Rudy Mawer: Is He Legit? [Unbiased 2023 Review]

Rudy Mawer is an entrepreneur, a leading Facebook ads and funnels expert, and investor.

He is also an international celebrity trainer, sports nutritionist, and researcher who works with top athletes, teams, bodybuilders, and gold medalists.

In this review, we will take a look at who he is, what he offers, and whether he is trustworthy and legit.

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Rudy Mawer: Is He Legit? [Unbiased 2023 Review] 10

Rudy Mawer Review

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Who is Rudy Mawer?

Rudy is many things; he is a multi-million dollar business owner, digital marketer, and entrepreneur. For example, he is a Forbes Agency Partner (meaning he is part of Forbes Councils where top CEOs and entrepreneurs build professional skills and gain connections and visibility on also owns multiple businesses.

Rudy is also a fitness coach and expert in nutrition science, weight loss, and high protein meal plans.

Rudy Mawer

Rudy built two multi-million dollar businesses by the age of 27. He has also built and and scaled several multi-million dollar businesses in the past 5 years and is currently the CEO of one of the world’s leading direct-response marketing agencies. He has a passion for marketing and entrepreneurship.

Rudy Mawer is involved in Retail Ecommerce Ventures (REV) by Tai Lopez. In his bio, it says that he is CEO, marketer and investor of popular brands like RadioShack, Pier 1, Linens N Things, The Franklin Mint and others that are managed by Retail Ecommerce Ventures. Through his involvement with REV, he has had a part in the acquisition of nine billion dollar brands. (You can read more about Retail Ecommerce Ventures through the link above).

Rudy has over a decade of digital marketing and business experience during which he has helped thousands of entrepreneurs create successful businesses with his courses, trainings, workshops, events, and 12-month Mastermind.

If you partake in his 12-month Mastermind, he is known for providing close collaboration and one-on-one support. The goal is to help you get equity investment in your business. Kevin Harrington, one of the original Sharks in the TV show Shark Tank, is involved too. Kevin Harrington also once did an ad called $50 Venture Capitalist for Ray Blanco’s investment research service, Technology Profits Confidential.

Rudy Mawer is a top Facebook™ ads and funnel expert. Rudy has clients generate over $200 million in revenue through his agency and consulting services.

He has been a speaker at marketing conferences around the world and runs mastermind events to help entrepreneurs grow their business. When it comes to marketing, Rudy Mawer knows how to run a paid campaign in a way that justifies the money he spends on Facebook ads.

Let’s take a look at his ventures:

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Rudy Mawer, the Celebrity Trainer and Sports Nutritionist (CISSN)

Rudy Mawer is an international celebrity trainer, sports nutritionist, and researcher. He consults for the worlds top athletes, NBA teams, bodybuilders, and gold medalists. He business is based on his scientific transformation plans.

CISSN stands for Certified Sports Nutritionist from the International Society of Sports Nutrition. The CISSN is the premier certification in the field of sports nutrition and supplementation.

Rudy has been researching the latest scientific techniques and using them to help tens of thousands thousands of members and clients. He claims that his business is all about helping people transform their health and physique for a better life.

For his work, Rudy has been featured in magazines, on TV, and across the internet. Over the past few years, he has specialized in female fat loss and hormones. His most popular fitness product, The 90 Day Bikini Transformation plan, is a female-specific plan that has gotten amazing results for many clients all over the world.

90 day bikini transformation challenge

This plan mostly works because he brings his years of practical experience after working with hundreds of clients with the latest scientific findings.

Rudy Mawer also worked as Human Performance Research at the University of Tampa Human Performance lab. He was also on the editorial board for the Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition.

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Mawer Capital

Mawer Capital is a networking platform for online business owners. The goal is to support and accelerate emerging online entrepreneurs. It is not for people who are new to online businesses because it is focused on those who are already generating $500K to $1M per year and want to take their company to the next level of success.

Mawer Capital provides the resources, marketing and strategic guidance such a business needs to level up.

Mawer Capital

When you join the program, you leverage Rudy’s 10 years of relationship building and networking in the business world.

