Is Jeff Brown’s The Tech Shock Portfolio Legit?

Welcome to my review of a webinar published by Brownstone Research called Jeff Brown The Tech Shock.

Jeff Brown claims that we are about to witness a major trend in the technology sector that many people are not aware of that could have a big impact on both the industry and the capital markets.

I watched the presentation in its entirety and put together this article to give you an overview of what Jeff Brown was talking about. Then you can decide whether to heed his advice.

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Is Jeff Brown's The Tech Shock Portfolio Legit? 14

Jeff Brown The Tech Shock Review

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Introduction to Jeff Brown The Tech Shock

Jeff Brown is worried that we are about to have mass shortages of almost everything we need to live comfortable lives. He says that the price of everything will soar and we are about to enter a new kind of crisis with empty shelves as far as the eye can see, akin to the Oil Shock of the seventies.

Jeff claims that we are about to witness a disturbing new trend that he calls a “tech shock” that could derail the post COVID recovery and send the NASDAQ and high-flying tech stocks into a tailspin.

Jeff Brown The Tech Shock

But he believes that this phenomenon will not just affect the stock market. It will also affect the supply of many items. He says that already, we are starting to see everyday items being rationed.

For instance, he points out that the shortage of batteries at COSTCO and band-aids at CVS indicate that this has already began. He even goes as far as talk about Samsung canceling the launch of its new Galaxy Note 21 as a sign that things don’t look good.

But of greater concern to Jeff is the shortage of computer chips, such as the one he holds in his hands:

Is Jeff Brown's The Tech Shock Portfolio Legit? 15

Of course, he is talking about semiconductors.

He says that semiconductors have become very important to how we live our lives because they are in every electronic gadget we use.

This includes phones, laptop, television sets, coffee pots, washing machines, ovens, and other household items.

And it doesn’t end there because tractors driven by the farmers, ventilators at our hospitals, and even missile detection systems monitored by Air Force personnel have electronics in them, and, therefore, have semiconductors in them.

As important as they are, he says that the pandemic caused a supply problem unlike anything we’ve seen before; there is a shortage of semiconductors.

For various reasons, tech companies are not producing enough consumer products like iPhones, tablets, laptops, fridges, washing machines, electric cars, and other similar items to meet demand because they can’t get their hands on these chips.

Even Elon Musk tweeted about it:

Is Jeff Brown's The Tech Shock Portfolio Legit? 16

He says that the last time there was such a shortage was during the Dot Com Bubble in 1999, a technology shock that put some big companies out of business and elevated small ones that offered solutions to the issue.

He gives a few examples of this.

One of them is Motorola, which was an Apple supplier of the chips it used in its computers. When the supply shortage hit, Motorola could not meet Apple’s demands for microchips and Apple found alternative sources.

Motorola stock dipped as a result:

Is Jeff Brown's The Tech Shock Portfolio Legit? 17

Qualcomm, on the other hand, emerged as Apple’s top supplier.

It went on to become the largest chip manufacturers in the world and its stock performed well:

Is Jeff Brown's The Tech Shock Portfolio Legit? 18

Qualcomm thrived at the expense of Motorola and made its investors 30 times their money.

Another supply shock Jeff highlights happened in 1988.

He says that back then, there was mass shortage of semiconductor. He says that prices tripled in a few months because assembly lines were slowed. Consequently, product launches delayed and prices went up, something that may be happening today.

He says that although electronics were not a big part of people’s lives as they are today, there was a gap to be exploited.

Only two companies in the country were producing much-needed chips when the shortage hit.

One of them was Micron Technology. It was relatively tiny at the time but its stock went up by 3,700%:

Is Jeff Brown's The Tech Shock Portfolio Legit? 19

The other company was Texas Instruments, and it went up by over 9,000%.

Is Jeff Brown's The Tech Shock Portfolio Legit? 20

Another company that underwent this process is AMD, when it capitalized on Intel’s hesitancy in the eighties;

Is Jeff Brown's The Tech Shock Portfolio Legit? 21

Jeff says that those previous supply shocks are small compared to what we may be experiencing right now.

