Team National: Scam or Real? [2022 Reviews]

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Team National: Scam or Real? [2022 Reviews] 4

Team National Review

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What Is Team National USA?

Team National is a network marketing company and membership savings company that is located in Ft. Lauderdale. It was founded by Dick Loehr in 1996.

Team National Reviews

Team national is a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA), Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) and The US Chamber of Commerce.

As part of these associations, Team national appears credible and to top it off, it has been in the business for over 23 years. These factors make it a relatively solid company.

Team National brought in $659 million in sales in 2016, which is quite commendable for a business that runs on a Multi level marketing model.

Making that money is a rarity but others like Cutco Knives and ACN also bring in large sums.

Who founded Team National?

Team National was founded by Dick Loehr in 1996 when he created a company that would provide its customers with a variety of benefits and services, which we will look into later.

In 1997, he sold his benefits package to a small direct selling company that began business in 1992. In the two years that followed, Dick and his team enhanced the benefits package and in 1999, Dick bought the marketing plan and associate group from that direct selling company.

He restructured the company and began by relocating the corporate offices and developing field committees.

He redesigned the company’s name, logo and brand in 2001 in what became known as Team National. When Dick Loehr died of cancer in 2008, his daughter Angela took over as president of Team National and remains the president to this day.

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What products does Team National sell?

Team national is a membership savings and membership discount company with various products and services.

Seasoning salt

Some of these include Travel insurance, Vehicles, Business savings, Team National product line, Financial services, Health discount benefit plans, Rental cars, and communication services.

All these items come directly from the factory hence members get them at a 65% discount thus saving money.

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Team National Membership program

Team National is known for selling its products and services at discounts but there isn’t much information you will get about those discounts.

So, how does Team National work? What are some of the Team National Categories of Membership it offers? Here are a few of them:

Team National E-Commerce

Team National membership allows their members to earn 30% commissions by selling over 100 popular brands with their own private label items.

They have their own private label brand of consumables such as nutritional, kids and automotive care products

The products are claimed to be 50% lower on average than industry standard products.

Team National also offers personal websites for $12/month or $99/year.

Team National Group Buying Power

As a large group, Team National negotiates with wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers to secure exclusive discounts.

One example they give is 5% to 30% savings through the Sears Commercial Online Program.

commodities available for team national group buying power

Some of the items you get include vehicles, financial services, health discount benefit plans, rental cars & trucks, communication services, business savings, travel and insurance.

You can manage to get savings when buying a new or used car, debt management, vision and dental plans, saving on your high-speed internet etc.

The specific amount of discount is unknown since there is no place to find a specific discount on a sticker price or big ticket items.

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Team National Business Exchange

With Team National Business Exchange, you are able save at thousands of local and small businesses across the USA. Examples that Team National provides are in areas such as construction, home maintenance, real estate, personal care, automotive, insurance, travel and more.

The benefits in this program are not similar for everyone.

Team National Factory Direct

This is the furniture division which includes, indoor and outdoor furniture, spas, flooring and saunas.

You get to deal with the manufacturer directly and as a member, you get a 65% discount on items.

Big N Marketplace

You’ll be able to earn a rebate on the product that you buy as an IMD member. Examples listed include things like restaurants and ink cartridges.

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Team National Membership Fee

To be a part of the affiliate program, you need to pay for a membership package. There are different memberships you can pick from to become an Independent Marketing Director.

There are two membership packages that are most popular – the Premium Membership and the Standard Membership.

Team National: Scam or Real? [2022 Reviews] 5

There is a point system that scores each membership. For example, you get 3 points for the premium (lifetime membership) and 1 point when you join the standard membership.

Premium Membership

This is equivalent to a lifetime membership and it costs $2,195. It covers your immediate family and can include your extended family. If you own a business it can be shared with up to 5 employees.

Standard Membership

Standard membership takes care of your household for two years of savings.

These Team National memberships aren’t cheap, and there’s a problem trying to sell a product (with enough conviction) to your friends and family that you haven’t purchased or tried yourself.

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The Team National Compensation Plan

The team national compensation plan is quite comprehensive though there seems to be a few concerns judging from other reviews.

Compensation plan

Team National isn’t like other mlm companies due to their unusual product type. Though the way to earn money remains the same as nearly every other MLM and network marketing program.

You earn money by selling the service and building a downline.

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How to make money with Team National

You make money with Team National’s mlm program through selling discount memberships to other people as well as through affiliate commissions with their online marketplace.

One of the other ways to make money is by recruiting new Independent Marketing Directors (IMD).

Team national get started brochure

The more you grow your downline the more money that you can make and the Team National plan says it has unlimited depth in regards to your downline.

This means that no matter who recruited the Independent Marketing Director you can make money from their sales hence allowing you passive income.

