It Works Reviews – Legit Business or Scam?

If you’re looking for real It Works reviews then you’re in the right place as I’m going to share all the details about this company today. There’s been so much hype surrounding It Works so I’ve decided to do my own research and put together a full review about the business and the opportunity.

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It Works – Overview

Today I’m taking a look at It Works and learning more about the company. I’ve been doing a number of reviews lately on network marketing companies like AdvoCare and doTERRA so I’ve decided to continue the trend with a full It Works review. First off I must say they have a rather strange name but that’s just my opinion. They launched back in 2001 and have their main offices in Florida. Through their growth they have been able to expand operations into many other countries stretching as far as Australia! You can see a full list of countries they operate in on their website. They have a number of products available now however when they first got started they sold body wraps. This was an application that was wrapped around the body and claimed to help you lose weight. That product was very successful when it launched so they continued to innovate and create new health products.

It Works is a direct sales company (mlm/network marketing) and that might be the reason you’re here today to learn more about the business opportunity. I’ll get into that part of the review soon so don’t worry if that’s the reason you’re here.

It Works – The Products

So what products do It Works have on offer? They have a number of different products that are available in different categories. The categories available are body, skin, greens, lifestyle and packs which are essentially bundles for multiple categories / products.

Rather than go through every product that is sold it’s easier to simply summarise them. The body products are gels, wraps and herb applicators. The skin products are cleansers, stretch mark prevention creams, life and eye toners, exfoliators and nail care. The greens products are powders for your drinks. These products claim to be loaded with anti-oxidants which can be beneficial of course. The lifestyle products are supplements such as minerals, essential oils, fat burners and a number of other “lifestyle/fitness” products. The packs as mentioned are bundles so with the bundles you can get multiple products in one and these packs range from $99 to $299. Of course the more expensive pack contains far more products.

Okay let’s get into the main part of my review which is the business opportunity!

It Works – The Business Opportunity

This is the part of my reviews I always look forward to. After all my blog is a money making blog and I always like to learn about new companies in this space. I’ve been reviewing 100’s of products over the past few years and the majority of network marketing ones all tend to be the same. Low commissions, old school promotional methods and generally a low possibility of earning a good income unless you really work hard, recruit others and expand your team massively.

Now that’s not for everyone, some people do just want to use It Works or another company to earn a little extra income. I know some of my own family members are in network marketing companies to earn a little extra on the side, but if you really want to earn the big bucks I personally believe there are better ways like this system here.

With It Works the method of earning money is pretty standard. You buy products from the company at a wholesale price and you sell them at the regular price and take the profit. It’s pretty simple and generally you get around 30% discount. You can buy the products in packs and then sell them at the full price for a discount. I guess you could sell them at whatever price you want as long as it’s more than you pay but you might as well maximise your profitability by choosing to sell at the actual price recommended.

Also you can recruit others into your team, earn money on their sales and the bigger team you build, the more you can qualify for bonuses. It’s all pretty standard in my opinion.

Is It Works A Scam?

Definitely not in my opinion. I see no reason as to why It Works is a scam at least from the business opportunity side of things. You could debate all day whether wraps work to help you lose weight or whether it’s all made up BS but that’s not my place to argue as I know nothing about the science behind their products. As a business they are solid and are definitely not a scam so I wouldn’t have any hesitations on this front and neither should you. The size they have grown to and the fact that they have been around for 15 years tells me they are legitimate because trust me if they were running a scam operation they would have been shut down a long time ago.

It Works – Conclusion & Recommendation

In my opinion It Works is a legitimate company however I personally feel there are better ways of making money if you are looking at this as a business opportunity.

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