Plug-In Payouts: Jason Williams Stock Legit?

Jason Williams of Angel Publishing has been pitching what he describes as a “hidden” income stream (or plug-in payouts) that “pays you every time an electric vehicle plugs into a charging station.”

He says that it involves a group of “special EV companies” that are required to split their profits with you.

He says that there is already a $563 million cash flow and if you make the right moves, you can earn up to $34,200 in plug-in payouts.

Let’s find out what investment opportunity Jason Williams is referring to here and how to get in on it and whether it is legit.

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What are Plug-In Payouts?

Jason Williams believes that as more charging stations get built, they are opening up a brand-new income stream that lets you pocket a few fractions of a dollar every time an electric car is plugged in.

That is the basis of his “plug-in payouts” argument.

Jason Williams Plug-in payouts

He also claims that although the amount you make per electric car that charges is small, these fractions can add up quickly.

He gives an example whereby, if you collect just $0.05 every minute, it adds up to $72 per day… $2,190 per month… or $26,280 a year in easy passive income.

Jason says that until a few months ago, this secret income source was rarely mentioned outside of an elite circle of wealthy investors and international oil companies.

He mentions names like David Shaw, who’s worth $7.5 billion; Paul Tudor Jones, worth $7.3 billion; and Israel Englander, worth $11.5 billion…

And speaking of oil companies, he is talking about Royal Dutch Shell and Mitsui getting involved in the charging stations trend, which is unexpected considering they’d be among the last to acknowledge this opportunity given the nature of their business.

But Jason informs us that it worked out so well that leading financial news publications started paying attention.

An example of this was when in December 2022, Yahoo Finance reported on it calling it an “extraordinary achievement” that continues “blasting off to even higher highs.”

He says that this trend was kicked off by an official U.S. government directive hidden in the late-2022 Inflation Reduction Act that channeled $7.5 billion of public money into a vital corner of the national EV network.

And the money is going to a group of EV-related firms that Jason is recommending for investment. He says that once you become a shareholder, you may receive your check or have the money wired directly to your bank account. And that’s how you will potentially collect up to $34,200 this year.Jason Williams Plug-in payouts

Jason has written a report called “Plug-in Payouts: Get Paid Every Time an Electric Car Plugs In.” It has all the details you need to know about the opportunity Jason is talking about.

If you want a free copy, you have to sign up for Jason’s flagship service, The Wealth Advisory, which we will discuss later.

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Who is Jason Williams?

Jason Williams is an investment analyst who went to Harvard Business School and ended up working as an investment banker for Morgan Stanley after graduating. He is responsible for presentations like Warehouse WealthNewton Battery, and The Ethereum Killer.

He worked at other big banks on Wall Street in the 2000s and that experience gave him his first glimpse into the hidden income streams that the ultra-wealthy use to make themselves even richer.

He says that this is what allowed him to build a network of CEOs, billionaire investors, startup founders, and serial entrepreneurs.

These contacts, he says, help him uncover the best investments for his followers at Angel Publishing.

He says that now he specializes in revealing opportunities that are not spoken about in the mainstream financial press.

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How does Jason Williams’ Wealth Advisory Work?

The Wealth Advisory is Jason Williams’ flagship income investing service.

It allows him to talk about income plays available anywhere in the world. We are talking dividend stocks, alternative asset plays, and brand-new opportunities like the one he is going on about in the Plug-in Payouts pitch.

He says that over the years, he has revealed huge winners like Amazon “Prime Profits,” “Netflix Royalties,” and the “$50 California Retirement Program.”

He says that his subscribers have used these investments to enjoy the type of recurring income normally reserved for wealthy business owners.

He says that since its inception, the newsletter has also outperformed the S&P High Dividend Index.

He says that had you placed $10,000 into the S&P High Dividend Index in 2016, you’d have about $15,030 today but if you’d put that $10,000 in a portfolio of The Wealth Advisory, you’d have $48,877.

When you sign up for The Wealth Advisory today, you get:

  • A full 12 monthly issues of The Wealth Advisory. Every month, you’ll get a deep dive into at least one new income opportunity with big potential — sent straight to your inbox!
  • Special reports as soon as they’re published. When Jason finds an opportunity so lucrative or time-sensitive that he comes up with a special report, he will send it to you.
  • Weekly market updates: These weekly updates are meant to help you navigate the markets in real-time and capitalize on time-sensitive opportunities.
  • Video series: The Wealth Advisory’s 10 most profitable opportunities. At any one point in time, Jason is following 25–30 different income streams and he believes that you can use any or all of them to collect life-changing checks every month. He’ll also send you a video laying out his top 10 income opportunities for the week ahead.
  • Angel Publishing’s VIP member service team. If you have questions regarding your membership, billing, or anything else, they’re on standby Monday through Friday by phone or email. You’ll be given the contact information as soon as you begin your test drive.
  • Access to the report archives and real-time portfolio. You can go back through everything Jason has put out over the past decade. You can also keep tabs on the real-time portfolio page of the website.

In addition to those perks, you get two additional special reports:

“Overseas Plug-in Payouts: Ride the Wave of Cash Spreading Around the World.”

After Jason scoured the world map, he discovered that Japan and France are in an almost identical position to the U.S. in terms of EV opportunities.Jason Williams Plug-in payouts

He says that there are a few “cash cows” in those countries that are obliged to share their EV charging profits and they are racking up a small fortune in profits. A fortune equivalent to $997.5 million every single year!

All the details concerning those investments are in the report.

“How to ‘Backdoor’ America’s Top Fortune 500 Accounts.”

This report is about a company that has a reputation for delivering abundant cash flow.

Every month it shells out a fortune to everyday investors, courtesy of property payments from mega-corporations like Walmart, Starbucks, and GM.Jason Williams Plug-in payouts

What’s more, the management team is so good at squeezing out cash from these massive firms that those income payments go up once a quarter. It hasn’t missed a monthly payment since it was founded in 1969, nor has it missed a quarterly payment hike since 1997.

The details are in this report.

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Is Plug-in Payouts a Legit Investment Opportunity?

Jason Williams’ Plug-in Payouts is a legit presentation and investment opportunity.

America has been going through a green revolution because many politicians are pushing for the entire nation to get hooked up to the EV network. States like California have been more aggressive but the general trend is moving towards electric vehicles.

The White House has put in place measures favorable for companies to help build a network of 500,000 publicly accessible EV chargers by 2030.

On top of that, in the fine print under U.S. Code 30C is a provision called an “alternative-fuel vehicle refueling infrastructure tax credit.”

As of January 2023, this credit has slashed the cost of installing new EV charging stations for eligible companies. These companies can now claim a tax credit worth up to $100,000 per unit installed.

Therefore, what Jason is talking about in his pitch is not strange or unrealistic.


While Jason Williams is right to be excited about the EV charging stations being built and the companies (and shareholders) that will benefit from the project, the investments are not guaranteed to do well.

If you are going to follow his advice, be sure to go through his strategy to be sure it matches your financial goals and approach.

He wants you to invest in income opportunities so he is likely talking about some big companies.

As you invest in any company, remember that there are risks involved and you may lose money. Therefore, don’t invest what you cannot afford to lose.

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