Crypto Cash Calendar: Charlie Shrem Legit? [Unbiased Reviews]

Welcome to my review of The Crypto Cash Calendar.

InvestorPlace, an independent financial publishing company, has been promoting this calendar by an analyst called Charlie Shrem claiming that it is meant to help you predict major crypto movements weeks before they actually happen.

If you would like to find out how The Crypto Cash Calendar event works, then read my unbiased and honest review below.

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Crypto Cash Calendar: Charlie Shrem Legit? [Unbiased Reviews] 3

The Crypto Cash Calendar Review

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Introduction to The Crypto Cash Calendar

The Crypto Cash Calendar is a system created by Charlie Shrem that he claims helps you to get accurate information on tiny cryptos (altcoins) to buy and with good timing. The goal here is to help Main Street investors make incredible gains in the crypto market.

The Crypto Cash Calendar

Charlie Shrem is just the latest investment guru to come out talking about investing in cryptocurrencies. We have gone through other presentations on the subject before, including Jeff Brown’s predictions and Teeka Tiwari predictions for 2022.

Going back to Charlie’s Crypto Cash Calendar, he claims that you do not need a large investment to get started. He says that all you need is $250 to start with, and investors can make more than a 100% gain within weeks.

InvestorPlace has been pushing this pitch rather aggressively and it probably has to do with the fact that Charlie is a big name in the world of cryptos.

He’s even been referred to as the Godfather of Crypto for his work researching and analyzing the crypto markets for over a decade.

He is now ready to guide investors on exactly what’s going on in the market and how to get started but they have to sign up for the Crypto Investor Network, a research service he offers via InvestorPlace.

We will take a closer look at what signing up for it gets you but first, let’s examine the man behind it all.

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Who Is Behind The Crypto Cash Calendar?

The Crypto Cash Calendar is a concept developed by Charlie Shrem.

Charlie Shrem

In some circles, Charlie is referred to as the Godfather of Crypto. He is the founder of an early-stage bitcoin trading site and he has been specializing in developing strategies that allow investors to make big gains trading cryptos.

More than 11 years ago, when bitcoin was trading for about $5 a piece, Charlie Shrem got extremely interested in it. He even wrote an article on the Bitcoin White Paper and reached out to bitcoin creator, Satoshi Nakamoto.

Charlie Shrem, from those formative stages, understood the importance of bitcoin and cryptos and how they could revolutionize the entire monetary system. That’s the main reason he became a part of The Bitcoin Foundation.

Charlie Shrem’s work has been featured in the New York Times bestseller, Bitcoin Billionaires. He currently leverages his personal experience and expertise in the crypto space to help everyday Americans profit from new early-stage altcoin investment opportunities.

According to Charlie Shrem, the best opportunity for investment is possible when you invest at the ground level of a fast-moving, small altcoin with huge upside potential.

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How the Crypto Cash Calendar Works

Charlie and his team designed this calendar to help you make timely trades in the crypto space. He highlights dates and times that are crucial to the crypto world, and includes information on when to buy certain altcoins the upgrades that are on the way.

There are also dates on the Crypto Cash Calendar for when coins will be released or launched.

The goal of having this calendar, according to Charlie Shrem, is to help people make smarter moves by going for some coins at the right time.

He says that you can mark certain dates on your calendar that signify when you should buy tiny cryptos and set yourself up to make incredible gains.”

The coins he recommends on the Crypto Cash Calendar must meet certain criteria.

How to make money with Crypto Cash Calendar

Charlie says that you can make money using the Crypto Cash Calendar by timing the market. This enables you to know when to buy and sell.

If a day on the calendar has been picked, on that day, you get to follow the Crypto Cash Calendar and buy some relatively cheap coins that give you a chance to make money.

To cater for those without a lot of money, Charlie Shrem says that $250 will be enough to invest because you get to multiply your money when you notice periods of large market fluctuations before they happen.

4 Requirements All Crypto Cash Coins Must Meet

For a cryptocurrency to be included in the Crypto Cash Calendar, Charlie says that it must meet four requirements and he highlights them as:

#RULE 1: Ideally, it will have inherent value

A cryptocurrency under consideration should be tackling a real-global issue. That can be by propelling the technology ahead in an innovative way or improving quality of life by enhancing efficiency.

#RULE 2: Must Address a Wave of Problems

The cryptos on the Crypto Cash Calendar should provide solutions to real issues that affect people in their day to day.

Charlie warns that you should stay away from a project that’s too cliché. A good example of a digital currency that meets this requirement is Chainlink, which has up-to-date blockchain technology and provides businesses with tools to collaborate thus solving an actual problem in the real world.

#RULE 3: Innovators Behind the Project

An important factor that Charlie examines before adding a name on the Crypto Cash Calendar is the people running the project.

