Ross Givens Reviews: Is Stealth Trades Legit?

Ross Givens’ Stealth Trades presentation is all about a trading strategy that is based on following the money (volume trading).

Ross talks about how you can make money by predicting and taking advantage of the anonymous trading that often precedes every major stock move in the market. He claims to have developed a “Stealth Trades” strategy that you can use to multiply your money in a matter days or weeks.

If you are still trying to figure out whether this investment strategy is the real deal, I hope this article will help because I break down what Stealth Trades are and whether they are a viable strategy to follow.

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Ross Givens Reviews: Is Stealth Trades Legit? 7

Ross Givens Stealth Trades Review

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Introduction to Stealth Trades

According to Ross Givens, Big money has been conspiring with the authorities to take advantage of ordinary investors. Ross says that for a long time, if you had less than $1 million in your portfolio, you were looked down upon as a second-class investor.

But he says that this is all going to change for some because he found a backdoor that helps him turn “the rich man’s game” to your advantage just like retail investors did when during the GameStop Short Squeeze in January when a group of retail investors took aim at hedge funds that had shorted the stock.

Stealth Trades

Ross claims that when he was working for a big firm on Wall Street, he learned that behind the scenes, the firm was placing huge, anonymous trades involving other big investors. He called these trades “Stealth Trades.”

Unfortunately, since these massive buying binges were actually happening “behind closed doors,” the average retail investor was left out yet those trades affected the stock price.

Ross Givens says that the stock price often went ballistic once those trades were filled.

He explains this with a chart that shows trade activity in a typical stealth trade (the Black part represents the stealth trade and the blue part is the stock price in the public market).

Ross Givens Stealth Trades

According to Ross, the typical stealth trade has a noticeable dip right before the stock takes off.

He says that institutional investors are legally in the clear when they place those trades irrespective of how controversial it is. The SEC requires them to file Form 13 F to notify the agency that they have placed that trade.

Ross calls it “red-carpet treatment for the super-wealthy.”

From that description, you can tell that Ross Givens is referring to Dark Pool trading as “stealth trades.”

What is a Dark Pool?

A Dark Pool is an exchange that is separate from the public exchanges that allows block trading by institutional investors who want to keep their big volume trades discreet because making them public would affect the stock price and jeopardize the trade.

While Dark Pools allow discretion, they form a significant part of trade volume. In 2017, they accounted for roughly 40% of all the trading in the market.

Dark Pools have been the subject of discussion by some newsletter gurus and I have encountered presentations like Louis Navellier’s Dark Pools Summit and The Dark Pool Trader Summit that are based on them.

The argument in those pitches (as well as by Ross Givens) is that if you can decipher what is happening in a dark pool, you can adjust your trades to suit them which enables you to make more money.

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The Stealth Trading GOLD System

Ross Givens has what he calls the Stealth Trading GOLD system that helps him identify the stocks that might be about to skyrocket — several days or weeks in advance.

This system scans thousands of data points every day, in search of the next big opportunity. The goal is to anticipate how a trade will be affected by institutional investment and trading accordingly.

By knowing this information at the right time, retail investors should be able to maximize gains. To be more precise, the system gives you a PRELIMINARY HEADS-UP that a major buy is in the works.

Ross has an early warning system that alerts him when there is unusual activity.

This system relies on three indicators (The Three Golden Criteria) that signify whatever’s happening in the market:

Stealth Flag #1:

The stock in question is range-bound on the chart; it trades is within a defined channel:

Ross Givens Stealth TradesWhen the stock starts witnessing decreasing volatility (shallower and shallower dips) just as it is in the diagram above, Ross interprets this as big money shaking out the “weak hands” and the shares consolidating into the “strong hands.”

Stealth Flag #2

The stock breaks out of the defined channel by going above the upper limit. This means that it closes above the resistance level.

Ross Givens Stealth TradesIn the example above, Mind Medicine, Inc. (MMEDF), closes at $0.44 on the second to last candle. This coincides with a volume jump that is indicative of increased activity.

Stealth Flag #3

The breakout occurs at a high trading volume.

This can be anywhere from 5X average daily volume to 10X.

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Who Is Behind Stealth Trades?

Stealth Trades is designed by Ross Givens. He is one of the most experienced stock market experts in the industry. He is a financial advisor, professional money manager, and broker.

Since he was 12 years old, Ross Givens has been actively trading in the stock market. At that time, he put all his money in Microsoft shares and made profits within a couple of months.

With time, he widened his knowledge of the stock market. He graduated with a degree in Finance and acquired Series 7, Series 66, and Series 3 securities licenses issued by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). 

Quickly, he became a Vice President at a major investment bank where he helped manage investments for high net worth clients. 

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What is included in The Stealth Trading GOLD System?

To get those Stealth Trade recommendations, you need to subscribe to the Stealth Trading Gold System first! It is a financial advisory service by Ross Givens. 

You can opt for the  1-year subscription to Stealth Trades; in doing so, you will receive twelve new, exciting investment opportunities every year.

In addition to that, you will have access to complete writeups for each and every stealth trade Ross Givens’s strategy recommends. What’s more, you will receive a weekly watch list that lets you know which Stealth Trade opportunities Ross is currently monitoring.

Other benefits include…

  • Access to Ross’s unique Stealth Trade Trackers
  • Assistance from a Professional Customer Service Team

You also get a special bonus when you sign up:

Underground Treasure: Ross’s Top 5 Stealth Trade Opportunities for Massive Gains

This is a special report that Ross refers to as an exclusive “rich man’s playbook.” In it, he explains how institutional investors trade as well as how stealth trades work (in greater detail).

Ross Givens Stealth Trades

He also reveals the top five opportunities from his trading strategy

The Stealth Trading GOLD Subscription Price

An annual subscription to Stealth Trading GOLD costs $5 per year.

The Stealth Trading GOLD Refund Policy

The Stealth Trading GOLD newsletter has a 365-day money-back guarantee.

Ross Givens Stealth Trades

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Are Stealth Trades Legit?

Yes, Stealth Trades are legit. As we have established, dark pool trading is legal (and stealth trading is just a name Ross uses to refer to that).

It allows institutions to trade in secret because if they publicly disclosed their trades as they happened, they would never get in at desired prices and that would jeopardize their trades. The SEC, sanctions these trades as long as institutions file Form 13F disclosing their activities, which typically happens long after the trades have been finalized.

Is Ross Givens’ Stealth Trades strategy legit?

I think it is legit because it lets him scour the market for trading opportunities that are caused by high-volume trading by institutions and high net worth investors.

Is it effective?

It is hard to tell whether it is effective because I haven’t tried it out myself. For $5 a year you can try it out and see for yourself.

Ross Givens Stealth Trades Verdict

Stealth Trades are basically trades that happen in dark pools. Ross Givens, like many other investment gurus, believes that if you can find a way of knowing what’s happening in dark pools, you can take advantage of the high volume trades by institutions that move the market.

The challenge is to know what’s happening because dark pools are so shrouded that even the participants (big investors) cannot precisely tell what’s happening or who else is trading there (apart from the trades they are involved in directly).

Ross has designed a system that helps him scour the market, looking for trade volume spikes and he bases his strategy on this. I can’t tell you how effective his system is but for $5 per year, you can give it a try. Ross comes across as a genuine analyst so I don’t think he will rip you off. That being said, there are no guarantees that his methods will work.

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Ross Givens Reviews: Is Stealth Trades Legit? 7

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