Iman Gadzhi Course Legit? [Unbiased Review]

Educate by Iman Gadzhi is an online education platform that is meant to reimagine learning, making it affordable and accessible to anyone with a thirst for knowledge and a drive to succeed.

Iman Gadzhi, a prominent figure in the digital marketing and entrepreneurship sphere, started Educate to teach skills that can turn ordinary people into six-figure sales professionals. It is sold to us as an alternative to college, only that it gives you actionable skills but a fraction of the cost.

In this Educate review, we’ll find out how Educate works and whether it lives up to the hype.

By the end of this review, you should be in a better position to judge whether Educate can equip you with the tools you need to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

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What is Iman Gadzhi’s is an education platform that comprises training courses that teach monetizable skills. There is a strong emphasis on sales (working online).

Iman Gadzhi Educate

Educate is a new platform that Iman Gadzhi just launched to a lot of buzz.

When you become a member of “Educate”, you gain access to:

  • New training programs: Iman Gadzhi’s platform features an ever-growing list of programs that focus on topics like sales, copywriting, how to start an agency, and much more.
  • Access to coaching by industry experts: Inside Educate, you have access to 15+ industry experts who offer weekly coaching calls. They also assign you a 1:1 “success coach”.
  • New opportunities: When you become a student, inside Educate you’ll have access to new opportunities.

It sounds a bit like Andrew Tate’s The Real World, a platform that teaches you a variety of courses running on an independent platform.

Before we go any further with this, let’s find out who Iman Gadzhi is and what his background can tell us about the validity of his program:

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Who is Iman Gadzhi?

Iman Gadzhi was born in Dagestanskie Ogni, Russia, in 2000. He was raised by a single mother who worked tirelessly to make ends meet after his abusive biological father abandoned them.

Their fortunes changed when they moved to London after his mom remarried. However, his stepfather left, which meant that Iman had to work to support his mother. He took on odd jobs and eventually made the bold decision to drop out of high school.

At 17, he began managing and producing content for clients, swiftly increasing his monthly income to over $15,000. In just under 2.5 years, he reached a remarkable milestone of $100,000 in monthly revenue.

He launched a social media marketing course, raking in $750,000 in revenue for the year. By the end of 2018, his profits had soared to almost $1.2 million.

Iman’s financial success primarily stems from ventures like, IAG Media, and, an e-commerce platform. He is also the driving force behind AgenciFlow, a software company serving social media marketing agencies, and Gents Croquet Club, a thriving NFT project.

Beyond business, Gadzhi has established himself as a prominent figure on YouTube, amassing over 3.16 million subscribers as of September 2023. He’s even been featured by Jordan Welch.

Iman Gadzhi’s commitment to philanthropy is equally noteworthy. He is a passionate advocate for education and has self-funded five schools in Nepal, positively impacting the lives of more than 2,500 children.

What is Included in Iman Gadzhi’s Educate?

The Educate platform comprises courses that are made up of video tutorials.

As of writing this, you get three courses when you sign up for the program. They are:

  • 6-Figure Sales Rep by Paul Daley, the CEO of Educate
  • Pen to Profit by Luis Berger
  • Agency Navigator by Iman Gadzhi

Let’s take a look at what they each cover:

6-Figure Sales Rep

Iman Gadzhi Educate

Taught by Paul Daley, the CEO of Educate, Six-Figure Sales Rep is a program where you learn how to make 6-figures without having to start a business.

Paul teaches you how to work as a Remote Sales Rep for companies that sell high-ticket products or services online.

High-ticket items are products or services that are relatively expensive but hold value to the person buying. Tai Lopez’s High Ticket Sales System and High Ticket Closer by Dan Lok are two other programs that focus a lot on this.

This program is divided into phases which are further subdivided into modules. Here’s a summary of what’s covered:

Phase 1: The Honorable Close

In the first phase, Paul emphasizes the possibility of achieving financial freedom through sales.

