Is Jeff Siegel’s “Molecule 520” Stock Legit?

Welcome to my review of Jeff Siegel’s presentation regarding something he refers to as Molecule 520.

Jeff claims to have discovered a miracle molecule that can cure many illnesses while at the same time creating an investment opportunity for investors who find the right stocks to back.

In this review, I will walk you through what that means and unveil the company that he thinks presents you with the best chance of earning gains should you decide to take this seriously.

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Is Jeff Siegel's "Molecule 520" Stock Legit? 3

Molecule 520 Review

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Introduction to Molecule 520

Molecule 520 is the name Jeff Siegel gives to a compound that can be used to formulate therapies that can tackle an array of ailments and conditions.

Molecule 520

He regards it a massive breakthrough. Here is how he talks about it early into the presentation:

This treatment is based on what’s being called the “Molecule 520,” and it is revolutionizing medicine as we know it.

For example, the establishment doesn’t believe alcoholism can be cured.

Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic, it says.

But the standard ways of treating alcoholism just don’t work very well.

Between 40%–60% of people who’ve been treated for addiction or alcoholism relapse within a year, according to The Journal of the American Medical Association.

And alcoholism must be managed for life.

That’s why this new treatment is so revolutionary: It doesn’t manage alcoholism… It eliminates it.

With as little as one treatment!

And study after study is proving it works on many other chronic diseases, too.

Studies underway at places like Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and Stanford are showing this new treatment is effective against other deadly chronic diseases that affect millions…

Like depression, diabetes, PTSD, opioid addiction, anorexia, and Alzheimer’s disease.

He presents it as capable of curing conditions like PTSD, diabetes, depression, anorexia, Alzheimer’s disease, and addictions to alcohol and opioids in an effective way devoid of complications and side effects.

He says that even the FDA has given it the “breakthrough status.

Because the Molecule 520 has shown incredible promise to transform millions of people’s lives for the better…

It’s got the Food and Drug Administration’s backing.

The FDA — the ultimate judge of safety and effectiveness for medical treatments — has awarded this new medicine “breakthrough status.”

The FDA only assigns breakthrough status to treatments in which clinical evidence “demonstrates the drug [or therapy] may have substantial improvement on at least one clinically significant endpoint over available therapy.”

In short, breakthrough status means cutting red tape for fast commercial development and getting to market in a fraction of the time it normally takes.

And this FDA backing has thrown the floodgates wide open.

And with FDA taking such a favorable stance on it, he believes that companies will want to invest in it.

Jeff points out that a growing number of companies are currently conducting clinical trials on Molecule 520 medications; big pharma and tiny startups are spending a lot of money on research and production technology.

This has eventually led to venture capitalists and Silicon Valley titans pouring loads of money in hoping that molecule 520 will have the impact on their finances similar to that of medical marijuana:

Kevin O’Leary of Shark Tank fame has invested $6 million (and counting) into the Molecule 520.

PayPal co-founder and legendary venture capitalist Peter Thiel is in, too.

He turned an early $500,000 investment in Facebook into $1 billion and was an early investor in LinkedIn, SpaceX, and Airbnb to name a few of his other big winners.

Now he is backing a company in this space with an undisclosed amount, though it’s common knowledge he never “goes small when he can go big.”

So is Bruce Linton, founder of Canopy Growth. Bruce made 70,000% on cannabis when his company’s stock price went from $0.10 to $70 a share.

He’s betting big money this Molecule 520 will be much, much bigger than cannabis.

Ultimately by as much as 10–20 times bigger.

In fact, a lot of elite cannabis investors are pouring money into this new opportunity.

They see this as a repeat of what happened in the early days of cannabis stocks…

Seeing all that, Jeff claims that it is an opportunity to make triple- or even quadruple-digit profits if you back the right biotech companies.

He has already identified his ideal pick: a little-known Molecule 520 company that is on the verge of going public and may possibly achieve unicorn status (a startup worth $1 billion) when everything goes according to plan.

