Is Jeff Brown’s SCG Technology Legit?

Jeff Brown’s SCG

Jeff Brown, an investment guru known for his technology-based investment insights recently pitched the idea that smartphones could be made obsolete in the not-so-distant future by a technology he calls S.C.G. He adds that S.C.G is likely to be one of the great transformational technologies of the next 50 years and tech giants like Apple, …

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Is Jeff Brown’s Day One Investor Legit?

Jeff Brown Day One

Welcome to my review of Jeff Brown Day One Investor. I recently received an email invitation to the event and going by what we have come to expect from Jeff Brown, I decided to take a quick look at what this event is about as well as the investment opportunity Jeff is talking about. If …

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Is Jim Rickards Cobra Strategy Legit?

Jim Rickards Cobra

Have you heard about Jim Rickards Cobra? Jim Rickards Cobra strategy claims to be an urgent alert about an insider opportunity of making profits. Will you be interested in revealing more info about this insider profit-making opportunity?  If yes, then you’re requested to check my honest and unbiased review below where you’ll find all the …

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Is Ian Kings Private SPAC Portfolio Legit?

Ian Kings Private SPAC Portfolio

Welcome to my review of Ian King’s virtual event called Private SPAC Portfolio. Ian King has spotted a new investment opportunity involving Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) and to reveal what he is up to, he put together this webinar where he will be talking about SPACs and what we can expect from him investment-wise. …

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Who Is Jon Najarian? [Unbiased Reviews]

Jon Najarian

Welcome to my review of Jon Najarian. Jon Najarian is a former linebacker of the Chicago Bears and an Options trading expert. His skills as a trader are espoused through his services, some of which I have reviewed here before. If you have encountered his work and would like to know whether you can trust …

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Is Andrew Keene Legit? [Unbiased Reviews]

Andrew Keene

Welcome to my review. If you are reading this, you may be wondering whether he is a legit investment strategist. Now, having already reviewed some of the investment strategies he has come up with, I feel I am in a good position to break down whether he is a credible analyst worth following. In this …

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What Is “The SpaceX Killer” Stock? [Jason Simpkins]

The SpaceX Killer

The Outsider Club, an independent financial publishing company, has been promoting a pitch by one of their editors (Jason Simpkins) titled “The SpaceX Killer.” Jason Simpkins believes that since one of SpaceX’s cofounder just left Elon Musk to work for a tiny company, he must have seen something ominous. Jason says that the tiny company …

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Is Jeff Brown’s ‘American Exodus’ Pitch Legit?

Jeff Brown's American Exodus

Jeff Brown’s American Exodus pitch is the latest from the well-known tech analyst. Jeff Brown talks about a shocking new trend that has led to the biggest money migration in US history – worth up to $40 trillion. Jeff is even confident that this new trend can create a completely new class of millionaires. Let’s …

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Is Stealth Trades by Ross Givens Legit?

Stealth Trades

Ross Givens’ Stealth Trades presentation is all about a trading strategy that is based on following the money (volume trading). Ross talks about how you can make money by predicting and taking advantage of the anonymous trading that often precedes every major stock move in the market. He claims to have developed a “Stealth Trades” …

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Is The American Crypto Summit Legit? [John Burke & Teeka Tiwari]

American Crypto Summit

The American Crypto Summit is an event hosted by John Burke featuring Palm Beach Research Group’s Teeka Tiwari. The discussion centers on an investment opportunity in the crypto space that Tiwari believes could become the most profitable in the history of the cryptoverse. He says that this massive opportunity is one month away and calls …

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