Marc Chaikin Prediction: Number One AI Stock Revealed

Wondering what Marc Chaikin prediction and number one stock pick for 2023 is?

Marc Chaikin’s Prediction and warning for 2023 has been getting a lot of attention lately.

Via his Marc Warning 300 website he told 8.4 million Americans to prepare for a historic financial reset on Jan. 2.

He told them, “Get your money out of banks… and into a new vehicle 50 years in the making that could massively boost your wealth.”

Let’s find out what new investment vehicle he is talking about and why his critical prediction is so important.

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Marc Chaikin Prediction & Number One Stock Review

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Introduction to Marc Chaikin Prediction 2023

Marc Chaikin, who once predicted the collapse of in a debate on CNBC and is a popular guest on Jim Cramer’s Mad Money, often shares his controversial opinions and predictions for the future through his Marc Warning websites.

The most recent Marc Chaikin prediction, talks about how we are headed for a financial reset and how a new financial instrument 50 years in the making could boost your wealth.

Marc Chaikin Prediction 2023

If you recall, when we covered predictions for 2022 in what he was calling “The Biggest Prediction of my 50-year career on Wall Street,” Marc told us to focus on the actions of institutional investors to determine how a stock price will move.

Marc built a future stock ratings system based on technical analysis to help with this and it was called The Power Gauge.

This time, he warns us that we could see a financial reset in 2023 that could cause a run on the banks unlike anything we’ve seen before. He’s already delivered this message to 30 TV networks (explains the 8.4 million people he is referring to).

It WILL affect the value of your savings, yes – in a terrible way for some folks. But no, I’m not talking about a reset in any technological sense.

I’m talking about a major shift in our financial system that could lead to a RUN ON THE BANKS in 2023.

People are going to want to get their U.S. dollars OUT of cash and popular stocks, Tom… quick as they can. And INTO something far, far better.

He believes that protecting your money will be the top priority in 2023 if we could have a bear market or recession.

The secret investment vehicle he is talking about is nothing esoteric. He is just referring to the stocks that his tool, The Power Gauge, finds to be firing the right indicators.

It’s a very particular type of stock.

It’s almost impossible to find on your own… because it only emerges as a BUY in the wake of sell-offs… when huge flows of cash INTO or OUT of the market cause a “reset” of the financial system.

The indicator that these stocks picked up was a particular cash flow pattern picked up by the Power Gauge system.

Hedge funds, banks, ordinary investors, you name it…

We don’t really care where it’s coming from, only that it’s building in volume… allowing YOU a chance to get there first. And again, we measure how strong this cash flow will be using an algorithm I’ve developed over 50 years, to determine if the stock is BULLISH or BEARISH…

That sounds a lot like he talked about when he said that when a bank starts pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into a stock, it can shoot up overnight and go on to rise hundreds or thousands of percent due to the sheer quantity of smart money flowing in. This time, rather than focus on institutional investors, he is only talking about general cashflow.

The sentiment was shared by Tom Gentile who also did a presentation promoting his Operation Surge Strike advisory service. The main takeaway was that he sees the massive increase in retail traders as an opportunity to cash in because the heightened trading volume will drive stock prices up across the board.

Chaikin Indicators

Marc Chaikin is known for coming up with the Accumulation/Distribution Line indicator (ADL).

The two examples of indicators heavily used on Wall Street are the Chaikin Money Flow and the Chaikin Oscillator.

The Chaikin Money Flow (CMF) is a volume weighted average of accumulation and distribution over a given period, usually 21 days.

It is the very indicator most analysts on Wall Street use to rate stocks in the stock market (along with others, of course).

Chaikin Money Flow

The principle behind it is that the nearer the closing price is to the high, the more accumulation has taken place and the inverse means that more distribution has taken place. It is used together with the Chaikin Power Gauge Rating.

The Chaikin Oscillator calculates the position of a stock’s daily closing price as a fraction of the daily price range of the stock.

The fraction is multiplied by daily volume to quantify the net accumulation or distribution of the stock.

I cannot delve deeper into these indicators but they are used extensively on Wall Street.

