PVAB Stock: Legit Energy Technology?

Wondering what the PVAB Stock is that Michael Robinson has been pitching?

Robinson an investment analyst known for his financial predictions within the tech sector, used his most recent pitch to generate hype for a new phenomenon he’s calling PVAB.

According to Michael, PVAB technology is going to usher in a $173 trillion global reset, upend global economics, with a radical shift in power between nations, and put money in your pockets (if you get involved) every year without making a single investment. He says that big tech companies are already betting big on “PVAB.”

In this article, we take a closer look at what PVAB means, what it entails, and how it could impact your investments.

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PVAB Stock: What is the PVAB Energy Technology?

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What is PVAB?

PVAB is an acronym by Michael Robinson for PhotoVoltaics And Battery technology.” In his pitch, Michael Robinson emphasizes the significance and impact of photovoltaics (solar) and battery technology to the energy sector by saying that they will usher in a $170 trillion global reset.


PVAB is a combination of “PV” and “AB.”

PV” or photovoltaic, according to Michael, is a rapidly developing technology that helps capture the sun’s energy in ways never possible before. He says that he is not referring to ineffective solar cells.

He says that he is looking at a technology that instead of using just silicon like early solar cells, uses silicon in tandem with other inexpensive materials. This is what he believes has driven PV to become the least expensive form of energy.

The ‘”B” part of PVAB (the batteries) is also significant because he notes that over the past few years, there have been radical new developments in battery technology. He says that according to “Wright’s Law,” battery prices will continue to plummet for at least another 10 years. He believes they will become cheap enough to power everything, including cars, homes, planes, and locomotives.

Combined, Michael Robinson says PVAB is going to completely disrupt the world of energy as we know it.

  • It may help you put anywhere between $1,050 and $2,585 back in your pocket. Every year.
  • It will dramatically change the value of homes and real estate all over the country (homes with this technology will fetch a higher price than homes without this technology)
  • It will result in the collapse of traditional energy prices – things like oil and natural gas will drop quickly…
  • And it will radically change the tax structure of almost every city and small town in America.

Now, he says that the shift to PVAB will have nothing to do with “going green.” It will be about energy independence and economics. The Department of Energy confirms it costs some Americans as much as $0.33 per kilowatt hour to power their homes with traditional electricity, which could go down to just $0.03 per kilowatt hour with solar and batteries.

Investing in Solar and Batteries

Michael Robinson believes that most people are completely missing out on an the economic trend that’s being caused by solar and batteries.

He thinks it is a once-in-a-century breakthrough that is bigger than 5G, AI, quantum computing, blockchain, augmented reality, and almost every other modern technology. He says that by the time it’s fully rolled out, it will have a bigger global footprint than the Internet.

He points out that billionaire investors and leading businesses are pouring billions into PVAB. Governments on the state and federal level are also pumping billions into this technology and new laws are being written, new bills are being passed, and massive tax cuts are being proposed to help roll out it out nationwide.

Therefore, Michael expects this trend could create one of the biggest wealth-building opportunities since the start of the Internet. He has identified three investments you should consider:

Investment #1: Buy Tesla

Michael Robinson wants you to invest in Tesla. He says that most people, including financial analysts, mistakenly think of Tesla as just an auto company, while it is also a utility-scale battery storage.

Tesla is a unique company because it has more going on than just pumping out cars. In fact, a few months ago, Jeff Brown (an expert financial analyst), in his presentation said that Tesla is an AI company too and it is hard to argue against that.

As an energy company, Michael points out that Tesla has two fully functioning megapack factories in California and Nevada that make massive utility-scale batteries purely for PVAB. He also refers to the massive projects under its belt for some of the biggest utility companies in the world, like PG&E.

And, of course, there’s Tesla Energy Ventures, a new business unit that confirms its formal entry into the power market where it will become an official electricity retailer, and deal directly with customers.

Michael is recommending Tesla because he believes it will become a major player whereby its energy division could rival the car-manufacturing division. He says that there is no other company anywhere close to what Tesla is doing in the utility-scale battery storage.

