Is Stubhub Legit for Tickets? [2023 Reviews]

Most people who buy concert, sports, or event tickets have heard of internet ticket brokers like StubHub. One of the earliest internet ticket brokers was StubHub. Of course, individual persons have long been involved in the ticket resale industry and are frequently referred to as scalpers.

It is not advisable to purchase tickets from scalpers. Making phony tickets that look real is not difficult.

StubHub moved the procedure online and acted as a middleman as a means of making it simpler and safer to purchase tickets for events. This move makes a variety of transactions possible for both buyers and sellers of tickets. As one might anticipate, StubHub has its fans and its detractors.

StubHub is very often regarded as among the largest companies in the sector when that involves purchasing and selling tickets on the supplementary second hand market and has been around already ever since the business formation in 2000.

Given their notoriety, we decided to investigate the ticketing giant’s reliability and provide you with some information on whether or not you’re receiving the best value for your money.

We have answers for you if you’re unsure about how secure StubHub is to use and buy tickets from. Let’s examine StubHub to see if it is a trustworthy business and a secure location to purchase tickets.

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Is Stubhub Legit for Tickets? [2023 Reviews] 13

Stubhub Review

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What is Stubhub?

StubHub is an online ticket exchange where sellers can provide tickets to a variety of events for possible buyers. Sports, music, and theater are among these events. “StubHub is the world’s top site for ticket buyers and ticket resellers.,” one site of the company StubHub itself claims.


Buy sports, concert and theater tickets on StubHub!

The platform’s key selling point is the ability for ticket holders to sell their unused tickets if they find themselves unable to attend an event. This is an excellent opportunity to sell some of those tickets and get back the initial investment by reselling tickets because the majority of tickets are nonrefundable.

Depending on your location, StubHub has webpages with multiple domain extensions. Prices on the website are stated in US dollars, whereas prices on the website are given in euros. displays prices in British Pounds, but extension displays prices according to where you are and has more of the inventory than

The address and business number of eBay Marketplaces are given on the StubHub website along with information about the company that provides the website’s services.

With their FanProtect guarantee, which states that they “back every order so you can buy and sell tickets with 100% confidence,” the company provides a 100% guarantee to both buyers and sellers.

Customers on StubHub have access to “over 10 million live sports, music, and theater events in more than 40 countries” where they may buy and sell tickets. You can buy tickets to shows by artists like Drake, Taylor Swift, KSIEminem, just to mention a few.

Reviewers’ experiences with StubHub have been mixed, according to Trustpilot. Whilst they make every effort to resolve any difficulties, StubHub cannot be held liable for the activities of their sellers, so it pays to keep that in mind.

Who is behind Stubhub?

Former Stanford Business School students and investment bankers Eric Baker and Jeff Fluhr established stubHub in San Francisco, California, in 2000. The Seattle Mariners were one of their first significant sports partnerships in 2001. In 2004, Baker left StubHub.

Pequot Ventures helped the business raise between $10 million and $25 million in 2005. (now FirstMark Capital). The company made $50 million in revenue that year and had a positive cash flow and produced revenues of more than $200 million.

StubHub began as a website that sold baseball tickets in the US, but it quickly expanded to sell tickets for other sports and events. In order to enter the European markets, eBay began to direct users looking for tickets to StubHub in May 2013. Since then, it has bought the Ticketbis company.

38 states in the United States have regulations that permit the resale of event tickets, provided that the sale does not take place at the venue. The other 12 states varied in their levels of regulation, including minimum markups and registration requirements.

Companies like StubHub, Ticketmaster, TicketNetwork, and others started to campaign state legislatures to get the more stringent anti-scalping legislation repealed or changed.

StubHub has expanded into Asia and South America as a result of the $165 million acquisition of Ticketbis, making it a global ticket marketplace.

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How does stubhub work?

The StubHub website is simple to use and appealing to the eye. On the banner depicting a crowd taking in a concert on the homepage is the primary search box. If you type in anything you’re looking for in the search box, a drop-down list of possibilities will appear.

If you typed “Manchester,” the list includes Melissa Manchester, Manchester Monarchs, Manchester Pride, Manchester City FC, and Manchester United FC. You can see the variety of other sports teams, live events here, and musicians that StubHub offers from this sample.

stubhub search screenshot

If you know the team you want to watch or which event you want to go to, using the search box is the quickest method to get the tickets you want.

If you know the team you want to watch or which event you want to go to, using the search box is the quickest method to get the tickets you want.

The top-left corner of the website’s drop-down menu, which offers a variety of options in sports, music, and theater, is another way to find tickets on StubHub.

