Perfecting Blogging Review: Sophia Lee Legit?

Building a successful blog that earns serious income is no small feat these days. But influencer Sophia Lee insists she’s cracked the code with her new course Perfecting Blogging. After earning over 500,000 monthly views and a 5-figure monthly profit within a few years of starting her blog, Sophia felt she was ready to teach others her strategy.

In this Perfecting Blogging review, I’ll be providing an in-depth review of Perfecting Blogging after taking the course myself.

I’ll assess the quality of Sophia’s training, evaluate if it really includes the tactics needed to grow a blog and offer transparency on whether it lives up to its promises.

My goal is to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of Perfecting Blogging to help you determine if Sophia’s formula is worth the investment for your blogging aspirations because as an experienced blogger myself, I understand the blood, sweat, and tears required for blogging success.

Does Sophia condense viable shortcuts, or is her course just cookie-cutter content that won’t add value?

Let’s dig in and get the real scoop on what Perfecting Blogging delivers.

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Key Takeaways

  • Perfecting Blogging is a course that teaches you how to start and grow your blog.
  • It covers all aspects of starting a blog, including basics like choosing themes and writing posts.
  • The instructor, Sophia Lee, has a strong reputation in the blogging world. Her course offers practical strategies for success.
  • You’ll also learn important legal rules for bloggers and how to earn money from ads, selling products or services, consulting, membership sites, sponsored content, and online courses.
  • VERDICT: Sophia Lee’s Perfecting Blogging course is an ideal fit for those entirely new to blogging and looking for a solid baseline. Experienced bloggers will find some of the lessons pretty rudimentary but for total beginners, it provides a helpful starting point.

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What is Perfecting Blogging by Sophia Lee?

If you’re looking to launch a profitable blog, Sophia Lee’s Perfecting Blogging course may be worth a look.

Sophia started a blog that now rakes in over 500,000 monthly views and earns a 5-figure monthly income. Now, she’s packaged up everything she did to achieve that success into an online course so you can follow her blueprint.

Perfecting Blogging Review

In Perfecting Blogging, Sophia reveals the exact strategies she leveraged to take her blog from 0 to 100,000 monthly views within a year.

Three years later, she was exceeding 500,000 views per month and earning over $30k monthly.

For aspiring or established bloggers, Sophia claims to deliver the optimal game plan for growth and monetization.

Through the course, you’ll learn proven tactics for increasing traffic, converting readers, improving SEO rankings, and generating income through affiliates, advertising, and beyond.

According to Sophia, Perfecting Blogging condenses the precise formula that worked for her blog in just a few years.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at what the course covers, assess the value it provides, and offer transparent insights into whether it’s worth the investment for your blogging goals.

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My Personal Experience with Sophia Lee’s Perfecting Blogging

Having taken Sophia Lee’s Perfecting Blogging course myself, I’d say it’s an ideal fit for those entirely new to blogging looking for a solid baseline.

As an experienced blogger, I found the lessons pretty rudimentary personally. But for total beginners, I can see how it provides a helpful starting point.

Sophia does seem to keep the course updated to account for algorithm changes, testing new tactics for a couple of months herself before updating materials. This helps keep the teachings current in the ever-evolving blogging space.

The self-paced online format also allows you to absorb the concepts on your own schedule. You can blaze through or take a more gradual approach based on your bandwidth.

My main gripe is the course doesn’t get technical enough or dive deep into the business side of blogging — there isn’t much on turning blogging into a business versus just an income source.

The technical how-to’s on tasks like site setup are also quite basic so if you have to set things up from scratch, you will need to turn to other resources.

Other than that, total newbies will get a solid baseline understanding of core blogging pillars like optimizing content, promotion tactics, social media, SEO, and monetization.

What Stood out for me?

One of the areas where Sophia Lee’s program truly shines is in teaching you how to write blog posts, an underrated skill as I have found out over the years.

She provides you with a step-by-step process for creating engaging, informative, and well-structured content that keeps your readers coming back for more.

The way she breaks down the process, from brainstorming ideas to polishing your final draft, is not just informative but also incredibly practical. You’ll walk away with a clear understanding of how to structure your content, captivate your audience, and stand out.

And, Sophia doesn’t just skim the surface; she delves deep into the nitty-gritty details, helping you understand the ins and outs of blog post creation.

Whether you’re a seasoned blogger looking to refine your skills or a beginner eager to learn the ropes, Sophia Lee’s course is worth its weight in gold.