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Power Gauge Factors

Going back to the presentation, The Power Gauge uses the aforementioned indicators combined with 20 factors to rate stocks. This system predicts the future stock ratings of more than 4,000 different companies.

The 20 factors that smart money on Wall Street uses to determine the best stocks to go for are:

  1. Long-term Debt to Equity ratio: Total long-term debt divided by total common equity, for the latest quarter.
  2. Price to Book Value Ratio: The ratio of a stock’s current price divided by its book value per share, as of the latest quarter.
  3. Return on Equity: Income available to common shareholders as a percentage of average common equity for the past five years.
  4. Price to Sales Ratio: The ratio of a stock’s Market Cap plus long-term debt divided by sales, over the past 12 months.
  5. Free Cash Flow Analysis: A stock’s net free cash flow relative to its Market Cap for the latest quarter.
  6. Earnings Growth: The weighted average of the last 3 to 5 years growth in EPS.
  7. Earnings Surprise: The weighted average of recent quarterly EPS surprises.
  8. Earnings Trend: The EPS percentage change over the trailing 12 months.
  9. Projected Price/Earnings Ratio: The ratio of a stock’s current price divided by its earnings per share, as of the latest quarter.
  10. Earnings Consistency: The consistency of EPS over recent and projected fiscal years.
  11. Strength of an Individual Stock vs. The S&P 500: A stock’s six-month price performance versus the S&P500.
  12. Chaikin Money Flow: CMF Is a proprietary technical indicator that calculates the buying pressure or selling pressure for a stock.
  13. Chaikin Trend: The ratio of a stock’s closing price to its 200-day exponential average (DEMA).
  14. Price Trend Rate of Change: The 42-day change in divergence from the stocks 200-day exponential average (DEMA).
  15. Volume Trend: The ratio of a stock’s 30-day versus its 90-day average volume.
  16. Earnings Estimate Revision: 13-week change, mean analyst EPS estimate for the next fiscal year.
  17. Short Interest: Percentage of a stock’s outstanding shares that investors have sold short but not yet covered or closed out.
  18. Insider Activity: The net shares of a stock purchased by company insiders over the past six months.
  19. Analyst Opinions: The four-week change in a stock’s average analyst rating.
  20. Strength of Industry Group vs. the Market.: The six-month performance of a stock’s industry versus the market.

Categories of the 20 Factors

They are classified into four categories: Financials (numbers 1-5 on the list)

power gauge factors

Earnings (6-10 on the list)

power gauge factors

Technicals (11-15 on the list)

Power gauge factors

Experts (16-20)

Power gauge factors

The Color Code System

This rating system uses a simple color scale in order to indicate the investment potential of any stock: red indicates that a stock is bearish, yellow suggests that it has a neutral rating, and green implies that it is in a bullish state.

Here is an example of how the program works. If you take the example of one stock called Digital Turbine, here is how it looks like when the program evaluates it:

Marc Chaikin's Prediction 2022


Marc Chaikin's Prediction 2022

The Power Gauge is designed in a way that you know what action to take based on the rating. It has a user friendly interface. For example, when a stock is rated bullish, it flashes green:

Marc Chaikin's Prediction 2022

When it is bearish, it turns red:

Marc Chaikin's Prediction 2022

When neutral, it turns yellow:

Marc Chaikin's Prediction 2022

It tells you whether a stock is a buy, hold, or sell.

Neutral Positive and Neutral Negative

The Power Gauge also detects when a stock is about to become bullish.

Neutral positive

When it does, it’s rated Neutral-positive.

neutral negative

If a stock is about to become BEARISH, it’s rated Neutral-negative.

This is a a unique way of measuring when bear markets end and bull markets begin.

Investing in Small-Cap Stocks

In the predictions the previous years, Marc Chaikin focused a lot on small cap stocks saying that although they are incredibly risky, the potential reward (profits) is also bigger.

This time, the focus is more on The Power Gauge System and the stocks it produces.

Power Gauge Results

The Power Gauge indicator has had good results over the years.

This information is calculated using data from S&P Global Market Intelligence and ClariFi.

These are the results of rolling-period measurements each of which starts one week apart and ends 1, 4 or 13 weeks later as per whichever holding period is identified in the chart.

