Six Figure Mentors: Unbiased 2022 Review

In recent years, new ways of making money have emerged as more aspects of our lives have gone online. The internet has been a gamechanger because it has created new avenues for businesses to sell their products thus creating affiliate marketing.

Today I will delve into a platform called Six Figure Mentors for not just making money online but also gaining skills highly required in an array of online money making ventures.

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Six Figure Mentors: Unbiased 2022 Review 7

Six Figure Mentors Review

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What is Six Figure Mentors?

Six Figure Mentors is a digital business system aiming at helping anyone looking to achieve financial security and live their life on their terms, stepping out of the status quo using affiliate marketing.

six figure mentors

It was created to help students achieve what is perceived to be impossible when it comes to earning money online. Its business model is one that has you earning while you study.

It is an affiliate marketing course and, therefore, you won’t be learning how to own a business but how to use affiliate marketing to earn an income online.

The program is meant to enrich you with skills needed to be relevant in the dynamic marketing arena with new ways of reaching clients.

When you sign up for SFM, you are supposed to utilize the information available to set up an online business based on affiliate marketing.

By the end of this Six Figure Mentors review, you will better understand Six Figure Mentors regarding how it works, how it prepares you to own business (affiliate marketing) and make money online, how the Six Figure Mentors affiliate program works, who can benefit most from Six Figure Mentors, and whether it is a pyramid scheme.

Six Figure Mentors

Six Figure Mentors is a training and mentorship platform that is meant to prepare you for every aspect of affiliate marketing and empower you with the digital skill sets and leadership mindsets required in digital space entrepreneurship.

But does it achieve that? Let’s find out.

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Who is behind Six Figure Mentors?

Six Figure Mentors was founded in 2010 by Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek who both have a rich history promoting Multi-Level Marketing products.

Stuart Ross

In 2009, Stuart Ross was encouraging people to join YourNetBiz which has some similarities with the Six Figure Mentors program. YourNetBiz ceased operating in 2010.

Jay Kubassek

On the other hand, Jay Kubassek worked as a salesman for one of the largest Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business model companies ever, Liberty League International (LLI) until 2009 after which together with Stuart Ross they founded Six Figure Mentors.

Jay Kubassek is an author, producer, professional speaker and digital entrepreneur.

Liberty League International (LLI) eventually terminated operations when it fell into legal troubles. Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek are both expert marketers with a lot of experience in online business and managing MLM businesses.

Since its launch in 2010, the company has nurtured hundreds of people from every walk of life.

The two also run a product called Digital Experts Academy that is also geared towards making money online. The program has grown tremendously and gained global visibility as a platform where people can learn about online marketing.

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How does Six Figure Mentors work?

Six Figure Mentors has a membership site where members learn affiliate marketing.

Six Figure Mentors also offers members the opportunity to market the affiliate marketing course itself allowing you to earn while you learn.

Six Figures Mentors

This model is not unique to Six Figures Mentors as we’ve seen it in other programs such as Hustlers University, Fullstaq Marketer, and The Millionaire Shortcut.

There are membership levels and you are required to upgrade to gain access to advanced training material, tools, and everything else you need to make the most of Stuart and Jay’s program.

You will earn $20 per Introductory sale, $200 per Essential sale, $20/per month per active membership subscriptions

The program has a system that can trace all referrals for easy payments to members, Six Figure Mentors Affiliate Tools, Done-for-you affiliate links and sales funnels, Automated follow-up and re-marketing campaigns, Link generator with custom tracking, Sales reporting and tracking stats, and Sales & Support Expertise.

Access to courses

Six Figure Mentors as a digital business system gives you access to 1000’s of courses upon becoming a member. The courses offered are from a platform called LinkedIn Learning. The courses cover areas such as business, marketing, creativity, and technology.

You can access the LinkedIn courses separately by signing up for LinkedIn Learning. Based on some reviews, one can learn more on LinkedIn Learning than they would from Six Figure Mentors.