They offer a program called the Mawer Capital Business Accelerator to help you establish the processes and systems you need to to facilitate growth.

Mawer Capital Accelerator

The Accelerator invites ambitious entrepreneurs to receive equity investment in their company and work with Rudy Mawer, and his team of business and marketing professionals.

To join the Mawer Capital Business Accelerator, you have to book a call with Mawer’s Team using a sheet that looks like this:

Mawer Capital Accelerator

When you are accepted to the Mawer Capital Business Accelerator you’ll work closely with Rudy Mawer. It will involve meeting weekly or even daily with Rudy and the executive team, to ensure momentum builds, plans are executed and targets are met. The ultimate goal is to grow your business over a few years. Some of the benefits of becoming a Mawer Capital partner include:

The Network Effect. Rudy needed a decade of hard work, success, relationship building and to create his network. As a member, you gain access to Rudy’s network, which should help you expand your horizons. An example Rudy usually gives to demonstrate this is a software company he partnered with that was linked up with Grant Cardone’s business because Rudy knew Grant Cardone. Rudy had visited Grant Cardone’s office to consult with his marketing team and while he was there, he mentioned the software company that had partnered with Mawer Capital. Grant’s team was impressed with the value the software offered that they scheduled a call with the company founder to discuss installing the software in Grant’s business. The software company acquired a new client in Grant Cardone.

Complimentary Access To Dozens Of Events Around The World As Rudy’s Special Guest Rudy speaks at the most prestigious events and conferences all around the world, and as a Mawer Capital partner, you get to attend them as his special guest. When he attends an event and pays for a booth, you can attend the conference and use the booth to hang out, spread word about your business and expand your network. In some cases, you can get luxury accommodation at such events for free. Rudy believes that at the highest levels of business, it’s not just what you know, it’s who you know. By attending such events with Rudy, you’ll be introduced personally to the who’s who of business leaders.

Face to Face Time With Rudy And The Team At His Office When you partner with Mawer Capital, you get to meet face to face with Rudy and his team at his office. He may also visit you in your hometown on occasion. The team takes action to help each brand grow during these visits. There are photo ops with Rudy and the team, to help establish authority and credibility in your marketing materials, through association.

Hands-On Support And Access To Rudy’s Team Of Marketing And Business Building Superstars* The Mawer Capital team comprises world-class media buyers, designers and copywriters, legal experts, operations professionals and more. In addition to your weekly meeting with Rudy and his team as mentioned above, you can meet with them to build the funnels, write the copy, and launch, run and optimize the ads. Rudy’s team has the ultimate goal of assisting you in the creation of your own dedicated team that can eventually take over all aspects of running the business, irrespective of your personal involvement.

Leverage Rudy’s Social Media Following, Email Lists And Buyers’ List. When you are a partner with Mawer Capital, Rudy will promote your business on all of his social platforms to spread awareness of your business to his following. This includes Instagram shout-outs, Facebook announcements, email blasts and live discussions about your business on his live calls. Two of the leading principles of persuasion, as outlined by Dr Robert Cialdini, are the principles of authority and social proof. When you become a Mawer Capital partner, Rudy’s authority and social proof will benefit you and your brand as he spreads the word about your company. You will also get to generate a lot of new business moving forwards, in addition to the marketing strategies.

You can Scale Your Business With The Ultimate Goal of An EXIT. Rudy serves as CEO, marketer and investor of RadioShack, Pier 1, Linens N Things, The Franklin Mint and others that are managed by Tai Lopez’s Retail Ecommerce Ventures. As he works for REV, Rudy has been involved in the acquisition of nine billion dollar brands that he is helping to scale in order to sell. He has learned the secrets and acquired the friends and contacts that help multiply exit valuations. When you know how to manipulate the variables that investors use to establish valuation multiples you can maximize your exit offer. Rudy knows this and he is going to help you to strategically scale your business in a way that has investors willing to buy you out. The goal is to help you to realize the full potential in your company and your business idea.

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Rudy Mawer’s ROI Machines

In some areas of the internet, Rudy Mawer is better known for his marketing courses and programs. ROI Machines is his marketing agency.

