Is Misha Wilson Legit? [Unbiased 2022 Reviews]

Misha Wilson is an online marketer that has been making money online for years now. He has been preaching about the importance of having a passive income and the unlimited freedom that gives you.

He is known for his infamous Misha’s Method that he claims is responsible for over $15 million in personal sales.

He has launched programs that are meant to show you how to make money online and we will be taking a look at those in this review.

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Is Misha Wilson Legit? [Unbiased 2022 Reviews] 33

Misha Wilson Review

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Who Is Misha Wilson?

Misha Wilson is a name you may have stumbled across if you’re interested in digital marketing. Misha is a successful marketer who has made millions of dollars online.

Is Misha Wilson Legit? [Unbiased 2022 Reviews] 34

Misha Wilson is often recognized for being among the youngest and fastest growing traffic and conversion experts. He’s made a name for himself as the guy who can generate large amounts of traffic and convert that traffic into high ticket sales.

He got started at the age of 22, hit 6 figures by the age of 24, and then grew his company to multimillion dollar status by the age of 25.

Most of what he does is help his most successful students hit the 6 figure mark in there businesses. He claims to have a passion for empowering people to earn their financial freedom.

Misha is best known for being the Super Affiliate Network but before he launched it, he was a top-earning affiliate for other companies. He is an actual person and not an actor, which is what you often see with scam companies that want to present a fake front.

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How Misha Wilson Made His Money

Misha’s net worth is attributed to being a successful affiliate marketer. Besides pulling in the numbers himself, he has been sharing his knowledge and skills through online courses.

He started working in affiliate marketing a quite a young age and became one of the fastest to build his internet business from $0 to six figures in under six months.

After succeeding at 22, he started another company at the age of 25 grew it from zero to seven figures in less than five months. You could say that he was lucky but a lot of that can be attributed to his prowess in paid traffic creation and conversion rate optimization.

When you figure out those two skills, you are likely to do well in the realm of internet marketing.

Misha claims that his success and dream life did not come seamlessly. There were pitfalls along the way because at one point, he was obsessed with debt and was even evicted twice.

In a nut shell, his wealth came from launching his first 6-figure business in 6 months and another 7-figure one in five months.

Here are some of his programs:

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Millionaire Breakthrough

Millionaire Breakthrough is a book Misha Wilson published in which he reveals his affiliate marketing business model as well as tips on how to develop high end products.

It is a free ebook you get to entice you to sign up for his Super Affiliate Commission BluePrint course.

Is Misha Wilson Legit? [Unbiased 2022 Reviews] 35

When you provide your email address, you will be directed to a page that looks like this:

Is Misha Wilson Legit? [Unbiased 2022 Reviews] 36

The Millionaire Breakthrough book has info on what Misha calls the game-changing revolutionary way that ordinary people can generate life-changing money online.

He also talks about his method of streamlining the process without the technical knowledge. This means that you can get started fast.

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The Super Affiliate Network Review

The Super Affiliate Network, or SAN, is a training organization that teaches people how to make money working remotely through the affiliate marketing model.

The Super Affiliate Network

Misha Wilson started the company to provide people with in-depth training in email marketing, conversions, traffic creation, and other areas people need to master to be successful affiliate marketers.

On a basic level, Misha Wilson’s Super Affiliate Network has courses on how to create a sales funnel, attract new customers through product promotion, and obtain leads, commissions, and more.

There is an emphasis on learning how to run an effective email marketing campaign to convert leads into customers earn a profit off of your efforts.

He also goes to great length to convince clients that affiliate marketing is a legitimate method to make money online and the company is built around it.

In addition to training affiliates, the Super Affiliate Network offers a personal mentor and access to a live Facebook community although it is worth mentioning that the personal mentor will try to get you buy the upsells.

Here are the programs offered by the Super Affiliate Network:

The Profit Boosting Bootcamp

It is a step-by-step training program with 15 modules that is all about the most cutting edge digital marketing tactics and strategies. These are strategies you need to start an online affiliate marketing business.

Is Misha Wilson Legit? [Unbiased 2022 Reviews] 37

If you join this bootcamp, here’s what’s included:

  • You learn the basics of affiliate marketing and the tutors take you through them in record time and without overwhelming you with jargon.
  • You learn how to build a business that gives you financial freedom and time freedom!
  • You get to work from anywhere, at any time, with your cellphone and wifi connection.
  • They teach you how to get more traffic, convert leads, make sales, and scale your business.

