IMarketsLive: Forex Scam or Legit? [2022 Review]

The Foreign Exchange market is the largest financial market on the planet, doing 5 trillion a day in trade volume. IMarketsLive is a network marketing company of the forex market and you have probably come across it when searching for forex and digital currency trading.

In this review, we will look at IMarketsLive, what its all about and whether it is a worthwhile financial opportunity to invest in. At the end, I will answer some frequently asked questions about this company and confirm whether or not it is legit.

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IMarketsLive: Forex Scam or Legit? [2022 Review] 7

iMarkesLive Review

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What is IMarketsLive?

IMarketsLive, short for International Markets live, is a network marketing and a financial trading software company with the FOREX education platform, designed to take anyone from knowing absolutely nothing about foreign exchange to learning straight from the experts that have over 20+ years experience.

There are other platforms that teach people how to start currency trading, like Matt Choi’s Certus Trading.

imarketslive reviewIt offers various trading educational products and services to a global audience. The company offers an extensive proposal on education, trading itself along with the opportunity to invest with Forex and specifically cryptocurrencies.

On the iMarketsLive platform, you can study how the experts trade and follow them live and by the end, you will at least have an inkling of when and where to trade. However, the company is not to be held responsible if you lose money as they claim that trading contains substantial risk and is not for every investor.

The company’s vision is to “Educate, Enrich, and Empower One Million Students.”

The software used by Imarketslive is said to be worth a thousand dollars and it offers you the ability to make money online.

Furthermore, due to its MLM structure, its product offerings are promoted by independent agents who earn commissions from what they make. In this way, IMarketsLive is also a broker.

IMarketsLive has been growing steadily in brand awareness and currently appears in over 120 countries and has training available in 8 major languages. Its headquarters are in New York City.

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Who is behind IMarketsLive?

IMarketslive was founded by Christopher Terry in 2013. Christopher Terry started by working in construction, first as a worker then eventually as an owner, for nearly 12 years. In 1995, he discovered commodities trading and began to immerse himself in the markets. 3 years later, he was confident enough to walk away from his construction business, which had generated sales in excess of $40 million that same year, in order to become a full time trader.

Christopher TerryTerry then began seeking out trading professionals to learn from and be mentored by. He was fortunate enough to find Linda Raschke (widely known as a wizard in the markets) who began mentoring him in the late 1990s.

They then became partners, working together until August 2012, providing one of the Leading Educational and Live Trading Websites on the internet. During this partnership, Terry was the head moderator for the Equities and Futures Live Trading Rooms and operated the Swing Trade Charting Service from the year 2000.

From 2001, he has been a headline speaker at many of the major conferences eg. Traders Expo events, TradeStation World, Traders Library Annual Forum, International Online Traders Expo and many other private groups. This allowed him to build a worldwide following and he continued travelling throughout the USA, Europe, Asia and South America, speaking on understanding and applying the principles of success and how to create financial independence.

Christopher Terry has also had a long history with multilevel marketing, beginning with Amway, which didn’t earn him much money. He however claims that it allowed him to have a wealth related mindset.

It is also known that he was involved with another company named Zeek Rewards, which the SEC shut down in 2012 for fraudulent activities.

It was through his experience of learning and imitating the strategies of successful people that Christopher decided to create International markets live, which was a marriage of network marketing and professional trading.

This new forex trading MLM grew quickly and by 2016, iMarketsLive reached 55,000 members.

Unfortunately, that same year, many of the IMarketslive customers’ accounts were being locked by brokers as it was discovered that they were using an unregulated expert advisor. This turned out to be a automated trading program called FX Signals Live that automatically mirrored the trades of Christopher Terry thus allowing members to play the Forex market without actually understanding it.

This program was against set regulations and was therefore discontinued in 2016.

IMarketslive decided to replace it with Harmonic Scanner that was a program designed to help users follow market trends and make the trades themselves.

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IMarketsLive Products

Imarketslive is a trading software company that offers various products. These are:

A live trading room

Imarketslive offers investors the ability to access live trading rooms in order to monitor the moves of expert forex traders. You get to see exactly what they’re doing to win the market, where there are the most opportunities and what to look for. It works like Bryan Bottarelli ‘s The War Room (but this one’s for stocks).

Live trading room

You get the chance to see what sets certain opportunities apart from others and what makes them good versus what makes them bad.

One of the expert traders who is in there often is the CEO and is known as the ‘master trader’.

FX Signals live

The company also sells FX signals. FX signals refer to indicators that prompt traders to buy and sell throughout the day. With these signals, you can choose to let the platform automatically trade for you.

The platform lets you make the same trade decisions as the experts in the company. There are various types of signals for example those based on indicators, chart patterns, moving averages and more.

