Greg Diamond Prediction: Legit Warning For 2023?

Wondering what Greg Diamond Prediction for 2023 is?

Stansberry Research recently released a Greg Diamond Prediction feature where he claims:

“On March 17, a Stock Move I’ve Waited 20 Years to Witness Could Double Your Money. A strategy that dates back to the Panic of 1837.

If you know what’s coming, you could double your money 10 different times… without touching a single stock.”

Let’s take a look at what he is predicting will happen in the markets and how he thinks you should navigate that.

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Greg Diamond Prediction: Legit Warning For 2023? 7

Greg Diamond Prediction 2023

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What’s Greg Diamond’s 2023 Prediction (Get Out Of Cash)

Greg Diamond, CMT, recently sat down with his host Tom Mustin for Stansberry Research to talk about how he anticipates the market will pan out. One year prior to that, he was in the same position predicting what would happen in 2022.

Greg Diamond Prediction

Back then, Greg predicted that 2022 would see the start of a massive market crash that could lead to the longest bear market since the 2008 financial crisis.

He was partly vindicated because 2022 saw the markets plummet particularly affecting the tech stocks that had driven a massive rally since 2020. We’ve covered similar predictions from Marc Chaikin with his 2023 warning.

The 2022 Bear Market

Greg Diamond now claims that as the market’s next big move plays out, he has found a radical new way to potentially double your money multiple different times this year without touching a single stock along the way.

He also believes that you should get out of cash right now before a rare and historic event takes place leaving millions of people behind and defining your wealth for the next decade.

Let’s take a look at his predictions going into this year and the rare market event he is talking about.

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Greg’s #1 prediction for 2023

Greg predicts that the market will bottom out in 2023 creating a great opportunity to buy stocks on the cheap:

In short, I predict 2023 will see a MAJOR BOTTOM like we saw back in 2009 after the financial crisis. A chance to get back into the market at HISTORIC lows. And today, I’m going to predict the exact date it begins.

How did he come to this conclusion?

Well, he says that his strategy borrows from an Ohio pig farmer from the 1800’s called Samuel Benner who believed that you could predict a historic market move in the future by analyzing price cycles.

…if you look closely at hundreds of years of price action, the market repeats itself in predictable time intervals that could make you a lot of money… in very surprising ways.

Greg says that the true driver of short time price changes is emotion – fear, greed, anxiety, and excitement. He says that these emotions shape the prices investors are willing to pay.

Instead of relying on something as unpredictable, he says that he has been using “the power of cycles” to predict the 2020 crash, the 2022 crash, and dozens of smaller moves.

He says that although times may change and investments may change, price action always repeats itself because it’s based on human emotion, which never changes. He says that human emotions run in cycles, and these emotions dictate prices. He argues that if you can mathematically measure the start and finish of these cycles using hundreds of years of price data, you can see what’s coming next.

Greg says that factors like earnings, new products, and interest rates have a part to play over the long term but ultimately, it’s people’s emotional reactions to those factors that drives prices higher or lower in the short term, which is all he does.

For example, most investors look to things like interest rates… earnings announcements… inflation… and so on, when it comes to deciding where the market or an individual stock is going next…

But that’s often a total waste of time.

When you can master cycles and price action history… when you can see how people react to particular price movements up and down… you can predict specific dates of the calendar.

To predict how the market may go, he uses cycles and predictable price actions that date back hundreds of years to see exactly what the price action tells him.

Price action does not dwell on why a big move happens, rather when it happens.

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Greg Diamond does not buy and hold long term

Greg says that he doesn’t buy and hold long term due to something he calls “The Roundtrip.”

A roundtrip that takes you back to where you started…

Exactly. And of course, that’s a nightmare for long-term buy and hold investors… who end up making nothing in net capital gains.

The roundtrip is a term he came up with to describe what happens when a stock swings up and down thus making gains then wiping them away.

the roundtrip

He predicts 2023 and the years to come to be extremely tricky, causing a lot of people to make bad decisions. He is predicting this kind of roundtrip action will begin in 2023 across the entire market and could last an entire decade.

Greg Diamond’s 10 Stocks

Greg’s strategy is to focus only on 10 stocks.

He ignores 99% of publicly traded companies saying that if you understand how time cycles work, all you have to do is watch 10 unique stocks that align with these cycles with uncanny accuracy.

He doesn’t reveal the entire list of 10 stocks in the pitch but mentions a few, including Advanced Micro Devices, Caterpillar, Nvidia, SPDR S&P Trust (Ticker: SPY), and The VanEck Gold Miners ETF (Ticker: GDX).

He uses a tool called an Elliot Wave to predict when the price moves he is anticipating will happen.

Rather than buy those ten stocks and hold them, he prefers to trading options on them. He prefers options trading because “You could make more money, faster” and “You could make money even when stocks plummet.”