Marc Chaikin Prediction

The annualized data here is ClariFi’s calculation of the average of all rolling period measurements recorded through the complete start-to-end period.

Marc Chaikin prediction

All rolling tests are identified by the start of each individual measurement period.

The ones close to the end of the complete-start-to-end period may be incomplete. For example, a 13-week holding period is scheduled to begin one week prior to the end of the test.

In that instance, period-specific performance reflects only that portion of the period that could be measured.

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Who is Marc Chaikin?

Marc Chaikin is a renowned stock analyst who founded the company, Chaikin Analytics, LLC. Chaikin Analytics is primarily a stock trading idea platform and the centerpiece of this platform is the Chaikin Power Gauge stock rating system.

Marc Chaikin

Marc Chaikin began his career as a stock broker in 1965 when he became head of the options department at Tucker Anthony & RL Day in the seventies. This means that he’s been in the business for half a century, something most investment analysts can’t say about their careers.

In the eighties, he developed proprietary stock market indicators and in 1982, he joined Drexel Burnham Lambert. He was also hosting a regular segment on the FNN (the predecessor of CNBC).

Developing Trading Algorithms

Marc was fascinated by technology in trading (as a big advocate for technical analysis) and he used PCs to execute his trading strategies based on known economic indicators and computer algorithms. He founded a firm called Bomar Securities LP and later sold it in 1992 to Instinet. He became a senior Vice President at Instinet around that time.

He spent a lot of time developing computer-based stock selection models. He is known for creating the first real-time analytics workstation for portfolio managers and stock traders. He is also known for developing the Accumulation/Distribution line Indicator (ADL).

Note, Chaikin’s investment recommendations and advice have been published on national news networks such as Fox Business News and CNBC’s Mad Money show with Jim Cramer

Chaikin Analytics

He currently runs Chaikin Analytics, a service whose aim is to provide professional grade stock tools and investment recommendations to individual investors.

Chaikin started the service because he felt that he should share the knowledge he’d gathered over the years with regular people to enable them to take control of their finances and avoid the losses they suffered due to a lack of information. Chaikin Analytics would be the avenue to do that.

Through Chaikin Analytics, he offers services like Power Gauge Investor newsletter, Chaikin Analytics System, The Power Gauge Report, Chaikin Power Feed and Power Pulse Premium.

The proprietary indicators he uses have formed the foundation of those research services. Marc mainly focuses on future stock ratings. Over the years, each of those services have had their hits and misses as you’d expect, because no one can time the market perfectly.

Chaikin Analytics, LLC reminds me of Brownstone Research (Jeff Brown) because it mainly focuses on one guru’s products.

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Chaikin PowerTactics

The presentation was meant to promote a brand new service offered by Chaikin and his colleague, Pete Carmasino, called Chaikin PowerTactics.

Marc reveals what stocks you should invest in out of the ones that his system isolates and brands as high-potential. It is a bit like Microcap Profits Club by Robert Williams or The Microcap Insider by Alex Koyfman

Chaikin PowerTactics

In Chaikin PowerTactics, they find the best stocks to buy as bullish personality changes occur across a variety of different sectors (bullish personality changes are an indication of a changing tide in sentiment regarding a stock or the broader market).

These stocks have a holding time of 12 months or less. Sometimes you may only hold them for weeks, because many of these special situation stocks abruptly change ratings.

He will also regularly update you on what he considers the top stocks to buy and the stocks to avoid and there will be special updates i.e. Marc will send you email updates about lock-in gains and any new developments.

He’s written a report with details called Chaikin PowerTactics: A New Way to Multiply Your Money Over the Next 12 Months.It has six stocks he thinks you should consider going for as soon as you sign up for the newsletter.

Plus, you will have free access to Marc Chaikin’s Power Gauge System — a revolutionary system that scans 4,000 different stocks and sends you the complete analysis data. You have access to the system for a whole year.

This means that you can search it for any stock ticker, see its rating and check what’s going on inside the stock. This system is built on the fundamental and technical analysis work he and his team have done over the years.

Likewise, you will also have access to The Discovery Engine, an advanced, first-of-its-kind system that is based on technology pioneered by Netflix.

