 called Docket 81-413 that ushered in technological advancements that have shaped the world we live in.

This is not the first time George is citing these two rulings. He mentioned them when he did a presentation several months ago titled The $9 trillion wealth secret of “Docket 81-413.

Just as he discussed in that pitch, he says that we wouldn’t have smartphones, video streaming, video calls, or apps like Spotify, Facebook, and Uber had Docket 81-413 not been passed by the government.

George Gilder says that before that ruling was passed, the government controlled the radio-wave spectrum.

But an FCC employee called Michael Marcus heroically challenged the government to relinquish some of the control it had on the spectrum.

Against all odds, he won and the government passed Docket 81-413.

George Gilders UberNet

This ruling provided for an unlicensed spectrum that allowed private enterprise to innovate. This unlicensed spectrum enabled wireless connections between computers thus enabling communication between them. As technology advanced, other devices and gadgets could communicate with each other and it created the most impactful technological advancements that had ever been seen.

On the investment front, companies like Logitech, Nokia, and Motorola soared as they grew their operations based on wireless communication.

George Gilder says that Docket 81-413 created more wealth in the stock market than anything that we had ever seen before.

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The $15 Trillion Opportunity (Docket 18-295)

George Gilder now says that a ruling by the FCC in 2020 called Docket 18-295 could have an impact just as Docket 81-413 did in 1985 and the decades that followed.

So, what is Docket 18-295 and what does it mean?

George says that in passing Docket 18-295, the FCC liberated a vast amount of bandwidth from government control. Here is the FCC official website confirming George Gilder’s claim:

George Gilders UberNet

He correctly points out that it freed up 1,200 MHz, which is greater than the 70Mhz of bandwidth the FCC opened up in 1985.

As it reads on the site, “Commission Provides a Boost to Wi-Fi and Other Unlicensed Uses While Protecting Incumbent Services in the Band.”

Gilder says that as soon as this announcement was, one company went to work developing a computer chip that could access the 6Hz band that was freed up by the ruling.

George Gilders UberNet

George Gilder says that this gives you an opportunity to be on the right side of this wealth-creating trend and make profits on your investments. And you can do that by investing in the company that manufactured the chip.

To be precise, George thinks that the chip could soon prove to be the single most valuable technology of the 21st century. That’s why every major tech firm in America is backing it.

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Three Spectrum Millionaire Makers

He says that the investment opportunities will be in companies that are in “spectrum sharing.” He has identified three such companies with one of them being the one that makes the aforementioned computer chip.

He describes the three companies. Here is the first one:

“It’s is easily the world’s #1 “spectrum sharing” technology firm. It had chipsets built within a month of the government even legalizing the 6 GHz band. It supplies Apple, Google, Microsoft (all trillion dollar companies), and scores of others. If firms want to roll new devices out, they’ll need this company’s tech.”

We find out that this is not the first time he has recommended this company. When he previously recommended it to his readers, it soared more than 20x in the four years after that.

Moving on to the second recommendation:

“The second stock you’ll hear about is going to be central to bringing this new technology right into your home. It already supplies close to 58 million homes and businesses across America. Its network is already growing at an exponential rate – doubling roughly every 18-24 months. As Wi-Fi 6E rolls out across America it’s THIS company that will likely be on the frontlines.”

And the third recommendation:

“The third stock you’ll hear about just made one of the smartest acquisitions in its history. It now supplies nine of the world’s top ten global internet network operators – and the top six internet content providers.”

All the details about the three companies are in the special report called Three Spectrum Millionaire Makers that you can get a free copy of if you sign up for Gilder’s investment advisory service, The George Gilder Report.

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Who is George Gilder?

George Gilder is an American investor, author, and economist. 

George Gilder is one of the world’s most prominent technology futurists. Starting from predicting the rise of the iPhone to the death of cable TV and the invention of Netflix to the rise of the microchip, he has always been at the forefront of big tech trends.

This time, Gilder has teamed up with Three Founders Publishing to predict another new development, the introduction of UberNet. George Gilder is one of the most knowledgeable men in America when it comes to predicting the future of technology and its impact on our day-to-day lives.

His work has been profiled in publications like People, Wired, Forbes, Fox News, The Economist, Harvard Business Review, the Wall Street Journal, Playboy, the American Spectator, and more.

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How Does The George Gilder Report Work?

George Gilder has composed several special reports where you can reveal the biggest technology stock opportunities in the world today. You will need to subscribe to The George Gilder Report to get them though.

George Gilders UberNetFor example, you’ll have access to the aforementioned Three Spectrum Millionaire Makers, where George Gilder has revealed the names of the three stocks that he expects to soar soon. 

You’ll also have access to a hardback copy of Life After Google, which George Gilder considers to be an invaluable roadmap to the future. What’s more, you’ll also have access to Life After Google: The Missing Chapter. This book features the name of one stock to profit from what he calls ‘the cryptocosm’.

Also, you’ll have access to the following…

  • The Truth About Artificial Intelligence
  • Our Robot Future
  • The True 5G Revolution
  • Immediate access to “Gilder 360.”

Then there is the unadvertised bonus: you get subscribed to three daily e-letters namely Gilder’s Daily Prophecy, One Last Thing, and the 5 Minute Forecast.

The George Gilder Report Pricing and Refund Policy

An annual subscription to The George Gilder Report costs $49 if you join via the link at the end of the presentation. This is down from the usual $199 fee you’d have to pay if you subscribed via the official website.

George Gilders UberNetThe newsletter has a 6-month money-back guarantee. This means that if you cancel your membership in the first six months, they will refund your money.

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Is George Gilder’s UberNet Legit?

Yes, George Gilder’s UberNet is a legit presentation.

George Gilder is one of the most renowned investment gurus in the world of financial newsletters. He predicted the rise of the iPhone, microchip, and many other tech trends proving he was ahead of the curve on more than one occasion in his career that has spurned decades. This time, he is predicting another trend: The UberNet.

What he calls the Ubernet is actually the introduction of Wi-Fi 6E, which will allow faster Wi-Fi connections and will handle more traffic than what we have right now. The FCC, as we’ve seen, unleashed 1,200 MHz of the electromagnetic spectrum for unlicensed use. Therefore, what Gilder is talking about here is legit.

George Gilder’s UberNet Verdict

George Gilder’s UberNet centers on what he regards as one of the most impactful developments in technology. He is confident that this new tech trend will turn into a trillion-dollar worth industry.

He also says that early investors will have the opportunity to make the most out of it. If you are interested in what Gilder has to say, you have to subscribe to The George Gilder Report. If unsatisfied, you can always cancel your membership and ask for a full refund (if you cancel within the first six months).

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What Is George Gilder's UberNet Investment? 7

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