Greg has written a report about the ten trades and it is called Ten Stock Trading: How to Double Your Money on the Same Stocks Over and Over Again.

ten stock trading

He says that inside, he reveals:

  1. How he uses the cycle strategy to predict the market.
  2. How to choose the right options play to make the most money.
  3. His gameplan for 2023

You can claim Greg’s report for free, by signing up for his newsletter service, The Ten Stock Trader.

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Who is Greg Diamond?

Greg Diamond is an investment analyst who works for Stansberry Research as the editor of the Ten Stock Trader newsletter. If you want to get Greg Diamond’s recommendations, you have to sign up for it.

He has 16 years of trading and portfolio management experience across every asset class.

greg diamond

Greg has worked for a $3 billion hedge fund and a $35 billion pension fund as well as managing multimillion-dollar portfolios across various asset classes.

He specializes in technical analysis as a member of the Market Technicians Association. He holds the Chartered Market Technician (CMT) designation just like Chad Shoop and Adam O’Dell.

Greg monitors the global macro environment, focusing on equities, currencies, commodities, futures, and interest rates. He publishes a weekly market outlook every Monday.

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Greg Diamond’s Ten Stock Trader

To have access to Greg Diamond’s insights, you have to subscribe to his research service, The Ten Stock Trader.

He calls it that because he targets the same 10 stocks again and again, without ever touching a single share.

Ten Stock Trader

On the Ten Stock Trader website, he constantly does live streams of market commentary and is known for sending out updates and alerts long after, or before, the market is even open. Even on weekends.

He has a smartphone app to make it easier for you to follow along.

On top of that, there will be a Q&A session with Greg Diamond’s Get Out of Cash Event Special Guest, Marc Chaikin.

Although you can put as much or as little as you want into each of his recommendations, Greg recommends you have at least $15,000 to play with. He also says that you need to set up your brokerage account for using options.

Here is what a subscription to The Ten Stock Trader gives you:

Special Updates

Throughout the week, Greg will e-mail you updates as necessary, telling you when to lock-in gains, add to a position, and sell. That way, you can make serious gains on the rare event he is predicting for 2023,

The Six-Figure Trader

The Six-Figure Trader is a crash course on his trading strategy, including video updates he’ll release for the best new trading opportunities he sees.

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Greg’s 24/7 Live Stream

Greg does a live stream where he posts hour-by-hour commentary and predictions, which you can access on a smartphone app or the website.

Greg’s Trading Master Class

It is a multi-video crash course where Greg will show you everything you need to know about trading options. It comprises a series of online training videos that are designed to show anyone how to get started using options.

Master Class videos

Each video gives you step-by-step details on everything you need to know to begin following his options trading strategy for the chance to double or triple your money, every week.

Greg’s warnings and predictions

He has always made predictions about the market and when you become a member, you will get his warnings and predictions first-hand. Greg will reveal 5 stocks on the verge of a massive turning point too.

Greg’s full archive of reports

Greg usually creates educational material on the most advanced strategies using W.D. Gann and other cycle-based trading methods.

The Only Stock You need for 2023

You get access to Greg’s talk at private conference where people paid $1,000 to access, featuring his #1 stock recommendation for the next 12 months.

Gameplan 2023

Gameplan 2023 is Greg’s blueprint for exactly how he believes the market will unfold in 2023, He uses a detailed cycle analysis.

Ten Stock Trader Portfolio Boost

You get an insider’s guide to seeing the greatest potential gains with your new membership, compiled with the help of hundreds of subscribers.

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Ten Stock Trader Pricing

The usual price is $4,000 for an annual subscription.

Ten Stock Trader

But, you get it for $2,000 through the discount you get via the pitch. This is one of the benefits of signing up for the get out of cash event’s VIP service.

Ten Stock Trader Satisfaction Guarantee

The newsletter has a satisfaction guarantee. Note that this does not mean that it offers refunds.

Ten Stock Trader satisfaction guarantee

There are NO CASH REFUNDS. Therefore, if you’re unhappy for any reason, you get “Stansberry Credit,” which means that you can subscribe to any other of the 25+ Stansberry Research products.

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Greg Diamond Prediction 2023

According to Greg Diamond, 2023 is going to be a difficult year for most people.

He says that the worst sell-off in half a century has banished most people to the sidelines and when they think the market’s recovered, he predicts a nasty roundtrip market could wipe them all out.

That’s where he thinks his strategy will thrive and hand you the biggest and fastest gains. He says that market cycles and historical data will point him to the right stocks and that will enable him to spot the right moves. Only time will tell whether he is right about that.

If your investment objectives align with his strategy, you can try out his service. Remember, there are no cash refunds once you pay that $2,000.

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Greg Diamond Prediction: Legit Warning For 2023? 7

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