Nevertheless, using this method is not the ideal approach to obtain tickets quickly if you’re looking for them for a specific sporting event, like a football game. For the quickest results, you should use the search bar.

The StubHub website is divided into three primary categories: sport, music, and theater, as was already mentioned. A sub-menu offering different competitions and event categories can be found within each. Other general choices like “additional sports,” “other concert tickets,” and “musical theater” are also available.

As an illustration, if you select “additional sports,” you will be given a long list of options to choose from. They include eSports and American football. The variety is astounding, and while StubHub offers tickets for the most well-liked sports, they also offer a variety for other sports like polo, swimming, lacrosse, and karate.

Many of the greatest sporting events, including Champions League football games, were completely sold out when they first took place.

Numerous high-profile sporting events, including Champions League football games, were completely sold out at the source, such as the clubs or the organizing organization. StubHub is a great resource for finding tickets you’ve had trouble finding elsewhere.

The very same appears to apply for concert tickets and a brief check on Ticketmaster demonstrates that there were no tickets on sale for Lady Gaga. Although the tickets for her residency in Las Vegas are not inexpensive, you can choose to pay whatever price you like for them on StubHub.

StubHub offers a large selection of tickets for all the theatre events and the big theatrical shows if you want to see one.

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How to Buy Tickets on Stubhub?

You must first create an account with StubHub to get started. It is simple, and all you need to do is enter your name, email address, and password. After completing that, you may log in to the website and start purchasing tickets.

We have selected the Manchester derby between Manchester City and Manchester United as our example. StubHub is an excellent site to find tickets because this is one of the biggest games in the Premier League season and they are hard to come by.

You are given a summary of the stadium and the tickets that are available after utilizing the search box to locate the ticket page for the game.

You may utilize the filter on the right-hand side of the screen to choose the amount of tickets you want to buy and the region of the stadium you are interested in sit. This reduces the options available to you, and you can choose other options when selecting tickets for other events, like plays and concerts, like aisle seats, which are good if you need quick and easy access to other seats.

After selecting, you are taken to the main ordering page, which has comprehensive information about the tickets and the pricing breakdown. If everything seems good, click the “Pay” button to proceed to the last step of the ordering process.

You can use any major credit or debit card, a StubHub gift card, a PayPal account, Visa Checkout, Apple Pay, or Android Pay to make a purchase on StubHub.

Overall, purchasing on StubHub is incredibly simple, and you can acquire two tickets to to the event of your choice with just a few clicks.

Safety tips for purchasing tickets on StubHub


Before purchasing, compare pricing.

With StubHub, you cannot bargain for a lower ticket price, but you can shop around to see whether a ticket price is reasonable before you purchase the ticket.

If the venue you bought tickets from has an online box office, check to see if similar tickets are still available and, if so, how much they are going for. You could also want to check the costs of comparable tickets on websites other than StubHub, such or

It might not be a terrible or bad idea to search for tickets directly on StubHub for additional dates or venue locations for the same event and compare the costs there.

You will be better able to assess if you are being overcharged for a ticket or getting your money’s worth by gathering more information in advance.

If at all possible, seek out tickets that can be downloaded right away.

Look for tickets with the “Instant Download” mark when exploring available seats for an event.

After you make a purchase, these tickets will be available practically instantly; simply save them to your computer and print them! Compared to those that require you to wait until they are sent via email or courier services, they are far faster and more dependable. It’s possible that the seller doesn’t even have the tickets in certain cases.

Actually, you may filter the available tickets for an event so that you only see those that can be downloaded right away.

Get in touch with StubHub customer service if you have a problem with your tickets.

While unlikely, it is possible that your tickets won’t get to you in time for the listed event, won’t let you enter the listed event, or have specifics that are very different from what was described in the StubHub advertisement.

.Contact StubHub customer service will support if any of these things occur (or if the event for which you have tickets is postponed and not rescheduled), and they might be able to provide you with a cash refund, an on-site credit, or replacement tickets as compensation.

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How does Stubhub make money?

The business earns income through a variety of ways, including:

  • Data sales. StubHub gathers a ton of information about customer behavior and ticket purchases, and it might sell that information to other businesses for things like market research.
  • Service charges. StubHub charges customers a service fee on each ticket purchase. This fee is often calculated as a percentage of the ticket cost. Depending on the event, the actual fee ranges from 10% to 15% of the cost of the tickets sold.
  • Ticket insurance. StubHub provides a ticket insurance program for purchasers, where it provides protection  in unfortunate circumstances that help stop them from being able to attend. For StubHub, this insurance results in more income.
  • Seller fees. StubHub charges a commission to sellers for each ticket sold on its website. This commission varies depending on the event and other criteria, and it is often a percentage of the ticket price.
  • Promotional alliances. StubHub collaborates with sponsors and event planners to provide clients with special offers and discounts. With advertising and other costs, these alliances bring in money for StubHub.

