SMR Energy: Nomi Prins SMR Technology Legit?

Nomi Prins’ latest presentation concerns what she calls SMR Technology, aka SMR Energy.

She refers to it as “a covert government experiment [that] is set to unlock a new $4 Trillion energy market overnight.”

She claims that there is a tiny Oregon firm trading for $2 per share (when she released the presentation) that has the ONLY Federal license to produce the SMR technology.

In this piece, we will explore what Nomi Prins is referring to as SMR Technology and why she thinks it could be a profit-making investment opportunity.

Before I start…

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SMR Energy: Nomi Prins SMR Technology Legit? 7

Nomi Prins SMR Technology Review

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Introduction to Nomi Prins SMR Technology

Nomi Prins’ new presentation is about the energy industry and a new energy technology she calls ‘SMR.’

SMR is just an acronym she is using to refer to a nuclear “small modular reactor.” She says that it is nuclear power that still runs on uranium but much improved.

She says that due to an unprecedented domestic energy shortage, the government is about to unleash ‘SMR’ into the commercial realm.

This is not the first time Nomi is talking about a shakeup in the energy industry. She has in the past done presentations like Liquid Energy Stock and Running On Empty.

Nomi Prins SMR Technology

According to Nomi Prins, SMR (or nuclear energy) is a remarkably powerful fuel source whereby even a single briefcase full of the fuel rods could power the average U.S. home for over 4,000 years.

She says that it is 3 million times more powerful than coal and 2 million times more powerful than oil. Therefore, she thinks it could change the industry.

An Investment Opportunity in SMR Technology

Exiting though nuclear SMR technology is as a technological advancement, Nomi looks at it from an investment standpoint.

She says that there is a new bill titled S.3428 could unleash a massive new investing opportunity in the days and weeks ahead.

She focuses on one company that has the advantage in the race to SMR domination.

The company she is talking about has the Federal license required to produce SMR in America and the U.S. Department of Energy has pledged $1.4 Billion to it.

The company has gained the backing of investors like Samsung, America’s largest steel producer, Nucor steel, and The Fortune 500 Texan engineering firm, Fluor Corporation.

They’ve signed binding contracts with 7 U.S. states, including Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, New Mexico, and California.

The company has also signed international agreements in Canada, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Korea, and Japan.

To add to that, a contact Nomi Prins has in government gave her an inside look at just how quickly, and aggressively leaders on both sides of the aisle are shifting into gear on nuclear.

And that’s why she says it is critical to move while the shares are still cheap so that you can profit handsomely as the market catches wind of new contract activity.

Trading Warrants

Rather than buy the shares of the company she is talking about (or options), Nomi wants you to buy a special kind of shares called warrants.

A warrant is a contract that gives the holder the right to purchase a company’s stock at a specific price and at a specific date. It is not like an option because it is issued directly by the company concerned.

When an investor exercises a stock warrant, the shares that they get are not from another investor but directly from the company.

Warrants have unique ticker symbols but if you know the right one you can just type it in to your brokerage account and buy it just like a stock.

Nomi’s strategy involves buying warrants of the company she is touting.

She has written a special report about the company and we will take a closer look at that in the sections below.

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Who is Nomi Prins?

Nomi Prins is a well-known American economist, author, journalist, and public speaker. 

Nomi Prins not only writes about Wall Street and the US economy, but also she shares regular insights about the main happenings of the market. As a finance expert, you can expect an independent perspective on global markets, finance, international relations, and economics from her.

Nomi Prins is the author of a best-selling book — Collusion: How Central Bankers Rigged the World, It Takes a Pillage, and All the Presidents Bankers. Last February, she testified against Wall Street corruption before the Senate budget committee. 

Her areas of expertise include international finance, global and domestic economic policy, banking, current affairs, investments, wall street, international relations, central banks, monetary policy, etc.

She is always railing against the establishment and it is evident in her books as well as presentations like Countdown to Housing Crisis 2.0 and Dark Money Spikes.

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How Does Nomi Prins Strategic Trader Work?

Nomi Prins has written a special report titled “The Next Exxon.” In this report, she reveals how her investigation has helped her uncover an investment she believes could rival the 240-fold growth of ExxonMobil over the long haul. 

You will also get detailed insights about company that Nomi believes could single-handedly transform the U.S. energy markets in the coming year. Now, the company trades for 1-50th the price of Exxon, but if Nomi’s prediction plays out right, early investors could make millions. You will get access to this special report only when you subscribe to Strategic Trader

When you sign up for the newsletter, you get two years of complete access to Nomi Prins’ recommendations. She and her team will send you one new recommendation each month.

She will focus on tips and investment recommendations on the best warrants in the highest-potential companies you never hear about in the financial media.

In addition to that special report, you’ll get a detailed update every month on the warrants she adds to the Strategic Trader model portfolio. Other benefits you get as a member of Strategic Trader include:

  • Instant Mobile Buy Alert Notifications.
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  • VIP “White Glove” treatment from the Florida-based customer support team.
  • And, a surprise bonus.

Subscription Price: $1500 for two years.

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Is Nomi Prins SMR Technology Legit?

After watching Nomi Prins’ SMR Technology presentation, one thing you come away with is that she knows her way around the energy sector. She has been writing about major trends in the sector and appears to know a great deal about it.

This time, her focus is on the nuclear power saying that one company has a solution to the energy conundrum. A move that she believes will shakeup the industry and generate profits for investors.

She is right about the fact that scientists are hard at work developing new nuclear reactor technologies because they are needed to produce energy from a source that doesn’t have the limitations of other renewable energy sources like solar and wind. There has also been a lot of talk about investing in nuclear energy.

As of writing this, the nuclear reactor is not being mass-produced and it is hard to tell what company or companies will be the frontrunner(s) once that begins. Therefore, take that into consideration if you are going to follow her recommendation.

Nomi Prins SMR Technology Verdict

Nomi Prins acknowledges that the world is moving away from fossil fuels and into sustainable energy sources. However, renewables are known to be unreliable because energy storage is still lagging behind. This is where nuclear energy comes in because you can produce a lot of it with a small amount of fuel.

There are new reactor technologies that can produce nuclear energy safely. They are many times better than older reactors that have been tainted by accidents like the ones that happened at Chernobyl and Fukushima.

Nomi is backing one company that is heavily involved in the manufacture of small reactors.

Should you invest in the company? Ultimately, that decision comes down to you. Although I should point out that following Nomi Prins’ advice without doing your research is not wise. Find out more about the company and be realistic in your expectations because she is merely offering general advice.

Bear in mind that we’ve seen many of these “new breakthrough that will solve the energy industry” pitches before. The story in each of these pitches typically goes, “here is a new fuel or technology that will revolutionize the energy industry and there’s this tiny company that is behind it. Invest in the tiny company now and you could make a ton of money when the world adopts the new fuel or technology.”

Is Nomi Prins’ presentation any different? Not really, but she does raise some interesting points worth consideration.

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SMR Energy: Nomi Prins SMR Technology Legit? 7


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