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What does “Molecule 520” mean?

What Jeff Siegel refers to as the magic Molecule 520 is actually a psychedelic (although he doesn’t specify which one). He has written extensively about investing in psychedelics on the Angel Publishing website.

Not only that, how he describes it makes it relatively clear what he is on about…

It isn’t invasive and doesn’t kill the disease with poison.

Only one or two sessions are required for a 60%–100% success rate.

The results are often permanent.

With none of the debilitating side effects.

Instead, the Molecule 520 works by enabling the body’s most powerful organ to do the healing…

The mind.

Harnessing the mind has been medicine’s holy grail for centuries.

And he continues…

It also creates new connections between brain circuits.

A study at the University College London found this molecule could “dramatically rewrite” these memories.

The Molecule 520 permanently restructures the way the brain works…

By definition, psychedelics are plant-based compounds that, when consumed, give you a new state of consciousness.

Its proponents believe that it enables you to alleviate cravings (for example, alcohol addiction). Jeff says that it also cures a bunch of ailments without harmful side effects.

Kevin O’Leary (Jeff mentions him severally in the presentation) even tweeted about this:

kevin o leary molecule 520 tweet

We will refer to this image later in this article because this tweet comes in handy when trying to find out the name of the company that Jeff considers an ideal pick.

Note that psychedelics are still classified as Schedule 1, which means they are illegal at the federal level. But like cannabis, this doesn’t stop researchers from looking into them as potential therapies.

This is the narrative that Jeff Siegel pushes in his presentation.

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Who Is Behind The “Molecule 520 Changes Everything” Pitch?

Jeff Siegel has been a professional investor for three decades. In addition to trading professionally, he has been writing about the markets and revealing niche opportunities to his readers via his advisory services.

He writes about investing in alternative energy, legal cannabis, and psychedelics, among other topics.

Jeff is on the editorial team of Angel Publishing where he edits Topline Trader and Green Chip Stocks.

(Do not confuse him with pre-ipo investor Jeff Brown or Jeff Clark, both of whom I’ve covered extensively on this blog).

Jeff’s area of expertise is finding world-changing breakthroughs and investing accordingly before Wall Street investors catch wind of them and create massive demand. This gives him and his readers the opportunity to make money before most investors even know what’s happening.

In addition to that, he has established himself as a bestselling author as well as a television commentator.

He wrote a bestselling book called Investing in Renewable Energy: Making Money on Green Chip Stocks.

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How to invest in Molecule 520

Jeff has been writing about psychedelics (as investment-worthy) for a few months now. He is even willing to send you a free report on how they work. It is called The Magic Molecule: The Most Important Discovery in Half a Century. 

He has written articles in which he has namedropped a few private companies involved with psychedelic-related cures. A few examples of those companies include Clear Sky Addiction Solutions, Numinus Wellness (CVE: NUMI), and ATAI Life Sciences.

Three Magic Molecule Picks for Quadruple-Digit Gains

In the presentation, he talks of three companies that he wants you to invest in. He has written a dossier with the heading Three Magic Molecule Picks for Quadruple-Digit Gains discussing them and sharing details about them.

I deduced the name of one of the companies in that report from the clues he dropped in the pitch…

If you want to claim your share of the mega-profits coming from the “Molecule 520,” this company is the place to start.

It’s the first publicly listed neuropharmaceutical company developing Molecule 520 medicines.

And it has a massive first-mover advantage.

In pre-IPO funding, this powerhouse raised $24 million and won the backing of high-profile investors who regularly write seven-figure checks.

On the day it went public, the stock was very active with over 14 million shares traded, and the price shot up 27% in one day.

Going public has opened up huge opportunities to attract institutional capital and ramp up its pipeline of clinical trials for treating a wide range of illnesses.

The company is starting with medicines to cure opioid addiction, which afflicts 11 million Americans, costs $1.7 billion to treat by traditional means, and costs the economy $500 billion overall.

