SCG Technology – What is SCG & How To Invest?

What is SCG Technology? If you’re looking for more info on how to invest in SCG Technology aka S.C.G. keep reading.

Jeff Brown, an investment guru known for his technology-based investment insights recently pitched the idea that smartphones could be made obsolete in the not-so-distant future something he calls SCG Technology.

He adds that S.C.G is likely to be one of the great transformational technologies of the next 50 years and tech giants like Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook & Microsoft are betting big on it.

I went through the presentation in its entirety and put together this  honest and unbiased review to inform you of what Jeff Brown was talking about.

Before I start…

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SCG Technology - What is SCG & How To Invest? 37

Jeff Brown’s SCG Technology Review

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What Is SCG Technology?

S.C.G. (SCG Technology) stands for “Spatial Computing Glasses” (SCG), which Jeff Brown says could spell the end of smartphones because they will take on the role of smartphones.

Jeff Brown’s SCG pitch released by Brownstone Research focuses on what Jeff Brown considers one of the transformational and disruptive technologies of the next 50 years.

It should not be confused with G.T.E. which is a separate investment he’s pitched recently.

Note that this should also not be confused with a company called SCG Technologies LLC either.

Jeff Brown’s SCG

Jeff believes that these glasses will be made by Apple and he believes that they will dethrone the iPhone as the most important product on their roster.

Here is what he says about the glasses:

“Computing will no longer be limited to two-dimensional flat screens, laptops, or phones.

It will be all around us.

You’ll be able to control it with simple hand movements, your eyes, and your voice.

Tech insiders like me call this “spatial computing”…

You’ll be able to view information and use the internet much like how we do for smartphones today…

Except this is totally hands-free.

You’ll no longer have to look down on your screens.

Instead of holding a smartphone in your hand and staring at a screen, you’re going to wear it.”

On top of that, he says that these glasses will be feature rich and convenient:

“With these glasses, you’ll be able to do everything you can do on a phone – text, call, check emails, get directions, and browse the web…

All by using voice commands, hand gestures, and even eye movements.”

Here is Jeff trying on a pair in development:

Jeff Brown's SCGSpatial computing glasses are meant to operate like a smart device and Jeff speculates that they may come with functionalities like those of a smartphone. He also thinks that they will be more convenient than phones and could be a capable replacement.

Jeff also points out that some companies working on spatial computing technology are already soaring. For instance, ePlay Digital, an augmented reality eSports platform has jumped gone up significantly over the past few months. Kopin Corp., which makes ultra-small LCD, ferroelectric LCoS and OLED displays, has seen its shares rise significantly in a little less than a year.

Obviously Jeff Brown says that there is a lot of money to be made from all of this but rather than advise you to invest in Apple stock, he wants you to go for a little-known firm that could skyrocket in value as the new SCG device takes on the smartphone market.

The small company he is talking about may be a supplier of Apple as it makes the Spatial Computing Glasses.

Jeff Brown has composed a special report where he has uncovered the number #1 stock he would advise you to go for during the spatial computing revolution.

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Who is Jeff Brown?

Jeff Brown is an American professional investment analyst who’s known for being the number #1 tech stock picker of the past few years.

SCG Technology - What is SCG & How To Invest? 38He is also the founder and chief investment analyst for Brownstone Research. Jeff Brown publishes his research and opinions through its various investment research services.

SCG Technology - What is SCG & How To Invest? 39

He, with the help of his research and editorial team, has written about the stock market, particularly focusing on the technology sector.

Jeff edits newsletters like the Exponential Tech Investor, Early Stage Trader, Blank Check Speculator, and The Near Future Report.

Jeff Brown has more than two decades of experience as a highly successful angel investor. He mainly focuses on early stage technology companies that have huge profit potential.

For example, Jeff Brown is known for picking the best stock investment opportunities in semiconductors, mobility, video technology, cloud computing, broadcasting, IT networking and security, automotive, technology infrastructure, and consumer electronics.

SCG Technology - What is SCG & How To Invest? 40Jeff is also an adviser to small tech companies in addition to being an active angel investor.

Jeff Brown uses his business, corporate, hardware and software solutions, technology, finance, and investing expertise to find companies with exponential growth potential.

Speaking of his education credentials, Jeff has an undergraduate degree in aeronautical and astronautical engineering from Purdue University, as well as a master’s degree in management from the London Business School. He also used to work as an executive at Qualcomm and a Vice President at NXP Semiconductors.

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How to invest in Jeff Brown’s SCG pick

Jeff Brown has composed a special report titled The #1 Stock for the $1.5 Trillion Spatial Computing Revolution

SCG Technology - What is SCG & How To Invest? 41In this report, he reveals all the details on the little-known Apple supplier he is teasing, including its name and ticker symbol.

