Get More Free Time Review [Scam Exposed!]

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Get More Free Time Review [Scam Exposed!] 9

Get More Free Time Review

Exploring an opportunity of a new business on the internet? Do not fall into the trap of marketing gimmicks! Get More Free Time developed by Kelly Simmons is a rip off project what is termed as a link posting scam. It’s actually no different to other scams from this very person called and extreme home paycheck to name a couple, although this person has literally been behind dozens.

Several design varieties of the scam are found, but the common design which is used happens to be a fake mom kind. It means that in this particular type of scam, a fictional story of a fake working mom whose name along with the overused public image (general) keep on appearing time and time again. It pulls people in since many can relate to this character however it’s important to remember that this is just a character, not a real story.

After entering your information into the Get More Free Time website, you are taken to the sales page. This is the page where all tricks of the trade are applied so that you are tricked into buying. There are no more pages for you to navigate, and each and every material on that page will direct you to the buy option. This is all done with the trick of not informing you what needs to be done in earning so much money. The sales page is full of all the typical scam warnings and fake endorsements from big brands. These all aim to build trust however they are not real, they are simply placed there to fool you.

Here is an example of a few similar websites to Get More Free Time which look very similar:

Get More Free Time Review [Scam Exposed!] 10

This particular website Home Job Position comes from the same creator. As you can see it makes claims that you can earn a 100% risk free income and that the opportunity has been endorsed by the likes of CNN. It sucks you in because it offers a “home job” that so many people would love. Let’s be honest for most people working from home is seen as a dream and if you are able to do that you would probably pay money! Unfortunately there is no such thing as working from home unless the company you work for allows it, or unless you run a home business.

Another website is which I have exposed in this entrepreneur jobs club review:

Get More Free Time Review [Scam Exposed!] 11

Once again I am sure you will admit that this website looks pretty similar to Home Job Position and also to Get More Free Time. Are you starting to see a trend here? What is happening is the real creators behind these websites are coming up with different angles to sell to you. An angle is targeting someone because they are a specific type of person. So for example: they will create 1 scam website to target people who want to run an online business. Then they will create another scam to target work at home moms.

Often these scams are promoted through fake news websites appearing to be Forbes like Financial Money Times. These scam websites appear legitimate and often even use celebrities endorsements which are clearly fake an unauthorised.

How Does Get More Free Time Work?

If you decide to actually go ahead and sign up to the Get More Free Time website what happens is you will be pushed into a series of up-sells and home business opportunities. The websites claim that they can help you earn an income from home by giving you a home job but in reality this is not true. They will simply push you to sign up to business opportunities like MOBE and most of these business opportunities are high ticket, in other words they cost a lot of money.

It’s not that these high ticket opportunities are necessarily scams as some of them are legitimate however they are mis-sold by the people behind these websites like Get More Free Time. It’s like buying a car and the person telling you that it does 0-60 in 3 seconds and does 200mph and then you find that it actually does it in 6 seconds and only does 150mph. The car is comfy, you love how it looks but ultimately you were lied to and you didn’t get the results that were promised.

Also many of these businesses you are pushed into take a lot of time and effort to succeed in. The testimonials you see are from the top people in the businesses who have already been successful in the past. Rarely do you see complete newbies come in and make money with these kind of programs.

Conclusion & Recommendation

After taking a closer look at Get More Free Time it’s clear that I won’t be recommending it.

This program lies to you, and ultimately the creators have been behind numerous other scam websites.

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Get More Free Time Review [Scam Exposed!] 9


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