He claims that now is the perfect opportunity to get in on Tesla because with Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover, the stock got hammered – which makes it a great time to get in cheap.

He recommends that you do not pay more than $200 per share.

Investment #2: “Own the Most Important Technology in the PVAB Space”

Besides investing in Tesla, Michael Robinson claims that the next best thing you can do is to simply take a significant stake in technologies that can boost the efficiency of PVAB.

He has found one such investment that lets you own the best PVAB technology and the components every PVAB system needs to be more efficient..

This technology can make PVAB systems even more efficient, maximize production in all weather conditions, installed relatively easily, and requires minimal maintenance.

He says that this investment is up over 270% since last spring and it could soar in value in the years to come. He has written a special report about it called: The #1 Way to Profit from the PVAB Energy Boom.

Investment #3: “Tesla’s Biggest Nightmare in The Energy Business”

The third investment is a company that makes “technologically advanced ‘brain’ and ‘nervous system’ to make any PVAB super-efficient.” The technology, he says, can sense how much energy a home or office needs at any given point and deliver the energy accordingly.

The company has already lent its “brain” to many of the leading companies including Google, Panasonic, IBM, AT&T, Sunnova, and even Tesla, just to name a few.

Investment #4: The Holy Grail of Energy Storage

The fourth company produces lithium-ion batteries that charge four times faster and last 10 times longer than traditional lithium-ion batteries.

The company entered into a strategic alliance with another leader in this technology to adapt their ‘holy grail’ battery to PVAB.

The company had a great battery with the new technology, and they have been scaling it up rapidly into a four billion-dollar company. Michael says that they now have all the resources and the people to grow into a big company that will crush the competition.

Bill Gates has invested in this company and recently, the company made it possible for retail investors to get in, too (not just venture capitalists).

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Who is Michael Robinson?

Michael Robinson is one of the top tech and biotech financial analysts in the financial newsletter world with more than three decades of experience. He has been behind presentations related to tech investments such as The Global Race For $3.1 Trillion and Digital Gold Rush.

Michael Robinson is a consultant, senior adviser, and board member for Silicon Valley venture capital firms affirming his vast experience within the sector. He even claims to be a Silicon Valley insider.

Owing to his experience, he has been a guest and panelist on CNBC and Fox Business.

In addition to that, his work has been published in The New York Times, American Enterprise, and The Wall Street Journal.

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How to get Michael Robinson’s insights on the PVAB Energy Boom

To find out how Michael Robinson will be investing in PVAB (to reveal the names of the aforementioned companies), you need to sign up for his newsletter, Digital Fortunes.

When you sign up for Michael Robinson’s Digital Fortunes, you will get free copies of his special report, including:

  • The #1 Way to Profit on the PVAB Energy Boom (where he has disclosed his top investment opportunity behind PVAB energy after Tesla).
  • Tesla’s Biggest Nightmare in the Energy Business
  • The Holy Grail of Energy Storage
  • The PVAB Speculation – How to 5X Your Money in the Next Five Years

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Is Michael Robinson’s PVAB presentation Legit?

Yes, I think “PVAB: What is the PVAB Energy Boom” by Michael Robinson is legit.

Investing in solar energy and storage appears sensible because the world is intent on weaning itself off traditional non-renewable sources of energy. Solar, though intermittent, is seen as one of the viable alternatives.

In recent years, solar and battery technology, has made great strides both in terms of capacity and cost (reduction). Therefore, when Michael Robinson goes on about getting into solar, he is making some valid points worth follow up.

Michael Robinson’s PVAB Verdict

Although PVAB is poised to create a massive impact in the global energy sector, there are no guarantees that investing in certain companies will yield massive returns.

It is hard to predict how the sector will pan out but there are certain companies that show signs of growing along with the industry. These ones are worth looking into because they could wind up being sound investments in the future. 

Therefore, before you take out your checkbook to invest in what Michael Robinson is urging you to, do further research first.

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