Tanner Chidester: Elite CEOs & Net Worth Legit? [2023 Reviews]

Tanner Chidester is the founder and owner of two online businesses, Elite CEOs and Fit Warrior. The two businesses have been a success in training thousands of entrepreneurs grow and scale online businesses fast.

In this review we will look into Tanner Chidester, his net worth, two online businesses and whether it is worth it to join his training program.

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Tanner Chidester Elite CEO’s & Net Worth Review

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Who Is Tanner Chidester?

Tanner Chidester is a bodybuilder, entrepreneur, businessman, personal trainer, and a CEO based in Los Angeles.

Currently thirty years of age, his journey started off with being a petroleum engineering student who played football for his school to a millionaire running an online empire.

Tanner ChidesterTanner was born the year 1992 in Salt Lake City, Utah, as the eldest of seven children of Curtis and Concetta Chidester, a Mormon family. He has four sisters and two brothers.

As a child, Tanner Chidester was described as a shy and timid kid which made him an easy target of bullying both at school and in the neighborhood.

At the age of 12 years he developed an interest in fitness. As he matured and worked out more and more, he started to get a boost in his confidence and motivation.

Six years later, thanks to his athletic build, 18 year old Tanner Chidester joined Brigham Young University (BYU) in the year 2010, where he took on Division 1 football while being a student in the petroleum engineering program.

In 2012, during his second year in BYU, he moved to Arizona Western after getting seriously injured.

To add salt to the injury, on the first day of practice he injured his labrum for the third time which eventually resulted to his retirement from the football field.

Later in 2014, another two years in, he transferred and was admitted into Texas A&M’s petroleum engineering program. At this point at A&M he had decided to venture into personal training and some online advertisement and marketing.

His interest in training and online business continued to grow as time passed and he finally decided Petroleum Engineering was not the path for him thus eventually dropping out of school.

As he was still learning the ropes of making money online, he got a side job at Olive Garden as a door-to-door sales person. At the time, Tanner Chidester was investing large sums of money in several coaching and online marketing programs. The amount he paid ran up to over $50,000.

These programs didn’t prove effective because although he learnt a lot, the results weren’t as expected. Eventually, Tanner Chidester decided to try things his own way.

He started getting the results he had in mind from the beginning of this whole adventure as he expressed in an autobiography: “Before I knew it, I had my first $10,000 week! Since then I haven’t looked back! ”

Since his bold step to do things his own way was a success, Tanner Chidester launched his online health and fitness coaching program Fit Warrior LLC in 2017.

Within months, the company had a seven figure annual revenue. This was just the beginning of the empire Tanner Chidester currently owns.

Once it was clear he was definitely pulling the right strings with his business, other fitness trainers approached him to coach them how he does it. Tanner Chidester ultimately got the idea to create a course known as Fitness CEOs to teach them.

Tanner Chidester: Elite CEOs & Net Worth Legit? [2023 Reviews] 7

Fitness CEOs was also a massive success bringing in a seven figure revenue within a few months.

Tanner Chidester was slowly gaining a global following as people from different countries were interested in his teachings and reached out to join his course.

With the growing demand it was inevitable that he would expand this idea to cover all sorts of business models. Finally, in the year 2019 Tanner Chidester launched the Elite CEOs Course.

From then on it has been nothing but more success and sales milestones for the man and his game changer input to the online businesses.

To emphasize how big his name is, for the last few years, elite institutions such as Forbes, Business Insider, and CNBC have written about his training program’s success in their feature articles. According to CNBC he had gained a net worth of over $ 1 million by the time he was 28.

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What is Tanner Chidester’s Elite CEOs Coaching Program?

Tanner Chidester’s Elite CEOs is an online coaching program. The main focus of this course is to teach potential entrepreneurs and existing business owners how to build their own ad agency, land clients, and get results in form of making more money.

It reminds me of other coaching programs like The Real World and Six Figure Mentors that teach you how to be more effective at marketing.

Elite CEOs program teaches you how to start an affiliate marketing business, which is a tough business model to get into these days. They show you how to get started with ClickFunnels and utilize Facebook ads to drive traffic and earn commissions.

Elite CEOs

Through being part of a business community, training inside Elite CEOs places you at a disposal of diverse variety of great minds.

Tanner Chidester leads his team at Elite CEOs as the coach in training students who join them to learn:

  • Prospecting- This training is on how to search for potential clients.
  • Sales- Teach them how to create business and make money.
  • Media Buying- This training is on how to make money online by running ads business profitably.
  • Copywriting- Teach them how to create ad mess -aging for the right clients.
  • Design- Training on how to design ads and join platforms to expand conversions.
  • Email Marketing- Coach them on how to reach out prospects and customers for feedback.
  • Automation- Coach them on creating online business.

