Sam Altman Net Worth: Worldcoin Crypto Founder Legit?

Sam Altman net worth is estimated to be over $250 million.

He is among the many well-known successful tech savvy personalities. Sam Altman is OpenAI’s CEO and since co-founding it with Elon Musk & others, he has been at the heart of the San Francisco firm.

In this review, we will take into Sam Altman; his origin, his career and his journey to success, We will also take a look at his various achievements and personal life including his net worth.

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Sam Altman Net Worth & Background

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Who is Sam Altman?

Sam Altman is an American entrepreneur, programmer, investor, blogger, CEO of the artificial intelligence research laboratory OpenAI and the former president of the technology startup accelerator Y Combinator.

Sam Altman Net Worth: Worldcoin Crypto Founder Legit? 4Sam is also known as a philanthropist and major angel investor, having invested in companies such as Asana, Zenefits, Instacart, Soylent and Airbnb. He also founded the viral Chat GPT-3 bot on Open AI which has received a lot of social media buzz.

Altman has always had an interest in technology since he was a kid and his passion for it is what pushed him to be the successful man he is today. He earns around $1 Million per year and his revenue is generated by his shares in the companies he has invested in and the work he does.

Since we’ve taken a look at some of the influential names in the world of startups such as the controversial Sam Bankman Fried and cryptocurrency enthusiasts like Erik Finman and Carl Runefelt (The Moon) it only makes sense to have a look at a man who’s helped stir up an AI revolution.

Sam Altman Net Worth

Sam Altman’s net worth is estimated to be about $250 Million. He has made a fortune as an entrepreneur and as an investor and this has allowed him to earn huge revenues. He earns around $1 Million per year.

Sam is also a well known philanthropist. For example, he helped fund and create Project Covalence which aimed to help researchers rapidly launch clinical trials in partnership with TrialSpark, a clinical trial startup.

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Early life and Biography

Sam Altman was born in April 22, 1985, Chicago Illinois and is now 37 years of age. His mother is Connie Gibstine, who was a dermatologist and his brother is Jack Altman. There is no information provided about his father. The brothers were raised Jewish and grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. Sam Altman’s first computer was at age eight.

Sam went to John Burroughs School, a college preparatory school in the suburb of Ladue and graduated before joining Stanford University for his higher education. He studied computer science in Stanford before dropping out in 2005 during his second year.

However, in 2017, Altman received an honorary degree from the University of Waterloo after years in the business and becoming successful.

Sam Altman’s Career

Sam has had a successful career within the world of business and tech. Let’s take a look at his various enterprises and how he made his money.


In 2005, at the age of 19, Sam Altman co-founded the company Loopt and became its Chief Executive Officer. Loopt was a company that offered a geo-social networking mobile application that allowed users to share their locations with other people on a selective basis.Loopt

Sam managed to raise over $30 million in venture capital for Loopt in its 7 year run. However, it was shut down in 2012 after it stopped gaining traction and was acquired by Green Dot Corporation. The sale raised around $44 million, of which Sam got major shares from as the founder.

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Y Combinator

In 2011, Sam became a part-time partner at Y Combinator. The Y combinator is a technology startup accelerator that has helped launch over 3,000 companies, such as Airbnb, Dropbox, DoorDash, Reddit and Twitch.

Later on in 2014, he replaced Paul Graham, a cofounder of the YC, as the president. He invested in Loopt and began a new deal for startups, offering $150,000 for 7% equity. Sam reported that Y Combinator companies such as Airbnb, Dropbox, Zenefits and Stripe have been valued at more than $65 billion.

Y combinator

In 2015, Altman announced YC continuity, a $700 million growth-stage equity fund that invests in the companies under Y Combinator. That same year in October, he also announced the formation of Y Combinator Research, a non-profit research lab that focuses on researching education, basic income, urban development and the future of computing.

He was then named the president of the YC group in 2016 which comprised of Y Combinator as well as the other units.

