Lebron James Net Worth & Business 2023

Lebron James’ net worth is estimated to be $1 billion according to a recent issue of Forbes in 2023. James is now the only active basketball player in the NBA to join the billion-dollar athlete 2023 Forbes list.

The 18-time all-star player is ranked fourth among the highest-paid players this year making over $119.5 million in earnings. Only Steph Curry comes close to what Lebron James earned since he made $20 million less during the same period.

In today’s article, we shall learn more about his NBA career, achievements, endorsement deals, contracts, investment portfolio, and some background information touching on his upbringing and family.

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LeBron James’ Net Worth in 2023

LeBron James has been gainfully employed since he set foot on the court earning up to $ 40 million as salary per season. In 2023, he became the highest-paid player in the NBA after he signed a contract extension worth $97.1 million with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Lebron James Net Worth

According to Forbes estimates, “King James” is the first active NBA player to ascend to billionaire status making him the richest NBA player of his era by some distance.

In case you are wondering how much money Lebron makes in a minute, he makes roughly $85 per minute. He will make up to $46 million as his salary in 2023 and stands to earn more if the cap raises to $110 million.


Lebron’s wealth can afford him a luxurious lifestyle and the resources to buy properties of jaw-dropping amounts. It is estimated that Lebron owns properties worth more than $100 million which include mansions, apartments, and a collection of cars. He joins the likes of DrakeEminem, and Dr Dre in that regard.

In 2020, Lebron James bankrolled an expensive mansion in Beverly Hills at the cost of $ 36.8 million. The 37-year-old also owns two mansions in the leafy suburbs of Brentford. James paid $ 21 million and $ 24.5 million for those mansions purchased in 2015 and 2017 respectively. He however sold one mansion for $ 19.6 million in 2021.
Lebron made his first big money purchase in 2003 when he bought a house in Ohio worth $2.1 million. The acquisition was made right after signing his first professional contract with Cleveland Cavaliers. The Ohio mansion is estimated to be worth nearly $9.2 million due to the pricey upgrades installed.
It’s worth mentioning a mansion he owned in Miami, Florida which he sold at a profit of more than $4 million, after five years of ownership.

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Lebron James’s Career history In the NBA

Lebron James is a professional NBA basketball player regarded as one of the greatest to ever play the game. Currently, he holds the record for the most points scored by a player in the history of the NBA. Basketball fans around the world bestowed a fitting title “King James” for his stellar achievements and immense contributions to the game off the court.
However, there is still an ongoing discussion as to who is the greatest basketball in history, Michael Jordan vs Lebron James. Nonetheless, that’s a conversation for another day.

Cleveland Cavaliers

The four-time NBA champion began his professional career in 2003 when he joined a hometown team Cleveland Cavaliers. In his first season as a rookie, he was awarded the NBA Rookie of the Season (2003-2004) because of his standout performances in his debut season.

Lebron James for the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2007

Lebron continued to impress in the following season enough to earn him an NBA draft pick at the all-star game in 2006 (youngest player). He was named the most valuable player at the all-star game which they won playing for the eastern conference. That same year, James led the Cavaliers to the playoffs after failing to cut 1998. Despite Lebron’s performances, the Cavaliers failed to clinch a title after a defeat to Detroit Pistons in the second round.

In the 2006&2007 season, Lebron’s performances dipped significantly but the team went on to win the Eastern Conference Championship after overpowering a resolute Detroit Pistons. The following season, James produced a record-breaking performance by scoring the most points of the season to overtake Daugherty to become the Cavalier’s all-time leading scorer. The playoffs were a bit of a disappointment after losing to the eventual championship winners, Boston Celtics.

In the 2008-2009 season, Lebron James had an incredible individual season to clinch the MVP award, a first for a Cleveland Cavalier player to ever win the award. James helped the team to reach the playoffs which they eventually lost to Orlando Magic in the championship finals. The 2009-2010 season was disastrous and the lowest point of Lebron’s career mainly because he was booed at the championship finals by his fans. He played very well despite playing out of position the entire season to cover for injured players but that wasn’t enough to win against the Celtics in the second round.

