What is Jason Simpkins Project Wingman?

Financial analyst Jason Simpkins is stirring up buzz again with his latest teaser about an aerospace technology he calls “Project Wingman.”

According to Simpkins, Project Wingman is set to shake up the massive $133 billion military aircraft industry and potentially mint massive fortunes for early investors.

In this article, we’ll analyze Simpkins’ projections and provide an objective perspective into the realities behind this mysterious Project Wingman.

As with his past pitches, lofty claims of market-trouncing returns warrant thorough scrutiny. Our aim is to cut through the fluff and evaluate whether this opportunity merits consideration by investors.

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Key Takeaways

  • You’ll receive access to a special stock related aviation cum military industry with up to 50x profit potential.
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  • VERDICT: While Project Wingman presents intriguing prospects in aerial technology, it’s important to acknowledge the substantial speculation required to anticipate market-shattering 50x returns. Jason Simpkins paints an exciting picture, but the actual outcomes may fall short of such optimistic projections. While it’s plausible that the undisclosed Project Wingman company could benefit from military adoption of new technology, the notion that it can swiftly achieve revenue levels comparable to aerospace giant Lockheed Martin appears overly optimistic.

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Introduction to Project Wingman

Project Wingman is a top-secret initiative by the Department of Defense (DoD) that’s about to revolutionize the aerospace and defense industries.

The idea behind it is to create the “perfect pilot” (named Wingman in this example), and this perfect pilot isn’t human but rather an AI with superhuman reflexes.

What is Jason Simpkins Project Wingman? 4

Unlike traditional pilots, Wingman doesn’t need years of training and can beat even the best human pilots in head-to-head dogfights.

In a surprising test, Wingman went up against a highly skilled human pilot called Banger, who was considered one of the best pilots around.

Banger and his team thought it was ridiculous that an AI pilot with only a few months of experience could outmaneuver him.

But to everyone’s shock, Wingman defeated Banger not just once but five times in a row, and Banger couldn’t even land a single hit on Wingman. It was a total blowout.

This development in AI-driven aviation could have far-reaching implications for the future of aerial combat.

Further, Jason Simpkins discusses how the full potential of advanced fighter jets in the U.S. military remains untapped because of the physical strain on fighter pilots.

When these jets move too fast, pilots experience g-LOC, which is the loss of consciousness due to extreme g-forces draining blood from their brains.

While there are tools like g-suits and anti-g straining maneuvers to help, pilots rarely exceed a 9G threshold for more than a few seconds.

This means “Project Wingman,” which aims to use AI to operate most, if not all, combat aircraft will be perfect for newer, faster aircraft.

These AI pilots can handle complex maneuvers, make critical decisions mid-air, and have no physical limitations. They will fly advanced combat aircraft like the F-16, F-22, and F-35, as well as next-generation fighters.

This technology is poised to revolutionize both military and commercial aviation and promises significant funding opportunities defense companies.

In his presentation, Simpkins claims militaries worldwide are desperate to acquire this technology to gain aerial dominance.

He also insists the tech behind Project Wingman will see unprecedented rapid deployment, triggering a flood of lucrative government contracts.

Simpkins believes the undisclosed company spearheading Project Wingman is perfectly positioned to seize this opportunity.

He hints that shares could climb 50x if the company grows to the size of aerospace giant Lockheed Martin as he expects.

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Tiny company

Jason Simpkins discusses a lesser-known defense contractor selected by the U.S. Department of Defense.

This contractor is tasked with leading the groundbreaking Project Wingman initiative aimed at revamping the U.S. Air Force and Naval Air Force.

Project Wingman by Jason Simpkins

Jason claims that early investors in this obscure company stand to benefit significantly from a potential surge in its stock value as it secures substantial upcoming contracts and climbs the ranks among the world’s leading defense firms.

So, why is he so confident about this tiny company?

Jason says that despite its modest size, this company has cutting-edge technology that could potentially outdate its larger competitors.

There’s even speculation that it might become the world’s biggest military contractor, offering a promising opportunity for early shareholders with the potential for a 50x return on their investment.

The company is already playing a crucial role by manufacturing key components for advanced fighter jets like the F-16 and F-35. Many U.S. military assets, including the Patriot missile systems, Aegis Cruisers, Zumwalt-class destroyers, and Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD), rely on its components.

In recent months, the company has secured significant contracts from various branches of the military, including a $47 million contract from the Navy for ballistic missile systems, a $54 million contract from the Air Force for a low-cost expendable engine, and a $95 million deal with the Army for target drones.

Moreover, this small but technologically advanced company is involved in supplying technology for surveillance, communication equipment, satellite and radar systems, space systems, and hypersonic weapons.

It also produces directed-energy weapons, cyber warfare software, microwave electronics, missile defense systems, and training and combat programs.

Perhaps most noteworthy is the company’s inclusion in the Department of Defense’s “Project Wingman” initiative, highlighting its strategic importance.

