Graham Stephan Net Worth & Business 2023

Wondering what Graham Stephan net worth is for 2023?

In today’s article, we will be taking a closer look at Graham Stephan.

Graham Stephan is a famous US YouTube personality with an estimated net worth of $15.5 million USD.

Graham is from Santa Monica, California and best known for his videos on personal finance and net worth breakdowns.

Keep reading to learn more about his journey as well as how he makes his money.

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Graham Stephan Personal Life

Graham Patrick Stephan was born April 22, 1980 in Santa Monica, California (Graham Stephan’s age as I write this is 32). He is best known for his YouTube videos on financial independence, saving money, investing money, and investing. According to his website, he created his YouTube channel to share his “successes, failures, and experiences in the real estate industry and to support others”. Graham Stephan’s net worth currently stands at $15.5 million.

He is the latest famous personality we are covering after doing pieces on Mr Beast and Ryan Kaji, two of the highest-earning YouTubers.

Graham Stephan wealth

Graham Stephan had his first job at the age of 13. He worked at a marine aquarium where he was tasked with keeping inventory of exotic marine life. When he turned 16 he dabbled in music and made a moderate income as a drummer in a local rock band.

He got into the real estate business when he secured a real estate agent’s license and started selling property in California. His very first sale was a home that was worth $3.6 million located in Beverly Hills.

As he sold more homes as an agent, he also started getting into real estate investments for his own future. By the time he turned 26, he had amassed a large collection of properties all over California.

As much as he liked spending money on his dreams, he also believed in saving since he had seen his parents struggle through bankruptcy. His first property purchased in 2011 was also used as a rental property.

This allowed him to get a good return on his initial investment while also creating a manageable source of income. Not long after he started uploading inspirational videos to YouTube on his self-titled channel.

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Graham Stephan’s Career

Graham Stephan’s worth a lot and it comes from the various income streams accrued over the course of his career and interests.

Real estate agent

Contrary to what is the norm among other realtors, Graham Stephan focused on areas that a real estate agent would ignore. This resulted in him earning relatively less than other realtors.

Graham Stephan Real estate agent

He would also offer to take higher quality photos of property for real estate ads for other realtors, and would get a commission from the money earned. His father David Stephan a writer and director at Walt Disney Animation spurred his interest in photography.

His notable clients include Orlando Bloom, Chloe Moretz, Suki Waterhouse, LaVar Arrington, Wale, Casper Inc., among others.

His work has been featured on the television shows Selling Sunset and Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. Graham owns six real estate properties that he manages in his spare time throughout Los Angeles and San Bernardino County.

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Income Streams

YouTube Channels

Graham Stephan started his main channel in 2016.

He shot this first video on his iPhone and used it to explain how to become a successful real estate agent. He didn’t think anyone would watch it as he didn’t think he had the right “personality” to become a successful YouTuber.

Graham Stephan YouTube Channel

However, when around 10 people watched the video, Graham got excited and motivated. He started making two videos a week and his channel began to grow.

Common topics include financial independence, saving money, investing money, and real estate investing. Graham Stephan’s philosophy is to save money whenever possible.

Due to the popularity of the CNBC video on social media, Stephan’s YouTube channels experienced rapid growth. This growth laid the foundation for his popular platform with millions of subscribers today.

He also started a second channel, The Graham Stephan Show, which follows a more raw format, and primarily focuses on reactions to other financial-related videos. He has reacted to YouTubers such as PewDiePie, Pokimane and Tiffany Ma.

His brand now encompasses five YouTube channels and a podcast including Graham Stephan and The Graham Stephan show channels. His workload has gotten so intense that he hired not one, but two employees. After breaking the $1 million annual income threshold in 2019 and making $5.1 million in 2020.

Graham Stephan was on pace to earn $6 million in 2021 after expenses from YouTube ad revenue, sponsorships and affiliates. He achieved this growth by quitting his real estate career to focus on YouTube full-time, spurred in part by early coronavirus lockdowns that kept him at home making videos. Graham Stephan’s life is now fully centered around content creation.

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Pivoting to YouTube full-time

Stephan decided to leave his job as a real estate agent at the Oppenheim Group for a couple of reasons. First, moving out of California required him to give up his real estate license. And more importantly, he had come to the realization that the time and effort he was putting into selling homes was better spent on his YouTube channel.

Now, his main YouTube channel has around 3.5 million subscribers. As of early July, Graham Stephan had already earned $1.42 million in ad revenue from his various channels for 2021. The growth isn’t due only to the increase in hours Stephan puts into YouTube, but also to a change in the type of content he makes.

Podcast: Iced Coffee Hour

The Iced Coffee Hour is a podcast co-hosted by Graham Stephan and Jack Selby, who helps produce the podcast. As of August 2021, the podcast had 179,000 subscribers. The podcast features entertaining topics such as confronting popular YouTube stars about how they spend their money.

Podcast: Iced Coffee Hour

For example, in this video, Graham Stephan, and Jack confront a reef aquarium content creator about spending $1.8 million on a koi fish. The benefit of a podcast is that you can listen to financial advice or interesting finance-related topics while driving or commuting home from work.

Like many financial advice channels, Graham emphasizes the importance of developing multiple income streams. The idea behind having more than one income stream is to insulate yourself against difficult economic times.

For example, if you’re a freelancer, you may have one major client go out of business and lose your greatest source of income. The same thing happens if you work from 9-5 and lose your job. However, when you have several sources of income, you won’t be left in a panic even if your biggest income stream dries up.

While YouTube is his main source of income, Graham Stephan also gets income from his rental properties, real estate commissions, affiliates and sponsors, his teachable courses, and his other three smaller YouTube channels.

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Other Income Streams

He currently has three programs courses that his YouTube channel audience can purchase:

  • “The YouTube Creator Academy” helps people learn how to grow their channel to 100,000 subscribers.
  • “The Real Estate Agent Academy” teaches people strategies they can use to become a professional real estate agent.
  • He also has a mentorship program to answer questions and discuss topics in a private setting.

Once the program is made available online, it requires minimal effort since users can go through each section at their own pace. Thus, this income stream serves as a form of passive income.


Sponsors often pay him for mentions in his YouTube videos. Since each one gets several hundred thousand views, it gives brands in the finance niche an excellent opportunity to gain exposure to their target audience.

Affiliate Deals

Affiliate Deals

In the description of his YouTube videos, he has Amazon links for his camera and recording equipment. So when users use his affiliate link to buy an item, he gets a percentage of that sale.

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Graham Stephan net worth is beyond his sources of income. He diversified his initial two youtube channels to five and a podcast. The reality is that the young entrepreneur is an enthusiastic, hard-working man with a great passion for what he does.

He transmits his knowledge through his YouTube channels, which generate a huge interest in the audience. His number of followers multiplies daily, increasing his success. Undoubtedly, Graham Stephan represents a great inspiration for those who want to succeed.

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