  • Module 1 introduces the instructors, Iman Gadzhi and Paul Daley, discussing their approach to the sales program.
  • Module 2, “The Honorable Close,” emphasizes selling with integrity and honor in the modern era of sales, moving away from manipulation and deceit.
  • Module 3, “Unmasking The Sales Persona,” explores the diverse characteristics that make individuals suitable or unsuitable for sales.
  • Module 4, “The Path to Building Wealth in Sales,” evaluates the pros and cons of pursuing financial freedom through sales.
  • Module 5, “The Standard of Educate,” highlights the importance of maintaining a quality standard as a student of Educate’s program.

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Phase 2: The Sales Ecosystem

This phase focuses on setting up for sales success. It begins by addressing critical topics often overlooked in sales training, such as compensation, finding the right sales job, and essential presentation elements. Proper setup is emphasized as crucial for success.

  • Module 1 explores the diverse sales landscapes, helping you identify your strengths and preferences.
  • Module 2 guides you in discovering high-value sales opportunities through social media, networking, and efficient connection strategies.
  • Module 3 delves into sales compensation structures, including salary, commission, and bonuses.
  • Module 4 deciphers the Golden Ratio in balancing risk and sales difficulty.
  • Module 5 highlights the significance of irresistible offers in achieving sales success.
  • Module 6 provides practical tips for presenting yourself effectively online.
  • Module 7 focuses on creating an optimal sales environment for productivity.
  • Module 8 equips you with strategies for excelling in sales interviews.
  • Module 9 outlines daily rituals to nurture physical and mental well-being while progressing in the art of sales.

Phase 3: The Million-Dollar Sales Process

In this phase, you’ll explore diverse sales games, uncover valuable opportunities, learn compensation structures, leverage irresistible offers, enhance your online presence, excel in interviews, and adopt daily success rituals.

  • Module 1 introduces Sales Fundamentals, offering a comprehensive understanding of the sales process.
  • Module 2 focuses on the intangible aspects of successful sales, including influencing prospects and achieving remarkable results.
  • Module 3 enhances first impressions in sales calls, teaching impactful introductions and projecting confidence.
  • Module 4 covers effective sales discovery strategies, uncovering insights, and problem-solving.
  • Module 5 dives into transition mastery, ensuring a seamless flow from discovery to the pitch in sales conversations.
  • Module 6 delves into crafting irresistible sales pitches that captivate prospects.
  • Module 7 elevates closing skills, providing insights into effective strategies and sealing deals with confidence.

Phase 4: Overcoming Resistance: Destroying Disbelief

This course focuses on objection handling in sales and emphasizes the importance of preventing objections rather than dealing with them.

Paul Daley guides you through proactive sales strategies to avoid objections and view them as opportunities for success.

Module 2 helps you distinguish objection types from complaints and resistance.

Module 3 provides techniques for handling objections smoothly, including looping objections, using persuasive language, and employing word tracks for more successful sales interactions.

Phase 5: Advanced Sales Concepts

This phase covers key aspects to boost sales success:

  • Module 1: “Mastering Tonality and Cadence” focuses on effective communication through tonality and cadence.
  • Module 2: “The Power of Silence” explores leveraging silence for curiosity and improved sales outcomes.
  • Module 3: “From No to Yes” delves into transforming objections into positive responses.
  • Module 4: “The Authority Advantage” provides strategies to establish and maintain authority in sales interactions.
  • Module 5: “Elevated Standards” emphasizes setting high expectations, disqualifying prospects effectively, and upholding integrity in sales engagements.

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Pen To Profit

Inside Pen To Profit, Luis Berger teaches you “how to literally print money through the art of writing texts that make people take action.”

Iman Gadzhi Educate

It is basically a copywriting course because you learn how to write content with the specific goal of persuading readers or viewers to take a desired action, typically making a purchase.

As Luis puts it, it involves using persuasive language, compelling storytelling, and emotional triggers to convince potential customers of the value and benefits of a product or service.

