Liquid Energy Stock: Nomi Prins $4 Company Legit?

Wondering what Nomi Prins Liquid Energy stock is?

Nomi Prins has been talking about a $130 trillion energy revolution that she believes has created an investment opportunity in what she calls “Liquid Energy.”

She says that Bill Gates, Jack Ma, Richard Branson, Michael Bloomberg, & Jeff Bezos are all backing a tiny $4 company involved in the trend and she wants you to get in on it too.

In this piece, we take a look at what Nomi Prins discussed when she hosted her event.

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Liquid Energy Stock: Nomi Prins $4 Company Legit? 3

Nomi Prins Liquid Energy Stock Review

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What is Nomi Prins Liquid Energy Stock?

Nomi Prins’ new prediction centers on the energy sector where she says that energy storage adoption is already rapidly accelerating in the USA.

Nomi Prins Liquid Energy

According to some estimates, up 182% quarter over quarter adoption is taking place and there are forecasts of a 122x increase in global energy storage from 2018 to 2040. Of that expansion, she says that utility-scale energy storage will be the dominant sector. Therefore, utility energy storage will be the area of greatest growth potential.

By this, she means the energy stored from various sources (particularly renewables that require it due to their intermittent nature) for dispatch to the grid when the need arises.

Energy storage is seen by many as the key to unlocking renewable power’s full potential. Storage will become a quintessential part of the new power system because it will not only help to balance out the variability in generation but could also enable consumption of a higher proportion of self-generated renewable power by consumers (decentralized system) and reduce the need to send electricity into the grid when they produce electricity in surplus.

Nomi says that Elon Musk has already seen this opportunity and crafted a master plan to exploit it.

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Musk’s New Master Plan

Nomi Prins says that Tesla’s solution to the utility storage problem is a product called a Megapack, the bigger brother of the Powerwall.

Nomi Prins Liquid Energy

The Megapack is a large-scale rechargeable lithium-ion battery stationary energy storage product that is used at battery storage power stations. A single Megapack can store up to 3.9 megawatt-hours of electricity.

The Powerwall is one of the company’s most popular products among consumers. It is an integrated battery system that stores your solar energy for backup protection. Therefore, when the grid goes down, your power stays on. The system detects outages and automatically takes over the supply to keep your appliances running. It can keep your home powered for days (depending on usage)

They are both made by Tesla Energy, the clean energy subsidiary of Tesla, Inc. The company started producing it in 2019.

Tesla Energy

Nomi says that these Megapack arrays can store enough power to supply a small town for an entire day.

By making such a product, Nomi says that Elon is trying to transform Tesla into a company that won’t just be known for its car manufacturing division.

She says that it’s the hidden reason Tesla is building Gigafactories across the globe; to pump out these huge batteries that sell for 10X the cost of a Tesla electric car.

That’s because Tesla has found that batteries are required to make the transition from fossil fuels to 100% renewable energy and this transition will be impossible without massive batteries that can hook up to the grid.

Then these batteries will store excess energy created by renewable sources and pump it back in later when it’s needed.

She says that it may be the single biggest limitation holding back the $130 trillion energy transition.

She also points out that Elon Musk is pegging the growth rate of energy storage at several times that of what the car business is per year and could soon be “50% of Tesla’s business.”

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The Flaw in Musk’s Master Plan

However, Nomi thinks that Elon Musk is making a big mistake betting the future of his company on the lithium-ion battery:

“I mean, the technology behind this battery was invented in 1976.

That’s almost 50 years ago.

Back then, almost nobody had computers. Cell phones cost the equivalent of $9,000 in today’s dollars. And the internet wouldn’t be invented for another 7 years!

In other words…

Compared to now, 1976 is practically the stone age.

And sure, lithium-ion batteries have gotten better.

But even after almost half a century of innovation, pound-for-pound, oil still delivers 100 times more energy.”

And that’s why in her presentation, she says that there is an alternative that could make Lithium-ion batteries obsolete. She calls it “liquid energy.”

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What is Open Battery System Liquid Energy?

Nomi Prins says that “liquid energy” is a new form of technology that will be in batteries that will make Lithium-ion batteries obsolete.

“There is no lithium. No cobalt. No nickel. None of the exotic battery materials are toxic and extremely expensive.

Nomi Prins Liquid Energy

For example, lithium in Tesla batteries costs about $150 a pound.

But this liquid costs just 5 cents a pound!

And that’s why these 5 billionaires are betting on this liquid.

It’s simple economics.

When you factor everything in, this liquid can store energy up to 94% cheaper than a Tesla lithium-ion battery.”