Elite CEOs works with top management to boost their abilities to lead their companies to success. The mastery of core values taught in the course helps in identifying potential business ideas, running with them and creating an environment that these initiatives can prosper and place them at the top of their industries.

When it comes to production-based businesses or services, Elite CEOs is a haven for those at the top of their professions looking for long-term success through their premium coaching program.

Even with numerous coaching programs offering automated and pre-existing templates on their website, you need to keep in mind that the market in online business is constantly changing as the online platform expands. The program promises that the skills you learn from the Tanner Chidester and the Elite CEOs community will help you adjust accordingly to these changes.

In addition to this, most of them are very expensive coaching programs with an almost 100% chance of turning out to be a scam.

Tanner Chidester's Elite CEOs Coaching Program

Furthermore, the diversity in resources comes in handy. You are able to build a network of entrepreneurs and experts who are always willing to offer assistance.

First of all, they act as catalysts when it comes to generating ideas. They assist in reviewing the ideas from all dimensions covering the loop holes they might have had in the beginning. This ensures full proof investments.

They also provide the problem solving aspect. There is a an extremely high chance that they have experienced the problems you are facing in their journey to the top. This will not only provide you with a hub of possible solutions, but also confidence in the fact that all your problems have a solution if approached in the right manner.

With Elite CEO’s consultants, companies will have access to a wide range of key talents, including marketing, sales, human resources, process, finance, product development, and coaching.

Through all the objectives mentioned earlier, an individual has the know how to set up and manage an online business model with much ease. Above this, one is able to generate wealth through aspects such as paid advertising and social media marketing.

The primary things you require are figuring out the path your interests lie and the willingness to take up the challenge to pursue both your dreams and placing your trust on the expertise of Tanner Chidester and his team.

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What services does Tanner Chidester Elite CEOs Coaching Program offer?

Once you become a part of Tanner Chidester’s Elite CEOs Coaching, there are five different modules that are available to start you on your journey to success.

These include:

  • Facebook Group Marketing
  • Organic Messaging 1010
  • Messaging And Sales Calls
  • Intro To Facebook Ads
  • Setting Up Your Funnel

To add to that, you get access to a private Facebook group where there are regular live streams in which you can ask questions and interact with other clients and the Elite CEOs team.

A Clickfunnel program is also available. This program builds a page and/or site for your business and makes whatever products/services you are offering look lucrative thus giving you more traffic.

In the training program, Tanner and his team focus first on lead generation and on assets second instead of the common method most affiliate marketing training programs follow which is the niche+asset+traffic=sales formula.

Tanner’s Training program also provides access to coaching materials that you can read and watch. a 1 on 1 coaching experience from either his team or Tanner himselfwhich can be scheduled at your preferred time and live webinars with Q/A sessions.

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How much does Tanner Chidester’s Program Cost?

Tanner Chidester’s training program is not free and there are some hidden costs that are not revealed from the very beginning.

To start with, you have to pay $37 as a membership fee that is required for what is referred to as high ticket coaching program

This may at first be deceiving as many other programs cost about $50 to join therefore making Tanner’s program cheaper.

However, as we have established, this is more of a sales and marketing move to draw people in. It is well known in the internet marketing community that once you buy something from someone you’re more likely to buy again and spend more money.

The $37 only covers a section of the tools and resources that are provided. It is estimated to cost members more than $240 to access all the items available.

Below is a breakdown of some of the fees besides the membership fee that you will encounter once you join the program:

  • Email auto-responder- a minimum of $15 per month
  • Tracking Software- a minimum of $27 per month
  • ClickFunnel- a minimum of $97 per month
  • Facebook ads/YouTube ads- a minimum of $100 per month

These upsells contain what you’d consider vital information.

How to join the Tanner Chidester Elite CEOs Coaching Program

To become part of this elite program, you must first schedule a call with one of Tanner’s team members. During this call, you are introduced to the program, everything that comes with it and discuss your business, plus which coaching package best suits you.

Tanner Chidester: Elite CEOs & Net Worth Legit? [2023 Reviews] 8

The call acts as a screening process and if you don’t pass the call or don’t meet the requirements, then you will be denied access. According to their sales page, they reject 60% of applicants on the coaching call.

If and when you get accepted, you will get access to training and all the other available services and programs once you pay the membership fee.

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Elite CEOs Reviews

Tanner Chidester’s Elite CEOs Program has received a couple of positive reviews and testimonials and has a 4.9 out of 5 star rating on TrustPilot. However, there have also been a few negative reviews from unsatisfied customers.