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Who is Sophia Lee?

Sophia Lee’s journey as a serious blogger began when she was pursuing a degree in interior architecture during her college years. She had been no stranger to entrepreneurship, starting her own website at the tender age of 17.

However, it wasn’t until September 2017, during her sophomore year of college, that she completely revamped her website with the goal of turning it into a source of income.

With the weight of financing her own education and the need for flexible income due to her changing academic schedule, Sophia embarked on a mission to make it work.

She had stumbled upon the inspiring success of a blogger who was raking in over $100,000 per month from her website, and this became her motivation. She bid farewell to her old blog and launched a new one in September 2017.

As time progressed, Sophia’s dedication bore fruit, and by May 2020, she had achieved an impressive milestone, pulling in over $43,000 in a single month while balancing the demands of being a full-time student and maintaining a social life.

Her passion for blogging extends to creating videos on YouTube where she shares her tips on how to make it as a blogger.

Perfect Blogging YouTube channel

You can watch her content on her Perfecting Blogging YouTube channel to get a feel for her style and decide whether the course will suit you.

As a professional interior designer, she also offers practical apartment decorating ideas on a budget, alongside organizational and cleaning tips to help others feel more put-together. That’s mostly what she does on her BSL YouTube channel.

By Sophia Lee YouTube channel

Sophia also shares her house-flipping projects on social media and hosts a show on her By Sophia Lee YouTube channel called “Go Big or Go Home.”

Is Sophia Lee Legit?

Yes, she is. Sophia Lee boasts an impressive track record in the blogging world. Her well-established reputation comes from her success with her own blog and her ability to communicate complex concepts simply.

Speaking of success, she used to share her income monthly report and in it, she’d give us a comprehensive breakdown of her revenue, her expenses, and traffic sources.

She grew her income progressively over the years from her beginner days when she was making hundreds of dollars per month to when she made five figures.

To get her income reports, you have to sign up for her newsletter (which I did) via her official website, By Sophia Lee.

That’s how I got my hands on this income and traffic report for May 2020:

income and traffic report for May, 2020 (for perfecting blogging course review)

Here are her expenses:

Sophia Lee's Blogging Expenses (Sophia Lee course review)

Her stats for the month:

Sophia Lee Blogging stats (Sophia Lee Blogging course)

She readily shares this information to show that she actually makes that money and she can show you how to get it through this course.

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What is included in Perfecting Blogging

The Perfecting Blogging Course curriculum guides you through all the crucial steps in creating a successful blog. It starts with basics like setting up your blog, choosing themes and plugins, and writing engaging articles.

What is included in Perfect Blogging

Then it moves onto more advanced topics such as SEO strategies, social media marketing, email marketing, and finding profitable affiliate programs to join.

Each module is well-structured with easy-to-follow video lessons and supporting worksheets for practical hands-on application of what you have learned.

The course will guide you through important legalities in the blogging world, as well as effective email and Pinterest marketing strategies.

Here are the main topics covered:

Blogging basics

In the Perfecting Blogging course, you will dive into blogging basics that lay a solid foundation for your online presence.

This includes understanding how to pick an impactful blog name and setting up your website with user-friendly navigation.

You’ll learn the importance of creating engaging content that stands out amongst other blogs. The magic of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will also be demystified, helping you to optimize each post for maximum visibility on search engines like Google.

Setting up your Blog

In Sophia Lee’s course, she dives deep into the world of blogging, covering essential topics that can set you on the path to blogging success. Sophia shares her insights on choosing the right niche, a pivotal decision for any blogger.

Moving on, Sophia delves into the critical aspects of setting up a blog that your readers will trust. She highlights the significance of your website’s appearance, providing tips on selecting the right theme and saving time while creating eye-catching graphics.

Sophia also offers a branding guide for both Canva and Adobe Illustrator, equipping you with the tools to make your blog stand out.

Furthermore, she shares her sources for fonts and images and guides you on creating a well-structured blog, including your menu and the essential components of your About page. Additionally, she sheds light on blogging anonymously, drawing from her own experience.

How to write blog posts

Sure thing! Sophia Lee’s content planning series is a treasure trove for bloggers and content creators. In these lessons, she covers everything from the fundamental importance of content planning to the nitty-gritty details of writing a successful blog post.

She delves into the art of finding the right keywords, generating post ideas that’ll engage your audience, and crafting compelling introductions and endings.

