Pure Haven Reviews – Legit MLM? [2020]

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Pure Haven Reviews - Legit MLM? [2020] 7

Pure Haven Reviews

Pure Have Essential is one more of the many MLM business opportunities in the market today that I have reviewed. In just the last week alone I have reviewed similar MLM companies such as Essante Organics.

I am reasonably sure that somebody could have approached you regarding this business opportunity through social media or in person.

If you are looking for the right information before deciding to join or not to join, you would do well to go through this review.

I believe that it is a company which has looked quite exciting and buzzing during the earlier part of the years.

However, it is now becoming more stable and Google Trends is certifying this.

It has gone through quite a bit of up and downs and downside might be more.

Hence, I am happy that you are doing some research before taking a decision and I would like to congratulate you for it.

I am sure the next few lines will give you an honest feedback about the product and the company.

A Review Of Pure Haven Essentials

This company is another version of Ava Anderson Non Toxic.

This company decided to shut down shop earlier this year.

The main website does not talk anything about the Founder or CEO of company.

It is being kept secret, I believe.

This is because earlier Kim and Ava were put under scanner for making their products toxic.

However, they tried to escape by blaming the manufacturers, though not directly.

There are a few websites which believe that this new company is just to camouflage the old one.

I don’t know for sure, but I am simply referring to what I have seen from doing research and what other bloggers are sharing.

A Look Pure Haven Products

The website, I have seen talks about effective and safe products, free from dangerous chemicals.

Pure Haven Essentials with the help of quality products and independent consultants is able to offer quality products to those who want it.

There are ten categories of products in general and they are Skin Essentials, Body Essentials, Hair Essentials, Baby Essentials, Kid’s Essentials, Home Essentials, Hair Essentials, Men’s Essentials, Oil Essentials and Spa Essentials.

Under each category they have many products and I believe that the best way to know more about it is to visit their website.

I find that the prices are quite reasonable, though they can change any time.

Therefore you need to keep yourself informed about the price changes regularly before placing the order for direct sales or for your team.

You should also check out reviews of other companies in this space like Youngevity and Youngliving.

Pure Haven Compensation Plan

Let me now talk about the compensation plan of Pure Haven Essential.

It basically consists of four categories and they are bonuses and commissions, earnings from down line team building, bonuses from executive promotion advancements and compensations payable through Executive career path.

It is possible to earn anything from 30% to 50% commissions from personal retail sales.

Additionally you also could earn some bonuses because of your efforts.

I also find that the personal purchases are not a part of the overall commissions, though monthly sales volumes are.

The monthly sales commission has different slabs and it could range from 30% commission to 50% commission depending on the slab which are you are able to reach.

The lowest slab of 30% is applicable for sales which are less than $1,000 and the highest slab of 50% is for sales of over $4,000.

How Much Does Pure Haven Essentials Cost?

You have to pay an amount of $99 for buying the Pure Haven Essentials Business Kit which comes with many products that could help you in your personal sales.

Pure Haven Essentials Verdict

After taking a closer look at Pure Haven Essentials it’s obvious that this is not a scam company, they do have some good products and a real opportunity to generate income as a distributor.

That being said would I recommend it as a business opportunity?

Unfortunately not and the simple reason is because I prefer digital opportunities because I feel that the earning potential is higher and you can utilise systems to do the heavy lifting for you (see my no.1 recommendation below)

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Pure Haven Reviews - Legit MLM? [2020] 7

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