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This is Bigger than Previous “Tech Shocks”

He explains that the supply shock we are witnessing now could be even bigger and more impactful because we are more reliant on electronic gadgets than was the case at the turn of the century.

As Jeff says:

“Unlike the 80s and 90s–when many homes didn’t even have a computer in them at all…

Computer chips are in just about everything now.

In fact, unlike in the 80s or 90s…

We are as reliant on them as electricity.

They’re in our toothbrushes now!

And it’s not just me saying this. In a 250-page document issued by our federal government on this exact topic…. they call computer chips, quote…

‘Essential to modern day life.’”

Not to mention, emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence and 5G, as this exchange between Jeff and Chris demonstrates:

JEFF: Well if it feels like tech breakthroughs are happening faster these days, it’s because they are.

The computing power used by AI, Chris, jumped up 300,000 times just from 2012 to 2018…

Is Jeff Brown's The Tech Shock Portfolio Legit? 22

You can see on that graph what appears to be a straight vertical line.

CHRIS: That’s incredible. It is… straight up!

JEFF: That is the kind of progress we’re now living through.

From 5G wireless to machine learning… to 3D printing… to advanced robotics… to cryptocurrency…

New technologies are transforming our world in ways we can barely comprehend—faster than we can possibly fathom.

And every single one of them relies thousands of computer chips to function.”

What does this mean in terms of investment and the market according to Jeff?

First, he asserts that the chip shortage will worsen in the near future because car and consumer product shortages will worsen. He predicts that the heightened chip demand will put an even greater strain on the chip supply.

And he says that it will get much, much more painful for people who do not prepare for it.

He says that we should start investing in the companies poised to handle the shortage well and avoid those that will fare worse.

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How to invest in the Technologogy Shock

Jeff Brown wants you to take positions in companies he describes as “the next generation of ‘Tech Shock’ winners.” He says that they may go up by over 9,000% in as little as one year and expects them to perform as well as Amazon, Facebook, or Google did in the previous decade.

Jeff has zeroed in on one stock in particular. Here is what he says about it,

“One of which Forbes calls “The Center of the Global Chip Shortage.” Why? Because it possesses a very special technology—and over 13,000 patents—that holds the key to solving this mess. I believe any company that wants to make bleeding edge computer chips—including the ones in this portfolio—must go through this company first. You’ve probably never even heard its name, but when this is all said and done, in my estimate, this company could go down in history as the one that saved the day…”

He says that it has a very special technology and holds the key to solving the global crisis. This company has more than 13,000 patents and it is still unknown to most people.

The “Tech Shock” Portfolio: Companies to Buy Now

Jeff Brown The Tech ShockJeff Brown has discussed all the details about this company and a few others in a special report called The “Tech Shock” Portfolio: Companies to Buy Now.

To get this report for free, you have to sign up to his premium newsletter, The Near Future Report.

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Who is Jeff Brown?

Jeff Brown is a vocal investment analyst best known these days for writing paid-for newsletter services like The Near Future Report, Exponential Tech Investor, and the Early Stage Trader.

He also writes a popular e-letter called The Bleeding Edge where he covers the main stories of the day in the tech sector from the investment front.

He also gives his predictions on big trends happening in the tech industry. But unlike his aforementioned paid-for newsletters, he is not as detailed in his approach.

He publishes all this via a financial research company called Brownstone Research, which he founded in 2020. He is the chief investment analyst.

Industry Experience

Jeff Brown has more than 25 years of experience in the tech world having worked as a high-technology executive for manufacturing companies like NXP Semiconductors, Juniper Networks, and Qualcomm.

As an experienced industry insider and an angel investor, Jeff Brown focuses on little-known high-potential companies working on technologies that can offer huge returns in a short period.

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What is The Near Future Report?

As stated already, he says that he wants to help you find out the companies that’ll solve the global chip shortage issue. To do that, you have to sign up for his paid-for newsletter, The Near Future Report.

Jeff Brown The Tech ShockIt is his main financial advisory service and he created it to give his followers access to investment insights that they typically don’t get from mainstream news channels.

He focuses on major tech trends and explains how people can make money off of them by investing in companies well-positioned to thrive in the prescribed environment.

To find the best companies, he evaluates innovation and data to find the ones that are well positioned to thrive for decades.

