What Is Infinergy? [Ian King Energy Revolution]

Ian King’s presentation titled “Infinergy” has been getting a lot of attention within the world of finance. 

It is about a technology that Ian labels “unstoppable” that he says could potentially power the earth for the next 5 billion years. He also teases a tiny company that is behind the technology saying that as the industry soars 1,800% in the next decade thanks to $16 trillion going into the industry, it will be a solid investment

In this article, we take a closer look at how Ian King expects Infinergy, in the coming months and years ahead, to become an energy source that will impact every American’s life. We also cover the investment opportunity he is presenting.

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What Is Infinergy? [Ian King Energy Revolution] 7

Infinergy Review

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Introduction to Infinergy

According to Ian King, Infinergy is the biggest disruption to the energy sector. The world’s biggest companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Apple are already spending billions to get in on the Infinergy revolution.


In the pitch, Ian King says that the energy revolution will be made possible by a Nobel Prize-winning discovery: crystals that can produce enough energy to potentially power the entire planet for the next 5 billion years.

He also says that “Infinergy” is poised to become the most important energy source for electricity production and that it is cleaner than natural gas, oil, and coal.

With those descriptions, you can tell that he is talking about solar energy.

Solar energy solutions (photovoltaics) have been the subject of presentations like Dark Burst Device and Matt McCall’s Four Solar Stocks with each pitch touting a company (or companies) that investors should invest in to ride the solar energy revolution.

Ian King’s infinergy also goes along those lines and we will find out more about his recommended stock later on.

I should point out that a lot of what he says about solar energy is true (in theory). For example, it is true that scientists have estimated that on a bright sunny day, the sun transmits 173,000 terawatts of power to earth’s surface. Additionally, there is consensus within the scientific community that the sun may keep burning for another 5 billion years.

Therefore, that tells you where Ian King got that idea about infinite energy.

Moving on to the crystals, King says that these crystals are silicon that is 99.9999999% pure (or what scientists call “9N” or “9 nines” for short).

Ian King's InfinergySince the silicon is as pure as possible, it makes solar panels that are 400% more efficient than the first panels. This means that we can better harness the sun’s energy.

Ian King also talks about storage solutions. A major problem with solar energy is its intermittent nature; there are periods of cloud cover and it is not available at night. With good storage, this problem will be taken care of.

Solar has not been taken seriously for decades because storage solutions thus far have not been good enough.

But now he claims that solar power is ready for mass adoption because scientists are working on better energy storage alternatives and the cost of solar installation has plummeted by 99% since 1976.

Besides, the government is incentivizing people to go solar because it has mandated a twenty-six percent tax credit (of the cost of solar panel installation) for homeowners and businesses alike. Some state governments have instituted additional incentives or imposed certain requirements.

The convergence of these factors indicate that solar will go mainstream… and this brings us to the company Ian King wants us to invest in.

A Small Solar Company

Ian King wants us to consider investing in a small American company based in Silicon Valley. It has been working on technology that can harness the true power of the pure silicon we talked about earlier.

“Not only does it sell the most efficient panels on the market, but it also provides an all-in-one solution for homeowners and businesses alike.

Essentially, you get everything you need to start using solar. From the panels … to energy storage … along with a smartphone and tablet app to give you complete control of your energy production and usage.”

It is a small company because it is 1/25th the size of BP, 1/50th the value of Shell, and a 1/100th of Exxon.

Ian claims that his company will go from obscurity to a household name because of its technology.

He reveals that the biggest companies in the world are lining up to partner with it, and this includes names like Apple, Target, Walmart and Costco, just to mention a few.

The company is also targeting homeowners, and with over 130 million homes in the U.S. alone, the potential is massive.

It has also partnered with the U.S. Military, the largest energy consumer in the world.

On the investment front, it has attracted the attention of big names like BlackRock, JPMorgan Chase, Nuveen Asset Management, and Goldman Sachs, which have all recently increased their stakes in this company’s stock.

If you want to invest in this company, you have to get your hands on a special report called Infinergy: Ride the $16 Trillion Revolution that reveals the name of Ian King’s No. 1 solar company.

Ian King's InfinergyIan believes that as this sector attracts $16 trillion over the next decade, this one firm will be at the center of it all. The name of this company, ticker symbol, and target buy prices are all covered in this special report.

Please note that you can only get this special report if you subscribe to a monthly newsletter service, Strategic Fortunes.

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Who is Ian King?

Ian King has more than twenty years of experience of trading in the financial markets and he has spent a majority of that period finding out the next BIG investment trends before they go mainstream.

Ian King was one of the first people to recommended Tesla and GM before everyday investors discovered them. 