This program is divided into phases which are further subdivided into modules. Here’s a brief summary of what’s covered:

Phase 1: The Best Job In The World

In this course, Luis, the CMO at Educate, outlines the potential of copywriting as a lucrative career, even for those who may not consider themselves great writers. He emphasizes the opportunity to go from zero income to $10,000 per month through effective copywriting. The course is structured into modules:

  • Module 1: “The Best Job In The World” explains the concept of the best job in the world and how to pursue it.
  • Module 2: “How To Make Money w/ Words (even if you suck at writing)” reveals the secrets to earning from your written words, regardless of your writing skills.
  • Module 3: “You Don’t Need To Be Creative To Make Money With Words. Here’s Why.” challenges the misconception that creativity is essential for persuasive writing.
  • Module 4: “The Secret To Writing High-Converting Copy From Zero” guides you through the process of crafting effective copy, even if you’re a beginner.
  • Module 5: “You Too Can Write Million Dollar Copy. And I’m Gonna Prove it Here.” introduces proven structures for writing persuasive copy and allows you to practice creating your own.
  • Module 6: “The 10k/Month Plan Revealed” provides a step-by-step plan to reach a monthly income of $10,000 as a copywriter.

Phase 2: How To Master The Art Of Writing Copy (Fast)

The key to mastering copywriting quickly isn’t solely about becoming a wordsmith but rather understanding your customers deeply.

  • Module 1 focuses on the principles of copywriting, emphasizing the creation of awareness about the customer’s problem.
  • Module 2 delves into perceiving reality from the customer’s perspective, allowing your message to be accepted without resistance.
  • Module 3 introduces the use of Artificial Intelligence to uncover customer fears and desires, simplifying the process of empathizing with them.
  • Module 4 discusses the importance of addressing the three layers of customer problems, going deeper for a more impactful message.
  • Finally, Module 5 underscores the significance of thorough research as the foundation of high-quality copywriting, emphasizing that research is akin to sharpening the axe before cutting down the tree, in this case, writing compelling copy.

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Phase 3: How To Get The Copy Written For You w/ Artificial Intelligence (ChatGPT)

This course focuses on improving copywriting skills with the help of Luis, who demonstrates how to harness the creative power of ChatGPT to enhance your copy.

The modules here cover various aspects, including understanding the emotions behind the effective copy, avoiding common conversion rate-killing mistakes, prompting ChatGPT for creative angles, and providing proven email angles that resonate emotionally with customers.

Additionally, you learn how to overcome challenges often faced by novice copywriters when they begin writing. Overall, it’s a comprehensive phase designed to elevate copywriting abilities with the help of AI technology.

Phase 4: Copy Recipes

This course focuses on copywriting strategies and techniques. Luis provides proven copywriting structures and explains how to use AI to generate various types of copy, such as emails, sales letters, and video scripts. The course is divided into several modules:

  • Module 1: Differentiates between “chefs” and “cooks” in copywriting, teaching how to transition from “following recipes” to “crafting unique content.”
  • Module 2: Teaches the art of guiding customers to make desired decisions without appearing forceful.
  • Module 3: Explores the fundamental copywriting formula for creating emotionally compelling messages that generate product desire.
  • Module 4: Introduces two popular copywriting formulas, PWAS and Before & After Bridge, and demonstrates how to use them with ChatGPT for copy generation.
  • Module 5: Emphasizes the importance of editing in copywriting and provides filters to transform ordinary drafts into high-converting copy.
  • Module 6: Presents additional essential copywriting principles to consider during the writing process.

Phase 5: The Email Engine

This course focuses on leveraging email marketing effectively to generate income through copywriting. Many people misunderstand how to harness the potential of email marketing, so the course aims to correct this. It is divided into four modules:

  • Module 1 clarifies the #1 misconception of email marketing, emphasizing the importance of building relationships rather than solely focusing on sales.
  • Module 2 outlines the key elements of creating a “relationship machine,” a vital precursor to establishing a successful email engine.
  • Module 3 guides you on transforming your relationship machine into a powerful sales tool.
  • Module 4 offers practical guidance on setting up your email marketing strategy using ActiveCampaign, enabling you to put your knowledge into practice and start generating income effectively.

