Is Profit Greenlight Legit? [Keith Kaplan]

Welcome to my review of Profit Greenlight by Keith Kaplan.

It is an investment strategy that he claims can help you earn up to an additional 1,000% on stocks that you already own.

In this Project Greenlight review, I will walk you through everything we know about the investment strategy including how it works. Towards the end, I give my verdict on whether it is legit. 

Before I start…

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Is Profit Greenlight Legit? [Keith Kaplan] 10

Profit Greenlight Review

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Introduction to Profit Greenlight

Keith Kaplan has been pitching the Profit Greenlight trading system claiming that it is key to earning returns as high as 1,000% on stocks like Amazon, Netflix, and Facebook. He asserts that it is an incredibly powerful tool that can help anyone achieve their financial goals.

Profit Greenlight

As he explains how the system works, he says that when it comes to trading, finding good stocks is not enough. He says that the timing of your entry and exit is an important part of maximizing the returns you make with your trades. The other important element of successful trading is how much you put into each trade.

Keith says that if, for example, you had known when to buy Facebook, Netflix, or Tesla and how much you needed to put into each of those trades, you could have easily been a millionaire by now.

If only you had a way to know when to buy and sell the stocks you knew would do well, eventually you’d make a lot of money.

That’s where Project Greenlight comes in. He says that it helps you know when to buy or sell stock and how you should allocate money in your portfolio.

He says that it has a simple and intuitive interface; as simple as a traffic light.

Project Greenlight

When it turns YELLOW, you should keep your position open and closely monitor your investments. If it turns RED, you need to sell your shares and wait for the next indicator that will tell you when to buy again. Finally, when it turns GREEN, you buy the shares.

The Mechanics Behind Project Greenlight

Project Greenlight, or its earliest version, was conceived by Steve Sjuggerud who works for Stansberry Research as an investment analyst. He edits an investment advisory service called True Wealth Systems.

The formative version was a spreadsheet that tracked trailing stops.

A trailing stop is a modified stop order that has a set percentage or dollar amount within which the stock price can deviate. This enables you to protect your gains from excessive loss while ensuring that you don’t exit a trade prematurely on the strength of a temporary pullback.

The system Steve Sjuggerud had evolved from one that relied solely on trailing stops to one that could let investors know when to buy and sell stock.

What changed?

A new metric called Volatility Quotient was added to it. Volatility Quotient (VQ) lets you know how volatile a stock is.

It enables you to determine how much room you can give a stock to deviate before you sell.

The lower the VQ, the more stable it is and the higher the VQ, the riskier it has been.

The VQ is crucial to how the Profit Greenlight system works because a stock’s volatility gives you a clue as to how

Why Timing Your Investments is Important

Keith Kaplan says that timing your investments is important because it ensures that when your stock is hit by a pullback, you don’t divest prematurely thus missing out on bigger returns further down the road.

Keith says that a while back, he identified Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) as a potentially well-performing stock. Therefore, he bought shares of AMD but things did not pan out as he had hoped in the short term.

So, he decided to sell at a loss of 3.5%.

As he shows in this diagram, if he had used a 25% trailing stop and held on to the stock, he could have earned a 48% profit in less than a year:

Project Greenlight

The gains would have been even bigger if he used “Profit Greenlight” as he would have earned gains of up to 1,297% turning a stake of $10,000 into a $100,000 windfall.

These technical indicators remove the emotion out of investing allowing you to hold your nerve when the stock undergoes temporary corrections.

You can use Project Greenlight if you subscribe to a service Keith offers called TradeStops.

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Who Is Behind Profit Greenlight?

Profit Greenlight is brought to you by Keith Kaplan, an investment analyst and professional investor. He is the president and chief product officer of TradeSmith. TradeSmith is a financial technology firm founded by Dr. Richard Smith.

Keith Kaplan and his team seek to empower individual investors with cutting-edge risk management and stock-screening tools.

The goal is to risk less, make more, and keep the odds in his favor. Keith Kaplan has already come up with market-beating strategies that are easy to implement for the average investor. He has more than twenty years of experience as a software architect.

Keith has been behind presentations like The Final Run Up, Turning Point 2021, and The X Factor Advantage.

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How Does TradeStops Work?

TradeStops by TradeSmith is the platform through which you can access Project Greenlight.