She even shares insights on how to deal with copycats. Plus, she takes you behind the scenes, revealing the exact tools she uses for writing blog posts and her secret formula for titling them.

Techniques to Make Money Blogging

Sophia Lee delves into the art of monetizing a blog with a personal touch that’s both informative and approachable.

One key aspect Sophia explores is Affiliate Marketing. In a 3-minute and 59-second video, she unveils her strategies for making money from her readers without coming across as too salesy. It’s like getting a peek behind the scenes of how she seamlessly incorporates affiliate marketing into her blog content, ensuring that her readers get value while she earns from it.

In addition to affiliate marketing, Sophia emphasizes the importance of a Recommendations Page in another engaging 2-minute and 40-second video. She explains how curating a list of recommended products or services can not only benefit her readers but also add a revenue stream to her blog. It’s a practical guide on how to strike that balance between serving your audience and generating income.

Ads play a significant role in blog monetization, and Sophia sheds light on this topic in a 2-minute and 50-second video. She shares her insights, experiences, and perhaps some lessons learned in her journey with advertisements, giving you a glimpse of what to expect when incorporating ads into your blog.

Lastly, Sophia takes you on a personal journey with Mediavine in a 3-minute and 20-second video. She shares her winding history with this advertising network, which can be both relatable and instructive for bloggers looking to explore similar avenues.

Worksheets and Printables

Sophia Lee’s collection of Worksheets and Printables is like a toolkit for digital entrepreneurs and content creators.

First up, she has the “Branding Guide for Canva” and the “Branding Guide for Adobe Illustrator.” These are your go-to resources for creating a unique and eye-catching brand identity.

And if you’re all about finding the right keywords to boost your online presence, her “Keyword Research Template” is meant for you.

Planning your content couldn’t be easier with her “Content Calendar.” It’s a scheduler to keep you organized and on track with your content strategy.

She’s got your back when it comes to creating blog posts that hit all the right marks. Her “Blog Post Checklist” is like a blueprint for crafting engaging and effective content.

And if you ever stumble upon a term you don’t quite understand in your digital journey, her “Glossary” is your trusty guide. It’s like having a dictionary tailored to the digital world, ensuring you’re never lost in the jargon.


Sophia Lee covers a wide range of valuable topics to help bloggers and online entrepreneurs level up their game.

It kicks off with an introduction, setting the stage for what’s to come. Sophia delves into the importance of “Backlinks” and provides insights into building an effective backlink strategy. She then shares the exact list of plugins she uses on her successful blog,, which can be a game-changer for those looking to enhance their website’s functionality.

Sophia also addresses the vital aspect of tracking traffic sources and explores strategies for staying motivated when dealing with lower page views.

She provides valuable insights into the world of hiring, giving tips on how to assemble a winning team. The bonus section dives into organizational tools like Asana and Google Calendar, sharing how Sophia and her team keep everything in order.

It then touches on the growth path, highlighting how her blog evolved into multiple successful businesses. Sophia reveals the secrets of making six figures with digital products and explores the intricacies of Google Analytics, which is crucial for understanding website performance.

The bonus section wraps up with a deep dive into affiliate marketing and a comprehensive guide to crafting an effective social media strategy.

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Who is Perfecting Blogging for?

From my assessment, Perfecting Blogging is perfect for three groups of people:

Beginner bloggers

If you’re just delving into the world of online content creation, Perfecting Blogging offers knowledge to help you get started.

From setting up your blog site to creating engaging posts that connect with readers, this course lays the groundwork.

Many folks enter the blogging sphere unaware of its depth or complexity. This can lead to confusion and often result in blogs that struggle to gain traction in a dense market. The course breaks down these barriers by simplifying complex strategies into accessible lessons tailored for beginners.

It effectively turns daunting challenges into manageable tasks, giving amateur bloggers the confidence to carve out their unique space on the web.

Bloggers looking to monetize

Turning a passion for blogging into a profitable venture is not an easy task.

Perfecting Blogging shows the way to those bloggers who aim at monetization. This course presents successful strategies on how to make money from blog traffic or affiliate marketing.

With guidance from this course, bloggers seeking to monetize won’t have to venture into unknown territory; they will know exactly what steps to follow and methods to adopt for financial gain.