If you upgrade your membership, you will be taught by industry specialists from ImportXperts on how to set up and run your own online importing business, such as an Amazon FBA business.

Through knowledge and skills gained, students will have whatever is required to own a business. The program has proved to be effective in equipping students with marketing skills to run an online business.

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What you get when you join Six Figure Mentors

When you sign up for the Six Figure Mentor affiliate marketing courses, you get:


The training is broken down into modules that are designed to provide hands-on experience. Each module clearly explains the actions you need to adopt to take your mindset and business venture to the next level.

The training targets both business owners or individuals looking to start affiliate marketing. The education program gives you the marketing know-how to start or grow an online business that can be run from anywhere in the world.


You get a dedicated SFM system consultant to help you along on your journey as soon as they receive your application. The system consultants are highly experienced in every aspect of the SFM digital business platform.

It is like having your own personal fitness trainer because they are meant to help you achieve and exceed your individual goals. The one-on-one professional guidance also helps prevent information overwhelm which has proven to be a stumbling block for most people when it comes to finding success online.


The weekly training webinars are meant to provide you with a heap of valuable skills and strategies to apply to your business. These digital marketing training webinars are run by experts and leaders who are already achieving great results. They show you how they do it.


You also have access to a support team dedicated to helping you unravel any technical issues you run into. Whether you have questions about setup, a bug to report or would like help with an affiliate platform, the support team is a click away and happy to help in any way it can.

You can reach out to them via live chat, phone support, or just use the expanding knowledge-base.


The private community is filled with people at various stages of their business progression. If you need an answer to a question, you can chat with someone from the community. There is also a private forum if you want a live conversation about a particular topic or need to discuss a current challenge you’re facing.

You can jump into the SFM Community at any time – you’ll be welcomed with a live-chat going on 24/7/365.


SFM also hosts live events where leaders in the SFM Community show up from all over the world to share their secrets of success and tricks of the trade. These events are held in locations around the world. They are a great place to network with other online entrepreneurs.

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Six Figure Mentor Tools

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, as a member you are entitled to tools that will enhance your experience in the world of affiliate marketing. SFM offers two tools as of writing this review:

Digital Business Lounge

Digital Business Lounge (DBL) is a platform that lets you create websites/blogs with just a few clicks. On top of that, it offers all the Internet marketing tools you require under one roof. You don’t have to download or install anything and no additional hosting is necessary.

Simple Lead Capture

SimpleLeadCapture is a lead capture page builder that helps you turn an idea into a live and ready-to market lead capture page in just a few minutes.

SimpleLeadCapture is a point and click lead capture page builder that also enables you to create, edit and publish your next lead page without any time consuming coding or design work required.

Membership Packages

There are three levels to the membership structure at SFM. The three are:

Student Access

Also called the ‘extraordinary Online Business Startup Bundle,’ it is a free account that lets you test the SFM platform.

Six Figure Mentors Business Startup Bundle

Here is what you get when you enroll:

  • Access to the exclusive Members-only site, which includes the step-by-step Online Business Success Module. Here you will learn how to start selling your own product or get started as an affiliate.
  • The 7-Part ‘Digital Life’ video training series. It explains explaining how to build a lifestyle business from scratch.
  • Exclusive invitation to join the founders on their live monthly Visionary Call. On the call, they reveal upcoming plans for SFM and how they’ll benefit you as a student. You will be invited to attend the live Master Marketing Mastermind sessions where you’ll get invaluable insights and tactics for growing your business.
  • Access to an SFM Business System consultant. The system consultant will be wit you every step of the way. The one-on-one support is meant to ensure you can easily implement the steps you learn.

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Essential Membership

At this level you have access to the Six Figure Mentors Digital Business System, live weekly training, recorded training, training modules, your own senior business coach, and Digital Business Lounge Premium Membership (DBL is a platform for purchasing your domain and installing, designing and using your website to market your business).