According to Jason, all of these factors indicate that this company is emerging as a significant player in the defense industry.

A new type of aircraft

This comes at a time when the U.S. military is working on a brand-new type of aircraft that’s going to change the game. This new technology is a big step towards having AI take over some of the tasks that human pilots used to do. It’s happening right now in secret locations, and it’s happening faster than you might expect.

Project Wingman by Jason Simpkins

But here’s the twist – human pilots aren’t getting replaced just yet. They’ll still have a role, kind of like quarterbacks in a football game. They’ll be calling the shots and guiding a team of AI-controlled support fighters. These aren’t your typical remote-controlled drones, though.

They’re called “Collaborative Combat Aircraft” or CCA, and they’re a new breed of combat planes that work together with human pilots, like a team of robotic wingmen.

Congress is all in on this new technology too. They’ve allocated a whopping $816.7 billion to the Defense Department for 2024, which is the highest military budget in U.S. history.

And there’s even talk of some major CCA contracts being awarded soon, so this is definitely something to keep an eye on.

Special Report

Jason Simpkins has issued an urgent “buy alert” with a report titled “Project Wingman: Tiny AI Defense Stock With 20x–50x Potential.”

Project Wingman by Jason Simpkins

In this report, you’ll discover an in-depth analysis of “Project Wingman,” which has the potential to impact the $133 billion aerospace industry significantly. It also provides insights into the leading company behind this AI technology, revealing its name and ticker symbol exclusively.

Furthermore, research-backed forecasts suggest early investors could see a potential 50-fold return.

You can access this report today, but it’s exclusively available to members of his weekly investment advisory, Secret Stock Files.

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Who is Jason Simpkins?

Project Wingman is brought to you by Jason Simpkins.

Project Wingman by Jason Simpkins

He has been a financial reporter and analyst for the past 10-15 years. He is behind pitches like The SpaceX Killer and Beijing’s Death Star.

Born in New Jersey, Jason Simpkins graduated from Loyola University (MD) in 2006.

After completing graduation, he started working as an entry-level financial reporter and then joined a major financial publication at the age of 25. To date, Jason Simpkins has written more than 1,000 articles related to personal finance and macroeconomics. 

He also is the founder and editor of Secret Stock Files that’s an investment service that focuses on little-known companies with assets in oil, natural gas, coal, and other forms of energy sectors. 

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How Does Project Wingman Work?

We have already talked about how Project Wingman can revolutionize the aviation and military industry with the groundbreaking use of AI. In this process, Jason Simpkins has identified a cutting-edge company driving this seismic shift.

We’ve also seen that he is ready to share the name, and ticker symbol of this company and he is confident that it may earn a 50-fold return for early investors. All the details are in a special report called Project Wingman: Tiny AI Defense Stock With 20x–50x Potential.

To get it you have to subscribe to Jason’s advisory service called Secret Stock Files.

The subscription includes access to three bonus reports…

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Is Project Wingman Legit?

Project Wingman is surely a legit profit-making opportunity.

Jason Simpkins deserves credit for identifying an area with significant disruptive potential – utilizing AI for piloting military aircraft and drones. The core premise that AI could revolutionize aerial combat capabilities has merit.

Autonomous piloting would mark a huge tactical advantage, allowing continuous sorties without human limitations. And militaries worldwide would undoubtedly be extremely interested in this capability.

So Jason is justified in bringing attention to the enormous implications AI could have in aerospace and defense technologies. These sectors are primed for next-generation upgrades.

However, investors should still approach his specific projections cautiously. While autonomous aircraft are plausible, assuming any single early-stage company will dominate the field and deliver astronomical returns is highly speculative.

The opaque, indirect nature of his teaser raises flags too. Savvy investors know that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, which is lacking currently.

In short – the theme Jason identifies warrants monitoring, but his aggressive predictions require heavy skepticism. Only rigorous due diligence can determine if an investment opportunity is legitimate versus exaggerated. When core claims remain ambiguous, extreme optimism certainly seems premature.

Our Project Wingman Verdict

In closing, while Project Wingman hints at intriguing aerial technology, realize that massive speculation is required to expect market-crushing 50x returns. Jason Simpkins tells an exciting story, but reality often falls short of these best-case projections.

Could the undisclosed Project Wingman company benefit from militaries urgently adopting new tech? Certainly plausible. However, the assumption that it can rapidly scale revenues on par with aerospace titan Lockheed Martin seems a very optimistic outlook.

Established players retain key competitive advantages – relationships, networks, infrastructure – tough for upstarts to displace. And speculation on secretive technologies requires leaping before looking.

Innovation deserves monitoring, but expectations must be rational. When alluring unfinished tales emerge, prudent investors seek substance over salesmanship.

Themes like transformative defense tech do warrant tracking. But without evidence, huge projected gains remain hypothetical. Intriguing possibilities? Yes. Concrete opportunities? Time will tell. For now, rhetoric outweighs reality.

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