But current drugs are just “substitution” treatments, meaning they simply substitute one addiction for another. They never cure the opioid addiction itself. And their failure rate is up to 90%.

This company’s Molecule 520-based medicine has an early success rate of 50%… so far.

This is a very big deal, and the FDA has noticed.

Instead of substituting one addiction for another…

This medicine cures the addiction by disrupting the addiction mechanism at work inside the person. In short, the opioid addict becomes a nonaddict with this Molecule 520 treatment.

And what’s most exciting is that physicians out in the field are already asking the FDA for permission to use this medicine in their practice — and not just for opioid addiction.

This company has already acquired the “exclusive license” to eight ongoing clinical trials involving treatments for different illnesses.

These clues point to a company called Mind Medicine Inc. or MindMed (NASDAQ: MNMD). Kevin O’Leary even mentions it in the tweet I referred to earlier.

MindMed is a biotech company developing psychedelic-based medicines and therapies to address addictions and mental illness.

On its website, it describes itself as developing cures that go beyond symptom management. It reads,

We focus on helping patients overcome rather than survive

We believe patients deserve better than to linger in symptom management forever. We help patients make breakthroughs that get them out of the symptom management cycle that’s all too commonplace in mental healthcare.

MindMed now trades on NASDAQ, where it listed in March, 2021. It was a long-anticipated move and since it went public, it has been on a steady climb (as of writing this) because investors are banking on the promise it is showing. It has ambitious projects on the pipeline that have got them excited.

I couldn’t determine the other two and I suppose you have to read the report to reveal their names.

To receive a copy, you have to sign up for Jeff Siegel’s newsletter, Green Chip Stocks.

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What you get when you join Green Chip Stocks

When you subscribe to Green Chip Stocks, in addition to the two reports, you will be entitled to:

  • Weekly updates. Every week, Jeff will reach out with new investment opportunities and provide you with updates on his current investments. He will also deliver breaking news, insights, and insider rumors.
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  • Constant support. You can reach out to Jeff to ask him questions about his investments although he cannot give personal investment advice. His staff also help with questions regarding your membership to the advisory service.

How much does it cost to join Green Chip Stocks

A one-year subscription costs $99. Alternatively, you can opt for the two-year subscription for $179.

The Refund Policy

You can request for a full refund if you cancel your membership within 6 months of joining.

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Is Molecule 520 Legit?

Jeff’s presentation is certainly legit and it could be a great investment opportunity.

As we have established, “Molecule 520” is a term he coined to refer to psychedelics. Although they are considered Schedule 1, research can still be done to determine their viability as potential therapies; and that’s what institutions like Harvard, John Hopkins, and Stanford are doing.

Big-name investors, seeing the opportunity to make money, have also started pouring money into biotech companies working on psychedelic-based treatments. A verifiable example Jeff gives is Kevin O’Leary (from Shark Tank) who even tweeted in December (2019) about investing in psychedelics.

That said, there are no guarantees that investing in the companies Jeff proposes will earn you big returns. Therefore, take his recommendations with a grain of salt.

Molecule 520 Verdict

When Jeff Siegel published his Molecule 520 presentation, he was mainly doing it to promote his newsletter, Green Chip Stocks. However, along the way, he taught his audience (if you had no idea this existed) that psychedelics could seriously make viable cures for things like opioid addiction, depression, PTSD, and alcoholism.

Siegel proposes that if you invest early in companies developing the breakthrough treatment, you could have the opportunity to make up to 70,000% returns on your investments.

Based on how marijuana has been adopted as a therapy, Jeff probably sees psychedelics following the same trajectory. If he is right, this could be a nice way to invest in the healthcare industry and could give you a running start. But if he is proven wrong, you could lose money. Either way, this is uncharted territory and we’ll just have to wait and see whether he will be vindicated.

If you plan on buying his newsletter and investing in his recommendations, do more research before you commit. Also, do not invest more money than you are willing to lose.

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Is Jeff Siegel's "Molecule 520" Stock Legit? 3

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