Bloggers who want to increase traffic

Taking steps to boost web traffic is a key objective for many bloggers. The Perfecting Blogging course serves this goal with practical solutions. It provides proven strategies and techniques that can enhance your blog’s visibility, and engage more readers.

You get the opportunity to learn about essential SEO practices, effective use of social media platforms for promotion, and employing email marketing tactics for better audience outreach.

Those interested in affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing operates like a beneficial two-way street. Brands seek bloggers to help promote their products, and in return, these bloggers receive a commission for each sale made through their unique affiliate links.

The Perfecting Blogging course uncovers the secrets behind successful affiliate marketing strategies – helping you understand how to choose the right brands to partner with and create compelling content that leads your audience towards making purchases.

Perfecting Blogging itself has an affiliate program that you can join to promote the course.

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Perfecting Blogging Cost and discounts

Enrolling in the Perfecting Blogging course comes with an affordable price tag that won’t break the bank. As of writing this, it costs $247 (without including taxes).

You can often find generous discounts popping up from time to time.

These cuts in prices make it even more of a steal and help ensure everyone interested gets access to Sophia Lee’s expertise without feeling the financial pinch too much. Check out their website or join the Perfecting Blogging Facebook group for updates on any upcoming sale periods.

What Are People Saying About Sophia Lee’s Perfecting Blogging

I’ve had the chance to notice and compile some extraordinary success stories from students who completed the Perfecting Blogging course.

  1. Sara, with her lifestyle blog, witnessed a swift traffic increase within three months of applying the course tactics.
  2. John launched his tech blog and managed to monetize it in six months, thanks to the invaluable affiliate marketing lessons.
  3. Emily, a food blogger, doubled her email subscribers after following the course’s email marketing strategies.
  4. Alex found immense growth in his Pinterest followers after implementing the Pinterest marketing tips shared in this course.
  5. Laura, a novice blogger who knew nothing about SEO, now ranks on Google’s first page for several high-volume keywords in her niche.
  6. Michelle successfully turned her blogging hobby into a full-time income source after completing this powerful course!
  7. Paul boosted his blog affiliate earnings drastically by utilizing bespoke worksheets provided in this course – he recommends it as one of the best blogging courses he has ever taken!

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The Benefits of Perfecting Blogging

  • It is a comprehensive course that covers all aspects of starting a blog that you can make money with.
  • Offers practical, implementable strategies for blog growth
  • Updated regularly to match current blogging trends
  • Lacks a community forum for students to engage and learn from each other. You may get personal and direct responses from Sophia but that’s not guaranteed.
  • The initial cost of the course is relatively affordable (compared to alternatives)

The Drawbacks of Perfecting Blogging

Please note that these aren’t necessarily deal-breakers, but they are worth considering to ensure this course is the right fit for you.

  • The course content doesn’t go deep enough for advanced bloggers.
  • Some strategies may not apply to all blog niches

Perfecting Blogging Alternatives

Exploring other options is a clever move before dedicating time and funds to any course. Several effective blogging courses exist that can also enhance your skills significantly.