In addition to working for you, Rudy Mawer’s ROI Machines also has courses for digital marketing professionals that give them the tools, resources, and help they need for their internet marketing journey.

ROI Machines

ROI Machines is a platform that provides marketing services to people who want to improve and grow their online businesses. ROI Machines seeks to be a one-stop marketing firm offering paid services for scaling and expanding your brand.

Rudy Mawer’s ROI Machines is not meant for newcomers because the agency services offered are quite expensive. Rudy prefers to focus on expanding and scaling an already successful online business.

What is ROI machines

Rudy Mawer and his team members will assist you in scaling and growing your internet business in the following areas:

  • Webinar Funnels
  • Online Business Models Based on SaaS and Repeated Payments
  • Digital Coaching Programs, High Ticket Mastermind Groups, and High Ticket Online Money Making Courses
  • E-commerce
  • Information Products, Low-cost ebooks, and Cold Traffic Conversion

If your internet business fits is in any of these categories, you will benefit from the agency services ROI Machines offers.

Rudy and his team focus on four things that they believe make ROI Machines different from other agencies:

Data Driven Performance

ROI Machines

Their marketing decisions are based on data. Rudy and his marketing team have decades of combined experience in the areas of marketing strategy, Facebook ads, and optimization, and they rely on data signals to support their ideas.

Mobile Ready Funnel’s and Ads

ROI Machines

Most of paid traffic and sales are on a mobile device. The team creates high converting funnels strictly for mobile devices.

Full-service marketing

ROI Machines

The team at ROI machines uses proven formulas and methodologies to test fast and on small budgets to generate results as quickly as possible.

Mobile-ready funnels and ads

ROI Machines

When you want to launch a webinar, sell a course, or just drive more traffic to an offer, you can count on Rudy’s team to build out your funnel.

There are several premium courses inside ROI Machines that help digital marketers learn the ins and outs of producing money online. The training programs are meant to teach you the strategies and techniques Rudy Mawer uses to establish his online businesses.

Through these courses, he teaches you how to handle Lead generation, Facebook ads, YouTube ads, social networking, done-for-you services, and other topics related to internet marketing. It reminds me of courses like Keala Kanae’s Fullstaq Marketer and Tai Lopez Timeless Marketer. As a student, you learn the skills and blueprints that Rudy Mawer uses to attain success for himself and his clients.

Here are some of the courses offered:

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30-Day Quarantine Challenge

This course is for you if you are selling digital courses, coaching packages, info products, supplements, or anything else online.

30 Day Quarantine Challenge

Rudy Mawer teaches you how to launch successful ads and funnels in 30 days whether you have your own products or services or if you are engaged in affiliate marketing. It is in three phases.

Phase one covers:

  • Day 1: Perfecting Your Offer Or Picking Other Products to Promote
  • Day 2: Your Perfect Avatar Plan
  • Day 3: Your 10x Product Stack
  • Day 4: 10 Elements Of A High Converting Sales Page
  • Day 5: How To Double Initial Sales With Upsells
  • Day 6: Selling High Ticket + Agency Services
  • Day 7: LIVE Video Training with Rudy (recording)
  • Day 8: Backend Profits
  • Day 9: Cart / Order Bump to Double Sales That Made Me 75k
  • Day 10: Million $ Funnel Road Map + Launch Plan!

Phase 2:

  • Day 11: Facebook Set Up & Creative Masterclass (I’ll Give You My Top 20 ads out of 2000)
  • Day 12: Step-By-Step Facebook Campaign Build Out
  • Day 13: Facebook Audience Scale & Tricks
  • Day 14: Facebook CBO Management
  • Day 15: IG Story Ads For Crazy Sales
  • Day 16: Monitoring & Optimize Your Ads
  • Day 17: Advanced Facebook Bidding Strategies
  • Day 18: Rudy’s Omnipresence Re-Targeting System
  • Day 19: 10x Scale Methods (Only Ever Shared Once At a $2000 Event)

Phase 3:

  • Day 20: LIVE Video Training with Rudy (recording)
  • Day 21: Split Tests & Heatmaps to Scale
  • Day 22: Ecomm Contest Funnels To Generate Unlimited Leads/Sales!
  • Day 23: 30x Million $ Conversion Rate Optimization Tricks
  • Day 24: Quiz Funnel Mastery
  • Day 25: SMS Text Message Secrets
  • Day 26: Scaling Beyond 30 Days
  • Day 27: Funnel Audits
  • Day 28: LIVE Video Training with Rudy (recording)
  • Day 29: Scaling Beyond 30 Days
  • Day 30: 100 Million $ Guest Speaker Celebrity Training (recording) Worth $1000 alone!