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There are many different ways that you can make money with Team National:

Making Money By Selling Products

Team national sells memberships to purchase products for a discounted rate and some of them are from well-known brands and products.

However, Team National doesn’t really disclose what the discounts are, but they insist that they are significant.

So there are four different areas of discounts that are available. These are:

  • Team National Factory direct –This enables members to save money on the physical products they buy.
  • Team National Group Buying Power- Individuals and businesses get to save on different types of services.
  • Team National Business Services- Local businesses get certain discounts.
  • Team National Rebate Program- People can earn cashback on purchases from various retailers through these offers.

Therefore Team National is basically a buying club.

Team national leverages its ability to buy items so that it can then sell them to its members at a lower price than they’d get otherwise.

It is a bit like Costcos, and BJ’s Wholesale club. The main difference is that Team National have a physical store and you have to pay a membership fee to buy from them.

Team National has two discount programs. Unfortunately, on their website, they don’t do a good job of describing all this. Instead, all they do is tell you how much members pay – $795 for a 2-year membership or $2,915 for a lifetime membership

In the end, you need to pay quite a bit of cash to save money on those purchases, which is often a big ask when you are recruiting new members.

On top of that, as a Team National member, you have to spend a lot of money purchasing items to your money’s worth.

Selling discounts isn’t the typical business opportunity, but there is a demand for savings.

After all, Costcos and other companies are thriving on this model. That being said, I should mention that their membership fee is significantly lower than that of Team Nationals membership program.

When it comes to selling discounts it’s not always easy unless there’s a good cause attached to it.

Besides, the fact that Team National doesn’t do a good job of telling you the quality of the products or how big of a discount you’ll be getting makes it harder to convince people to buy in.

It is also a worry that while many people write reviews about discount memberships, it is hard to find a Team National review despite them being in the industry for over 20years.

The Team National reviews you’ll read don’t cover the product line or the savings people make when they join. Instead, they tend to answer the question of whether or not Team National is a scam.

You’ll see others questioning whether you can make money by joining with one of their discount memberships.

Usually, they conclude that although you can make money, it is not worth it if the membership savings don’t justify it. Ultimately, people join discount memberships to save money.

However, the fact that there is inadequate information about the discounts is not a great sign.

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Making Money on Membership Sales

Another way to make money is by selling Team National membership sales to recruit people.

Team National members make $50 when they sell a standard 2-year membership and $100 when they sell a life insurance.

Team National Binary Structure

The average commission rate paid out by most MLM companies is 20 to 30%. So, it appears like Team National is on the low side of commissions.

On top of that, if a customer you’ve recruited finances their membership or uses their credit card, you get paid $25 if they have a standard membership and $50 if they have premium membership (life insurance).

Now, if you are familiar with how MLMs work, you understand that when you recruit people and create a team, you make decent money. We’ve seen this in other programs like Happy Coffee, Velovita, and Color Street.

Your income potential increases because you earn a progression bonus from what you sell as well as what your downline sells.

Here’s how the team national system works:

The first two sales become your left and right legs under the compensation plan. This kind of structure, called a binary compensation plan is quite popular in the MLM industry.

We’ve seen it used by other programs like HyperOne and Norwex.

The gist of it is that every sale after that falls on either the left or right, depending on which way works best.

Courtesy of your team members, you’ll earn points for the sales and for the people they recruit.

The income disclosure agreement clearly shows that making money as an IMD is possible, but the odds are against you.

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What Others Are Saying about Team National

It is normal to want to check the viability of a company and to know the opinions of those who have had some experience with it.

There are multiple websites where people have reviewed Team National and reading their comments gives you some insight into how the company operates based on the experiences they have had.

Some of these websites known for this include Indeed, Blog Comments, Better Business Bureau, RipOff Report, Glassdoor, and Facebook.

Let’s take a quick look at what people said on those platforms:


In 2020, Team National was recognized for being both the Top Places to Work and The Best Places to Work.

Indeed Team National

Team National has a 4.5 out of five rating on Indeed courtesy of reviews from employees from corporate.

Blog Comments

Team National has been featured on many blogs covering how to become Independent Marketing Directors. Usually, you find a mixture of positive and negative comments.

The positive ones usually appear to be by people trying to recruit and the negatives are from people who feel that they did not make enough money or that the company was not forthright about their fees.

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The Ripoff Report

On RipOff Report, there are a couple of complaints with some people saying that they felt that Team National took advantage of them by overpromising and underdelivering.

Ripoff Report Team National

Some users labeled Team National a scam because they could not get in touch with anyone when they reached out to them for help.


The Team National Facebook page shows that have a 4.6 out of five rating (at the time I was writing this).

Unfortunately, most of the positive reviews are by people who are looking to recruit people for their downline.

