Physician Side Hustle: 17 Ways To Earn Extra Income

Being a physician is both rewarding and demanding, but with the rising costs of living and student loan debts, many medical professionals are exploring opportunities to supplement their income.

Join the world of physician side hustles, which provide medical professionals means to put their knowledge and abilities to use outside of their main line of work while making extra money without losing work-life balance.

From real estate investing to expert witnessing, there’s a myriad of options available for those in the medical field looking to diversify their income streams.

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Physician Side Hustle: 17 Ways To Earn Extra Income 37

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What is a Physician Side Hustle?

A physician side hustle refers to any additional income-generating activity pursued outside of a doctor’s primary clinical work which can be either medical or non-medical.

Physician side hustle

A physician side gig allows medical professionals to utilize their skills, medical degree knowledge, and expertise outside of their primary practice in order to generate additional income.

These opportunities can range from providing expert advice in legal cases or clinical research consultations to investing in real estate or creating digital content for the medical community.

As physicians are often regarded as high-income earners with specialized skill sets, they have numerous options available at their disposal when it comes to exploring supplementary sources of revenue.

For instance, those who possess strong communication abilities might opt for public speaking engagements at conferences or offer tutoring services targeted at medical students.

Additionally, doctors with entrepreneurial instincts could develop innovative healthcare products stemming from their firsthand experiences in clinical settings.

Benefits And Potential Downsides Of Pursuing A Side Hustle

Pursuing a physician side hustle offers numerous benefits, including financial independence and professional development.

With medical school student loan debt being a significant burden for many medical professionals, more money earned via side gigs can make a substantial difference in their overall financial success.

Engaging in additional medical work, for instance, encourages doctors to stay up-to-date with new developments in the medical field and sharpens their research and writing skills.

Teaching an online course or serving as an adjunct professor at a local college allows you to hone your public speaking abilities while also gaining valuable experience working with students.

That being said, taking on a side hustle as a busy physician is not without its downsides. Time management can be challenging when juggling clinical obligations, personal life, and commitments related to the extra gig.

There may also be legal or ethical considerations involved with some ventures such as expert witness work or consultancies with pharmaceutical companies that could potentially create conflicts of interest.

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Top Side Hustles For Physicians

Explore the top side hustles for doctors that can provide a reliable source of passive income and complement their medical careers.

From medical witness work to real estate investing, online education to stock investment, this section offers plenty of exciting side hustle ideas worth exploring.

Medical Witness Work

Medical witness work is an ideal side hustle for physicians who possess extensive knowledge and expertise in their specific field.

Physician Side Hustle: 17 Ways To Earn Extra Income 38

In this role, doctors provide expert testimony in legal cases, helping to clarify complex medical issues and offering informed opinions on various aspects of patient care, diagnoses, and treatments.

The demand for physician expert witnesses is continually growing due to the increasing number of malpractice lawsuits filed each year. To join this lucrative field, doctors may need additional certifications or training specific to their area of practice as well as a strong ability to present information clearly and persuasively in both written reports and court testimonies.

Networking with attorneys specializing in personal injury or medical malpractice law can help physicians secure ongoing opportunities as a respected authority within legal proceedings.

Real Estate Investing

One of the most popular physician side gigs is real estate investing. By purchasing rental properties, physicians can generate passive income and build long-term wealth.

Physician Side Hustle: 17 Ways To Earn Extra Income 39

Real estate investment provides an excellent opportunity to diversify one’s portfolio and benefit from appreciation in property values over time. Additionally, owning rental properties can be a great tax shelter for physicians looking to lower their taxable income.

Some physicians may also choose to invest in real estate through real estate crowdfunding platforms or REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts), which offer more passive options with less hands-on management required.

Overall, real estate investing offers high-income earners like medical professionals a reliable source of extra income while providing financial security and personal fulfillment outside of clinical medicine practice.

Start a YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel is a terrific method to share your expertise with a large audience, especially with the increase of video content. You might make films on any topic linked to medical care, health, or wellbeing.

Physician Side Hustle: 17 Ways To Earn Extra Income 40

This is a wonderful physician side gig since it is simple to start and does not require any expensive equipment. All you really need to get started is a smartphone and a tripod. You may always improve your equipment as your channel grows.