The goal is to identify triggers or patterns that can help investors determine where the asset’s value will be moving towards in the future. They can consider factors like momentum, volatility, and volume, but are not guaranteed to predict the correct forex move.

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Harmonic scanner

Furthermore, Imarketslive also provides a proprietary financial trading software known as Harmonic scanner.

Harmonic scanner

It is a tool that will give you a signal automatically when it’s time to do forex trading. It will identify patterns in the FOREX markets and help you find trading opportunities.

FOREX TRADING educational platform

Imarketslive is well known for providing training platform filled with coaching videos, webinars, and articles that you can go over at your own leisure to learn more about the trading world.

They have over 100 videos in their organized educational platform going over anything from basic strategies to advance day trading  strategies.

Web analyzer

Web analyzer

This tool is similar to the Harmonic Scanner and is used for cryptocurrencies instead.

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How to join Imarketslive

To join Imarketslive, you have two options: to join as a customer or as an independent business owner.

For independent business owners, a membership fee of $15 is required and a monthly renewal of $15 in order to stay active as a distributor. Signing up as an Independent Business Owner allows you to make commissions by recruiting more people to IMarketslive.

As a client, Imarketslive helps you set up a forex trading account and there are various membership options offered:


This requires an initial payment of $189.95  and a monthly renewal of $179.95. The products available for this package are DC Academy, DC Scanner, SwipeCoin App, and IMLTV Sessions.


This option requires an initial payment of $189.95 and a monthly renewal of $179.95. the products offered are HFF Academy, HFF Scanner, PipTalk, and High Frequency Forex.


This package needs an initial payment of $225.00 and monthly renewal of $164.95.

The products available are IML Forex and Crypto Academy, IML TV (All Sessions), Harmonic Scanner, Swing Trades & Night Owl Sessions, and Pip Talk (Basic).


You will pay an initial payment of $325.00 and monthly renewal of $274.95.

The products that come with this package are IML Forex and Crypto Academy’s, IML TV (All Sessions), Harmonic Scanner, Swing Trades & Night Owl Sessions, Pip Talk (Basic), Swipe Trades, Web Analyzer, Bounce Back, Gold Cup, SwipeCoin, High Frequency Forex, PIVOTS, and LEVELS.

For all these options, Imarketslive gives you the option to ask for a refund within 7 days of being a subscriber in case you want to back out.’

The company also offers a ‘2&Free’ option as well: if you personally refer 2 people to join IMarketslive, your monthly membership becomes free!

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How to make money with IMarketsLive

Since Imarketslive is a trading software company, this means that as one of their clients, you have the chance to earn as investor in Forex trading.

The company offers various tools and an educational platform that offer you the opportunity to make the best out of the foreign exchange market, thus easily making money online.

Of course, participating in forex trading is a gamble and it does not ensure success as there is much risk involved. As an investor, you could potentially lose all or more than the initial investment.

For that reason, investors are advised to use risk capital when investing. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing financial security or life style.

To add to that, Imarketslive is also a multi level marketing company which means that if you sign up as an independent business owner, you stand the chance to earn commissions from signing up people to the company.

You have the chance to earn money as an affiliate. The more affiliates you bring aboard, the more money you’ll make.

New recruits get paid 4 levels down:

  • Level 1(Personally Sponsored Members)- 30% commission
  • Level 2- 10% commission
  • Level 3- 5% commission
  • Level 4- 5% commission

After that, residuals are paid out in 3×8 matrix.

This basically means that at level 1, you have 3 branches and each level down also has 3 branches till it goes down to 8 levels.

However, you do not get 8 levels automatically as you need to advance in ranks by recruiting 12 affiliates. Then you have potential 9840 positions, which is the maximum level.

The company pays 8% commission per spot.

Furthermore, there are various bonuses available. These are:

  • Platinum bonus ($5-$35) for every platinum package you sell
  • Chairman Infinity Bonus ($1,000 to $4,000)

Unfortunately, to qualify for these bonuses, you need to be really high up in the ranks.

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ImarketsLive Compensation plan

Here is a breakdown of the company’s compensation plan:

Compensation plan

  • Group Volume is the total volume of monthly membership fees your downline must have.
  • Number of Subscribers is the minimum amount of people you have to sign up below you.
  • Weekly Pay is how much you can earn at that rank on a weekly basis.
  • Monthly Pay is how much you can earn at that rank on a monthly basis.

Group Volume (GV) has been calculated from back when the membership price was only $145 a month instead of $165+.

Each rank is named after how much money it pays you per month. For example, if you can reach Platinum 600 level, you’ll earn $600 per month.