Phase 6: Advertising Masterclass

This course introduces the art of creating high-converting copy for various advertising platforms, including Facebook Ads, Google Ads, YouTube Ads, and Landing Pages, with a focus on maximizing return on ad spend.

  • Module 1, “Principles of Advertising,” emphasizes the importance of tailoring your message to the right audience to boost conversion rates.
  • Module 2 provides insights into crafting effective YouTube Ads, covering various ad formats and teaching techniques to engage viewers from start to finish.
  • Module 3 concentrates on Facebook Ads, offering tools and strategies to persuade and connect with your target audience, using words to pique curiosity and drive action.
  • Lastly, Module 4 focuses on writing compelling copy for Landing Pages, revealing the secrets to creating landing page content that encourages action, captures leads, and enhances your business’s performance.

Phase 7: Long-Form Masterclass

This course delves into long-form copywriting, a highly lucrative skill, with the aim of converting it into millions of views and substantial sales.

  • Module 1, “The Basics of Long-Form Copy,” covers fundamental principles, such as the optimal length for long-form copy and how to surpass even seasoned writers in terms of profitability.
  • Module 2, “The Fundamentals,” delves into the nuances of long-form copy, offering insights into addressing pain points, identifying problems, and arousing desire for better conversion rates.
  • Module 3, “The Secret To Writing High-Converting Copy,” highlights the critical element that can make or break long-form copy, focusing on identifying and addressing the pivotal belief.
  • Module 4, “The Big Idea,” underscores the significance of crafting a compelling central idea for long-form copy and provides guidance on proven ideas and testing.
  • Module 5, “The Offer,” explores framing offers effectively in long-form copy, covering its multifaceted components.
  • Module 6, “The Marketing Argument,” simplifies the process of presenting a convincing marketing argument to the audience.
  • Module 7, “The Lead,” delves into the essential components of an impactful lead in long-form copy.
  • Module 8, “How To Get Millions of Views on Your Sales Videos,” reveals strategies to optimize sales videos for views and leverage the YouTube algorithm.
  • Module 9, “Putting Everything Into Practice,” offers a practical breakdown of long-form copy components through the analysis of a million-dollar VSL (Video Sales Letter).
  • Module 10, “The Final Lesson,” provides closing remarks as you progress on your journey to becoming an expert copywriter.

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Agency Navigator

Inside Agency Navigator, Iman Gadzhi teaches you how to start a service-based business (like a digital marketing agency).

Iman Gadzhi Educate

Iman Gadzhi believes that it is the best business model to generate cash flow and unlock your dream life. He claims that you can achieve financial, time, and location freedom with no prior experience.

Phase 1: Laying Your Foundations

This phase gives you an introduction to Agency Navigator and essentially gives you a guided tour of what the course is all about; starting and running an agency.

Iman Gadzhi’s Agency Navigator program consists of seven modules designed to help you start and scale your own social media marketing agency.

Here is what it covers, in brief:

  • Program Principles. This module introduces the program.
  • Agency 3.0 Model. Iman takes learners through the evolution of the social media marketing industry, from what he refers to as agency models 1.0 and 2.0 to the (now current) optimized agency 3.0 model. He provides a roadmap for achieving $10k per month.
  • Niche Discovery. He talks about choosing a niche as a crucial first step in agency success. He teaches you how to select the right niche by identifying specific traits.
  • Service Selection. After selecting a niche, the next step is choosing the appropriate service to offer within your niche. Iman also differentiates between convenience offers and ROI offers, explaining their impact on pricing and service presentation.
  • Code of Honour. This module outlines six codes of honor that agency owners should uphold. These principles help agency owners stay focused and principled amid distractions.
  • A Craftsman’s Tool. In this module, Iman emphasizes the importance of selecting the right software tools for agency operations, akin to professionals choosing their trade tools.
  • Loading the Rifle. The final module walks you through setting up the foundational elements of the agency, including legal aspects, agency naming, website creation, and Facebook Business Manager setup.

