Nurse Side Hustle: 21 Ideas For Extra Money

Are you a nurse looking to earn some extra cash and expand your skillset? Then it’s time to explore the world of nurse side hustles!

With high demands and low salaries, many nurses are turning to side hustles for financial stability and security. In this blog post, I’ll share with you all the details you need concerning some popular side hustles for nurses like telehealth consulting, freelance writing, tutoring nursing students, pet sitting, event staffing or even personal shopping.

We’ll also discuss the benefits and challenges of side hustles for nurses so that you can make an informed decision about pursuing one yourself. So whether you’re a nursing student or a registered nurse looking for new opportunities outside of your regular job duties, keep reading to learn more about how a nurse side hustle can benefit your career and income.

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Nurse Side Hustle: 21 Ideas For Extra Money 11

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Popular Side Hustles for Nurses

If you are a nurse looking for a side hustle, there are many opportunities you can try out. From telehealth consulting to event staffing, the number of side hustles available to nurses is vast. Let’s explore some of these popular options and you will discover which ones could work for you:

Telehealth Consulting

Telehealth consulting is a great side hustle for nurses. With the increasing demand for remote healthcare services, telehealth has become one of the fastest-growing areas in the healthcare industry, particularly after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nurse Side hustle

As a telehealth nurse, you can provide basic help to patients through virtual consultations and health assessments from the comfort of your own home. By offering telehealth consulting services, not only can you make extra income but also help more people access quality medical care. Plus, with no need to commute or wear scrubs every day, it offers flexibility and independence that many nurses crave in their careers.

Overall, Telehealth Consulting is a perfect example of how technology has revolutionized our approach to delivering medical care and created new opportunities for nurses looking to supplement their income.

Freelance Writing And Blogging

Another popular side hustle for nurses is freelance writing and blogging. With their background in healthcare, many nurses have valuable insights to share regarding various health concerns.

Companies often need registered nurses and other medical professionals to provide them with quality written content to ensure its accuracy. By writing for healthcare publications or creating their own blogs, nurses can monetize their knowledge and provide value to readers.

In addition, freelance writing and blogging offer flexibility that is rare in the nursing profession. Nurses can write on their own schedule and work from anywhere with an internet connection. This makes it a great option for those who want to earn extra income but still maintain a full-time nursing job.

Overall, freelance writing and blogging are great options for nurses who enjoy sharing their expertise through the written word.

Tutoring And Teaching

Tutoring and teaching are great options for nurses who have a passion for education.

Nursing tutors can help nursing students prepare for exams, learn new skills, or master complex concepts. This is an excellent side hustle for those with a nursing background as it allows them to use their knowledge base while earning extra income.

Teaching is also an option for nurses who enjoy sharing knowledge and helping others. Aspiring nurse educators can teach classes in first aid, CPR, or medical coding. They can work part-time at local community colleges or online tutoring services to accommodate their schedules. Tutoring and teaching offer flexibility in terms of scheduling and the opportunity to share expertise with others, making them great options as a nurse side hustle.

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Home Health Care And Hospice

Many nurses also work as home health care professionals, providing medical assistance to patients in their own homes. This nursing side hustle can be a flexible option for those looking to work outside of the traditional hospital setting.

Nurse Side Hustle: 21 Ideas For Extra Money 12

Hospice care is another option within this field where nurses offer compassionate end-of-life care and support to patients and their families.

One benefit of working in home health care or hospice is the opportunity to form deeper connections with patients and families over an extended period of time. Nurses in these roles often become integral members of a patient’s support network, fostering long-term relationships that can be rewarding on both personal and professional levels.

However, it’s important to remember that working intimately with patients who may be facing serious illnesses or end-of-life circumstances can also take an emotional toll. Nurses should always prioritize self-care and make sure they have appropriate resources available to help them deal with any stress or compassion fatigue that may arise from this type of work.