His success led to him being named the top investor under 30 by Forbes in 2015, one of the “Best Young Entrepreneurs in Technology” by BusinessWeek in 2008 and listed as one of the five most interesting startup founders between 1979 and 2009 by his colleague Paul Graham.

In 2019, March, YC announced Altman’s transitioning into a Chairman position in order to focus more on OpenAI. Sam was then replaced as CEO of YC Group by Geoff Ralston in 2019, and is no longer associated with the company.

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With a number of investors and Elon Musk himself, Sam announced the creation of OpenAI in December of 2015 and pledged more than $1 billion to its operation.

OpenAI is comprised of the for-profit corporation OpenAI LP and the non-profit OpenAI Inc. (its parent company). The company conducts research in the sphere of artificial intelligence and its goal is to advance digital intelligence in a way that is most likely to benefit humanity as a whole, rather than cause harm. Sam Altman is the CEO of the company, which is headquartered in the Mission District of San Francisco.

The company has released many products and applications. For example, it released a public beta of Gym, the platform it uses to conduct reinforcement learning research in 2017. Later on in the year, OpenAI launched Universe, a software platform used to train and measure an AI’s overall intelligence across the world’s millions of websites, games and applications.

In 2020, the company announced the creation of GPT-3, a language model that automatically produces human-like text by assimilating trillions of words from all corners of the Internet. To add to that, it can translate between different languages.

Angel investing

An angel investor is a high-net-worth individual who provides financial backing for small startups or entrepreneurs, typically in exchange for ownership equity in the company. Sam is a significant angel investor and has invested in a number of companies such as Airbnb, Reddit, Asana, Pinterest, Teespring, Instacart, Vicarious, Soylent, Verbling and Stripe.

Moreover, Sam was the CEO of Reddit for eight days in 2014, after the resignation of Yishan Wong. He later announced the return of Steve Huffman as CEO on July 10, 2015.

Nuclear energy

Sam Altman is the chairman of the board for Helion and Oklo, two nuclear energy companies. He states that nuclear energy is one of the most important areas of technological development.


Sam Altman co-founded Worldcoin in 2020. Worldcoin is a company that aims to give its new digital money to every human on Earth for free by using privacy-preserving iris recognition to ensure that its users do not claim their free share more than once.

Worldcoin put its work on hold in multiple countries after local contractors departed or regulations made doing business impossible.

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Personal life

Sam Altman identifies as queer and came out in his youth. He is well known for his rightful statements and relatable talks about being a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. Sam maintains a highly private profile and little is known about his romantic life.

Altman is 5’6” and weighs 143 lbs. He doesn’t have any specific style as he can be seen wearing either casual or business clothes.

Sam runs a personal blog where he shares his daily musings, anecdotes and parts and parcels of his life from time to time. He believes that networking plays a major role in marketing and advertising of the product and in innovation more than it’s given the credit.

Sam has collaborated and interviewed Mark Zuckerberg, Reid Hoffman, Elon Musk and several other notable people in the business and posted them on his blogs.

Altman identifies as a Democrat. He held a fundraiser in his house for the presidential candidate Andrew Yang in 2019 and in 2020, he donated $250K supporting the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Sam Altman’s social media presence includes an Instagram account with 6.4K followers and a Twitter account with 939.3K followers. He is also available on Linked in.

Sam has been a vegetarian since childhood. He has many properties where he spends his free time and lives in San Francisco, California. He claims to have an interest in nice, fast cars and high speed jets.

Awards and Achievements

Sam Altman was named the ‘Top Investor under 30’, ‘Best Young Entrepreneurs in Technology’, won the ‘The Ric Weiland Award’ and many more for his exceptional work, even for including people from the LGBTQIA+ spectrum in the work he does.

He has invested in about 73 companies and has been an individual investor in more than 66 companies. Some of his major investments include companies such as Notable, Pinterest, Beacon AI, Apollo Projects, Titan and Reddit.

In conclusion, Sam has served as an inspiration to many including entrepreneurs, drop outs, tech-heads and even the LGBTQIA+ community.

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