When it comes to medical information, YouTube has very rigorous regulations, so acquaint yourself with their standards before you begin making videos.

Regardless of the challenges, creating a YouTube channel may be a highly lucrative medical side hustle. You may make money from adverts that appear on your videos. Direct sponsorships and affiliate marketing may also be viable options.

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Podcasting is a great physician side hustle that has gained popularity in recent years. With this side hustle, physicians can share their medical knowledge and expertise with a broad audience while earning extra income.

Physician Side Hustle: 17 Ways To Earn Extra Income 41

Podcasting allows physicians to connect with listeners from all over the world who are interested in various medical topics.

To start monetizing your podcast, you can offer sponsorship opportunities or sell advertising space on your platform. A popular physician podcast that has done well is the “Surgery Sett” by Dr. Josh Mezrich.

Brian Goldstein, which covers health care policy, clinical practice pearls, surgical complications and more. By creating quality content that resonates with its intended audience ,this podcast has attracted thousands of subscribers and became one of the most recommended podcasts among Medical students in 2021 .

Overall, podcasting proves one of the top profitable hobbies for Physicians looking to supplement their primary careers financially – allowing them also create networks beyond the walls of medicine!


Although consulting is a wide phrase, there are numerous situations in which a physician’s advice and medical skills are required. This provides you with an excellent opportunity to make more revenue in return for your time and knowledge.

You may find consulting gigs for a variety of short-term initiatives that require physicians. A doctor’s advice is sought in a number of circumstances and enterprises, including medical device and pharmaceutical firms, insurance companies, and legal services, to mention a few.

Consulting may be a profitable approach to collaborate with businesses and diversify your income. You can begin consulting by networking with other doctors and any groups to which you belong. You’ll need to figure either your hourly rate or project charge, and then figure out how much time you can reasonably devote to advising each week.

Start a Blog or Niche Website

Starting a blog or a content-based website is a good alternative if you like writing and are searching for a long-term business opportunity.

Physician Side Hustle: 17 Ways To Earn Extra Income 42

As a medical practitioner, you may develop a website or blog about a certain part of health care, clinical medicine, or another area of expertise.

This is an excellent side hustle since it lets you share your expertise with the rest of the world while still earning money through adverts, sponsored articles, or affiliate marketing.

Growing a successful blog requires time and work, but it can be financially and personally gratifying. Because the long-term revenue potential is limitless, this is an excellent alternative, particularly for individuals searching for something to do after retiring or retiring early from actively practicing.

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Medical Writing And Editing

Medical writing and editing is an excellent side hustle for doctors who enjoy writing or have expertise in a particular medical field.

Physician Side Hustle: 17 Ways To Earn Extra Income 43

This side gig involves creating content such as scientific papers, journal articles, reports, and patient education materials.

A pharmaceutical company could hire you to create a summary for a new medicine they’re releasing. Pharma businesses require copywriters for the marketing brochures they give to physicians.

Physician side hustles can provide reliable sources of passive income, which is essential during medical institution layoffs. In the case of medical writing and editing, it not only generates additional income but also allows physicians to use their skills and knowledge outside their primary clinical practice.

Physicians interested in this side hustle should consider networking with colleagues from academic institutions, hospital systems or approaching publication houses directly for contract works.

They could take advantage of online platforms like Upwork and Fiverr as well if they want remote-based work options.

Online Education

Another popular side hustle for physicians is online education. With the rise of e-learning platforms, physicians can use their medical expertise and knowledge to create an online course or teach classes that they enjoy.

Not only does online education provide a reliable source of passive income for physicians, but it also allows them to share their knowledge with a wider audience.

Physicians who are interested in pursuing this type of side hustle must be willing to put in the time and effort upfront to create quality content that will attract students.


Telemedicine or telehealth is an expanding profession in which doctors and clinicians can participate in a variety of ways.

Physician Side Hustle: 17 Ways To Earn Extra Income 44

One possibility is to add telemedicine to your existing practice as an extra service. This may be a terrific method to attract new patients while also making old ones more comfortable.

You’ll need to ensure that you have the necessary equipment and software, but many clinics are transitioning to telemedicine, and it may be a terrific way to increase your revenue.