Here is what some people have to say:

Not gonna lie I was very cautious investing into Tanners’s initial 3 month program.

Here I am 12 months later and I’m now in his next level mastermind and I just signed up for another 8 months.

They thought me a proven messaging system and constant flow of lead generation.

My mindset has changed massively thanks to their mindset coach.

The sales training they provide is world class.

They thought me how to hire & grow a team
which I thought was not possible.

The value and support Is second to none.

I’m so glad I took the leap of faith and invested into myself


I joined Tanner’s program back in November 2020, and at the time I was working full-time as an in-person Personal Trainer. With Covid going on in person training was extremely volatile, lots of busy weeks and then extremely slow weeks. I knew I needed to pivot online somehow.

This program changed my life. I was able to leave my full-time job and rely 100% on my online business. If you put in the work and learn as much as you can within the program you will make 10x of what the program costs. If you want to build an extremely profitable online business then these guys are the guys for you.


Absolute love the program. So far has been a great experience! From organic to paid ads, this course goes over everything. The coaches are great! I have heard mixed opinions about Elite CEOs before joining, and my 2cents is. If you are willing to put the work in and not have a victim mindset, you will be great. Success is never guaranteed with any business coaching program, but if you are good at what you do and willing to put the work in, I think being taught by a team that has generated over 50 million dollars online is a great place to be. Before joining Elite CEOs with this new offer, we only made 2K USD the month before joining. We knew we had to make some changes, so we jumped on board, we made 8K USD collected and 8.1K contracted in less than four weeks inside the program and have a few more sales in the pipeline.

Thank you to Tanner, Benson, Daniel and the rest of the team

-Jon Jamati

I’d expect this for a $900 program but $18,000!?!? This is a total scam. They told me that with their help I could easily make back my investment in a month. That couldn’t be further from the truth!!!

One of the coaches literally told me that if she thought my question was stupid, she won’t respond. I couldn’t believe it. I try to tell them how I am struggling and all they can say is “you have limiting beliefs. ” smfh.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is tanner chidester’s program legit?

Yes it is. The founder himself is a successful online businessman and there seems to be a lot of positive testimonials thus proving that it is not just a scam

Who is elite ceos best for?

This program is for individuals interested in making money online through funnels and Facebook ads. It is also suitable for advanced marketers who are interested in leveraging the power of paid ads.

Does the program have a refund policy?

No. The program does not offer a refund policy or a thirty-day money-back guarantee. This means that you must be sure before joining the program and if you are dissatisfied before you are done, you will not get your money back.

Does the Program get updated?

I don’t think it does. The program contains the five learning modules and other services. There have been no additions or updates.

Are there alternatives to tanner chidester’s program?

Yes. Some of the alternatives to this program include:

Pros of the Elite CEOs Coaching Program

The founder is successful

Tanner Chidester has very successful online businesses and the fact that he is part of the program and offers one on one coaching is quite promising as one gets to learn from the master himself.

Many positive reviews

The Elite CEOs Coaching Program has received a lot of positive reviews on trustpilot and there are various other testimonials where people who have gone through their program say joining it was their first step to success

The private Facebook community

The program has availed a private Facebook community to help the members build a credible business network which is very effective and boosts their business opportunities.

Many available Learning resources and support

On top of their live webinar sessions, the course offers other learning materials such as pdf documents and videos that help those under the program to learn more about expanding their business.

Many who have been part of the program claim to have received a lot of support from the Elite CEOs team.

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Cons of The Elite CEOs Coaching Program

High cost

The program itself is quite expensive. There are a lot of hidden fees that are not revealed upfront and what they have to offer may not be worth the investment.

The Program has many upsells

The program is just a way to recruit people in order to bring about the upsell; the one on one coaching program which might end up costing you thousands for just one session with their experts

Only one traffic generation method taught

The only traffic generation method they teach is investing in paid ads which may get a bit costly for beginners. The lack of diversification limits your potential for success.

Paid traffic also requires requires lots of skills such as understanding your market, understanding the numbers, having enough seed money etc.

No refund policy

There is no available refund policy or money-back guarantee making joining this program a bit risky.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

The Tanner Chidester Elite CEOs Coaching program is a legitimate training program that teaches about affiliate marketing and shows existing business owners how to build their own ad agency, land clients, and get results in form of making more money.

Tanner Chidester himself is a successful online business owner and there have been testimonials proving that his program works.

However, it also seems to just be a front for the one on one coaching program which is a bit more costly that what you will pay for the membership fee and is where the real money is.

All in all, unless you are ready to take the risk of investing thousands for tips on how to become the next elite CEO, I would not recommend joining this program as there are various other alternatives.

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