Pet Sitting And Dog Walking

Many nurses love animals and enjoy spending time with them, making pet sitting and dog walking a perfect side hustle for those who want to earn extra income. With a nursing background, pet owners might feel more comfortable leaving their furry friends in the hands of someone who is experienced in caring for others.

Pet sitters can offer services like feeding pets, taking dogs out for walks or runs, playing with them, providing medication as needed, and offering companionship while their owners are away. This flexible job can be done on weekends or during off hours from your regular nursing job.

Medical Device And Pharmaceutical Sales

Medical device and pharmaceutical sales can be a lucrative side hustle for nurses with a knack for salesmanship. With their nursing education, they have a unique advantage compared to other salespeople in the field.

Nurse Side Hustle: 21 Ideas For Extra Money 13

They can tap into their network of healthcare professionals, leverage their knowledge about medical conditions and treatments, and gain insights into the challenges that medical facilities face.

In order to excel in this side hustle, nurses must learn how to effectively market and sell medical devices or pharmaceutical products. This involves building relationships with doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and administrators through networking events, conferences or even online platforms. Nurses who specialize in oncology or cardiology may find it easier to break into the industry since there is always a need for advanced cancer therapies or cardiovascular drugs.

Some companies offer flexible schedules that allow nurses to balance work with personal life commitments while earning extra income. However, as with any side hustle involving health care products and services, regulations are strict so it’s important for to stay informed about legal considerations related to product promotion and ethics associated with monetary incentives offered by manufacturers associated with certain products.

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Medical Transcription

Because they are familiar with medical terminology and are knowledgeable about patient care, nurses are the best candidates for transcribing medical documents. As a nurse, medical transcribing might be a nice side hustle because you can work from home on your own time.

Nurse Side Hustle: 21 Ideas For Extra Money 14

Finding job can be comparatively simple with the help of online resources like TranscribeAnywhere. Just keep in mind that the typical salary may be less than that of some other nursing side jobs. If you’re seeking for jobs that pay $100K, you’ll need to go elsewhere.

Remember that a medical transcriptionist must pay close attention to detail and have the capacity to understand what other medical professionals wrote or said in order to provide accurate transcriptions.

Health Coaching

Health coaching is a popular nurse side hustle that allows you to use your nursing education and expertise to help others achieve their health goals.

As a health coach, you can work with clients one-on-one or in group settings to create personalized plans for healthy living. This may include developing meal plans, creating exercise routines, and providing emotional support.

One of the benefits of health coaching as a side hustle is the flexibility it offers. You can set your own hours and work with clients either in person or online. Additionally, working as a health coach allows you to diversify your skills and expand your nursing career beyond traditional healthcare services.

With proper training and certification, health coaching can be an extra source of income while also making a positive impact on people’s lives.

Immunization Nurse

Immunization nurses are constantly in great demand, especially with the recent surge of vaccines. As a result, an immunization nurse works on-call, filling in wherever they are needed most.

Nurse Side Hustle: 21 Ideas For Extra Money 15

You can do this as a side hustle, stepping in when you have free time and the energy to take care of more patients. You can even travel and provide your services as an immunization nurse, which is a good perk. To support communities in need, nurses, for instance, went from one state to another during the pandemic to help deliver COVID-19 immunizations.

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Paid Medical Surveys

One of the easiest ways to earn extra cash and use your clinical expertise is completing paid medical market surveys. Options include online surveys, online focus groups, telephone studies, and in-person focus groups.

Nurses’ opinions are highly valued and imperative for medical device, diagnostic, drug, pharmaceutical, and healthcare technology companies. Healthcare panels are always seeking new members to join their database of respondents

House Cleaning And Organizing

Another popular side hustle for nurses is house cleaning and organizing. Many nurses thrive in this area due to their attention to detail and sense of cleanliness. By offering their services to busy families or individuals, they can make extra money on the side while also helping others maintain a clean and organized home.

