Kris Krohn Review: Legit Real Estate Guru?

Real estate is a lucrative business model and Kris Krohn seems to have made he best out of it. This real estate investor also seems to be making even more money through his mentorship program that is claimed to be one of the best.

In this review, we are going to take a look at Kris Krohn, his mentorship program and whether his business and claims are legit.

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Kris Krohn Review: Legit Real Estate Guru? 10

Kris Krohn Review

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Who is Kris Krohn?

Kris Krohn is an American businessman who dabbles in real estate investments. He is also an author, a motivational speaker and founder of REIC and the Strongbook Group. In that sense, he is a bit like Grant Cardone founder of Cardone Capital and a program called The 10x Income System.

Kris was born in Orem, Utah before later moving to Redmond, Washington where he graduated from Eastlake High School in 1998. He then proceeded to attend the Brigham Young University where he obtained a degree in Psychology, Marriage and Family Therapy in 2001.

Kris Krohn During his period in college, Kris Krohn realized that he had an underlying interest and natural talent for developing real estate investment strategies. This led to him beginning his career in real estate as he came to understand it as a means to financial freedom.

By the time Kris was graduating, he owned over a dozen investment properties and could see a future for himself take shape.

In 2007, Kris Krohn married Kalenn, one of his colleagues from Brigham Young University. He proceeded to engage in the real estate business full time once he realised that his inherent need to nurture people would be best served by teaching his developing investment system.

This realization eventually led to Krohn authoring two books, ‘The Strait Path to Real Estate Wealth‘ and ‘The Conscious Creator’. The books were released in 2010 and 2013 respectively.

He wrote The Strait Path To Real Estate Wealth based on his experiences in real estate investment while spending a great deal of his own time determining the strengths and weaknesses of the most popular property investment methodologies including rental homes, flipped properties and multi-unit residential & commercial properties.

Furthermore, Kris Krohn has produced two audio CD programs, The Ultimate Investment Experience and Enlightened Finance.

Kris founded the Strongbrook group with co-founders Kevin Clayson and Stephen Miller. It is basically a family of companies designed to assist Strongbrook clients in the management and protection of their wealth and assets.

It also consists of a real estate firm, a mortgage brokerage, property management teams, a life insurance firm, several holdings and client coaching staff all under the guidance of Kris Krohn and his executive team.

Kris Krohn began a new project known as Strongbrook Direct where Krohn teaches individuals how to build a real estate portfolio through referrals and direct sales.

Krohn retired at the ripe age of 26 to focus his energy on his investments. His current networth is $65 million. He claims to be the owner of 400 properties in the United States, many of which he apparently purchased without a down payment.

To add to that, Kris has a Youtube channel that has over 1520 videos and 860K subscribers. This vast online community shows real interest in Krohn’s investment strategies.

In the videos he tells his path to success and early retirement. He says that he started by buying a house with at least $150K inequity and paid $110K for it. He proceeded to rent out the house basement to make enough money for the mortgage.

After one year, with some equity in the first house, he requested the bank for a home equity loan of $20K. He then used the $20K to buy another house and rent it out. Kris earned $600 a month for this. He repeated this process until he had 25 homes and earned $12K a month. This was enough for him to retire.

In 2017, Krohn published a book known as Limitless, which serves as a guide for people who want to succeed in the real estate industry and live a limitless life.

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What is Kris Krohn’s Mentorship Course?

Kris Krohn’s mentorship course is a training program that teaches you the blueprint to success in real estate investment.

The course offers a wide range of tools and resources that promise a path to your financial independence. In the program, Kris occasionally holds free public forums and talks where he explains different strategies in investment.

Furthermore, there is the option of paying a fee to have Krohn himself as your personal mentor in the business.

The lectures offered are simple and easy to understand as they offer points on his main strategy, ‘Home Equity Loan’.

Kris claims that you need small capital to start the business and he offers you cooperation with his team, meaning that they will do the research and due diligence work for finding the right real estate properties for renting. However, you will be required to split 50% of your returns with them.

There is also a part of the course known as the Lease Option Pro. In this part of the course, Kris teaches you how to purchase real estate without any money in your bank account, even though you have less than stellar credit.

A lease option is a meeting of the minds between a real estate investor and their tenant.  In this type of contract, the property owner and the tenant agree that the purchase of the rental property will occur sometime in the future that is outlined in the contract.

The tenant can exercise their option to purchase the property at an agreed upon price.  In exchange for the option consideration, the investor takes the house off the market.

Lease options make it easier to fill vacancies as tenants can buy the house at a fixed price and the owner benefits as the tenant will have to maintain the property.

The course also includes:

  • The legal documents and the contracts that Kris uses in his real estate business
  • Two tickets to Kris’ live events
  • Membership to Kris’ Facebook group

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How does Kris Krohn’s Mentorship course work?

This real estate investing program offers aspiring real estate investors guidance on the Home Equity Loan strategy.

