Rebaid Review: Legit or Scam for 2023?

If you ever shop online, cashback websites can be really helpful. This is due to the fact that you will receive a portion of the money you paid on your purchase back. Therefore, each time you purchase, you will actually be saving money. is one website that provides this in a different manner than the majority of other cashback sites. The ability to create full-price orders for your product is the primary feature and competitive advantage of Rebaid, an Amazon rebate platform.

There have however been speculations on Rebaid reviews whether or not it is a legit cashback site. In this review, we are going to look at what Rebaid is all about, how it works, and whether or not it is the best available cashback website for you.

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What is Rebaid?

Rebaid is a cashback website that provides money-back discounts on a variety of goods in addition to coupons and discount codes.


It has worked with a number of well-known major brands; like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and Etsy, to mention a few.

An e-commerce seller named Brendon Fields established the platform in 2019.

Brendon Fields

The online market enables customers to get cash rebates and deep discounts on a range of products across different product categories. Some of these categories include:

  • Baby
  • Cooking
  • Beauty and makeup
  • Clothing and jewelry
  • Home and Garden
  • Health supplements
  • Toys
  • Pet supplies
  • Snacks
  • Stickers

On this platform, you won’t discover any household essentials, but you will find various things that you might want to stock up on.

Customers who buy a marketed item and provide proof of purchase can receive a 100% discount from the seller. Each month, over 3,000 goods are launched, as stated by Rebaid.

On Rebaid, unlike other tools, customers submit their orders without using any kind of discount code. This is crucial when introducing a new product to the marketplace since, in terms of ranking and BSR, Amazon primarily ignores purchases with significant discount codes.

On the other hand, with rebates, the order is delivered at full price, which has a significant effect on Amazon’s ranking system.

Brand owners can use Rebaid to introduce a new product, which will help them gain more Amazon reviews, grow their customer base on Amazon, and enhance their sales rank.

Despite being only a few years old, Rebaid has paid out more than $5 million in rebates and has more than 150,000 active users.

Rebaid is only available to users in the United States.

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How does Rebaid work?

Either a seller account or a buyer Rebaid account will be created when you sign up for Rebaid. You can register for a shopper account if you want to make purchases and take advantage of rebate incentives.

Registering is easy and only takes a few seconds. Just your name, email address, and password are required.


Once your account has been authenticated and opened, you can start the rebate process by browsing the offers that are available. There are several ways to find rebates and look at deals.

Rebaid Review: Legit or Scam for 2023? 10

A keyword can be entered in the search bar. It will automatically search every category. If you’d like, you may choose a certain category for the search by using the dropdown.

Additionally, you may utilize the “sort by” filter located towards the page’s top. Finding the best deals and discounts is made simple by doing this.

Rebaid Review: Legit or Scam for 2023? 11

The most recent bargains are displayed first by default, but you can arrange the products by price with the lowest-priced goods appearing at the top by using the dropdown.

You now have a list that starts with items offering a 100% rebate because the price used for sorting is the price after the rebate! You can purchase these things at full price and receive a reimbursement for the purchase price.

Simply look through the offerings and click on those that catch your attention. Some sales will indicate that a specified number of the item is still available today, while other sales will indicate that more will become available at a later date.

Rebaid Review: Legit or Scam for 2023? 12

If there aren’t any rebates available right now, check back the next day when new rebate offers will be available since sellers only provide a certain number of rebates each day.

Others are simple to obtain at any time, while some products with limited quantities are quite popular, so you’ll need to act quickly to secure those offers.

The checkbox next to the filtering options can be used to only see offers that are currently being offered.

The “Redeem Offer” option should be clicked when you are ready to make a purchase.

You will be given the option of receiving your refund via check or direct deposit rebates.

You’ll then be taken to the shop where the item is being sold so you can complete your purchase.

You can only access 10 rebate discounts and promotion offers in your first month on the Rebaid platform, and you can only apply the discount once for each product.

You may access more deals and monitor your limitations in the shoppers’ dashboard for the upcoming months.

After making your purchase, make a note of your order number and come back to Rebaid. On the home page, a box will be visible. You must paste your order number into this field before clicking the “Submit” button.

Then, your rebate amount is confirmed and scheduled for payment. Don’t cancel or return the order, as this would invalidate your rebate.

As soon as your rebate payment is sent, you’ll get a payment notification.

Cashback payments are assured and are only stopped if you don’t confirm your order number after making a purchase if you gave a false order number, if you canceled or returned the item for a refund, or if any of the aforementioned circumstances apply.


Two monthly plans that offer distinct consumer contact possibilities are available to sellers. The two plans are:

  • Basic: $0 monthly plus $2.95 per redemption
  • Pro: $79 monthly plus $2.95 per redemption

If you have a Pro membership, you can text customers. You can also create “Search, Find, Buy” campaigns, in which customers utilize keywords to look for your offer in the product listings rather than being sent a direct product link.

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What features does Rebaid offer?

Rebate promotions

Cash rebates are available for many different product categories. There are numerous rebates available that can total up to 100% of the cost of the item, but shipping and sales tax are still your responsibility.

Your rebate check can be obtained in one of three ways:

  • Paper check- Receive a check by mail within five weeks with no fees
  • Direct deposits- Receive a rebate in three days to a linked bank account, plus a $1 processing fee.
  • Discount codes- Utilize the coupon code at checkout to get your discount.

The discount code option is a somewhat uncommon and recent addition. To validate your purchase and obtain your rebate promotion, you often need to copy your order number and enter it into the rebate offer website.