Nurse Side Hustle: 21 Ideas For Extra Money 16

One benefit of this side hustle is the ability to set your own schedule. Nurses who work irregular shifts can easily fit in a few hours of cleaning or organizing during their free time. Additionally, since most people prefer having these services done during the day when they are at work, it works well for nurses who have more flexibility with their schedule.

Maternal Care Provider

After giving birth, mothers frequently want assistance taking care of the child while taking care of themselves. Your assistance is needed if you work in the mother-baby field or want to support new mothers.

Being a nurse yourself makes you a fantastic choice to assist new mothers, who are frequently anxious and only want the best for their children. Mothers who use this service are either unaccompanied or have health challenges they must overcome in order to care for their children.

This is one of the most satisfying nursing side jobs as you help mothers adapt and their new born babies.

Clinical Trial Nurse

More medications and therapies can be made available to the public through clinical trials.

Clinical trials are always being conducted, especially at major medical centers and universities. This can be a terrific way to earn extra cash if you’re looking for side jobs.

If you’re willing to travel, you can visit different institutions and assist them, or you can stay close to home and locate healthcare organizations conducting the study so you can provide your nursing services.

Create And Sell Courses

To teach online courses, you do not need a teaching degree. For nurses looking for a side gig, creating online courses is a terrific opportunity to get passive money.

Nurse Side Hustle: 21 Ideas For Extra Money 17

There are several approaches to designing and marketing courses. For instance, some nurses like in-person instruction. They teach either in-person or online. They provide live lessons, respond to inquiries, and quiz students in front of them.

Some people prefer to produce material and monetize it via websites like Udemy. While designing an online course, you must consider how you will support your students. You might charge extra for help or it can be an entirely standalone course. For instance, you may use Zoom or another platform to offer email, phone, or live help.

Online course sales are considered passive revenue since you only need to create the course once, and you can sell it as many times as customers want. Just make sure you stay updated on your coursework. If they become outdated, either remove them or update them with the most recent information.

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Event Staffing

Event staffing is a great side hustle for nurses who enjoy being around people and have excellent organizational skills. As an event staff member, you get to work in various settings such as concerts, weddings, corporate events, sporting events and more.

Nurses are often preferred for event staffing jobs because they possess critical thinking skills and the ability to remain calm under pressure. During events, nurses will be responsible for attending to emergencies that may arise among attendees or other staff members which makes them highly valuable team players in the event planning industry.

Per Diem Shifts

The most obvious approach to get extra money as a nurse is to do more nursing.

Per diem nursing jobs are widely available from numerous organizations, enabling you to pick up a few extra shifts without making a commitment.

You can find those opportunities on a platform like Clipboard Health, which matches healthcare workers with open shifts at the best facilities. It is a win-win because the hospitals get the help they need and you get the flexibility to work a side gig that pays.

For instance, Clipboard Health is constantly seeking:

  • Certified Nursing Assistants
  • Practical Nurses with a License
  • Registered Practical Nurses
  • Certified Nurses

You are free to work whenever and however much you choose.

Birth Doula

A birth doula provides assistance in the run-up to the birth and is present in order to support the mother and father.

A doula can make about $45,000 a year working full-time, depending on experience and region.

The main drawback to working as a doula as a side gig is that you never know when a baby will be due, making scheduling difficult.

Create A YouTube Channel

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine. It has built-in revenue mechanisms for content creators via YouTube Advertising.

Nurse Side Hustle: 21 Ideas For Extra Money 18

The possibilities are endless for nurses looking to make money on YouTube. Even though it may sound absurd, making money from videos is a terrific method to promote healthcare services. You can also provide videos that inform prospective nursing students about the procedure, what to anticipate, and how to succeed in nursing school.

You can also make videos regarding your present line of work, problems you notice, and assistance you can offer viewers. Provide compelling material to increase your chances of earning more money because the more viewers you attract, the more you’ll earn.

You could even open a TikTok or Instagram account and reveal your “secrets” to your followers.