This strategy involves using home equity loans to buy homes. The equity in that house serves as collateral for a bank loan that allows you to get other rental properties thus earning passively through the rental fees.

To find the right home to purchase, you are assisted by Kris Krohn’s team who get 50% of your returns once you start earning.

The program also has an MLM model, where you earn commission from referring new mentees to the program. This is common and helps owners of programs go viral without having to spend more money on advertising. Andrew Tate offered this with his Hustlers University program before it shut down and re-launched as The Real World.

Schedules of Kris’ public forums and talks can be found on his website.

How to join Kris Krohn’s Mentorship Course?

To become part of this real estate investing course, all you have to do is go to Kris Krohn’s website and click the ‘Get my Game Plan’ section. This will lead you to the mentorship program and the schedules for the free public forums and talks.

Kris Krohn Review: Legit Real Estate Guru? 11

To get Kris as a mentor, you will be required to pay a fee of between $99 and $499 per month.

You can also gain further guidance from his youtube videos which are available on his youtube channel for free.

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Kris Krohn’s Reviews

There have been a number of positive reviews about the Kris Krohn mentorship program and the vast online community he has on Youtube shows that his strategies must be working.

Here is what some people have to say:

I can testify to the freedom that comes with doing real estate with Kris. I have the ability to do what I love for work without worrying how much money it makes me because of my investments. I have 3 rentals and I can’t wait for more


The Personal development is awesome and life changing. But the way they market and the demographic they go after is very challenging and could be done better.

-Former Employee and sales coach

I worked here for 5 months. Only making $8 a hour and not making any commission. I loved how they pushed me to be a better person but overall I had a horrible experience here. I had Covid and was off for two week, which was mandatory. Obviously my numbers were expected to drop but I was fired my first week back because I didn’t get my numbers up in 3 days. They over promise and under deliver. I would not recommend anyone to work here.

-George, former employee.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Does Strongbrook Use An MLM Business Model?

Yes, Kris Krohn’s company is actually set up with an mlm business model. However, there aren’t details on how exactly it works apart from the fact that one earns commission from referrals.

Is Kris Krohn On Social Media?

Yes. Kris is available on YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.

Can You Make Money With Kris Krohn’s Course?

Yes you can. Though it may not be as easy as Kris Krohn depicts it as the real estate industry is competitive in itself.

What books has Kris Krohn written?

In 2010, Kris published a book titled ‘The Strait Path To Real Estate Wealth’. This was after conducting extensive research on a variety of real estate investing strategies, including the following: Fixer-Uppers, rentals, commercial properties and apartments.

He analyzed all the good, the terrible and the ugly then wrote the book based on what he had learned and experienced.

‘The Conscious Creator’ followed in 2013 and Limitless in 2017. The books are available on Amazon.

Are there alternatives to Kris Krohn’s Program?

Yes there are. Some of them include local lead generation, digital real estate, SEO and website building

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Pros of the Kris Krohn Mentorship Course

Vast online community

Kris Krohn has over 866K subscribers on his Youtube Channel and this huge following proves that the strategies he teaches must be working for some.

It also shows that he is a legit real estate investor and mentor.

Informative content

The videos that Krohn has posted on his channel are quite useful and informative about the real estate business model.

There is much to learn from watching the videos which are free of charge. Most courses charge for that kind of information.

Creative thinking

The course offered by Kris Krohn opens you to creative and out of the box thinking as Kris has been seen to do the same in the past. This is very beneficial as it broadens your options.

Cons of the Kris Krohn Mentorship Program

Oversimplified Content

Though the videos on his Youtube channel are informative, they oversimplify the real estate business model. They can be deceiving with their simplicity.

Working in real estate requires a lot of hard work and resilience in order to be successful. It is not a get rich quick scheme as potrayed.

Reused Content

Though there is much to be learned from the videos, most of the useful information is available in the private mentorship program that requires you to pay a fee.

The content in his youtube videos are also in his books, so there isn’t much of a difference between the two.

Costly mentorship fees

To acquire Kris Krohn himself as your private mentor, you will be required to pay a monthly fee of between $99 – $499 depending on the subscription that you choose.

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Kris Krohn is a legitimate real estate investor and mentor. His mentorship app also seems to be legit.

This is clear from his many youtube subscribers and dominant online presence. There is much to be learned from his youtube videos, his books, his public forums and the mentorship course available.

There are also success stories of other real estate investors available on Kris Krohn’s platform that encourage anyone with doubts and prove that his strategies work.

However, earning good money from real estate is not as simple as has been potrayed by Kris Krohn. The business model is quite competitive and there are some risks due to capital. You need to be resilient in the business and even then an income is not necessarily assured.

If you are not ready for the risks posed by investing in real estate, then I would not recommend joining Kris’ program.

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Kris Krohn Review: Legit Real Estate Guru? 10

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