Even while using this cash-back service takes some work, it’s a lot simpler than the majority of mail-in rebate programs, which demand that you mail or upload a copy of your store receipt.

Most of the time, the rebate offer directs you to Amazon or another participating marketplace’s product page. To redeem the deal, some vendors may ask you to do a keyword search for the products in question.

Search filter

An adjustable search filter can help you find your best offers more quickly because there are roughly 20 pages of available offers.

The following are some of the search options:.

  • Highest discounts
  • Most popular promotions
  • Cheapest purchase price
  • Newest offers first
  • Search by keyword

There isn’t, at the moment, a filter that excludes non-Amazon promotions. By selecting the offer page, you can see which marketplace you need to purchase the item from.

You’ll hardly ever buy from a seller who isn’t an Amazon seller because, once more, 99% of the promos are on Amazon.

Deal notifications

You may sign up for a weekly email newsletter that features some of the top discounts, including those that are completely free. When you submit a request, the service could also provide instant notifications for other offers.

This technology has the advantage of preventing your email inbox from becoming clogged with pointless emails that interfere with your important communications.

You can browse the newest promos on the company’s Facebook page in addition to the weekly email summary.

These two resources can help you stay current and ensure that you don’t miss a great discount.

Text message follow up

Through this feature, Rebaid allows users who have redeemed refunds to be contacted via SMS text messages.

The opening rate of this communication channel is its key benefit. It is significantly greater than that of email marketing (98% of SMS opens vs. 25% in the mailing address alone).

Sellers can use these messages to request anything that is suitable, such as a product review (*customers are not expected or compelled to submit one), a like on their brand’s social media page, a subscription to their company newsletter, or any other action.

Safe system

Customers can access complete reports through the platform in order to compare the data with what Amazon has reported.

You will have 45 days to complete this, and if you notice anything fishy, you may tell Rebaid about it immediately so that it can process the refund to your account and look into the matter.

Additionally, buyers who want to resell the product in huge quantities are not a concern for sellers. There are active features like limiting the number of units and purchases one consumer can make in addition to having a clear prohibition against it.

The amount to be refunded is decided by the sellers.

The Rebaid website does not mandate that vendors issue a complete refund of the purchase price; instead, it is up to them to decide what percentage to use.

Usually, when a new product is released, it is strategically advised that the product give a 100% refund because that would increase sales. It will incur less expense, but (of course) fewer transactions at a lower proportion.

Multiple monthly redeemable offers

For ten promotions per month, you can submit a refund claim. To ensure that other customers can benefit from the great discounts here, you are only permitted to submit one rebate per product.

Additionally, each offer is guaranteed after the terms and conditions have been met. In essence, you promise not to resell or return the item and that you won’t give a false order number.

You can observe when the redemption window starts as well as when new offers are launched so you can take advantage of them as soon as they become available.

The portal even shows the daily availability of redemption claims for a certain product.

These details can help you identify the most well-liked bargains first so you can utilize your remaining redemptions on other tempting items.

Referral link

You can refer friends to Rebaid and receive a $10 cash bonus after their first rebate redemption once you’ve used the service yourself and confirmed that it’s a reliable cash back platform that can help you save money.

Through your link, friends, family, and acquaintances can join. However, each household is only permitted to have one account.

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How much money can you make with Rebaid?

The amount of money you can make, as with many cashback websites, mostly depends on how frequently you shop. If you frequently redeem product cashback offers, you have the potential to make a large profit.

Of course, you need to be certain that the product offer you’ll utilize to redeem will benefit you in some way. It would be futile to redeem offers solely to earn rewards.

The cashback percentage of a cashback website is another aspect that determines how much you might earn.

Rebaid has a pretty high cashback rate of 25-80% and sometimes even 100% rebate percentage is offered.

However, the product selection is rather little, so you might not be able to locate something you really want.

Additionally, there is a monthly rebate cap on the number of free products that you can purchase. It starts off at ten items each month and then gradually increases based on how much you use the platform after that.

Rebaid Customer Support

Rebaid does provide a practical method for you to receive assistance if necessary. They always have a help desk powered by Zendesk where you can file a support request.

If you have a question, you can see if it can be answered by the subjects covered on that page by visiting their FAQ area.

Additionally, they have a Facebook page that is highly popular. Visit their page to see the most recent information and offers.

Rebaid Pricing

Since it has a fixed rate of $ 2.95 for each product redeemed without any additional fees, we merely need to multiply that sum by the number of products sold through this platform.

This is actually yet another of Rebaid’s key benefits over other hiring methods. Only in the event of verified returns will we pay the associated fee.

In other words, you will receive a full refund of your initial money if you don’t sell any goods, which is an unlikely scenario.

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Benefits of Rebaid

  • The platform is free for shoppers
  • No minimum payout threshold required
  • There is more than one payment method
  • They offer high cashback rates of 25-100%
  • There are many positive reviews
  • The platform is generally easy to use
  • Their weekly email newsletter prevents your email inbox from becoming clogged with pointless emails that interfere with your important communications.

Drawbacks of Rebaid

  • The first two payments have to be made by check which means you’re left waiting more than a week to get your cash.
  • It is only available to residents in the United States
  • Each product is only available in a certain quantity. Therefore, some products—particularly high value rebates—can sell out quickly.

Conclusion: Is Rebaid legit?

Rebaid is a legitimate cashback website that pays you for using their product promotions and referring new users.

This platform is a simple way to save money on products you’re intending to buy if you’re willing to pay the full price and wait for your rebate to arrive.

This is an interesting platform to utilize for online shopping because you may redeem many discounts each month and there are quick payment alternatives.

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