Here is a breakdown of what you get:

  • The Digital Business System complete with Digital Toolbox. Stuart and Jay claim to have spent millions developing this platform to keep you up to speed with the latest changes and tactics in the digital world. They have done-for-you websites and sales pages.
  • A personal dashboard where you can reach out to the Support Team for a live chat.
  • Online business startup training resources. There is the step-by-step Get Started curriculum, weekly live training webinars and a library of recorded trainings to get targeted education that suits your needs.
  • Live webinars run by the founders and opportunity creation coaches. In addition to teaching you how to make money online, they show you the personal mindsets and strategy secrets that very successful entrepreneurs use daily to optimize their entire life.
  • Access to the SFM Community platform online. The community comprises people from all over the globe who share how they overcame challenges. You’ll be invited to the exclusive events held around the world each year, where you’ll meet like-minded people.

SFM Essential is an ongoing membership where you pay a monthly subscription fee.

ELITE Membership

This is the highest membership level. You get everything that Essential Membership has to offer as well as system setup certification and recurring exclusive webinars featuring prominent leaders and experts sharing knowledge

Elite Membership also requires you to pay a monthly subscription fee.

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How to make money with Six Figure Mentors

SFM is essentially an affiliate marketing course on making money using a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business model while gaining vital skills in online marketing.

As a digital business system, it offers you marketing education, cutting-edge tools, and helpful support needed to succeed online. At the same time, you can promote Six Figure Mentors using the internet marketing skills you acquire.

Six Figure Mentors students make money through the affiliate program.

Anyone can become a Six Figure Mentors affiliate as long as they are a paying member.

To get more people to join the platform using your link, you can advertise Six Figure Mentors on social media sites like Facebook.

You will earn a commission for each sale. The amount you make ranges from $20 to $200 depending on certain factors.

But don’t forget that the knowledge you acquire can help you build a successful affiliate business without promoting Six Figure Mentors.

Six Figure Mentors Price and Discount

As we saw earlier, Six Figure Mentors has three membership tiers. Although it offers free basic training, you can pay up to $20,000.

Six Figure Mentors membership fees are as follows:

  • Student Membership – $29.90
  • Essential – $297 + $97 monthly
  • Elite – $2500 + $97 monthly

In addition to the three membership options, there’s the other program offered by Stuart and Jay called Digital Experts Academy (DEA) for $2,500 to $20, 000.

You can sign up for free training initially and then they will start offering essential membership for $100 if the discount offer is available.

Besides the membership fee, there are additional expenses because you have to spend money on Facebook ads to improve your odds of getting more leads and sales.

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Refund Policy

Six Figure Mentors has a 30-day refund policy.

Worth noting on refund policy:

  1. Bonuses are offered as an optional add-on with the Six Figure Mentors 30-Day Trial which are nonrefundable.
  2. A member only has 3 days to request a refund on the advanced DEA products.
  3. Monthly subscription fees are non-refundable upon terminating membership.

Does Six Figure Mentors have an application fee?

Six Figure Mentors has a free sign-up option where you can create an account. Afterwards, you can upgrade to Essential membership. During the program introductory stage, you will be required to pay $29.95 to apply to become a student member.

Exclusive webinars only come with the elite membership, which you can only purchase after you’ve paid the enrollment fee. Elite Membership costs $2500 plus a $97 fee per month.

Who can join Six Figure Mentors?

If you want to earn extra income while learning about affiliate marketing, you can join Six Figure Mentors. The Six Figure Mentors training program targets both existing business owners and individuals who want to start and grow an online business.

There are two categories of people who regularly join SFM:

Existing Business Owners

If you are already a business owner, you can take advantage of the online marketing education SFM offers to boost your existing marketing strategy and sales efforts.

For example, you may learn new sales techniques that you can use to appeal to the modern online audience. You will learn how to provide value rather than ‘hard sell’ people.