Jeff has made this special report available to subscribers of his flagship investment newsletter, The Near Future Report.

An Overview of the Near Future Report

Please note that The Near Future Report is an investment research service where Jeff publishes his best investment ideas every month.

Jeff Brown's SCGThis investment research service focuses on identifying and profiting from big trends on the verge of mass adoption. Having close to three decades of experience, Jeff is confident that his angel investment picks are likely to yield massive returns.

If you sign up for his newsletter, in addition to that, you will get a complete analysis of all the ups and downs of the stock market.

I’ve done an in-depth analysis of his investment strategy in my comprehensive Near Future Report review that I’ve linked to above.

Now, here is what you get when you sign up for the newsletter:

  • Access to Jeff’s Model Portfolio 24/7
  • Instant Access to The Digital Tech Vault
  • Weekly Updates & Urgent Alerts
  • Professional U.S.-Based Customer Support for more information on your membership.

On top of that, you also get free copies of the following special reports (All these bonus reports are filled with other investment opportunities Jeff Brown has spotted and would like you to consider going for):

How to Invest in Tesla’s Secret Supplier

SCG Technology - What is SCG & How To Invest? 42Inside this report are details of a stock that’s probably supplying Tesla and playing a key role in the mass adoption of electric vehicles. Review details shared in this report before you follow the advice.

Jeff’s #1 IPO for this spatial computing revolution

We’ve seen how important Brown thinks Spatial Computing will be to the technology sector. So, in this review, he deep dives the subject to help us understand what he is so excited about.

SCG Technology - What is SCG & How To Invest? 43As the IPO market thrives, Jeff sees this as the hottest IPO of 2022. Now, I should clarify that IPOs are not guaranteed to do well because we’ve seen a few that have flopped over the years, particularly in the technology sector. Therefore, do not invest in an IPO stock before you are comfortable with that.

Your 101 Guide to Striking It Rich in the NFT Gold Rush

SCG Technology - What is SCG & How To Invest? 44This report is about a simple way to profit from NFTs. Jeff has been very vocal lately on NFTs.

Near Future Report Subscription Fee

The subscription price is $49/year if you subscribe through Jeff’s presentation and it renews automatically every year for a fee of $129 (plus applicable taxes).

This is a markdown from the usual $199 you’d pay if you joined via the official website:

SCG Technology - What is SCG & How To Invest? 45

The Refund Policy

As for the guarantee:

SCG Technology - What is SCG & How To Invest? 46

The newsletter is also backed by 60-day ironclad money back guarantee.

I urge you to comb through the fine print in the terms and conditions page concerning the refund policy before you submit (e-wallet permits) details and sign up for the newsletter. Some of these stipulations may change without warning.

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Is Jeff’s SCG Presentation Legit?

Yes, Jeff Brown’s presentation is legit.

First, Jeff Brown is a legit investment analyst who has years of experience as a stock trader and adviser.

On top of that, he is on to something here because virtual reality and augmented reality are legit technological advancements that are still fledgling.

SCG Technology - What is SCG & How To Invest? 47We may have to wait a couple of years for them to be worth that much but they are interesting and worth checking out.

That being said, do not invest in any company hoping to make a lot of money on the fly. Such developments take years to pan out and that’s no even without considering the fact that the company that Jeff is touting may not be the supplier of choice. Even Jeff admits that in the presentation about SCG tech so that’s also worth considering.

Either way, with his credentials, it makes sense to hear him out, at least, just like you’d listen to a licensed healthcare provider if you were looking for a medical opinion.

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Verdict on SCG Technology Presentation

After watching the presentation, what I came away with is that Jeff Brown wants you to invest in what he thinks could be the next big thing and the chance to make money when the new technology gets rolled out.

It was a typical Jeff Brown pitch where he presents himself as the seasoned tech insider who’ll guide you towards an investment in a novel new technology that can potentially make you a lot of money.

If you are new to investing and are looking for help from an experienced professional, then Jeff Brown’s proposals are tempting. Jeff tends to look for angel investment opportunities, specifically early-stage companies that have profit potential and in this case, he has his sights set on a little-known company that may skyrocket in value as the new tech hits the market.

This hardly comes as a surprise because in 2020, he spoke a lot about the biotech industry and the opportunities that were in it. I remember him writing about FDA approved research into vaccines and gene-related therapies. He even talked about a private company or two within that sector. So, this is not particularly new from Jeff.

Now, I am not all sold on the idea that Spatial Computing Glass will make smartphones obsolete the way Jeff is proposing. However, they could be quite impactful and having cover in a company making them (or supplying other manufacturers) sounds like a logical thing given how profitable such an investment could become.

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SCG Technology - What is SCG & How To Invest? 37

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