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Miami Heat

After enduring a torrid season, Lebron James became a free agent in 2010 and was keen on leaving the East after playing seven seasons for the Cavaliers. Subsequently, a handful of NBA teams reached out to the in-form superstar in a bid to secure his signature. Lebron James weighed his options carefully and announced his long-awaited decision on ESPN.

Miami Heat

He revealed that Miami Heat was his preferred choice. Lebron singled out the main reason for joining the Heats was to increase his chances of winning the NBA championship. The decision to join the Heats was heavily criticized and termed the move as unprofessional by some of his fans. Nonetheless, Lebron was unruffled by the constant media criticism since he was determined to take on the challenge.
In his first season (2010-2012) Lebron helped the Heats to advance to the finals but lost in game 6 to the eventual winners Dallas Mavericks. That loss in the finals inspired Lebron and his teammates to improve their game ahead of the 2012-2013 season.

Lebron picked yet another MVP award(3rd)  for his game-winning performance. The Miami Heat cruised into the finals where they met the Oklahoma City Thunder to fight for the championship. Lebron produced a career-defining performance earning him his first-ever championship title. His decision to sign for the Heats was now paying off.

LeBron went on to win back-to-back championships when the Heats won the NBA championship title again during the 2012-2013 season after beating the San Antonio Spurs. On an individual level, Lebron James was voted the MVP in the finals for the fourth time in his career. In the 2013-2014 season, James entered his final season playing for the Heats since he opted not to extend his contract.

The Return to Cleveland Cavaliers

Lebron’s departure from the Cavaliers angered some factions but his return was well received by Cleveland fans. In his announcement, he said that he relished winning the championship title on his return. During his absence, the Cavalier’s performance had dipped and was arguably their worst period in recent history. On July 11th, Lebron signed his contract to mark his maiden return to Cleveland.

Lebron rejoined the Cleveland Cavaliers

Lebron took the Cleveland Cavaliers into the 2015 finals and was coming up against the Golden State Warriors. The Cavaliers were edged out after six games and lost the title to the Warriors. In the 2015-2016 season, the Cavaliers cruised into the playoffs despite the mid-season termination of their coach.

The Cavaliers geared up for a rematch with the Golden State Warriors in the finals with hopes of turning the tables. The Cavaliers faced a 3-1 loss in the finals but Lebron inspired comeback victories which eventually won them the championship title. The comeback win secured the first title in 52 years for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Lebron won the MVP award after being selected unanimously.
Lebron played for two more seasons (2017,2018) with the Cavaliers before he opted to end his contract as a free agent. James broke many long-standing records seemingly with ease in the time he played for the Cavaliers in addition to ending a 52-year title drought for the franchise.

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Los Angeles Lakers

Lebron James announced through his agent that he would leave Cleveland to join the L.A Lakers after his second stint with the Cavaliers on July 2018 on a four-year deal worth $153 million.

Lebron James

Lebron’s first season with the Lakers was impeded by injuries missing almost the entire season. After joining the Lakers, Lebron won his fourth Championship title in 2019 and the finals MVP award. Lebron James signed a two-year contract extension in 2019 running up to 2023.

In 2022, he followed that up with a $97.1 million extension with a player option for the 2024-25 season. The contract made King James the highest-earning player in NBA history with $532 million in career-guaranteed money, according to ESPN.

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Lebron’s Early Life

Lebron James was born and raised in the state of Ohio, Acron. His mother, Gloria Marie James, gave birth to James on 30th December 1984. The father, Anthony McClelland, was a no-show in Lebron’s childhood days because he was in and out of jail repeatedly. Lebron’s mother made every effort to provide the best care for his son even though stable jobs were hard to come by.