The course has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

30-day satisfaction guarantee

You have 30 days to go through the course, watch every video, take every funnel template and apply the tactics. After the 30 days, if you want to cancel the product and get a full refund, you have to show Rudy that you’ve tried it daily by sending him your worksheets and logs.

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Messenger Bots

Messenger Bots is a seven-day masterclass where you learn how to use the same bots and message writing that have made Rudy Mawer and his team 500% more money.

Messenger Bot Mastery

Acording to Rudy Messenger bots have over 90% open rates and they enable you to reach more people and scale your online business with Facebook chatbot marketing.

Rudy Mawer shows you how to develop your own bots and utilize the principles provided inside to increase your business. If you don’t want to set them up yourself, you can copy and paste the ones Rudy has been using and use them for your business.

Rudy Mawer's Messenger Bot Mastery

Messenger Bots is divided into seven modules on chatbot building. Each module takes one day:

  • Module 1: An Inside Look At Our Chatbot Builder & Everything You Need To Know To Get Started!
  • Module 2: Creating Your First Flow – Opt-In Flow To Collect Emails & Phone Numbers & More!
  • Module 3: Leveraging Reverse Psychology – 2-Step Commitment Flow & More!
  • Module 4: Messenger Bots To Sell High-Ticket, Physical & Digital Products.
  • Module 5: Creating Your First High-Converting Facebook Chatbot Ad.
  • Module 6: 2X your Revenue With Just Follow-Ups.
  • Module 7: Brand NEW Content Updated Weekly.

There are also some bonuses, including:

BONUS #1: Download Our Top Converting Messenger Flows.

BONUS #2: Every week, win a chance to have my team build a Messenger bot FOR YOU!

BONUS #3: Advanced Facebook Ad Training – Updated Weekly.

The Messenge Bots course has a 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

This means you have 60 days to go through the course, and if you decide to cancel it, you have prove you’ve tried it to get a total refund.

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Rudy Mawer’s Social Media Marketing Agency

If you want to launch a social media marketing agency, this is a training program that teaches you how to go about that. Rudy reveals his processes, scripts, systems, funnels, and other factors that have generated a seven-figure income for him.

Social Media Marketing Agency

Rudy has broken down everything he teaches other entrepreneurs who consult him into training modules you can follow. When you sign up for the course, you get access to the R.A.P.I.D. Agency Builder program that comprises:

  • Social media marketing agency launch plan. You learn everything needed to create a solid, scalable foundation for your agency.
  • Client management training. They teach you how to acquire and retain clients. You learn to attract the RIGHT clients from the get-go.
  • Sales and marketing training. Rudy will teach you how to sell yourself to establish your brand and business.
  • Effective Business Systems to scale fast. You need to have the right systems in place to satisfy your clients.
  • How to build an elite team. Rudy will show you how to choose the right people and make sure everyone is on board with your vision.

In addition to that, you also get Rudy’s best-selling marketing courses like:

  • Facebook Ad 24 Hour Acclerator. Learn exactly how to monitor and scale your Facebook ads for maximum conversions.
  • Marketing and Funnel mastery. Learn how to craft a high-converting funnel for virtually any product or service.
  • Email Marketing Master Class. Learn the most effective email marketing strategies to employ for virtually any client and which email campaigns actually convert.
  • Secret Sales Script training. Gain access to Rudy’s scripts and guides that will help you close high-ticket clients on the phone.
  • 10X Accelerator: Taking your business to the next level.


