Infinite Energy Stock: Adam O’Dell Energy Company Legit?

Adam O’Dell’s new pitch titled “Infinite Energy” focuses on a disruption to the global energy market that will be worth every investor’s attention.

Adam is talking about a source of energy that he claims is limitless and he believes that one company is going to do well as the disruption to the $7.6 trillion global energy market unravels.

Let’s take a look at what the presentation is all about, the company he is referring to, how you can gain access to Adam’s insights regularly, and then you can decide whether his alleged profit-making opportunity is worth it.

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Infinite Energy Stock: Adam O'Dell Energy Company Legit? 7

Adam O’Dell Infinite Energy Stock Review

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Introduction to Adam O’Dell Infinite Energy

Adam O’Dell’s Infinite Energy pitch focuses on the energy industry and the role that artificial intelligence will have on it. Precisely, he talks about how you can make money by investing in the right company as a massive disruption happens in the $7.6 trillion global energy industry.

Curiously, this is not the first time Adam O’Dell has pitched tech stocks. He’s done that before with presentations like a.XI Artificial Intelligence where he pitched a company that uses AI to speed up the drug development process and another presentation titled “Imperium Stock” where he revealed a company that has apparently made huge strides in genome sequencing technology.

Adam O'Dell Infinite Energy

Unsurprisingly, in his new “Infinite Energy” pitch he has set his sights on a small Silicon Valley company that will have an impact on the energy industry.

But to understand what role this company will play, we need to understand what he means by “infinite energy.”

He is referring to “trapped energy” in the grid. You see more than 60% of the energy that is in the main grid is wasted or not utilized economically.

Adam says that this energy, which could be something like 12 trillion kilowatt hours is trapped energy and it is going to waste. This is where the comparison to the total output of the Ghawar Field in Saudi Arabia comes because that is five times the energy produced in those oil fields.

With the old power grid technology in use, the power generated and the power consumed have to balance out. Therefore, if more power is produced than needed, which is what generally happens, it’s simply trapped in the power grid with nowhere to go.

Adam says that the grid usually disposes of this “trapped” energy by converting it into heat or runs it through a huge bank of light bulbs. He says that it is like growing crop and then just when it’s ready to eat, you burn it.

This is why he finds the “infinite energy” software developed by the company he recommends so appealing because it improves the highly inefficient grid.

He says that this company developed software that uses Artificial Intelligence to turn “trapped energy” into usable power. He believes that the trillions of extra kilowatts will be useful in powering American homes and businesses for the first time ever.

Adam O’Dell looks at it from the perspective of an investor in that he sees it as an exciting money making opportunity for investors like you. He claims that it is a source of cheap, abundant electricity that will lead to a profit-making investment opportunity. He also says that the stock will surge higher and never come back down again.

He has written about it in a special report called The Tiny Company that’s Dominating Tesla in the Trillion-Dollar Green Energy Race.

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Who is Adam O’Dell?

Adam O’Dell is the Chief Investment Strategist of Money & Markets through which he publishes investment advisories like Green Zone Fortunes and Wednesday Windfalls.

Adam O’Dell is considered to be one of the top investment analysts in the world and most of what he does is identifying top profit opportunities for regular folks who are not as experienced at trading.

He’s been actively offering trade recommendations and advice for almost 10-11 years.

Adam’s systematic investment approach involves finding profit opportunities in any asset class, including stocks, bonds, and commodities. He has a data-driven model that rates stocks on three fundamental and three technical factors.

Adam claims that his research has helped readers invest in massive, multi-decade mega trends, such as AI, the genomics revolution and renewable energies.

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How Does Adam O’Dell’s Green Zone Fortunes Work?

Adam O’Dell’s Infinite Energy presentation centered on a tiny company that he says will have a role in upgrading the energy market. He wrote a special report called The Tiny Company Dominating Tesla in the Trillion-Dollar Green Energy Race where he has revealed all the details you need to invest in it.

To get the report for free, all you have to do is sign up for his Green Zone Fortunes.

Green Zone Fortunes is Adam’s flagship research service. He claims that tens of thousands of people from all over the world already subscribe to the service, including advisors at Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, and UBS.

Adam sees Green Zone Fortunes as a multifaceted investment research service through which he reveals what he considers the latest big investment opportunity. One of the main features of the newsletter is Green Zone Ratings, which comprises Adam’s list of the top 10 best performing stocks, as well as the top 10 worst performing stocks.

If you sign up for the newsletter, you also receive a second report titled Top 2 Battery Innovators Set to Take the Green Tech Boom by Storm.

This report covers all the details about Battery storage which Adam says will grow at 21X the speed of the U.S. economy over the next five years. Taking this into consideration, this report details two battery companies with the potential to become mega-cap superstars as this new trend takes the stock market by storm. He is recommending that you consider investing in them.

There’s a third special report titled From $1 Billion to $100 Billion Riding the Holy Grail of Battery Tech that focuses on one company that Adam says may contribute to the production of batteries that see a 10X jump in power, a useable lifespan of up to half a century, and a full charge that takes just three minutes. Adam believes that this company could soar from $1 billion to $100 billion within seven years.

Other benefits you get as a subscriber to Adam O’Dell’s Green Zone Fortunes are:

  • Access to Momentum Principle Millionaire Video Series, The monthly Green Zone Fortunes Newsletter, and The Green Zone Fortunes model portfolio
  • Trade Alerts
  • Weekly updates
  • Green Zone Fortunes “Weekly Hotlist”
  • Anytime Access to Adam’s propriety stock Rating System
  • Access to a private, members-only website
  • A dedicated customer care team

Subscription Options: There are two subscription options available that are: the lifetime subscription costing $199 and the one year subscription costing $47.

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Pros of Adam O’Dell Infinite Energy

  • You’ll receive names of several tiny and unknown company names that are on verge of making excellent profits.
  • The subscription also includes a range of benefits.

Cons of Adam O’Dell Infinite Energy

  • You’ll need to opt for the paid subscription plan to enjoy the aforementioned benefits.

Is Adam O’Dell Infinite Energy Legit?

Adam O’Dell’s Infinite Energy pitch is legit. Adam focuses on the energy market and in particular, the energy that is not utilized in the grid. He believes that with new technologies, we can put that energy to better use or store it.

That is not farfetched because we already have initiatives by the government and other energy stakeholders to create smart grids. A smart grid is an electricity network that uses digital communications technology and other mechanisms to detect and react to local changes in usage.

Therefore, it makes sense to find companies that are getting involved in this initiative and investing in them.

Adam O’Dell Infinite Energy Verdict

Adam O’Dell’s pitch about “Infinite Energy” is about using AI software to tap into a trillion-dollar reserve of “trapped” energy and turning it into power we can use. The reserve he is referring to is the poorly utilized energy in the power grid.

Adam’s pitch sounds a lot like he is encouraging his audience to invest in companies that are working to turn the energy grid into a smart grid.

There is a lot of momentum to use technology to create more efficient power grids thus investing in companies involved in that makes sense.

Having said that, don’t forget the risks involved in investing in the stock market no matter how Adam makes it sound bulletproof. Always vet the stocks before you make any move.

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Infinite Energy Stock: Adam O'Dell Energy Company Legit? 7


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