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Door-to-Door Nurse

Another fantastic side job for nurses is being a door-to-door nurse. You can fill in hours whenever you have free time and work when you want. You are a travelling nurse, as the name implies, and you visit patients’ homes to assist them with their requirements.

You could assist someone with their basic medical needs, such as assisting them with bathing and medicine administration or blood testing. Even if they do it themselves, some families of elderly people prefer to have a nurse visit their loved ones. They want to make sure that their loved one is in excellent health and that there are no medical conditions that they should be aware of and which would necessitate quick medical attention.

Personal Shopping And Styling

If you have a passion for fashion and love helping people look their best, then personal shopping and styling can be the perfect side hustle for you. As a nurse with a keen eye for style, you can offer your services to clients who need help finding the right outfits that fit their budget and lifestyle.

You will be responsible for selecting clothes and accessories based on each client’s preference, body shape, and styles. You’ll also help them create versatile wardrobes that they can mix-and-match easily. Plus, you get to work flexible hours that suit your nursing shifts without compromising your full-time job as a registered nurse.

Sleep Consulting

Sleep specialists work with worn-out parents to develop a strategy for getting their infants and toddlers to sleep through the night. Prices range between $400 and $600 for a 2-week intervention because it can be an unbearable pain.

Also, you can manage numerous clients simultaneously while working remote. Your experience as a nurse will add legitimacy to your advise.

Why Nurses Need Side Hustles

Nurses need side hustles due to high demands and lower salaries in the nursing profession, leading to a need for financial stability and security.

High Demand And Low Salaries

It’s no secret that nursing is a demanding profession, both physically and mentally. Nurses work long hours, often on their feet for most of the day, and deal with challenging cases that require constant attention to detail.

Unfortunately, despite the high demands placed on them, many nurses are paid low salaries that barely cover their expenses. This is why having a side hustle as a nurse can be incredibly beneficial. Whether it’s working as a medical transcriptionist or freelancing as a health writer, having an extra source of income can provide financial stability and security that many nurses desperately need.

Plus, with the flexibility to choose your own hours and work from home in some cases, side hustles offer added convenience for those juggling full-time nursing jobs with other personal commitments.

Need For Financial Stability And Security

With the rising costs of living expenses and student loan debt, many nurses turn to side hustles as a way to supplement their income. This not only helps them achieve their financial goals but also gives them peace of mind knowing that they are building a solid foundation for themselves and their families.

One of the benefits of having a side gig is that it allows you to have more control over your finances. You can use your extra income to pay off debts, save for emergencies or invest in your future.

Additionally, having financial stability outside of your regular nursing job can alleviate some stress associated with working long hours or feeling undervalued in your current role.

Consider exploring different side hustles such as telehealth consulting or freelance writing which will enable you to work on your own schedule by leveraging skills from within nursing school or career track will contribute immensely toward achieving desired financial security!

Work on their passion

A passion endeavor may not always generate a lot of money, at least not right away.

Hobby projects make excellent small business concepts. Without having to worry about losing your main source of money, you may do something you love and enjoy. A side hustle passion project’s extra cash is like a bonus!

Not every side business has to be a passion endeavor. But why not try it if it’s something you’re passionate about?

This may take the form of having a modest YouTube channel, playing music gigs on the weekends, or selling unique artwork on Etsy.

How to choose the best side hustles for you

The finest side businesses for nurses are those that take into account both your current skills and long-term objectives. For instance, if you have a knack for language, you could work as a freelance writer. If you want to put your nursing abilities to practice, you might want to look after children or the elderly.

While choosing the ideal side job for you, take into account the following factors:

  • Flexibility: Choosing a side business that allows for flexibility in schedule and workload is important because a nursing career can be very demanding.
  • Income potential: Consider the potential earnings from a side business, but take into account the time and work needed to be successful.
  • Personal interest: Choose a side hustle that fits with your passions and interests to make it more rewarding and fun.
  • Start-up expenses: Certain side businesses, like making items to sell on Etsy, may need an initial investment. While selecting the side business that best suits your needs, take these fees into account.

