Louis Navellier Project Oracle: Legit System?

Louis Navellier Project Oracle is an online event that has been getting a lot of attention.

At the webinar much of the discussion centers on Project Oracle, an investment strategy that he considers his biggest innovation to date. And to him, it’s already showing the ability to find the biggest, fastest, lowest-risk gains in any market, making it a retirement gamechanger.

Navellier also promotes his newsletter and in this review, we will take a look at what was covered at the webinar.

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Louis Navellier Project Oracle: Legit System? 7

Louis Navellier Project Oracle Review

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Introduction to Louis Navellier Project Oracle

Louis Navellier Project Oracle is all about a smart “predictive” technology that allows Louis Navellier to pinpoint the right trades with amazing accuracy. The best part about these trades is that they can help investors to make 100% or more in positive returns from their investments in months. 

Louis has talked about something similar before when he did webinars like The Dark Pools Summit and Project Light Speed.

Louis Navellier Project Oracle

Project Oracle is a system that uses the predictive power of AI to find the fastest-moving stocks on the market. These are the stocks that earn profits similar to what you’d make by buying and holding stocks like Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft but only doing so in a fraction of the time.

Navellier says that making Project Oracle was impossible in previous decades because we did not have technology that’s powerful enough to analyze trillions of data points. But now we have and he says that his AI has ended decade-long debates about really important questions in investing.

Project Oracle comes amidst one of the worst years for the stock market (with recession looming) in five decades, when Louis closed out explosive winners by Project Oracle for gains of 225%, 248, 109%, and 320%.

His strategy can find these quick returns over and over again. Project Oracle’s goal is to uncover what might be the most powerful group of stocks in the market; a unique set of stocks that may go up in 3-6 months.

Project Oracle targets three of the most valuable commodities in the markets – speed, big gains, and safety.

The AI enables Project Oracle to sift through all 6,000 stocks on the S&P 500, the AMEX, and NASDAQ in real-time – whenever the markets are open – to spot the potential winners with pinpoint accuracy.

That’s why it has predictive power because it can analyze trillions of data points, in real-time, to make accurate predictions about the likelihood of future events.

Precursors are also an important consideration. A precursor is a sign that an event will happen. For example, doctors use “precursors” to predict heart attacks.

Louis Navellier and his team did a study, taking billions of data points on nearly every stock right before they went on a 100% run, in 6 months or less throughout stock market history. They found the precursors they had in common. These were the leading indicators signaling that a stock was about to soar.

They found 8 precursors to rapid stock growth. They all have to be present and in the right combination to mean anything because even if only one of them is off, Louis says that the whole thing is off.

One precursor that has helped uncover stocks is the rate at which a company can grow profits – an indicator that massive growth is around the corner. It is when a company increases its operating margins by at least 20% over 9 months.

On top of that, Project Oracle being an AI is also a good thing because it doesn’t have biases and is programmed to find some of the biggest, fastest—and lowest-risk—gains on the market.

It pinpoints the optimal entry and exit points on fast-moving stocks too.

Louis Navellier has built a flagship research service called Accelerated Profits around oracle-driven recommendations.

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Who Is Behind Louis Navellier Project Oracle?

Louis Navellier is one of Wall Street’s renowned growth investors. He has been in and around the capital markets in a 35-year investing career.

He provides investment advice to tens of thousands of investors regularly leveraging his more than three decades in this field. 

Navellier has successfully established himself as one of the most prolific investment advisers, unrivaled portfolio managers, and savvy stock pickers. Louis Navellier has distinguished himself with one of the most exceptional long-term track records of any financial newsletter editor in America.

To date, Louis Navellier has invented powerful tools that can help all investors to beat the market and make extraordinary gains. This time, he has come up with Project Oracle featuring his Wall Street insider knowledge. Note, he appears regularly on CNBC and Fox Business News where he shares his expert investment opinion.

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How Does Louis Navellier’s Accelerated Profits Work?

As mentioned, Project Oracle is one of the most powerful tools that Louis Navellier and his team have designed. Project Oracle’s proprietary AI technology analyzes, sifts, and sorts through trillions of data points and helps him find the fastest-moving stocks on the market.

Note, Project Oracle took decades of fine-tuning to develop and it features game-changing technology that will help investors to find the ideal trades to invest in.

Navellier believes that irrespective of whether you’re new to trading or experienced enough to invest on your own — you can still benefit from Project Oracle’s recommendations.

Project Oracle alerts Louis Navellier to a new opportunity, which then has to go through Louis Navellier’s rigorous vetting process. He then sends subscribers an alert with the name, ticker symbol, and buy up to price of any stock that meets his criteria.

Furthermore, Louis Navellier tracks every trade recommendation and alerts you when it’s the optimal time to exit and take profits. That’s what you get when you join Louis Navellier’s Accelerated Profits.

Here are the benefits you get when you subscribe to the Accelerated Profits newsletter service:

  • One-Year Membership to Accelerated Profits. This entails monthly issues of the newsletter each with new investment opportunities.
  • Monthly issues of Navellier’s research and analysis. (This includes an average of four of Project Oracle’s fast-moving stock recommendations per month.)
  • Special Report #1: Five “Ultimate Growth Trades” that can Soar 500% or more
  • Special Report #2: Project Oracle: Eight Precursors that Signal a Massive Stock Jump
  • Project Oracle Trade Alerts
  • 24/7 Use of the Member-Only Accelerated Profits Website

How much is Louis Navellier’s Accelerated Profits?

The 1-year subscription fee for Accelerated Profits is $2,499 but if you act before the offer expires, you get everything for $1,799.

Does Accelerated Profits Have a Money-Back Guarantee?


“And remember, because new Accelerated Profits members will immediately receive 5 of Project Oracle’s “Ultimate Growth Trades”, I can’t offer any cash refunds.

I’m doing this to discourage folks from joining just to see my top 5 recommendations and then ask for a refund.”

If you want to terminate your membership, they have a guarantee of performance:

“If you join Accelerated Profits today, you’ll get a full year to try out Project Oracle’s research.

If at the end of the first 12 months, you haven’t seen $50,000 in gains…

That is if you haven’t seen at least 20 opportunities of $2,500 in our model portfolio…

You’ll get the second year of this service free.”

Read the terms and conditions first before you sign up for the service.

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Is Louis Navellier Project Oracle Legit?

Yes, Louis Navellier Project Oracle is legit. The strategy is brought to you by Louis Navellier, a renowned investment veteran who has around 35 years of experience in this field. Project Oracle and its AI driven research are meant to help investors make better investment decisions.

However, that will not always be the case because no system is perfect when it comes to stock market analysis and predictions.

Louis Navellier Project Oracle Verdict

Louis Navellier’s Project Oracle features a data-driven approach that will entice you if you are a fan of quantitative analysis. With it, Navellier will pinpoint trades to invest in and you can either follow his recommendations or refuse to do so.

Louis Navellier has spent a decade fine-tuning this tool, and he is confident about its outcomes.

If you are keen on signing up for the service and have no problem with a subscription fee that is quite costly (with no option for cash refunds), you can join. However, be aware that there are no guarantees that Louis Navellier will be right and you could wind up losing your money.

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Louis Navellier Project Oracle: Legit System? 7


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