Iman Gadzhi’s program aims to equip learners with the knowledge and tools needed to build and run a successful social media marketing agency.

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Phase 2: The 7-Figure Mindset

In this phase, Iman Gadzhi’s GrowYourAgency program focuses on teaching you to create a new mindset that will improve your chances of succeeding.

Here’s a brief rundown of the modules:

  • Preparing the Vessel. This module delves into personal growth and self-help philosophies, emphasizing the importance of inner work for transformation.
  • Mental Metamorphosis. Module 2 explores the influence of beliefs on actions and outcomes. It underscores the idea that you receive what you believe you deserve and introduces the SBA worksheet for envisioning your future.
  • Monk Mode. This module guides you in developing unwavering focus through the concept of “Monk Mode” showing you how to create a Monk Mode protocol.
  • The War Path. This module offers insights into optimizing health, sleep, and nutrition to maximize productivity.
  • Social Engineering 101. Module 5 explores maintaining a social life and building a supportive social circle while managing an agency.
  • Pragmatic Day In The Life. Iman provides an overview of an ideal day for agency owners to enhance productivity. This module offers a glimpse into his daily routine, team and sales calls, agency operations, and client interactions.
  • Keeping a Tight Ship. Similar to physical training, this module emphasizes brain training through meditation, affirmations, and visualization to rewire neural pathways and enhance mental resilience.

Iman Gadzhi’s program aims to help individuals not only build successful agencies but also cultivate the right mindset for long-term success.

Phase 3: Systems & Processes

Iman Gadzhi’s program covers essential aspects to set up and run a successful agency efficiently.

  • Pricing Guidelines (Module 1). This module introduces four specific pricing models for agency services and guides you on when to use each model based on the services provided.
  • Pricing for Local Businesses (Module 2). You’ll learn to create a customized pricing model for services offered to local businesses.
  • Pricing for Ecommerce & Online Businesses (Module 3). Similar to Module 2, this module focuses on tailoring pricing models for agencies serving ecommerce and online businesses.
  • Paid Trials Playbook (Module 4). Explore the use of paid trials to streamline the sales process and understand when and why free trials may not be effective.
  • Attracting A1 Clients (Module 5). Learn strategies for attracting ideal clients to your agency, ensuring a positive client-agency relationship.
  • Tax, Accounting & Finances (Module 6). Get insights into setting up your agency as a business entity, bookkeeping best practices, tax structures, and managing finances effectively.
  • Getting Paid (Module 7). Discover how to establish payment structures and automate client payments, with a focus on client retention.
  • Communication & Retention (Module 8). Shift from reactive to proactive client communication to maintain client satisfaction and reduce interruptions.
  • Onboarding Clients (Module 9). Understand the importance of client onboarding, learn efficient onboarding techniques, and explore automation options with ready-to-use templates.

Iman Gadzhi’s program equips you with the knowledge and strategies to structure your agency successfully, from pricing and finances to client communication and retention.

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Phase 4: Client Outreach: Finding Leads & Setting Meetings

Iman Gadzhi equips you with the tools and strategies to connect with potential clients effectively. It covers various outreach methods, from traditional cold emailing and calling to more advanced approaches like LinkedIn and Upwork.

  • Laws of Outreach**: Module 1 introduces timeless principles of outreach strategies.
  • Creating an Irresistible Offer. This module guides you in crafting compelling offers that address client objections and build trust.
  • Finding Leads & Qualifying (Free). It provides methods to obtain leads for free using tools like Google Maps and Facebook groups.
  • Paid Strategies for Lead Generation. You learn how to enhance lead generation through paid strategies.
  • Storing and Organizing Leads. You learn how to organize leads using CRM options like Pipedrive and Trello.
  • Profile Funnel. You learn to attract leads to contact you.
  • LinkedIn 101. You learn to use LinkedIn for lead generation.
  • LinkedIn Automation. It covers advanced LinkedIn tactics, including the use of LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  • Cold Email 101. This module covers the essential setup for cold email outreach.
  • Cold Email Automation. This module shows you how to create cold email workflows, including script creation, email sequencing, and automation using tools like LemList.
  • Module 11 demonstrates how to utilize Upwork for lead generation.