Working as a locum tenens physician is another possibility. You will deliver care to patients through video chat or telephone under this agreement. This might be a wonderful method to supplement your income, especially if you want to work from home.

Write a Book or E book

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) service is a popular way for authors to self-publish ebooks and paperbacks. It is simple to use and has no upfront charges.

Simply submit your book to Amazon, and they will do the rest. Because paperbacks are printed when buyers purchase them, there is no need to pay for a print run before the books are sold.

You could, of course, sell your book or ebook through your own website. This will involve more time and effort than selling on Amazon, but you will have more control and a larger long-term earning potential. Podia makes it simple to sell digital files such as e books. They also have a free plan so you can get started with no money.

Writing a book or e book might also help advance your career. You’ll be able to establish yourself as an authority on the subject of the book, which is quite beneficial for establishing your name in the field.

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Medical Surveys

Taking medical surveys is another common non-clinical side job for doctors. There is no easier task than completing online surveys; you may do it whenever and anywhere you have access to one.

Physician Side Hustle: 17 Ways To Earn Extra Income 45

There are various firms that provide physician surveys, but pharmaceutical corporations are especially interested in hearing your thoughts.

Surveys, like other side hustles, have a wide compensation range. You should decide on the bare minimum for which you are willing to labor and then go from there.

To begin with medical surveys, conduct an online search for organizations that provide this sort of employment. Each employer will want you to fill out an application.

You will be asked about your specialty when you complete out the application. Once you’ve applied, they’ll notify you when a survey for your specialization is required. Keep a spreadsheet of the ones you apply to, and apply to as many as you can.

Medical Reviews

Participating in Medical Reviews is another potential side income for medical professionals to pursue. A number of companies offer medical evaluations for corporations. Several industries, such as insurance, employ the medical review procedure to review health insurance claims.

Companies will normally pay you for every 30 minutes of information evaluation.

If you are chosen to participate in a medical review, you will get an email with your instructions and recommended payment. Most reviews must be completed within a certain amount of time. You may tell them yes or no for the task when you see the response time and pay.

Stock Investing

Stock investing is another popular physician side gig, offering the potential for significant returns on investment.

Physician Side Hustle: 17 Ways To Earn Extra Income 46

Physicians can use their in-depth knowledge of healthcare and pharmaceutical industries to make informed investments that generate additional income.

One example of a successful physician stock investor is Dr. James Dahle, who founded The White Coat Investor blog to educate medical professionals about personal finance and investing.

With his expertise in emergency medicine and financial planning, Dr. Dahle has been able to build a successful investment portfolio that generates passive income outside of his clinical practice.

Peer to peer lending

Peer-to-peer lending is a strategy that enables people to provide money to those in need and then receive their money back (plus interest) in installments.

People frequently resort to peer-to-peer lending when they are unable to acquire funding through conventional ways. The majority of P2P lenders make between 5 and 10 percent on their original investment, and they have more control over who gets their loan by selecting the borrower based on their creditworthiness, job history, and other criteria.

However, you should be aware that there are prerequisites to become a P2P lender. Depending on whatever P2P loan site you choose to use, requirements may vary. You will mostly need to invest a minimum sum, but certain countries can also demand that P2P lenders abide by investment restrictions.

There are various dangers involved in being a P2P lender. The beneficiary of your loan may declare bankruptcy, or you may earn less if the recipient repays the debt sooner than intended. Only you know what kinds of risks you’re ready to accept with your money, so it’s always a good idea to do a personal risk assessment before taking the plunge.

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Special Considerations for Physician Side Hustles

Physicians should be aware of the legal and ethical considerations when pursuing a side hustle, balance their time between clinical obligations and personal life, and avoid potential conflicts of interest.

Legal And Ethical Considerations

Physicians who pursue side hustles need to be aware of the legal and ethical considerations that can affect their primary medical practice. One of the main concerns is potential conflicts of interest.

Physicians need to ensure that their side hustle does not compromise patient care or conflict with their responsibility to act in the best interests of patients.

Another consideration is ensuring compliance with laws and regulations related to healthcare professionals. Physicians must abide by strict rules relating to advertising and promotion when marketing their services as part of a side hustle, such as medical writing or consulting work.