The example we just covered perfectly encapsulates this. And there’s the special report called The “Tech Shock” Portfolio: Companies to Buy Now where he has shared all the details about the companies you should invest in to profit from the computer chip shortage.

What is included in the Near Future Report?

  • Twelve issues of Jeff Brown’s The Near Future Report. He writes about interesting but relatively unknown tech stocks that he believes are going to dominate their areas of concern. He focuses on the tech sector because he has deep-rooted connections in it.
  • 24/7 Access to The Near Future Report’s Members-Only Website. From the website, you can access all the special reports and other resources afforded to subscribers.
  • Customer Support From Jeff’s Florida-based Team
  • Full access to the model portfolio

By subscribing to The Near future Report, You also gain access to bonus special reports by Jeff about other tech shocks and how you can make money off of them.

Here are a few of those:

The “Tech Shock” Casualties: Companies to Avoid

Jeff says that this special report will come handy when avoiding investment mistakes because he reveals the companies to avoid.

Is Jeff Brown's The Tech Shock Portfolio Legit? 23Jeff believes that there are many tech companies that may sound promising but that are not great investments.

The Age of Automation

It is the third special report where Jeff highlights how to profit from the Stay Home surge.

Is Jeff Brown's The Tech Shock Portfolio Legit? 24

Bonus Special Reports

At the same time, he also wants to share other special reports, including:

Is Jeff Brown's The Tech Shock Portfolio Legit? 25

Jeff Brown’s #1 Pure 5G Play, How to make a tax-free fortune from cryptocurrencies, and The #1 Stock “Behind” Quantum Computing.

The Near Future Report Subscription Fee

The Subscription Price in your first year is $49 but after that, it renews automatically every year for $129.

The Near Future Report Refund Policy

Jeff Brown The Tech ShockJeff offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. Therefore, you can cancel your membership within the first 60 days of joining for a full cash refund of your subscription.

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Is The Tech Shock Legit?

Yes, Jeff Brown’s “The Tech Shock” is a legit presentation.

First, Jeff Brown is a genuine investment analyst who has been sharing his insights into the technology industry for a while now. He has the experience to back him up, having worked as a technology exectutive in the semiconductor industry for years.

He has also been offering general advice to his followers on how investors should approach the market and choose stocks. Therefore, this is just his latest drive to get more people to start following him.

On top of that, the contents of the presentation are pertinent to the times we live in because we know that inflation is already happening.

Thanks to US government stimulus, money supply is quite high in the economy and that has led to the prices of things to go up, as expected. There have been links between the heightened supply and the capital markets too.

But even more relevant is the fact that there is an actual global computer chip shortage. Experts largely blame the pandemic as the main cause of the global chip shortage because locking down chip production facilities caused a supply shock.

It was made worse by a sharp rise in demand; people were forced to stay at home and a number of them wanted to upgrade electronic devices like computers and webcams as they had to work from home. On top of that, entire industries depend on microchips, from satellite communications to concrete and steel manufacturing to farm machinery to bitcoin mining.

So, the chip shortage Jeff Brown is talking about here is very real.

That being said, his stock recommendations are not necessarily going to be the answer as he claims because it is hard to predict how a stock will perform in the market.

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Jeff Brown The Tech Shock Verdict

We know that there is a genuine computer chip shortage across the world. But is Jeff’s recommendation — a tiny company — going to help rectify the this shortage and perform well? Should you invest in his other recommendations and avoid the companies he believes are doomed in the face of this new trend?

It is hard to tell how things will work out and you can only wait to see whether Jeff is right. Ultimately, the decision to follow his advice is one that only you can make.

I have seen Jeff Brown give his thoughts on the technology industry before and he is usually right about technological change because he knows the industry better than most people, which isn’t surprising considering his background and career involvement.

But when it comes to the performances of individual stocks, he doesn’t always have the answers. All things considered, you may benefit from hearing from an expert when it comes to investing in the stock market.

In the Near Future Report, Brown has his eyes set on large capitalization growth stocks on the cusp of mass adoption, primarily in the technological sector in areas like 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain technology, and robotics.

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Is Jeff Brown's The Tech Shock Portfolio Legit? 14

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