You should be able to locate a side job you enjoy by weighing all of your possibilities and selecting one that matches your objectives, desired pay rate, and required flexibility.

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Benefits of having a Side Hustle

Having a nurse side hustle provides increased income, flexible hours, new opportunities for growth in both personal and professional realms, as well as diversification of skillsets.

Increased Income

Many nurses turn to side hustles due to the high demands of their profession and low salaries. You can earn extra cash without having to sacrifice time from your nursing job.

Nurse Side Hustle: 21 Ideas For Extra Money 19

Apart from earning extra money, having a side gig offers flexibility and independence. You can work on your own hours or schedule, which is beneficial for those who have commitments outside of their nursing career.

Plus, it allows opportunities for personal and professional growth as well as diversification of skills in other areas of healthcare services beyond the traditional nursing role.

Flexibility And Independence

One major benefit of having a side job is the flexibility and independence it provides. With a nursing job, shifts can be long and demanding, leaving little time for personal pursuits or other interests.

However, with a side job, nurses have more control over their schedule and can choose to work as much or as little as they want. This flexibility also allows nurses to pursue passions outside of the healthcare industry while still earning extra income.

Whether it’s starting an online business, selling items and crafts on Etsy, or even working in event staffing, a side gig offers endless opportunities for exploration and growth outside of traditional nursing roles. Plus, being able to set your own hours means that you can better balance work-life commitments without sacrificing either one entirely.

Opportunities For Personal And Professional Growth

One of the significant benefits of side hustles for nurses is that it presents endless opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Nurses with side hustles can develop their skills, gain new experiences, and broaden their perspectives outside the traditional healthcare setting. By exploring different fields related to nursing, such as health coaching or medical device sales, nurses can learn about unique treatment options and expand their knowledge base.

Moreover, engaging in side hustles allows nurses to take on leadership roles, manage teams of other healthcare professionals, or even run their businesses. Such experiences not only enhance one’s resume but also provide avenues for developing leadership abilities that can be transferred to regular nursing jobs. As a result, pursuing a nurse side hustle guarantees continuous learning from both personal and professional angles.

Diversification Of Skills

Having a side business in addition to nursing can provide an opportunity for diversification of skills. Nurses have a unique skill set that is highly valuable in many different industries, and developing new skills through a side gig can enhance their professional growth.

For example, if a nurse decides to start a health coaching business on the side, they will learn new techniques for effective communication, marketing strategies, and business management.

Moreover, having diverse skills can make nurses more competitive in the job market or even help them transition into other healthcare roles. A nurse with experience in medical sales would be an attractive candidate for pharmaceutical companies looking for sales representatives.

Similarly, knowledge gained through writing and blogging could lead to opportunities in medical content creation or public relations. Ultimately, diversifying one’s skill set ensures that their career options remain open and adaptable to any changes within the healthcare industry.

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Challenges Of Having A Nurse Side Hustle

Balancing work and personal life can be a challenge when taking on a side hustle, along with legal and ethical considerations, burnout and fatigue, and competition.

However, don’t let these challenges discourage you from exploring the benefits that having a side hustle can bring to your nursing career.

Balancing Work And Personal Life

One of the biggest challenges nurses face when pursuing a side hustle is finding the right balance between their work and personal life. Juggling multiple commitments can be overwhelming, but it’s important to set boundaries and prioritize self-care.

This may mean delegating tasks, creating a schedule that works for you, or taking time off when needed. Another strategy is to find a side job that complements your nursing career rather than detracts from it.

For example, tutoring nursing students or offering health coaching services can utilize your existing skills while still allowing for flexibility in your schedule. Whatever your choice may be, remember to take care of yourself first and foremost so that you can continue to thrive both professionally and personally.