It’s crucial for physicians pursuing side hustles to always closely monitor these legal and ethical considerations; they might impact not only litigation but personal ethics if pushed too far out of comfort zones.

Balancing A Side Hustle With Clinical Obligations And Personal Life

Balancing a physician side hustle with clinical obligations and personal life can be challenging, but it is essential for maintaining work-life balance.

For example, if a physician decides to pursue real estate investing as a side hustle, they should establish specific times during the week when they focus on this venture while making sure it does not interfere with patient care.

Physicians must manage expectations with themselves and their partners regarding availability to maintain healthy relationships at home.

Potential Conflicts Of Interest

Physicians need to be aware of potential conflicts of interest when pursuing a side hustle. For example, if a physician is developing and selling medical devices while also practicing medicine, there may be concerns about the safety and efficacy of those products.

To avoid conflicts of interest, physicians should disclose any outside activities to their employers or regulatory bodies and adhere to professional ethical standards. It’s crucial for physicians to maintain patient trust and avoid creating the appearance of impropriety.

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Tips For Starting And Managing A Physician Side Hustle

To effectively start and manage a physician side hustle, conduct thorough market research, develop a solid business plan with clear accounting practices, utilize time management techniques to balance your clinical obligations and personal life, communicate clearly and professionally with clients or partners, and always prioritize ethical considerations in balancing your side hustle with medical practice.

Conducting Market Research And Networking

If you’re thinking of pursuing a physician side hustle, it’s important to do your homework before diving in. Conducting market research and networking can help you determine which hustles are most viable and profitable, as well as connect with other professionals who can offer guidance and support.

Start by researching the competition in your area or online to identify gaps in the marketplace where your skills and expertise could be valuable.

For example, if you’re interested in starting an online education platform for medical students, reach out to existing educators or startup founders to ask about their experiences launching similar ventures.

Establishing A Business Plan And Accounting Practices

One crucial aspect of starting and managing a successful side hustle for doctors is establishing a clear business plan and robust accounting practices. A well-planned business strategy can help physicians identify their goals, target market, competition, and revenue streams.

Physician Side Hustle: 17 Ways To Earn Extra Income 47

It’s essential to have a realistic financial estimate of how much time and money it will take to launch the side gig.

Accounting practices are also vital for ensuring the financial success of a physician’s side hustle. Separate bank accounts, keeping track of all transactions related to your side hustle, and setting up automatic payments can all ensure clean financial records.

In conclusion, having an established business plan and sound accounting practices are critical steps in successfully launching and maintaining a physician side hustle.

Utilizing Time Management And Communication Techniques

As a physician with a side hustle, time management and communication techniques are crucial for success. Balancing clinical obligations, personal life, and additional work can be overwhelming without proper planning.

Creating a structured schedule that includes dedicated time for both your medical practice and side hustle is essential.

Communication is also key when juggling multiple responsibilities. Keeping in touch with colleagues at your medical practice and clients or customers for your side hustle helps prevent misunderstandings or missed deadlines.

By implementing strong time management skills and effective communication strategies, physicians can successfully balance their primary career with an additional source of income through a side hustle.

Maintaining Professionalism

It’s crucial for physicians to maintain professionalism when pursuing a side hustle. While it may be tempting to take on more casual or relaxed roles outside of clinical medicine, physicians must remember that they are still representing their profession and medical expertise.

For example, if a physician is engaging in expert witness work or medical writing as a side hustle, they must ensure that their opinions and recommendations are based on sound medical knowledge and research.

They should also avoid any activities that could potentially compromise patient care or safety.

Keeping these factors in mind can help physicians strike the right balance between earning extra money through side hustles while maintaining professionalism in the medical community.


In conclusion, physician side hustles can be an excellent way for medical professionals to supplement their income and use their skills beyond clinical medicine.

However, it’s important to carefully consider the benefits and potential downsides before pursuing one.

By conducting market research, developing a business plan, and balancing time commitments carefully, physicians can successfully manage a side hustle without sacrificing their primary career or personal life balance.

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Physician Side Hustle: 17 Ways To Earn Extra Income 37

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