Iman Gadzhi’s outreach training equips you with a comprehensive toolkit for connecting with potential clients through various channels.

Phase 5: Agency Focused Sales

Iman Gadzhi’s agency sales module covers essential aspects of successful sales within the agency context. Here are the key points:

  • The Cardinal Sins of Sales (Module 1). Iman explains the difference between product and service sales, highlighting that high-pressure tactics often used in product sales can backfire in service sales. He provides insights into the right approach for successful service sales.
  • Sales Sub-Communication (Module 2). This module emphasizes that non-verbal sub-communication, including tonality and presentation, plays a significant role in sales success. Iman guides on creating an “assumed authority” during client interactions.
  • 1 Call vs 2 Call Framework (Module 3). Iman clarifies the difference between a call and an offer, explaining the two sales frameworks used in Agency Navigator: the 1-call close and the 2-call close. Learners discover when to apply each framework in their agency’s sales process.
  • 1-Call Sales Script (Module 4). In this module, Iman provides detailed guidance on executing the 1-call close. He walks you through it.
  • 2-Call Sales Script (Module 5). Building on the 1-call close, this module explains how to execute the 2-call close. Iman outlines what to say in each call and how to structure them for optimal results.
  • Paid Trial Methodology (Module 6). Iman introduces the use of paid trials to boost call conversion rates.
  • The Objection Obscenity (Module 7). Iman delves into handling objections in service-based sales.
  • Refining Approach & Sharpening The Saw (Module 8). This module focuses on leveraging reference experiences from sales calls to continually improve sales skills.

Iman Gadzhi’s agency sales module aims to equip learners with the skills and strategies needed to excel in service-based sales within the agency industry.

Phase 6: Top 1% Service Delivery

Iman Gadzhi’s Agency Navigator program is designed to cover everything from basic lead generation for local businesses to complex strategies for large clients. The program includes:

  • Service Delivery Fundamentals (11 Modules). Iman covers topics like Facebook Ads, tracking, funnel creation, crafting offers, creatives, copywriting, reporting, and communication schedules.
  • How To Advertise. Sub-phase 2 delves deep into the art of Paid Advertising, considered the best service to offer as an ROI Agency.
  • Local Businesses & Lead Generation. You’ll discover the most effective lead generation funnels, content creation strategies, and how to seamlessly deliver leads to your clients. Iman includes specific examples for industries like gyms and chiropractors.
  • Advanced Strategies. You’ll gain insights into how Facebook operates internally, set up rules and automation, understand naming conventions, explore horizontal and vertical scaling, and learn about running Google Ads and YouTube Ads.

Iman Gadzhi’s program equips you with the knowledge and skills to run a digital marketing agency.

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How Much Does a Membership to cost?

You pay $1,495 for six months and then $45 every month after that.

Iman Gadzhi Educate

If you wish to join I Educate, you need to schedule a Discovery coach with a success coach to evaluate your eligibility with the program.

Iman Gadzhi Educate

Money Back Guarantee

There is a 14-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

Iman Gadzhi Educate

That means you can be a member for 13 days, and still get a refund on the 14th day no matter what.

Benefits of Iman Gadzhi’s

  • Paul Daley’s course may help improve sales skills, including tonality, objection handling, and establishing authority, which can lead to more successful sales outcomes.
  • You can gain insights into effective communication techniques, such as mastering tonality and leveraging the power of silence. This can boost your confidence in sales interactions.
  • Iman Gadzhi’s courses teach you digital marketing, covering areas like social media marketing, SEO, and content creation.
  • Iman Gadzhi often shares entrepreneurial insights, which can be valuable if you are looking to start or grow your own agency.
  • In some courses, you get practical strategies and techniques that you can apply directly to real-world marketing campaigns.
  • You get access to a community of like-minded learners, providing networking and support opportunities.
  • Luis Berger’s course may help you become proficient in long-form copywriting, a valuable skill for sales and marketing.