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The Solo Ad Sucess Formula

This is an 11-Module step-by-step study course that teaches you how to generate leads with Solo Ad Marketing.

Is Misha Wilson Legit? [Unbiased 2022 Reviews] 38

Here you learn:

  • How to leverage e-mail marketing to get traffic that converts into SALES.
  • Misha’s 3 step process for writing ad copy that converts
  • How to distinguish between solo Ad Vendors that will send high quality traffic and the ones that will send barbage
  • The secrets of advanced tracking to amplify your profits.

The IM Profit Formula

You learn the IM Success Formula that can help you launch a highly profitable online business, even when you’ve never done it before.

Is Misha Wilson Legit? [Unbiased 2022 Reviews] 39

Then there are these bonuses:

  • You learn how to get around the rules on popular ad platforms to get yourself countless website visitors.
  • Misha reveals how you can add 200-300 new leads to your list per day with two-step “Bridge Funnel”.
  • The material shows you how to exponentially increase your profits selling high ticket products, without having to be a polished salesperson. High ticket offers are the subject of programs like Dan Lok’s High Ticket Closer and Payton Welch’s Inbound Closer where they teach you how to close more of those deals.
  • The simple model you can use to increase your leverage when getting started, even if you don’t have your own product. You can then create profits even if you have zero tech sales and zero sales experience.

The Super Affiliate Inner Circle

The Super Affiliate Inner Circle comes with 12 months of access to the profit boosting bootcamp and advisor, Weekly Inner Circle Coaching, and Monthly Immersion coaching with a corporate team member.

Is Misha Wilson Legit? [Unbiased 2022 Reviews] 40

You also get

  • Access to the Inner Circle Coaching calls, where you can get the secrets of the highest earning students
  • The Monthly Immersion Coaching sessions with a SAN corporate team member.
  • Access to the Solo Ad Success Formula 2.0 home study course.

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The Affiliate Mastery Accelerator

The Affiliate Mastery Accelerator gives you access to 12 months of virtual implementation coaching. You get access to a curriculum that is supposed to get you results as fast as possible.

Is Misha Wilson Legit? [Unbiased 2022 Reviews] 41

Included in this course is:

  • Access to the online curriculum that has all of Misha’s secrets to starting a successful online gig.
  • Twice monthly Immersion Coaching with a SAN corporate team member
  • Access to the online mastermind that gets you direct and personal help from Misha’s team

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Super Affiliate Commission BluePrint

Misha Wilson took his years of failure and success, wisdom and knowledge and put together a system that he believes anyone can use, no matter what their background or education.

Misha has a brand new system that is the result of the lessons he has mastered through his journey to creating massive success online.

Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint

When you purchase this blueprint, he will take you by the hand and walk you through the steps you can take to generate a life changing income.

This program is designed in a way that 95% of everything is done for you.

That means that the websites have been done for you by technical experts, the products are done for you, the videos have been done for you the best in the game, and the sales material is crafted by internet marketers.

Is Misha Wilson Legit? [Unbiased 2022 Reviews] 42

The material has a BBB rating of A+ which means that it is accredited.

Many online programs usually fail this litmus test, a sign that they are not that great to begin with.

When you purchase the Super Affiliate program, here is what you get:

  • The Complete A-Z Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint.
  • A Personal one-on-one Success Advisor. You get personal help from a success advisor to help you use the system and make more money more quickly. Misha Wilson believes that personal one on one coaching is the best path to a profitable online business.
  • Access To The Super Affiliate Nation Facebook Group. You’ll get access to the Super Affiliate Nation Facebook group, which comprises over 16,000 entrepreneurs on a mission to build freedom-based businesses that allow them to live the lifestyle they dream of. If you have a question about the program, you should visit the group, ask your question, and you’ll likely get help. Misha says that you won’t just be getting advice from anyone because many of his six figure students along with his entire team are in the group answering questions.
  • Full Access To The Inner Circle LIVE Coaching Call With Top Earning Super Affiliate All Stars. These are weekly calls hosted by top earning Super Affiliates and students who regularly bring in $20,000 per month. One of the students shows you exactly what’s working for them to create big profits for their online business, along with the mindset and wealth principles needed to create massive success. You also learn the best ways to get traffic that converts quickly and how to find the best products for maximum profit. You learn how to make more sales without having to sell anything yourself too.
  • Our “Quickstart To Profit” 2 Part Webinar Training Series. It is a 2 part webinar training where Misha takes all the concepts shared in the full blueprint and walks you through the fastest path to profit using the lessons you will have learned.

