Is Jeff Brown’s Private Money Revolution Legit?

Jeff Brown has been promoting a presentation he did about what he calls the Private Money Revolution.

In the pitch, he predicts that the new private currencies that Facebook, Google, and Apple, will soon launch could create an epic battle with the government. 

He says that the battle will come about because the government’s money monopoly could be threatened by them. At the same time, this will create an opportunity to make massive profits simply by taking advantage of the new financial system.

If you are keen on finding out whether this opportunity is worth your attention, I hope this unbiased review will be helpful.

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Is Jeff Brown's Private Money Revolution Legit? 7

Jeff Brown’s Private Money Revolution Review

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Introduction to Jeff Brown’s Private Money Revolution

Jeff Brown’s presentation centers on what he thinks will be a “Private Money Revolution” spearheaded by Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon, which are commonly referred to as “Big Tech.”

He claims that these companies are plotting to crate a new financial system, which is at loggerheads with what the government wants: sole control over the financial system. That’s why he thinks that there will be an epic battle between Big Tech and Big Government.

Jeff Brown's Private Money Revolution

He says that they are creating new private currencies, which he refers to as “stablecoin.”

A stablecoin, he says, is a digital asset that is “tied” to some asset. For example, it could be tied to the price of gold or an existing currency.

He says that a stablecoin has the same advantages as those created by a cryptocurrency in terms of privacy, speed, and ease of use while cutting out the middleman.

According to Jeff, the new digital currencies are set to take on a critical role in this battle but says that they have nothing to do with Ethereum and Bitcoin; a few top tech firms are poised to launch new, digital currencies and this will completely re-shape the financial system.

How is this going to pan out and why does Jeff Brown want you to be concerned?

How is this new financial system going to help you make massive gains (if you follow Jeff’s advice)?

Well, all this has to do with the popularization of the blockchain.

The blockchain is at the heart of all cryptocurrencies and it will make it possible for tech firms to create new digital currencies.

Jeff points out that Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple have already started investing in blockchain and that you can also take advantage of this tech megatrend and by investing in one of the greatest profit opportunities of the 21st century. 

Jeff says that you should not invest in stablecoins because they are not designed to go anywhere. Instead, you should invest in “blockchain stocks” that are poised to benefit from the uptake of blockchain.

He has identified three blockchain stocks but, unfortunately, he does not even describe them to enable us to decipher them.

To learn more about them and reveal their names, you have to read a special report called “How to Profit from the Private Money Revolution.

To get your hands on the special report, you have to sign up for his newsletter, The Near Future Report.

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Who is Jeff Brown?

Jeff Brown is one of the most well-known names in the world of newsletter publishing. He is an experienced and renowned investment veteran.

Jeff Brown's Private Money RevolutionHe is the founder and chief investment analyst for Brownstone Research, a boutique investment research firm that publishes newsletters targeting individual investors.

Jeff Brown has more than 25 years of experience in the technology sector. 

He has worked for many technology companies, including Juniper Networks, Qualcomm, and NXP Semiconductors. After working for these companies, he then transitioned to angel investing. Suffice to say, he is a successful angel investor because he has specialized in identifying early stage technology companies that may turn out to be extremely profitable.

Jeff Brown now actively writes about finding early-stage companies on the verge of exponential growth and runs a popular newsletter called The Bleeding Edge.

He completed his undergraduate studies and got an aeronautical and astronautical engineering degree from Purdue University. He then got his master’s degree in management from the London Business School.

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What you get when you join The Near Future Report

As I mentioned earlier, you can learn more about Jeff Brown’s perspective on investing in Blockchain-based stocks by subscribing to The Near Future Report newsletter.

The special report is called How to Profit from The Private Money Revolution. When Facebook, Amazon, and Google make their next big coin announcement, this special report reveals the three stocks that Jeff expects to skyrocket in value. 

The Near Future Report is one of the newsletters that Jeff Brown publishes at Brownstone Research.

Through it, he reveals new insights into groundbreaking trends in the technology industry that can earn you massive returns in a not-so-long period.

He writes about tech trends like autonomous vehicles, AI, 5G, and even precision medicine.

When you become a subscriber, you receive:

  • Monthly issues of the Near Future Report newsletter.
  • Exclusive members-only email alerts. 
  • All the back issues of The Near Future Report. 
  • Full access to The Near Future Report mode portfolio.

In addition to those benefits, there are bonus reports you get when you join:

Secrets Of The Cryptocurrency IRA 

In this special report, Jeff Brown writes about a new and exciting way to make fast gains from crypto investments without much risk and hassle. He refers to it as a special kind of IRA account that holds cryptos.

With this special IRA account, you get the benefit of tax credits as well as explosive gains from cryptocurrencies. It also has IRS approval and you don’t have to worry about setting up wallets, passwords, and other complex concepts in cryptocurrencies.

The Perfect Crypto Portfolio to Multiply Your Retirement Funds by More Than 1,000%

This report will help you split your Cryptocurrency IRA allocation. To be precise, it will show you how to put together a winning combination of three cryptos and what percentage you should own of each, along with an easy-to-follow guide.

My #1 Pure 5G Play

This report is about a 5G stock Jeff claims is the best way to invest in the trend.

You will get access to all these special reports only when you subscribe to The Near Future Report. 

The Near Future Report Pricing

An annual subscription costs $49 if you sign up via the link provided at the end of the presentation. 

The normal rate is $199.

The Near Future Report Refund Policy

The Near Future Report has a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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Pros of Jeff Brown’s Private Money Revolution presentation

  • You learn about a private money revolution by Jeff Brown and how you can invest in it.
  • You can subscribe to the Near Future Report at a discount.
  • There is a 60-day risk-free guarantee for the newsletter when you join.

Cons of Jeff Brown’s Private Money Revolution

  • Jeff does not explain how he plans to invest in Blockchain stocks. He is quite vague about it.

Is Jeff Brown’s Private Money Revolution Legit?

Jeff Brown’s Private Money Revolution is a legit presentation.

Although he is vague about it, Jeff Brown wants us to invest in certain blockchain stocks. The Blockchain is set to benefit indirectly from the introduction of new digital currencies by companies like Facebook. Therefore, what Jeff talks about in his presentation is legit.

Jeff Brown is also a credible investment analyst who writes about new technological advancements before they become common knowledge. I know that because I am on the mailing list of The Bleeding Edge. He regularly posts about his research there so I think he is legit.

Jeff Brown’s Private Money Revolution Verdict

If you are looking for lucrative investment opportunities revolving around the blockchain, Jeff Brown wants you to consider signing up for his newsletter for more information on how he thinks you ought to proceed. He is just one among many investment analysts calling for people to invest in blockchain stocks.

Are blockchain stocks a viable investment? It depends on how you look at it because the technology will inevitably affect many industries differently. Therefore, I think Jeff Brown is worth listening to if you are willing to check out his recommendations.

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Is Jeff Brown's Private Money Revolution Legit? 7


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