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Better Business Bureau

Team national is not BBB-accredited. They still have an overall rating of an A+ because there are a couple of customer reviews.

Better Business Bureau Team National

They’ve closed 6 complaints over the past year and closed 12 complaints over the past 3 years. Nearly all those complaints were about products and services.

Glass Door

Team National had a 4.6 out of five rating on Glassdoor.

Glassdoor Team National

That’s based on half a dozen reviews. From the look of things, two of the reviews appear to be by IMDs with the others coming from people at the corporate office.

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Pros of Team National

One of the great things about signing up for a company like Team National is that there are no products to deal with. You’re simply selling memberships, which means there are no inventories, deliveries or physical returns.

Although they can’t control every distributor, Team National is diligent about staying within the legal boundaries of the network marketing model.

Helpful Support

customer support

Team National provides a system of support and mentorship.

Savings When You Are A Spender

The membership can offer significant savings. If you’re making a big ticket purchase or you’re a frequent traveler for example, you will benefit even more from the membership.

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There Are Many Positive Team National Product Reviews

After reading multiple Team National reviews on forum sites, blog comments, on BBB, and on their facebook page, you can tell that there a lot of positive opinions.

The complaints posted on BBB have been addressed with a solid explanation.

On top of that, reading the nice things people say about the discounts is not a bad thing for Team National and proof that it is legit.

It Has Been Around For A Long Time

While most MLM companies close in 10 years, it has survived for more than 24 years and during that time, many people have been able to join Team National.

Although you can dispute the reviews, it was recognized as one of the best companies to work for in 2020. That is not a bad sign.

You Don’t Have To Maintain A Monthly Sales Quota To Remain Active

Many MLMs require you to hit certain sales quotas each month to maintain your membership. Desperate to meet the quotas and remain active as a distributor, people buy products to earn money.

When you join Team National, they only require you to sell two memberships per year to remain active. There is no monthly sales quota to hit.

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Cons of Team National

Like all MLM’s, the business you build and the organization you develop belongs to them. If the product or price changes in a way you don’t like, there’s nothing you can do. You can’t change suppliers without going to a different company and starting over. In a way, you are building dependence not independence.

On top of that, here are a few things I didn’t like about the company:

Lack of transparency

The website offers very little information regarding their products, membership, sales training etc. Even after reading what seemed like a hundred or more comments and testimonials, specific details are hard to come by.

There Are Hidden Expenses

Although they don’t have a monthly sales quota, there are hidden monthly expenses that you will incur.

These additional monthly expenses include:

  • Website- hosting fees.
  • Success club- You have to pay $39.95 a month
  • TN All Access subscription- You will pay $10 a month

high Membership Fees

As you’ll find out after trying a few out, discount memberships programs and cash rebates programs are usually free to join. However, Team National is expensive.

One would only hope that at the least Team National’s discounts are going to be worth it.

However, that’s not the impression I got searching for members discounts. I should mention that there were positive Team national reviews that people wrote.

It is Tough To Make Money

To be brutally honest, you won’t make a lot of money with this company. Although the membership can offer significant savings, I’m not certain those savings are as big as they claim. Comparative shopping can be tricky because you’re not always comparing apples to apples.

According to the statistics, only 1 out of 167 IMD’s consistently earn more than $1,000 per month. Therefore, just 0.6% of it’s members bring in $14,000 a year.

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Is Team National A Pyramid Scheme?

No they are not a pyramid scheme even though they have an unusual product. Team National is a multi level marketing company that uses network marketing for its sales.

Is team national legit?

Basically, a pyramid scheme is a business model that recruits people to make money without actually providing them with legit products to sell.

A pyramid scheme sells you on a dream to be rich with minimal effort which is not often the case. Only people at the top make large amounts of money while the ones at the bottom of the pyramid scheme barely make any.

Multi level marketing companies have actual products and one can make money through selling those products without necessarily having to recruit people.

While many MLM’s often borderline a pyramid scheme ,Team National does not.

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Team National Verdict

Team National USA is not a scam, though I would not recommend joining the company.

This is mostly because there isn’t a clear understanding of the products, services, and discounts.

They follow the guidelines and stay within the the boundaries of the law and with the Direct Selling Association as well as with the Federal Trade Commission’s Amway

Having said that, companies push the boundaries of deceptive practices all the time. MLM’s are particularly susceptible, because the company is not there to supervise each and every distributor.

As far as Team National goes, from some of the documents I’ve read it appears they take a strong stance to operate within the boundaries of the law.

That aside, the cons of joining this mlm company are way more than the pros so joining it would not be the wisest decision. You will end up spending much more than you make or save as an employee unless you become one of the top members which in itself is an uphill task.

In conclusion, there are better ways to make money online.

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Team National: Scam or Real? [2022 Reviews] 4

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