On this platform, you can simply type any stock and you will instantly see a list of similar stocks with the same potential.

You may have to call the firm when you want to join unlike other services they offer that you can sign up for online.

Other benefits for subscribers include…

  • Access to Marc’s and Pete’s warnings and predictions. You also get a free recommendation.
  • Marc’s complete archive of model portfolios, reports, and how-to-video guides.
  • Video chats (twice a month) with Marc where he updates you on the state of the market.

You also receive bonus reports:

Top 5 Popular Stocks to Avoid Now

If you own any of these major companies, you should get out. Pete and Marc explain why, using the Power Gauge, the new special report is written for the post-2022-crash market.

How much do you pay to join Chaikin PowerTactics

A one-year subscription to Chaikin PowerTactics costs $2,500.

This is a mark down on the normal fee you’d pay for the service, which is $5,000 per year.

The Chaikin PowerTactics Refund Policy

There are NO CASH REFUNDS once you sign up for Chaikin PowerTactics. Now, this is typical of premium investment research services that are of that price range.

Normally, it is the ones that sell for less than $100 that come with a refund policy.

Marc Chaikin Predictions 2023

Speaking of Chaikin PowerTactics, rather than offer refunds, he offers what he calls a”100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

This guarantee means that you have 30 days to cancel your membership and use that $2,500 to subscribe to any other newsletter offered by firms under Legacy Research Group for an entire year.

The firms in the Legacy Research Group are Brownstone Research, Palm Beach Research Group, Rogue Economics, and Casey Research.

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Pros of Marc Chaikin’s Prediction 2023

  • You will have access to Marc Chaikin’s small cap stock recommendations
  • Marc Chaikin is an experienced trader who appears to know what he is doing.
  • You get to sign up to Chaikin PowerTactics at a 50% discount.

Cons of Marc Chaikin’s Prediction 2023

  • The subscription price is relatively expensive. It will cost you $2,500/year.

Is Marc Chaikin’s Prediction 2023 Legit?

I think the Marc Chaikin’s Prediction 2022 presentation is legit.

One of the reasons for this is Marc Chaikin is a leading stock analyst and experienced stock market veteran. He started his career in 1965 and has been at it ever since.

He is also widely known for his appearances on TV and for developing two of the most frequently used stock market indicators: The Chaikin Oscillator and The Chaikin Money Flow.

He leveraged his years of experience and expertise to come up with the Power Gauge System, an advanced and intuitive platform that does stock ratings.

But there is a caveat: although I think Marc is legit, that doesn’t mean that all his recommendations will be great investments because market sentiment is unpredictable and he will make bad calls sometimes.

Further proof that this is legit is that in 2014, Chaikin collaborated with Nasdaq to overlay the Chaikin Power Gauge stock rating on three Nasdaq stock indices: Large Cap, Small Cap, and Dividend Achievers.

Marc Chaikin Analytics and Nasdaq

The three indices have been outperforming their benchmarks, which goes to show that the Chaikin model works.

Another instance of this was in 2017, when Chaikin collaborated with Nasdaq and IndexIQ to bring the Chaikin Power Gauge stock rating to the ETF marketplace.

IndexIQ Collaboration

When they combined proven, market-based factors, like they did with the Nasdaq-Chaikin Power Indices, ETF investors can now build smarter stock cportfolios with the potential of better returns.

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Marc Chaikin Prediction 2023

Marc Chaikin believes that after lifting the restrictions, a new generation of winners will emerge that will be very different from the stocks that did well during the pandemic such as Zoom and Peloton, just to mention a few. Marc warns that we have a stock market crash that is already here, and that has been showing signs since February 2021. He calls this the “Rolling Crash”.

Marc Chaikin has developed a ratings system that is designed to help you to know which stocks are worth buying and the ones you must avoid. Known for his technical indicators, Chaikin wants to recommend trades to those who are willing to follow his advice since he will be timing the market.

If you are interested in investing in his recommendations, then this strategy could be apt for you. Just bear in mind that you have to pay $2,500 per year for the new service and it is non-refundable. Finally, don’t forget that Marc Chaikin does not offer individual financial advice.

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