Beginners in Online Business

SFM targets newbies by offering easy-to-follow affiliate marketing training opportunities. The course teaches you how to find and sell cutting edge products. They also get you started on affiliate programs that will give you favorable terms.

As you progress, they provide more advanced affiliate trainings and technologies. However, they do not provide you with essentials such as keyword research tools and you need to find other service providers that will provide those.

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Is Six Figure Mentors an MLM?

Six Figure Mentors is an MLM because many students have earned money from selling Six Figure Mentors to other people.

This makes it feel like it’s teaching students how to get more students to the program, creating a vicious circle of recruitment of new members through which the idea of earning while learning is reinforced.

Alternatives to Six Figure Mentors

There are several alternatives to Six Figure Mentors depending on what you need. Some of these alternatives include the Inbound Closer, Traffic and Funnels, Fullstaq Marketer, and Commission Hero.

Pros of Six Figure Mentors

Offers a variety of programs and tools

Six Figure Mentors offers a wide variety of additional programs, tools, and services for building your own online business making sure you are fully prepared for success in digital marketing and other aspects of affiliate marketing in making most of the skills earned.

Members have access to weekly training webinars and private membership with live chats.

Hands-on training

You will learn skills such as building websites, using Google Ads, google analytics, google tag manager, automation software, advertising on Youtube, internet marketing tools, tracking and other skills related to digital marketing.

Customer Support

There is reliable customer support that is quite responsive. The Six Figure Mentors System Support Team answers to any technical problems you may have.

You can learn and work from anywhere

The program is not geo-restricted and anyone can join from most parts of the world.

Personal System Consultant

You get a personal consultant to give you one-on-one professional guidance. They will help you process the information you learn much like a professional trainer would. The consultants also help new members who may not be familiar with platform navigation.

It is Convenient

You get to learn at your pace because everything is pre-recorded and you can reach out to the consultants whenever they are available.

The coursework is in video format making it one of the most convenient modes of learning virtually.

A great community

You have access to a community of people who are ready to assist you in case you have any challenge you are coping with as you learn the ropes of digital marketing.

Friendly to digital marketing beginners

Six Figure Mentors is good at nurturing members are getting started. That’s before introducing them to the more complex aspects of training.

The course content is packaged to make sure you get what is needed to be a pro in affiliate marketing in a more convenient way than when you have to go out on your own.

That being said, Six Figure Mentors training program is aimed at both existing business owners and individuals who want to start and grow an online business offering in-depth knowledge in successfully starting your venture.

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Cons of Six Figure Mentors

Six Figure Mentors has its downsides which we have to cover to give you a holistic take of what it entails so that you adjust your expectations accordingly.

Criticism is natural because there are two sides of a coin and since this is a review of Six Figure Mentors, here are some of its negatives:

There are Hidden Costs

The program has some expenses which students incur on further training and paid advertising. The typical budget which a new member will have to spend is never unveiled during the sign-up process.

Hard Upsells

The program claims to teach students a marketing model which requires no hard selling, however, there is a notable hard selling on course upgrades to their students. At times, Six Figure Mentors pressures students to upgrade their training levels through calls and emails.

Six Figures Mentors push you to promote their product too, which might be confusing.

It Has The Muti-Level Marketing Model

Six Figure Mentors operates on the Multi-Level Marketing Model when it comes to promoting the program to other students.

Therefore, besides the training you get, as a student, you have the option of promoting Six Figure Mentors itself besides the other products you promote. To earn more money, you bring in more people.

In this regard, Six Figure Mentors has the typical multi-level marketing model and is no different from other programs like Vector Marketing, EcomBabe Reviews, and Thrive MLM.

The problem with MLMs is that making more money by signing up new members is a really tough thing to do. And, in the long term, it is not sustainable because after selling it to friends and family, you will run out of people to recruit — convincing strangers to join the program will be way tougher.