Lebron James as a young kid

Lebron undertook basketball at the tender age of nine when he was introduced to Frank Walker. James excelled in every tournament he played both locally and nationally. He played amateur basketball for Northeast Ohio Shooting Stars before joining high school.
Lebron James attended an all-boys high school in Ohio, St. Vincent_St Mary High School.

Due to his towering physic, James earned a spot in the first team as a freshman. James was very instrumental during his high school undefeated(27-0) season and other state championship campaigns the team participated in. His exploits in basketball made him named Ohio Mr. Basketball, becoming the first sophomore to ever win that title. James became a  hot prospect after appearing on the cover of an acclaimed sports publication, Sports Illustrated magazine.

Lebron’s Business Ventures

Lebron James is not only an outstanding basketball player but also a shrewd businessman. Albeit the millions of dollars James has amassed playing in the NBA, his business investment portfolio is impressive. The following are sources of his off-court earnings contributing to his one billion dollar net worth.

Endorsements Deals and Investments

Lebron has enjoyed a good working relationship with numerous companies over the years and made a killing from endorsement contracts. Lebron signed his first mega endorsement deal with Nike worth approximately $90 million back in 2003. At the time, James was only 18 years old and had not played professionally. The price tag seemed ridiculous but Nike’s gamble paid off eventually. In 2017, Lebron James’ net worth increased after he signed a lifetime deal worth supposedly $1 billion. He is the second athlete to sign a lifetime deal with Nike, the other is Michael Jordan (he is also a billionaire due to a well-timed investment in the Charlotte Hornets basketball team).

In 2011, Lebron signed a deal with Fenway Sports Group giving the company exclusive marketing rights but with some conditions. The contract stipulated that Lebron was to be given a significant minority stake in Liverpool Football Club (worth $4.1 million). He currently owns a 1% stake with Fenway Sports Group translating to approximately $90 million.

Lebron has also made his mark in the entertainment industry as a part owner of SpringHill Entertainment. The production company is credited for works such as, “More Than a Game”, “Becoming”, and “The Wall” among many other productions. It is estimated the Springhill company is worth $725 million with annual revenue of $100.

In 2014, LeBron co-founded a company together with Arnold Schwarzenegger that develop nutritional supplements for players that suffer from cramps and other fitness issues when competing. The company is known as Ladder.

The four-time champion is also winning away from the basketball court with his Blaze Pizza chain. He jointly launched the company with business partner Maverick Carter and Paul Watcher. To begin with, they put down an investment of around $1 million.

Five years later, the Blaze Pizza Chain was reported to be worth approximately $25 million. LeBron James is now the company’s official spokesperson after turning down a mouthwatering deal from Mcdonalds’ to renew his endorsement contract.

Recently, LeBron became a minority stake owner of an Italian football giant A.C Milan through an American investment group. He partially owns other three clubs namely Pittsburg Penguins (hockey team), Boston red sox, Fenway Park, and Liverpool FC. Lebron is keen on owning an NBA team in the future.

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Lebron James Philanthropy

Lebron James founded a charity organization named the lebron james family foundation with the sole purpose of raising money for different causes affecting teens in his hometown, Acron. The foundation has managed to give thousands of scholarships to struggling children since 2005. Lebron James Family Foundation officially created an elementary school, I Promise School, in 2018 to achieve its core mission of educating children.

Final Thoughts

Lebron is believed to have netted $432 million in career earnings and at least $700 million in off-court earnings. He stands to earn more because he is still an active player with some years left in him to play. Since he is at the prime of his career, his net worth will only go up and become more marketable.
He has played in every level of the game and won every medal on offer thus cementing his legendary status among the greats like Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan.
In a few years, Lebron will be worth more than what he is currently (1 billion). The all-time NBA superstar is officially in the billionaire’s club and the highest-paid NBA player ever. All hail “KING LeBron” and his basketball legacy.

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