She says that it is 100% environmentally friendly and safe.

Nomi Prins Liquid Energy

Advantages of the Open Battery

She says that there is a new version of battery called “the open battery” based on Liquid Energy that can be recharged instantly because of a simple change in how they are made.

“The electrolyte – the fluid that holds charge – can be pumped in and out.

When an OPEN battery dies, you simply open a valve in the battery … pump out the “dead” electrolyte… and pump in new, fully charged fluid.”

These batteries can be fully discharged without damaging the batteries, which is not the case with all lithium-ion batteries. This explains why Nomi says that they have a longer lifespan because they can be cycled – which means to charge and discharge – 20,000 times. Meanwhile, you only cycle a closed battery 2,000 times.

On top of that, open batteries run longer, 10 hours at a time, which is more than double the 4-hour run time of a Megapack.

Drawback of the Open Battery

But they have a disadvantage because they can’t deliver a massive amount of energy quickly and are a lot heavier (but are still a great alternative for grid storage):

“This is why you can’t use them in cars or cell phones. They couldn’t accelerate a car fast enough. And they are just too heavy to carry around.

But that doesn’t matter for grid energy storage. Because the batteries are stationary, weight isn’t an issue. So this is a moot point.”

Nomi Prins says that this battery technology is Tesla’s worst nightmare because it will eat into their market share.


And she says that other stakeholders are looking at that. For example, the U.S. Department of Energy has called this a “breakthrough” that’s a “totally new approach to battery technology.”

And she adds:

“Major corporations are getting involved also.

Google spent $3.5 billion on this energy revolution already.

Apple’s gone bigger with $4.7 billion investing calling it ‘good business.’

And even though this has absolutely nothing to do with fossil fuel…

ExxonMobil has gone even bigger with a $15 billion investment!”

Major players in the investment industry are not being left behind too:

“Goldman Sachs announced a $150 billion investment in this trend.

Citigroup and Morgan Stanley are going even bigger.

They’re in for $1 trillion… each.

And not to be outdone…

JP Morgan is investing $2.5 trillion in this trend.

I could keep going.

But let me make the point clear…

In all, Forbes reports companies worldwide have committed a whopping $130 trillion to this shift.”

Nomi Prins wants you to focus on one small $4 company that is going to benefit from the $130 trillion-dollar revolution in energy because it is involved in the manufacture of the open battery.

Liquid Energy: The #1 Stock for the $130 Trillion Energy Revolution

This is a special report that has details about a tiny company that Nomi Prins sees derailing Tesla.

Nomi Prins Liquid Energy

In it, she will explain why she thinks 5 billionaires are investing in this tiny $4 company that could make investors a huge return during the historic $130 trillion energy transition.

She wants to rush this report to anyone serious about this opportunity but with the requirement that you have to try out her monthly research service The Distortion Report.

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Who is Nomi Prins?

Nomi Prins is an investment guru who publishes her works via a boutique investment research company called Rogue Economics.

She is behind presentations like Running On Empty SummitDark Money Spikes, and The 2020 Crash Profits Event.

She is a holder of a Ph.D. in International Political Economy, which she says allows her to understand how politics influence the markets. She insists that she has used these skills on Wall Street where she used to work for JP Morgan Chase, Bear Stearns, and Goldman Sachs.

However, she left Wall Street while she was making a million dollars a year because she got sick of watching them take advantage of the little guy over and over again.

Since Nomi Prins left Wall Street, she’s written seven books and made appearances on Fox Business, CNBC, Bloomberg, PBS, and CSPAN. Her works are designed to expose ordinary main street Americans to what she believes is Wall Street’s biggest unfair advantage; a concept she calls “The Great Distortion.”

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The Distortion Report Review

When you sign up for The Distortion Report, In addition to your free report, you get:

Free Monthly Reports

12 issues of Distortion Report, each coming every month packed with the best elite investor ideas she has uncovered to help you maximize your financial security in an increasingly unpredictable world.

The Latest Research

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Exclusive 24/7 website access

You’ll receive a private login to the Distortion Report website, where you’ll find all of Nomi’s best research on the biggest investment opportunities

In addition to that, there are a few bonus reports:

Energy & Income: Six New Dividend Stocks for 2022

Nomi Prins believes that right now, you have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to pick up stocks in the energy sector that pay huge dividends at bargain basement prices.

Nomi Prins Liquid Energy

And she says that it is all thanks to the most recent collapse in stock prices and rising interest rates. She says that some of the best dividend-paying companies are ALSO the companies that are delivering the best stock market returns right now.