This 2 part training is the “shortcut” you should take to everything you discover and put to use as quickly as humanly possible. This is what’s required to start making money, Even if you have zero sales, marketing, or technical skills, or even new to the online world.

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Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint Reviews

There are a few reviews by individuals who’ve used the program to learn how to make money online. A few of those include:

Is Misha Wilson Legit? [Unbiased 2022 Reviews] 43Is Misha Wilson Legit? [Unbiased 2022 Reviews] 44Is Misha Wilson Legit? [Unbiased 2022 Reviews] 45Is Misha Wilson Legit? [Unbiased 2022 Reviews] 46

I should warn you that those reviews are published by Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint so you should take what they say with a grain of salt.

The Super Affiliate Commission Money-Back Guarantee

The program has a 30 Day ‘Better Than Money Back’ Guarantee because Misha is so confident that you’ll love the program.

He says that if after carrying out the instructions they give and you’re not totally satisfied, you should let him know within 30 days, and he’ll refund your money and send you $500 “for wasting your time.”

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How Much Do Misha Wilson’s Programs Cost?

Misha’s pricing varies depending on the program you are talking about. The Super Affiliate Network Price is a good place to start.

Is Misha Wilson Legit? [Unbiased 2022 Reviews] 47

For one, Super Affiliate Network is free to join, and they give you free access to the first course.

If you want more access to the program, you have to fork out more money. Here are the charges for the courses on offer:

  • Profit Boosting Bootcamp ($7)
  • The Super Affiliate Inner Circle ($297)
  • The Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint price is $17.
  • The Solo Ads Success Formula ($297)
  • The IM Profit Formula (FREE + $7 SHIPPING)

At those prices, it feels as though you are investing in premium content. There are cheaper and free alternatives to the same course if you are willing to look.

These fees explain how Misha makes his money because the front-end $17 offer and his upsells add up to significant amounts.

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Who Should Purchase Misha Wilson Programs?

Misha Wilson’s programs are designed for people who would like to get into affiliate marketing but are inexperienced.

His programs are ideal for beginners who want to learn the principles of digital marketing and selling high-ticket products. These could be people who have tried methods that did not work.

You can also join if you intend to start marketing the programs themselves through Misha Wilson’s affiliate program. This is perfect if you want to generate money but you are not prepared to start an online business.

Is Misha Wilson Legit?

Misha Wilson is not a scam because you can make money by following his program. However, there are no assurances that you will be making money with affiliate marketing because it is not as easy as he makes it sound. That being said Misha’s program definitely don’t fall into the category of scam like Big Money Connection or Mary’s system.

Misha Wilson Is Not A Scam

Driving traffic to your site is an arduous process and if you want to do it successfully, you need to be proficient at a few of these areas: Copywriting, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Content Writing, Website Building, Conversion Optimization, Automation, Email Marketing, Click Tracking, Retargeting/Remarketing, SEO, and Backlinking.

It takes more than just paying for a program to make affiliate marketing work. There is a lot of work you have to do upfront with no guarantee of success. On top of that, and importantly, the commissions are pretty small.

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Pros of Misha Wilson

  • Misha’s programs show you the basics of practical internet marketing strategies.
  • When you sign up for a course, you get full support from Misha, his associates, and a community on social media.
  • You learn the basics of affiliate marketing, which can be quite significant if you are totally new to it.

Cons of Misha Wilson

  • There are a lot of upsells even when you sign up for the premium products.
  • Although the programs have valuable information, you can easily find a good chunk of it online for free.
  • Although he markets his training as comprehensive, it is mostly suited to beginners and intermediates.

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Misha Wilson Conclusion

When people hear about making money online, they dream of earning the financial freedom and the time freedom they need to enjoy their lives.

The possibility of living such a life has been written about and is heavily romanticized in today’s society. That’s where Misha Wilson comes in with his programs teaching people how to get into online marketing.

He claims that figuring out online marketing is not an easy task and for a fresh beginner, a mentor should be an option worth considering. He casts himself as an expert who offers training courses to help figure things out.

To gain access to his services, you have to pay your hard-earned dollars.

When you do, he shows you things like driving traffic, conversion, and closing to improve your chances at success. With Affiliate Marketing, you do all that for a merchant and you get paid for your efforts.

If you decide to sign up for his programs, don’t expect to become wealthy off of his methods because making money that way is often tough. You also have to dedicate a lot of time and resources to it to make it work. But, it is a nice way to earn passive income when the hard work pays off.

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Is Misha Wilson Legit? [Unbiased 2022 Reviews] 33