Rudy Mawer: Is He Legit? [Unbiased 2023 Review] 11

You can get a full refund if within 90 days you prove that you did not make at least $499 in profit.

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IG Accelerator

IG Accelerator is a course that teaches you how to become an Instagram Influencer. Rudy says that you can gain 10,000 followers by following his tips.

IG Accelerator

The goal is to start making money with an Instagram account. If you don’t know where to begin, the IG Accelerator course may be just what you use to get started.

You learn:

  • How to create viral posts that get THOUSANDS of likes
  • Rudy’s personal IG content machine and the ideal posting schedule
  • Rudy’s closely-guarded ‘IG Hashtag Hacks’
  • How to target your PERFECT customer in your chosen niche
  • How to plan your IG feed to make people DROOL over your content
  • How to leverage an IG Bizz account and the metrics that matter
  • How to create, launch, and manage IG ads to sell your product/service
  • Rudy’s IG Stories ‘Secret Formula to Success
  • Instagram Pods to 10x your engagement (comments, likes, etc.)
  • How to get your account featured on the IG Homepage all day every day
  • The best way to use IG Lives to grow your followers

You also get a few bonuses:

  • Rudy’s Blue Tick Verification Guide
  • The 30 Day IG Content Planner
  • How To Add Invisible LineBreak Space.
  • IG Swipe Up Ad Tutorial.

You have 30 days to try it out risk free. If you ask for a refund during that period, you may have your wish granted.

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ROI Machines VIP Full Service Growth Package

This is a monthly service where Rudy and his team handle all aspects of marketing on your behalf, so you won’t have to worry about creating your own sales funnels, developing a marketing strategy, writing copy, and other tasks done by an in-house marketing department.

ROI Machines VIP Full Service Growth Package

Rudy & his Team Will Do All The Marketing for you. Here is what a subscription to this package gives you:

  • Copywriters to handle your Funnels, Opt-ins, Emails & More. These copywriters have 10+ years experience writing winning funnels and pages that scale to cold traffic.
  • Access to Graphic Designers. Good graphics get attention and boost your brand. When you sign up for this program, you improve your ads thus boosting your sales and conversion rates.
  • Front End developers to build your sites and funnels. They have a front end tech team to build all the pages, upsells, emails & checkout pages and deliver them.
  • Weekly Marketing Videos. They have a full time in-house video team that makes high converting videos that scale on Facebook or other traffic platforms.
  • A World Media Team To Run and Scale your Ads.
  • Full Data Tracking, Split Testing  & On-Going CRO To Monitor and Scale. They have a data scientist that analyzes data for you to see where you are at, what needs optimizing and understand at a basic level your marketing stats.
  • Weekly Reports and a Custom Data Dashboard!
  • You get a weekly report, letting you see exactly what has been worked on, what they plan to do the following week and what needs to improve in the weeks to come. You have a data dashboard, customized to you and your business.
  • A Full-Time Marketing Manager. You get a dedicated marketing manager that works on your account every day.

Is Rudy Mawer ROI Machines Legit?

ROI Machines is legit because you can make money by implementing what Rudy teaches. However online marketing is not everyone’s cup of tea.

You can make money but if you have to put in a lot of work, which is not easy.

Is Rudy Mawer Legit?

Rudy Mawer himself is legit because when it comes to building a business online, he ‘s done it and been quite successful. However, that doesn’t mean that you will instantly earn passive income online by following his advice.

He has a great business model, but you need a lot of money to make it work.


Rudy Mawer is a fitness expert who coaches Hollywood celebrities, public personalities, and regular people how to get a toned body. He is also a marketer who works with online businesses helping them get ahead in a competitive market.

He also teaches online marketers how to start their own agencies as they sell their own products and services.

One of the complaints you get from people who’ve taken Rudy’s courses is that they require you to have a lot of money to spend on ads and other things. While this rules out beginners or business owners who don’t have the capital, Rudy mainly targets people who already have successful businesses and want to level up. A majority of his programs are not for beginners.

Overall the opinions expressed by most people who take his courses is that they work; they improve your business.

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Rudy Mawer: Is He Legit? [Unbiased 2023 Review] 10

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