Rapid Cash Flow Summit: Is It Legit?

The Rapid Cash Flow Summit by Luke Lango has been getting a lot of press in the world of financial newsletters because he made some bold claims about a new investment strategy he has been trying out.

Luke was saying that he had found a way to generate tens of thousands of dollars in additional recession-proof income using a strategy that gives you an unprecedented opportunity to fight back against inflation as well as the bear market. 

If you want to learn more about these investment opportunities, then keep reading this unbiased review where we cover everything Luke revealed at the summit.

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Rapid Cash Flow Summit: Is It Legit? 7

Rapid Cash Flow Summit Review

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Introduction to Rapid Cash Flow Summit

When Luke Lango recently sat down with Lauren Sivan for InvestorPlace’s new investment opportunity, he wanted to share a new way of investing that he claimed was not as risky as other modes of investments that people are involved in.

Rapid cash flow

Luke has brought together a team of Caltech-educated economists and data scientists to formulate a trading system that will enable traders generate income at a time when Americans have lost close to $20 trillion in wealth this year in the stock market. At the same time, massive inflation means that the price of everything continues to skyrocket and even the World Bank is predicting that things could get worse in 2023.

Luke claims that he has a system that generates income yields like 100% in a few weeks or even 500% in a single month. These yields are enough to set you up you for life and give you the chance to make six figures in a single year.

How Luke Lango Does Income Investing

He does that by investing in what he calls “stage two stocks.”

His new income strategy is based ‘Stage Analysis’ which posits that at any instance, every stock in the stock market is in one of FOUR stages:

  1. The first stage is the accumulation stage. Here the stock is moving sideways.
  2. Stage two is the advancing or markup stage where the stock grows exponentially. He insists that the best time to buy stocks is as they move from the first stage into stage two.
  3. This third stage is the distribution stage where the “smart money” sell their shares to the “dumb money.” He says that when a stock leaves stage two, and enters stage three, you should sell your shares and take your money off the table.
  4. The final stage is the correction stage where the stock starts going down and losing value.

In addition to finding the stock and investing in it at stage two, Luke uses two strategies to improve his returns: stock switching and profit rolling.

Stock switching, in his own words, works like this:

“We do this by jumping into shares of stocks that are just breaking out into stage two.

By exchanging slow-moving stocks for fast-moving stocks, we consistently make the financial choice that is equivalent to picking fast-moving trains over slow-moving trains for a cross-country trip.

We avoid parking our money in laggards.”

On the other hand, profit rolling works like this:

“Profit rolling simply means that after making a profit on a stock, you don’t pull the money out of your account and spend it.

Instead, you roll the money into your next trade.”

Now that we know how he trades, how does Luke find stocks that are entering stage two?

He uses a quantitative algorithm that scans the markets looking at price breakouts of thousands of stocks.

He uses metrics that measure and quantify the market such as the overall market trend, stock price, trading volume, sector performance, and relative strength.

Perhaps the most important metric is the trading range of the stock, which is defined by established support levels and resistance lines.

His proprietary system scans every “stage one” stock in the market. He also focuses on the sectors of the economy that are showing signs of going into stage two because this makes it easier for him to find individual stocks to invest in.

To receive insights concerning these investments, you have to sign up for a newsletter Luke is launching called Breakout Trader.

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Who Is Behind Rapid Cash Flow Summit?

Rapid Cash Flow Summit is designed by Luke Lango. He is a well-known and experienced growth-focused equities investor and analyst. He edits Innovation Investor, Exponential Growth Report, and The Crypto Code at InvestorPlace.

Luke Lango mostly focuses on next-generation, small-cap stocks, and cryptocurrencies that have huge upside potential. That’s why he was named one of the top stock-pickers in the world by Tipranks.

Luke Lango has identified many up-and-coming growth stocks much before they were available to Wall Street investors, such as Advanced Micro Devices, Tesla, Nio, and Chegg. He has experience in exciting sectors of the market, such as blockchain and cryptocurrency.

As per Luke Lango, these are the two most disruptive technology since the internet. He graduated from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) with a degree in Economics.

Prior to working with InvestorPlace, Luke Lango worked with L&F Capital Management, LLC. This year, he has come up with special stocks that can help investors quickly grow their wealth.

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How Does Luke Lango’s Breakout Trader Work?

Luke did the Rapid Cash Flow Summit to promote the Breakout Trader membership service. With this subscription, you’ll have access to Luke Lango’s hand-picked breakout stocks. These stocks, according to him, are the most reliable way to quickly grow your wealth during turbulent times.

If you sign up for the newsletter, you will have access to a special report that features Four Stage 2 Stocks for Explosive Gains. This special report will provide you access to a new proprietary breakout stock system and four exclusive stocks that are recession-proof.

Other benefits include…

  • Special Updates & Alerts straight to your inbox. All charter members will be the first to know about a new buy recommendation when it kicks in or when it’s time to lock in gains and make some profits. 
  • Access to a special report: The Breakout Trader’s Manifesto. This special report covers everything about Luke’s exciting new service, including how to quickly trade momentum stocks, how to navigate the private website, plus so much more.
  • Full access to The Millionaire Trader Masterclass instructional video series.
  • Full access to The Trading Room, a proprietary system that uncovers the biggest opportunities of that week.

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Pros of Rapid Cash Flow Summit

  • You will have access to four special stocks that can offer excellent returns in a short time, irrespective of the market situation.
  • The subscription is backed by Luke Lango’s performance guarantee and 90-day satisfaction promise.

Cons of Rapid Cash Flow Summit

  • The subscription is costly i.e. you pay $1,999 for a two-year subscription.

Is Rapid Cash Flow Summit Legit?

The Rapid Cash Flow Summit is legit.

The summit is designed by Luke Lango, a well-known investment veteran. He is widely known for his investment philosophy and this time, he has revealed four special stocks that can hand you excellent gains. Plus, they should work irrespective of the market situation.

That being said, the market is unpredictable and his investment recommendations are not guaranteed to earn you returns. You may even lose money (and should prepare for that).

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Rapid Cash Flow Summit Verdict

Rapid Cash Flow Summit was done so that Luke Lango would reveal what he says is a new way to profit by investing in stocks. The details of these four stocks are covered in a special report and you can only gain access to the report when you become a member of the Breakout Trader service.

It is a relatively expensive subscription yet if you are unhappy with it, you WILL NOT get a money refund. However, they allow you to cancel your membership within 90 days of joining and can then divert that money to any other investment newsletter offered by Luke Lango.

Over the years, Luke Lango has showcased an ability to uncover big market winners for his readers. He was even named the #1 Stock Picker in 2020 among bloggers by Tipranks.com.

This year has been turbulent, to put it mildly, as we’ve seen a market crash and rampant inflation. That’s why a strategy such as Luke’s that prompted this special summit where he has named some risk-free as well as profitable investment opportunities is worth looking into even if you don’t intend to buy the newsletter. 

Although he is pretty confident that his new discovery can enable investors make recession-proof income, don’t go into it expecting to make a lot of money in a short time. You may even lose money by following the recommendations thus it is better to objectively analyze everything first. You can also hire a professional advisor who will tailor your trading to your unique financial situation.

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Rapid Cash Flow Summit: Is It Legit? 7


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