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IMarketsLive Reviews

Imarketslive had received an F rating from the Better Business Bureau which drastically changed to an A rating after an influx of positive reviews.

Many of said positive reviews were from distributors of the company who were just trying to promote it.

Other than that, there have been a couple of negative reviews about the company. Here is what some people on Trustpilot have to say:

They are not worth my one star. When I signed up and learnt some of the basics of the training but when I ended my subscription, they tried to debit from my account. Of course there was no one to contact on their end so I had to send the dispute t my bank in order to stop them from taking any money. Be careful after you’ve cancelled subscription and watch your account

-Desiral H.

The good reviews are paid ones,there’s no way anyone that has used this platform can say that they’ve achieved a successful withdrawal of their money. I used this app for over a year due to the huge amount they had trapped in my account, several complains i tendered were replied with automated responses. Got very lucky when did the necessary to process a recovery of my earnings, not all was gained but enough to run away from ever trading on this platform


Highly recommend. This company took me from someone with ZERO knowledge about forex to a full-time trader. It won’t happen overnight and nobody will do it for you. But they will help you every step if you just ask. The harmonic scanner is awesome. I pair it with smart money concepts and it’s game over. Great academy, educators and support. 5 stars for sure

-David Thomas

I have been a part of IM for four years. I came to the platform with zero experience. I have found it to be financially beneficial in both education and trading. If you have an expectation of immediate success remember that it took at least four years of collage to prepare you for success in your field.

Jerome Moe

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Should I Trade with iMarketsLive?

I do not recommend that you invest with iMarketsLive as they are not a registered forex broker and their MLM model is only profitable for the small percentage who rank at the top

What does iMarketsLive Sell?

iMarketsLive specializes in selling trading signals and other training materials that teach investors how to buy and sell in the forex market.

How Do I Get My Money Back From IM Academy?

All you have to do to get your money back is call up their support, have your information ready, and they will process your refund.

However, if you want a refund, you have to request one within 7 days of subscribing

Beyond that, you can only cancel your monthly payment for the next month.

Is im mastery academy the same as Imarketslive?

Yes it is. IMarketsLive was rebranded as IM Mastery academy after growing in brand awareness and offering a wider range of packages.

Is IMarketsLive a pyramid scheme?

No it is not. They offer genuine products that include a financial trading software and a forex trading educational platform.

They are a network marketing company that specialize in Forex trading.

How Can i Avoid a Forex Scam?

You can avoid a forex scam by only placing trades with registered and licensed brokers. Likewise, ensure that their primary source of business is the trading platform, not affiliate marketing or other MLM strategies that have no real value.

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Pros of Imarketslive

No physical product

Imarketslive offers no physical products as all its products are softwares. Therefore, one can easily work from home as they do not have to trek looking for customers or recruits.

potential for decent income without recruiting

Even tough Imarketslive is an MLM, unlike most of them, there is not much focus on recruiting peope in your downline in order to get a decent income.

The opportunity for forex trading has potential to earn you good money despite the risks involved.

Offers various training materials

This trading software company provides an education platform for its users and investors which equip them with the skills required to navigate their way in the foreign exchange market.

This increases the chances of earning a decent living with Forex trading.

7 day refund policy

If you find that joining Imarketslive is not working for you, there is a 7 day, 100% money back guarantee offered to all its subscribers

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Cons of Imarketslive

Costly Membership fees

Joining Imarketslive is quite costly. If you signup as a customer, you have to pay over $100 per month, and as an IBO you have to pay far less than that. Regardless if you join as an IBO or customer, you’ll pay a monthly fee.

High risk affair

Forex trading is a very high risk affair and there is the chance of losing way more money than you initially invested.

This is why investors are advised to use risk capital. But what if you don’t have it?

Bad reputation

Imarketslive has been banned by various countries and has received warnings from others like France. Furthermore, it has run afoul of the US law for failing to meet basic financial regulations.

There are multiple negative reviews about it and many of the positive reviews are from its affiliates who are just trying to promote the company.

Low income for low ranking affilites

Just like most MLM companies, only those who have a lot of recruits in their downline are making real money.

This is quite discouraging as recruiting people to the company is easier said than done.

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No, IMarketsLive is not a scam. It is a financial trading software and network marketing company that offers different tools to better your forex trading experience.

However, I would not recommend joining this company as it is an unregistered forex broker. Furthermore, their membership fees are quite costly and joining forex trading is not an assured win.

In addition to that, you cannot earn much as an affiliate unless you acquire a high enough rank which is quite a difficult task to achieve.

IMarketsLive has been banned in a number of countries and received warnings from others. It has also been found to violate a couple of financial regulations. This is quite alarming and a definite red flag.

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IMarketsLive: Forex Scam or Legit? [2022 Review] 7

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