King started his career as a clerk at the Salomon Brothers Mortgage Trading Desk before he became a long/short equity hedge fund manager. He worked for more than 10 years as the head trader for Peahi Capital.

Ian King is one of the editors of Banyan Hill Publishing and is the lead instructor of Investopedia Academy’s Crypto Trading. He is passionate about teaching the art of trading and helping everyday investors discover their own unique investment process.

He has featured on Fox Business News, Investopedia, Zero Hedge, Cheddar, Real Vision, Seeking Alpha, and other media outlets.

King received his bachelor’s degree in psychology from Lafayette College.

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How Does Ian King’s Strategic Fortunes Work?

Ian King’s Strategic Fortunes is an investment advisory service published by Banyan Hill Publishing. It is one of the more popular newsletters the firm has on its catalog.

Ian King's Strategic FortunesIan King’s goal is to help individual investors find the best investment ideas that enable them make more money on their investments. When you join Strategic Fortunes, the benefits include…

  • 12 Monthly Newsletters. This is the main feature of the service. Every month, you get a newsletter with an in-depth analysis of a new investment opportunity Ian King has found. Every recommendation is geared towards improving your chances of earning high returns in the stock market.
  • Weekly updates and alerts. When there is an announcement or a market-moving event, Ian King will ensure that you are in the know by updating you on all the current positions that are affected by the event.
  • Access to the model portfolio: Ian King’s strategic fortunes portfolio has all the stocks on his buy list. It does not just cover renewable energy stocks and includes other industries where there Ian has seen investment opportunities
  • Exclusive 24/7 access to a private website. Every research briefing Ian King has ever written for his Strategic Fortunes readers as well as newsletters can be found on the encrypted website meant for members only.
  • A dedicated customer care team. Customer support only addresses questions about your membership and not the investment recommendations. You can call them and they’ll walk you through everything.

Besides those privileges, here is what Strategic Fortunes includes if you sign up through the presentation:

Bonus report: The Solar Storage Superstar: Grab Big Profits on This Innovative Company Now

In this report, Ian King focuses on a $4.2 billion solar storage company. He states that it is a tiny company by market capitalization when you consider that it is in a sector that will attract $16 trillion in investments and grow 1,872%. These are his estimates and he doesn’t provide us with timelines.

Ian King's InfinergyIan claims that the solar storage company will be one of the leaders in solar power generation and storage because it just developed an energy storage system for households. Its storage capabilities will enable customers to use solar power efficiently and store energy for the night and when there’s no sunshine.

It already has investments from BlackRock, JPMorgan, and Invesco, which are just a few of the big names involved.

Second bonus report: Mobility as a Service: A $1.8 Trillion Revolution

Ian King spends much of this special report explaining the idea of Mobility as a Service. He asserts that cars, which since their mass adoption have been viewed as products, are going to be seen as a service.

Ian King's InfinergyKing believes that soon, cars will be chauffeuring us around without a driver in the driver’s seat and trucks will be making long-haul deliveries autonomously – a $1.8 trillion sector.

There is one company that has 266 patents pending and granted that Ian believes should enable you to make the most of the MaaS boom.

The Strategic Fortunes Subscription Price

The annual subscription fee is $79. It renews automatically every year.

The Strategic Fortunes Guarantee

Ian King offers you a 100% money-back guarantee for the entire year.Ian King's Strategic Fortunes

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Is Infinergy Legit?

I think Ian King’s Infinergy presentation is legit.

Besides Ian King being a legit investment analyst who has years of experience in finance and an impressive track record of picking the biggest investment trends before they reach the mainstream, I think he is onto something here.

Infinergy, which refers to solar energy, is one of the sustainable energy solutions stakeholders are looking into as an alternative to fossil fuel. The sun also emits a tremendous amount of energy just as he says. But our technology is not good at harnessing it, although we are making strides.

Many stakeholders are starting to take solar seriously and, inevitably, some companies will benefit.

That being said, Ian King may be wrong about the specifics of making money as an investor because he may be recommending the wrong companies. But we don’t know whether he is right and I give him the benefit of doubt for that.

Infinergy Verdict

If you are interested in investing in the energy sector and looking for the best and most profitable investment opportunity in this sector, then Ian King’s recommendations are worth taking a look at.

I encourage you to objectively assess the stock and ignore the marketing angle he is leaning heavily into because, understandably, he is trying to sell a newsletter. It doesn’t mean that he is right about the stocks he is recommending but it is worth looking into.

On top of that, you should be aware of the risks involved because he is teasing a small company in a growing industry. That comes with uncertainty and heightened risk but it may be rewarding if it comes good.

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What Is Infinergy? [Ian King Energy Revolution] 7

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