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Drawbacks of Iman Gadzhi’s

The first impression we got when we first tried out the Educate platform was that the marketing aspect of the platform was undeniably impressive. The way Iman Gadzhi promoted and presented Educate will no doubt draw many people in.

You get a lot of compelling narratives and enticing promises and it’s hard to ignore Iman Gadzhi’s message. He sure can capture attention and generate interest.

In terms of the production quality of the videos that make up the course, they are done very well. The video production is top-notch, featuring high-resolution visuals, crisp audio, and engaging presentation styles.

This level of professionalism can make the learning experience enjoyable and visually appealing, enhancing the overall impact it has.

However, some learners may find that the content itself doesn’t match the high production standards. While the courses promise valuable insights, some students might feel that the actual substance falls short of their expectations.

This could be due to an emphasis on style over substance because Iman could be catering to a younger and more impressionable audience who are drawn to flashy presentations.

One noticeable aspect is the courses’ tendency to define terms and methodologies rather than delving deeply into actionable steps.

Rather than providing practical tools and templates, some learners might feel that they are left with a theoretical understanding but lack the concrete guidance needed to implement these concepts. For instance, the absence of sales scripts, which are vital in sales and marketing, can leave students wanting more in terms of practical application.

The community aspect of these courses can be a strong point, offering students the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals.

However, the downside given the numbers expected here will be the coach-to-student ratio.

If thousands of students enroll, the coaches will be overwhelmed and that means that students who may be completely new to the course material won’t get individualized attention and support may be limited.

This could leave some learners feeling underserved or lacking the guidance they expected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Agency Navigator worth it?

It is worth it if you follow the course for six months and you are not looking for instant success.

How did Iman Gadzhi get so rich?

Gadzhi made a lot of money when he started a social media marketing and consulting company called IAG Media.

Is Iman Gadzhi Russian?

Iman Gadzhi is a Russian-born entrepreneur. He moved to the UK with his mom while still young.

How many hours does Iman Gadzhi sleep?

Iman Gadzhi sleeps 9 hours a day because he believes that it has a connection to being a millionaire.

What business did Iman Gadzhi start at 14?

Iman Gadzhi’s first gig at 14 was launching Instagram theme pages and growing the number of followers.

At what age did Iman Gadzhi drop out?

He dropped out of high school at 17 and has dedicated his life to reforming the education system.

Is Iman Gadzhi’s Legit?

From our assessment, Iman Gadzhi’s platform is legit.

That being said, while courses by Paul Daley, Iman Gadzhi, and Luis Berger can undoubtedly offer valuable insights and skills, you should approach them with realistic expectations.

These courses are legitimate educational resources and they may provide valuable knowledge and techniques that can enhance your skills and understanding.

However, success in any industry, whether it’s sales, digital marketing, or copywriting, doesn’t come solely from completing a course. You have to put it into practice.

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Verdict on Iman Gadzhi’s 

As you think about signing up for a course online, you should consider your specific goals and needs, and read reviews or testimonials to determine whether it aligns with your objectives.

That is important because ultimately, the benefits you derive will depend on your dedication, application of the course material, and alignment with your professional aspirations.

We have found from enrolling in many of these courses that they can be a valuable part of your learning journey, but they are not a guaranteed path to instant financial success.

To get tangible results, you need consistent effort, practical application, and ongoing learning beyond the course materials.

Therefore, you should approach these courses as opportunities for skill development and knowledge acquisition rather than as get-rich-quick schemes.

However, you have to invest time and effort into applying what you learn, and continuously adapt to the evolving landscape of the industries these courses cover.

Having said that, there are other courses you can consider if you don’t fancy the Educate platform.

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