This explains why a majority of people can’t make money with MLM programs yet they sell a dream and make it look relatively easy.

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It has self-Serving Testimonials

Six Figure Mentors has on its website a host of positive testimonials which offer generic feedback with no specified results.

This raises alarm as to whether the reviews are genuine because at some point, it feels like they just hired a bunch of actors to say the system worked for them. This kind of feedback is why most people distrust such programs even when they have something great to offer.

On top of that, most reviews lack what anyone aspiring to join needs; tangible evidence of how the program helped them. All most of these testimonials focus tend to focus on is the feel good element, which isn’t helpful when you are digging for information.

Costly training

The training is not cheap considering the level of training Six Figure Mentors will provide. There are better programs out there that are cheaper.

Quality of Training Not Always Great

Some of the webinars you will be joining won’t offer real value and at times, will feel like a waste of time because they will be repeating what you probably already know about marketing.

The Program Falls Short Of Some Aspects of Marketing

It does not cover some important aspects of making money online which could easily have been integrated into the program.

For that, you have to find other sources of information, which is inconvenient.

Besides, if you are willing to spend money on some other program, the costs will add up.

Style over substance

With the express goal of appealing to potential students, Six Figure Mentors seems to have substituted substance with style.

A key focus of the program’s pitch is on lifestyle images with very little concrete information on the actual training.

Upon signing up for the free Six Figure Mentors membership, users are ushered in with a welcome video of Stuart Ross in his Ferrari. The program has adopted flashy lifestyle tropes in marketing and training materials with less focus on what it takes to run a successful online business.

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Is Six Figure Mentors Legit or a scam?

Six Figure Mentors is a legit affiliate marketing course with a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company element to it.

Whether you like that or not depends on your perception of MLM companies.

Although there can be an overlap between MLM and pyramid schemes they are not the same with the main difference being that MLM is legal while pyramid schemes are illegal.

Six Figure Mentors is an MLM because as they have a product to sell. If it didn’t have that, it would be a pyramid scheme.

The program provides training on how to build your own online business as their product. They also charge a fee to join the program, which increases as you purchase the higher level product.

Those who view MLM as a kind of scam are likely to view Six Figure Mentors as a scam. Most of Six Figure Students earn through recruiting other members to the program. As a student, you will learn how to convince people to buy the same training and earn your affiliate income through commission.

Six Figure Mentors Verdict

Six Figure Mentors is sold as an opportunity to start earning as you learn in-demand skills in digital marketing to become an affiliate marketer.

To some, Six Figure Mentors may feel controversial but this review has presented facts to you. As one of all-rounded programs, it prepares members for every aspect of online entrepreneurship, empowering them with the digital skill sets and leadership mindsets needed in online business.

Online business and online marketing have become some of the most sought ventures in this century with almost all businesses integrating an online presence into their plans.

Technology has come along with a number of techniques businesses can utilize in maintaining their relevance in quite a competitive world. Internet marketing, digital marketing and online advertising have emerged as some of the methods businesses are using in maintaining relevance.

Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek launched Six Figure Mentors (SFM) and Digital Experts Academy (DEA) to forge a path they wish they had when they were getting started.

They designed SFM as the place to be for people new to the world of making money online and looking to get up and running with revenue generation at their own pace and in the shortest time possible.

DEA was designed for those who want to progress to higher levels of online business know-how, right to the pinnacle of entrepreneurship mastery where they’ll be capable of monetizing almost anything they can think of.

The organization has training material for everyone from Beginner to Advanced online business owner.

To sum up how it works, the program is for those who are willing to put in the effort and money to implement what they learn. It is also about getting new members to the program through the Six Figure Mentors affiliate program.

Should you decide to sign up for the program, don’t forget that individual results usually vary and income success is not guaranteed.

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Six Figure Mentors: Unbiased 2022 Review 7

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