Legal And Ethical Considerations

As a nurse, it’s important to be aware of legal and ethical considerations when starting a side hustle. Depending on your profession or specialty, there may be certain restrictions or regulations you need to follow.

For example, if you’re a registered nurse, you’ll need to ensure that any side hustles don’t conflict with your existing job duties or violate any state nursing laws.

Furthermore, you must also consider the ethical implications of taking on additional work outside your day to day nursing job. Confidentiality is paramount in healthcare settings, so nurses who take up side hustles that involve sharing patient information need to do so within legal limits and proper channels. Nurses should always exercise caution and seek guidance from their employers regarding these matters.

In summary, while the idea of boosting income with a side hustle can be appealing for nurses struggling with low salaries or high demands at work, they must approach such opportunities mindfully and thoughtfully – abiding by the legal and ethical standards that govern professional conduct in their field.

Burnout And Fatigue

One of the challenges of side hustles for nurses is the risk of burnout and fatigue. Balancing a full-time nursing job with extra work can be physically and mentally exhausting, especially if you’re not taking breaks or prioritizing self-care.

It’s important to recognize the signs of burnout, such as feeling overwhelmed, irritable or disengaged. To prevent burnout and fatigue from your nursing side hustle, it’s essential to set realistic expectations for yourself by managing your time effectively.

Schedule regular breaks throughout your day and week to recharge your batteries so that you don’t fall victim to exhaustion.

Additionally, prioritize sleep hygiene habits like getting 7-9 hours per night and keeping up with healthy eating habits to support overall wellbeing. By taking care of yourself first, you’ll be able to continue pursuing nursing while also maintaining a successful side gig without burning out or experiencing undue stress on a regular basis.


Having a side hustle can be highly rewarding, but with it comes the challenge of competition.

With so many nurses looking for side hustles to supplement their income, it’s important to find something unique that sets you apart from others. One way to do this is by leveraging your education and expertise in a specific niche, such as telehealth consulting or health coaching.

Another way to stand out is by offering exceptional customer service and building strong relationships with clients. Word-of-mouth referrals can go a long way in helping you secure additional work and beat out the competition.

Don’t be afraid to network with other healthcare professionals or tap into online communities of like-minded individuals who may be able to offer guidance and support on growing your side hustle.

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Tips for working a Nursing side job

When you’re prepared to take on a side job, use the following advice to make the most of your chance:

Set boundaries

Make it obvious that this is a side job for you if you are employed by a hospital or other medical area and that there may be moments of the day when you are not accessible. This is helpful if a business requires a specific level of availability to meet operational needs.

Prioritize your day

You’ll need to squeeze your side work in wherever you can, regardless of whether you have another employment or other commitments. Prioritizing your day will help you set aside certain periods to do your work by focusing on the things that are more important first.

Eliminate distractions

You’re probably putting up yourself to even less time in your day if you’re doing a side job. Even if the advantages of having a side gig certainly outweigh the time you lose, it’s essential that you pay attention to your work, so you don’t take longer than required to finish it.

Stay organized

If you want to work a full-time job plus a side gig, think about implementing processes that will keep you organized. Use a calendar, a list of reminders, color-coding, or anything else that will help you stay organized.

Start small

Start modest if taking on a side job is new to you. While obtaining a side hustle and finding the time to execute the work may take some consideration, it may also become daunting if the work conflicts with your full-time job or other obligations.


In conclusion, side hustles for nurses are not only rewarding but also necessary in today’s healthcare industry. With high demands and low salaries, nurses can benefit greatly from having extra income and financial stability.

From telehealth consulting to freelance writing and tutoring, there are endless possibilities for nurses to diversify their skills and increase their earning potential.

While balancing work and personal life may pose some challenges, the benefits of independence and opportunities for growth make it all worth it.

So why not explore some side hustle ideas today? Your nursing background may just open up a world of job opportunities you never thought possible!

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Nurse Side Hustle: 21 Ideas For Extra Money 11

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