In total, StubHub makes money mostly from service and seller fees, as well as from collaborations on promotions, data sales, and ticket insurance.

Stubhub support options

  • Live chat. You can use the live chat option on stubhub UK and its other websites to ask inquiries and get help with problems quickly and effectively. You can enter this chat by selecting Live Chat from the menu. You can ask inquiries on a brief chat box that will appear as a result. At first, the responses will be automated, but if your question is still unanswered, a Stubhub reputable customer service provider will take over.
  • Email. Consumers can also contact StubHub’s customer care department via email if they need assistance. The website’s “Contact Us” page has the email address. If further communication is required, a contact form is available on the website. Nonetheless, because the website is simple to use, live chat is generally the best place to get answers to most questions. It is quick and easy, and the support staff can immediately address any issues you may be experiencing.. You will have to wait for an email from the contact form, which can take some time.
  • Phone. The Stubhub UK contact information also includes a number to call in case of an emergency and a link to a list of Stubhub foreign- called customer service and support numbers for calls made from outside the UK to the United States and Canada. Every day from 9:00 until 21:00 UK time, the lines are open. There are also Stubhub contact lines for the UK.
  • Help center. StubHub’s website features a thorough help section with a variety of resources for users. This includes a section with frequently asked questions, details on how to order and pay for tickets, and a user manual for the website.
  • Social media. StubHub is active on social media, where users can contact the business for support on Facebook or Twitter.

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Pros of Stubhub

Premium Tickets

Premium tickets to sporting events, plays, and other cultural events are frequently sold on the StubHub site. Both the National Football League (NFL) and Major League Baseball (MLB) permit their supporters to sell tickets to games directly on the StubHub website.

If you’re looking for tickets to a sold-out event, you might want to check StubHub to see if they still have any premium seats available.

Quick Mobile Delivery

With StubHub, vendors have the opportunity to offer their clients any kind of ticket. This can apply to valid tickets, both paper tickets and electronic tickets (provided that they are valid).

When it comes to having the tickets in their possession, buyers may feel more at ease if they receive the tickets as quickly as feasible.

This implies that after the tickets have been transferred to their new owner, vendors can complete a re sell or deal on ordered tickets quickly.

One of the major draws for StubHub is undoubtedly the prospect for speedy desktop and mobile experiences and delivery. For better success on the ticket-selling platform, make sure to ask what kind of ticket you are buying and try to stick with these mobile possibilities.

Cons of Stubhub

High Service Fees

You might want to reconsider your plan to resell concert tickets on StubHub as a side business. Even while this method can earn you a respectable income, there are other, less expensive methods for selling spare or unwanted tickets.

You may, for instance, sell them on Facebook Marketplace or to relatives and friends.

Both the purchaser and the seller of the ticket must pay fees. On StubHub, listing and searching for tickets are both free. Nevertheless, when you check out, they really slap you with costs.

A 10% fee on the ticket’s purchase price is charged to purchasers. Whereas selling tickets using StubHub costs sellers 15% of the sale.

Can be unreliable for mailed tickets

You might want to think twice before using StubHub if you’re buying tickets that need to be printed off.

Receiving their tickets in the mail was reportedly a major hassle, according to some consumers. Not to mention, if the event is approaching, you might have more than an hour to worry about whether the tickets will arrive in time.

They provide a 100 percent assurance that tickets will arrive before to the event through their FanProtect Promise. Yet, it can be difficult to follow up on this.

Changing Prices

When it comes to setting the price of their tickets for resale, ticket sellers have the advantage.

There is a significant likelihood that they will try to recoup their investment in premium tickets if an event sells out while they still have them in their possession.

This practice, referred to as scalping, is one that many people use to try to make money online.

Consumers should make sure to compare prices to see if the seller has increased the cost of the tickets.

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Is Stubhub legit?

There have been various speculations on the legitimacy of this platform due to the alarming number of negative reviews. The good news is that using this platform to sell in-demand tickets is secure and practical. They sell tickets for performances by artists, theater productions, and comedians, as well as tickets for sporting events and concerts.