As we mentioned Profit Greenlight lets you know:

  1. When you should buy and sell stocks
  2. How many stocks you should own

It does not pick stocks for you. In fact, Keith says that you can integrate your portfolio with this system to streamline your investments.

When you pay for TradeStops by TradeSmith, here is what it looks like inside:

You can plop stocks into the TradeStops system to determine when you should invest. It calculates a few things and looks like this:

Is Profit Greenlight Legit? [Keith Kaplan] 11

You can add you portfolio to the system directly from your brokerage account for a quick analysis instead of adding stock one by one. You can keep up-to-date with the most-searched tickers.

As I mentioned earlier, the color code (RED, YELLOW, and GREEN) is the intuitive indicator that this system uses to show you what steps you need to take. Here is an example of how this works:

Project Greenlight

In the figure above, the stocks are all GREEN showing that they are stocks you should keep.

In addition to showing you the color, Keith says that you can check how long stock has been yellow, red, or green.

What about determining how much money you should invest in each stock. Here is how that looks like:

Project Greenlight

Then there is the option of balancing your portfolio by the “risk percentage” of each stock. Here’s how that looks like:

Project Greenlight

TradeStops also lets you set alerts for when certain things occur to enable you to time your investment based on things like trailing stops, stock price, time held, volume, moving averages, and even fundamentals.

TradeStops also has a feature where you can gauge how well your portfolio performed compared to an index like the S&P 500, the Dow, NASDAQ, and Russell 2000. You can also choose to work with international indexes like Hong Kong, the United Kingdom or Japan.

In this way, you can maintain a balanced portfolio and minimize your risk.

Other benefits of TradeStops by TradeSmith

You’ll have access to five special reports for free:

  • 5 Stocks Billionaires are Using for 500%+ Gains Right Now
  • “Profit Greenlight”: How to Use What You ALREADY Know to Build a Fortune
  • Greenlighting Small-Caps: 3 Great Value Stocks for 2021
  • Next Generation FAANGs: 4 Tech Stocks Getting the Greenlight in 2021
  • Biotech Revolution: 3 Biotech Stocks for the Post-COVID World

All you will need to do is sign up for TradeStops in order to get them.

TradeStops by TradeSmith Pricing

There are three subscription plans:

  • TradeStops Plus by TradeSmith; $79 in your first year, renews at $99 per year after that.
  • TradeStops Premium by TradeSmith: $129 in your first year, renews at $199.
  • TradeStops Basic by TradeSmith: $49 in your first year, renews at $79.

TradeStops by TradeSmith Money Back Guarantee

TradeStops has a 60-day money-back guarantee:

Project Greenlight

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Pros of Profit Greenlight

  • The system enables you to rate your portfolio against market indexes
  • You can quickly find out your top winners and losers
  • The system is quite simple and intuitive. It uses traffic colors: Buy (Green), Sell (Red), or Hold (Yellow)
  • A subscription comes with additional benefits like educational videos, training webinars, and access to the customer service team, just to mention a few.

Cons of Profit Greenlight

  • It doesn’t recommend stocks.
  • It still has a steep learning curve for complete beginners.

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Is Profit Greenlight Legit?

Profit Greenlight is legit.

The strategy that Keith Kaplan pursues here has been the subject of other presentations he has previously done. In each of those instances, I gave it a clean bill of health and I don’t see it working any different this time.

That being said, you should take what Keith says with a grain of salt because he is selling a subscription. The best move is to vet everything objectively before you purchase the service.

Profit Greenlight Verdict

Taking the right investment decision is not always easy! You must have access to the right tools and strategies for successful results. 

Keith Kaplan has a new system that will help you identify when it’s the right time to buy a stock, sell a stock, and hold.

It also informs you of the risk factors for each stock. All these tools are meant to help you take informed investment decisions.

According to Keith Kaplan, the investment information that financial media provides isn’t sufficient and going along with what you read or watch can’t really help you beat the market. He says that investors who rely on buy and sell guidance from media gurus tend to underperform. Therefore, he came up with a system to help you do better in the market.

Signing up for this system does not guarantee that you will be a successful though. You have to formulate a comprehensive strategy adapted to your individual circumstances.

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Is Profit Greenlight Legit? [Keith Kaplan] 10

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