She is referring to energy companies. This includes companies that deal with crude oil and operate power plants.

ExxonMobil is one example. While almost every other stock crashed this year, ExxonMobil has gone up as high as 40% and its dividend is almost 4% as oil and gas prices have spiked.

ExxonMobil is an OIL and gas company and according to Nomi, the answer that explains why it is thriving lies in the massive $130 trillion energy transition. As the energy industry transitions from fossil fuels to clean energy, we need a lot of energy to make solar panels, wind farms, and grid storage batteries.

That energy comes from fossil fuels such as liquefied natural gas. And that’s why Nomi believes that fossil fuels such as natural gas aren’t going anywhere for now. She also thinks that this is why energy stocks like ExxonMobil are taking off. Some natural gas producers are also doing quite well.

Since there’s demand for traditional fossil fuels to supply the energy to build the new green technologies, she thinks that there’s a huge opportunity to invest in those energy stocks now even if the gains ‘level off.” An added bonus is that they pay dividends, which makes them the perfect energy income play for today’s unpredictable markets.

Another thing is that she expects the transition to green energy to take years. As such, many energy companies that were traditional “oil companies” are beginning to span both of those worlds. As oil prices (and energy prices in general) rise, so does interest in renewable energy.

Although new wind and solar generation are cheaper than new coal and natural gas plants those renewable energy options will take time to scale up. Therefore, there is still a market for fossil fuels, especially natural gas.

The report has details on the natural gas stocks Nomi Prins wants you to consider.

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The #1 Political Stock of the Decade: Cashing in on Biden’s $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Law

In this report, Nomi Prins reveals the name and the ticker symbol of the most popular stock bought by members of the U.S. Senate in 2021.

Nomi Prins Liquid Energy

And that company is significant because, from the beginning of 2021, its peak gains have outperformed Tesla, Apple, and Bitcoin although its market cap is nowhere near them. She also believes that this company will be a key player in Biden’s $1.2 Trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

In the meantime, she says that senators are snapping up shares of this stock ahead of the rollout of the new law, which is why you should be aware of it because it could be poised for even bigger explosive growth in the months and years ahead.

The Distortion Report Pricing

In your first year of subscribing to it, you will pay $49, down from the usual $199.

Nomi Prins Liquid Energy

However, every year after that, you will pay $129, as it says at the bottom of the order page:

“…your subscription to Distortion Report will automatically renew on an annual basis until you cancel. Upon renewal of your Distortion Report subscription, Rogue Economics will charge $129 (plus applicable taxes) to the credit card or other means of payment on file. To cancel your subscription without incurring such renewal fee, you must do so at least one day prior to the renewal date.”

You should pay attention to that rather than get in expecting to pay $49 throughout.

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The Distortion Report Refund Policy

Nomi Prins’ Distortion Report has a 60-day money-back guarantee as she says in the presentation:

“I’ll give you 60 days to test out the service – at no risk.

It’s a total satisfaction guarantee.

If you are not 100% satisfied with The Distortion Report, just cancel in the first 60 days, and you get a full refund on your subscription. No questions asked.”

That being said, always read the fine print to ensure that what you sign up for matches these stipulations.

Closing Remarks on Nomi Prins Liquid Energy Stock

Whether you agree with it or not, it looks like policy makers are pushing for a full transition from fossil fuels to renewable, clean energy. Although the transition will be slow, they believe that it has to be done. Momentum around the issue has been increasing because we are seeing policy-shaking global efforts taking center stage. It looks like many governments now want renewables to effectively replace fossil fuels, to create what they term environmental, social and economic benefits.

Global dependence on oil, natural gas and coal is expected to reduce as measures to exploit renewable resources are put in place. However, a transition away from fossil fuels cannot happen overnight. While alternative energy sources are expected to effectively replace fossil fuels in key areas that keep industries and countries running, from power to public and private transport to thermal comfort, there is a need to work on energy storage solutions to realize this.

Nomi Prins is excited about what she refers to as a 100% environmentally friendly and safe energy mechanism she calls Liquid Energy.

She states that it stores energy up to 94% cheaper than a Tesla lithium-ion battery and because of that, it could be Tesla’s worst nightmare.

She expects this breakthrough to change everything about battery technology and she wants you to invest in a $4 company working on it. But you have to sign up for her newsletter to find out everything about the company.

Before you invest in the company, understand that no investment is guaranteed to make you money irrespective of what Nomi says. Always go into every investment with an open mind and a healthy dose of caution.

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Liquid Energy Stock: Nomi Prins $4 Company Legit? 3

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