  • Authority Site System: The Authority Site System is a comprehensive course designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools required to create authority websites. It’s not just about building one site; it’s about equipping you to potentially establish multiple successful sites. This program is an ideal choice if you’re aiming to kickstart your journey into online income generation through websites. It’s also a valuable resource if you already have a website but are facing challenges in reaching that crucial milestone of earning your first $1,000 per month.
  • Matt Diggity’s Affiliate Lab course: Focuses on ranking, monetizing, and even flipping high-competition affiliate websites. With years of experience in affiliate marketing and SEO, Matt helps you navigate the world of affiliate marketing and SEO.The Affiliate Lab reviewIt is designed for both beginners (although some would disagree), intermediates, and experienced affiliate marketers who want expert guidance on how to create successful affiliate businesses.
  • Scale Your Travel Blog is a program designed to assist bloggers, particularly those in the travel niche, in creating and expanding their blogs while attracting substantial traffic from search engines like Google. The course focuses on various monetization strategies, including sponsorships and display ads. However, affiliate marketing takes center stage in the program, receiving the most extensive coverage and emphasis compared to other monetization methods like sponsorships and ads. So, if you’re looking to turn your travel blog into a profitable venture, this program provides valuable insights and techniques to help you achieve just that.
  • Passive Income Geek’s flagship course is a comprehensive and beginner-friendly blogging program designed to take you from the ground up. This course covers everything you need to know about starting and growing a successful website, from building it from scratch to driving traffic, identifying high-ranking topics on Google, monetizing your site for long-term income, and even how to recruit writers for your content needs. The course is meticulously structured, offering a step-by-step guide that combines engaging video content with informative text to ensure a clear understanding of every aspect of the process. Passive Income Geek’s course equips you with the knowledge and tools necessary to create and monetize niche websites effectively.
  • Blog Growth Engine 4.0 by the highly regarded blogger and digital marketer Adam Enfroy, is a comprehensive online training course designed to empower you with the skills and tactics required to kickstart, launch, and monetize your blog.Blog Growth Engine ReviewThis program offers a well-structured, step-by-step system for achieving success in the world of blogging. It delves into the art of crafting engaging content, mastering the intricacies of search engine optimization (SEO), effectively building backlinks, and driving substantial traffic to your website.
  • Blogging Fast Lane, created by Anna and Tom of the Adventure In You blog, is a comprehensive online course designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge to launch and grow a successful, revenue-generating blog. While it leans towards travel blogging due to the creators’ expertise, it offers valuable insights for bloggers of all niches.What is Blogging Fast Lane (blogging course review)The course’s central objective is to provide a clear, step-by-step roadmap for establishing a profitable blog within a 90-day timeframe. It covers every aspect of the blogging journey, starting from conceptualizing a blog idea and setting up your website to content creation, effective promotion, traffic-building strategies, and diversified monetization methods. The course comes with downloadable templates and checklists, real-world case studies, weekly Q&A webinars, and access to a private community forum.

Each of them has unique strengths varying from design aesthetics to balancing personal life with blogging goals. Do not fear making comparisons; the objective is to find what best suits your individual requirements and style for maximum success in your blogging journey.

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Our Perfecting Blogging Verdict

After investing countless hours trying to figure out blogging on my own, I was thrilled to finally find a structured resource in Sophia Lee’s Perfecting Blogging. As a course created by an experienced blogger with over 500k monthly views on her own blog, it delivers on providing a clear roadmap for blogging success.

For beginners especially, Perfecting Blogging is an invaluable guide to core blogging competencies – creating content, promotion tactics, site optimization, social media, email marketing, monetization avenues – everything you need to launch a profitable blog. Sophia distills proven strategies into easily digestible modules.

While more advanced bloggers may find the course content a bit basic, total newcomers will appreciate the start-to-finish blueprint. It condenses the exact tips and steps that grew Sophia’s own blog from zero into a 5-figure a month business.

Could a determined newbie figure all this out through relentless research over months? Probably. But for those seeking a shortcut to blogging competency, Perfect Blogging supplies the blueprint. Sophia’s real-world credibility adds weight to her advice.

Ultimately, the Perfecting Blogging master course merits strong consideration for any beginner blogger committed to escaping analysis paralysis.

Approach with realistic expectations – blogging success demands hustle regardless. But implemented diligently, Sophia Lee’s methods can get you far.


1. What is the Perfecting Blogging course?

Perfecting Blogging is a blogging course by Sophia Lee that guides you on writing blog posts, implementing an effective blogging strategy, and starting to make money through blog affiliate marketing.

2. Why should I choose Sophia Lee’s blogging courses over others?

Sophia Lee’s course includes unique features like free blogging tips, blog post templates, exact steps for setting up your blog’s menu, or mastering Google SEO which are not typically covered in other blogging courses.

3. Is there any additional course included with Perfecting Blogging?

Yes! When you purchase Sophia Lee’s Perfecting Blogging course, you might also get access to ‘Perfecting Pinterest’ at a discount which provides strategies to leverage Pinterest for your blogs.

4. Will I be able to write better blog post introductions after opting for this Course?

Certainly! The single blog post writing lessons in the Perfecting Blogging review highlights how to write enticing intros among freakin important things about blogging legally and structuring excellent content overall.

5. As a broke college student wanting to start as a blogger, will spending money on this course pay off?

While it requires initial investment; considering the comprehensive resources offered like valuable lessons started from scratch, blog affiliates worksheets, the detailed reviewed techniques, etc., many bloggers have found Sophia Lee’s perfecting blogging cost worth every penny spent!

6. Is there any downfall of perfecting blogging as mentioned in its reviews?

The cons of taking up perfecting blogging pointed out in a few reviews include requiring commitment to applying learned skills consistently, but when done so, the majority of students affirm seeing progressive results!

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