A variety of significant businesses, including:

  • Major League Baseball
  • New York City Football Club
  • 76ers
  • Roundabout Theatre Company
  • hangout fest

Is Stubhub Legit for Tickets? [2023 Reviews] 14

Buyers benefit from the following advantages when purchasing FanProtect:

  • The event’s tickets are delivered on time.
  • Orders will definitely get you into the event (no fake tickets).
  • StubHub will provide new tickets that are comparable to or better if there is a problem (or your money back).
  • They will offer a full refund of the original ticket price or a 120% credit if the event is postponed but not rescheduled.

StubHub had an A- rating from the Better Business Bureau, which is a pretty good score.

Is Stubhub Legit for Tickets? [2023 Reviews] 15

Thr site however, has received a number of negative reviews with many of the customers claiming that the Stubhub has terrible customer service. This kind of horrible customer service has led to a loss of many potential customers. Hopefully the site will work on improving it.

Despite this one inconvenience, I would definitely recommend Stubhub.

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How Simple Is It to Use Stubhub?

The Stubhub website is very simple to use and very user-friendly. You start by creating an account on the website. These are simple pieces of information like your name, email address, and a password that you make up right away. To make login simple the next time you use it, you should either write down your password or set it to remember it on your device. You will need to have it emailed to you if you don’t.

After that, you may start looking for events for which you wish to find tickets. As I previously indicated, finding and buying tickets is simple.Use the search bar to find the event you want, then the filters to pick the precise tickets you want to purchase, confirm your payment, and select your seats.

The confirmation page will appear when you have located and chosen the tickets you wish to buy. You may view the pricing breakdown for score tickets, which includes the ticket price as well as any applicable service or processing charges, on this page. Use any significant credit card or debit card to make your payment after checking everything to ensure that the day and event are correct.

Besides with credit cards and PayPal, Stubhub also accepts Apple Pay, Android Pay, and gift cards. Gift cards can be bought just like any other item and come in both electronic and classic plastic card formats. Simply type the code into the box provided at checkout to apply the savings to your original purchase amount.

Even if you have never used the site before, or one similar to it, you will be able to find your way around with ease because purchasing tickets and utilizing the website are straightforward and quick.

What Does Stubhub Guarantee Mean?

Stubhub Guarantee

The FanProtect guarantee is Stubhub’s ticket defense against fake tickets and a promise of a reimbursement for postponed events. If a shady seller offers you a fake ticket that can’t be utilized for the event, Fanprotect will reimburse your money for any ticket. In this scenario, Stubhub will issue a full refund and contact the vendor. As a result, you may relax knowing that everything will be okay. Unexpected situations can force the cancellation of events, especially those that take place outside. So, with FanProtect, you can rest assured that your money will be returned even if the event is cancelled. Purchasing trustworthy StubHub tickets is quick and easy with FanProtect.

Are the ticket prices reasonable?

As with any ticket exchange, the person selling the tickets, not the service, publishes the tickets that are on sale through StubHub. It is crucial to remember while looking for tickets that the vendor, not StubHub, determines the ticket prices.

As a result, your desire to attend the event and the rarity of the ticket will influence higher price than what is considered a reasonable price for a ticket. For instance, if you wanted to attend the Champions League final, you would have to pay a high amount to secure a seat because most tickets there were sold out. But, it’s likely that tickets for Cardiff City vs. Burnley in the Premier League will be far less expensive and more in line with face value.

On StubHub, it will be difficult to obtain tickets for face value, but many of the tickets are for events for which tickets are no longer generally available.

The cost will vary according to the event and the kind of ticket master tickets purchased. You will get a breakdown of the ticket price at the checkout before placing your order, and StubHub will decide the shipping cost and fees at the time of purchase. You can now choose whether you want to proceed with the purchase or cancel it if you find the fees to be intolerable.

Depending on how eager you are to watch the event, you can choose if you want to pay the lower fees or asking price for tickets on StubHub.


We have finally come to the end of the review. Although there can be some drawbacks to using this site, overall, Stubhub is a fantastic experience. On the plus side, it’s a quick way for purchasers to obtain tickets that are reasonably trustworthy and covered by guarantees, even if they are sold out or otherwise difficult to locate.

Furthermore, it provides numerous payment choices, such as the choice to contribute your profits to a good cause.

Stubhub is highly recommended since it has a user-friendly website that is quick and simple to use, FanProtect to ensure that your tickets will reach you, and the Stubhub international customer care chats to resolve any issues as they arise.

You have a sizable market to go through, and you should be able to locate the tickets you need for the event.

Stubhub is, all things considered, a terrific site to find the tickets you want, at a fair price, and be able to enjoy yourself while doing it.

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Is Stubhub Legit for Tickets? [2023 Reviews] 13

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