He likes to examine the crypto team’s skill-set to determine if they have what it takes to execute the project and create something sustainable.

If he finds a project that has a strong team, he can tell whether it will maximize growth.

#RULE 4: Unspecified

The final rule that is part of this set of requirements has not been shared publicly. Since the fourth rule has not been talked about, you have to look for it beyond his “Crypto Cash Calendar” presentation. That can be by signing up for his service.

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What is included in Crypto Investor Network?

To gain access to the Crypto Cash Calendar, you have to sign up for the Crypto Investor Network.

With access to that, you can identify newly listed altcoins that present you with the opportunity to make tremendous gains.

Crypto Investor Network

Charlie Shrem promises to reveal these altcoin details to investors when they are still tiny so that when these altcoins start rising, they will have the opportunity to make money. Now, Charlie Shrem and his team have come up with a resource where you can learn about upcoming penny crypto opportunities.

According to them, these small cryptos are primed to soar and they’ve even written a special report that profiles these crypto cash calendar opportunities.

This report is known as Crypto’s Next Blockbuster Coins and it includes the names, tickers, and basic instructions on how to buy and hold these altcoins. It also includes new and upcoming crypto dates. You will also know which cryptos have fulfilled the proprietary 4 rules indicators.

The subscription includes a detailed write-up, including the name and coin symbol and how you can invest. Plus, whenever there’s a new opportunity, you will receive alerts. All you will need to do is sign up for a risk-free trial membership and you’ll get the following benefits:

One Full Year to the Crypto Investor Network

Charlie Shrem and the Crypto Investor Network team share incredible stories, research, and investing opportunities that are happening in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world. These updates from the team come to you every month.

As a subscriber, you will be one of the first people to learn about these investments thus allowing you to have access to investments with the most upside.

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Instant Access to the Crypto Cash Calendar

As a member, you gain access to the calendar through which you learn about past – as well as upcoming – new crypto dates. These are usually presented in an intuitive manner.

When a newly listed crypto meets the team’s proprietary “four-rule” indicators, you get a detailed write-up that includes the name and coin symbol, how to place your investment, and how much you will make on each investment.

Full Access to the Crypto Investor Network Model Portfolio

When you have access to the model portfolio, you can monitor every altcoin recommendation that has been published and is being tracked.

It allows you to keep tabs on current positions and review the newest recommendations.

SPECIAL REPORT: Crypto’s Next Blockbuster Coins

The Crypto Cash Calendar has already spotted two new crypto cash calendar coins that you can buy.

Crypto’s Next Blockbuster Coins

In this special report, you learn everything you need to know to make the most money out of that investment. It includes all the details, as well as the names, ticker symbols, and basic instructions on how to buy and hold these altcoins.

SPECIAL REPORT: The First Wave of Tokenization Wealth; Cryptos Set to Soar

This report details everything you need to know about the possible $544 trillion tokenization economy. This includes five opportunities to potentially earn 10 times your money by owning five key blockchain platforms.

The First Wave of Tokenization Wealth

When you invest in them, you put yourself in a good position to get a cut every time a tokenized asset is bought, sold, traded or exchanged.

SPECIAL REPORT: 27 Cryptos to SELL Before They DIE

There are now thousands of cryptocurrencies in the market and more are always being added to the exchanges every day.

27 Cryptos to SELL Before They DIE

According to Charlie, 99% of the cryptocurrencies in the crypto world are destined to be losers therefore he felt that in order to help folks stay away from these coins, his team labeled 27 popular tokens that are possible red flags in this report that you’ll get instant access to.

SPECIAL BONUS REPORT: Altcoin Investing for Beginners

According to Charlie, 9 out of 10 people do not get to experience firsthand how fast they can build wealth by investing in altcoins.

Altcoin Investing for Beginners

He thinks that this happens because those people don’t know how to get started, or don’t understand how those coins work. This report, which you get immediate access to when you sign up, for those people is mandatory reading and that’s for novices and veterans who want to maximize future gains.

In summary, you get

  • Full Access to the 2022–2023 Crypto Cash Calendar
  • Access to The Crypto Cash Calendar Trading Primer
  • 52 Weekly Issues of the Crypto Investor Network
  • Urgent position updates
  • Access to the Crypto Investor Network Support Team
  • Bonus Report #1: The First Wave of Tokenization Wealth: Cryptos Set to Soar
  • Bonus Report #2: 27 Cryptos to SELL Before They DIE

Crypto Investor Network Subscription Price

The annual subscription fee to the service is $99.

If you are lucky enough to sign up when there is a marketing drive for the newsletter, you can sign up for $49 (for the first year only) without needing a promo code.

However, the crypto investor network newsletter will renew automatically for $99.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The refund policy states:

If you’re not happy with your decision 12 months from now — for whatever reason — you’ll receive a FULL REFUND… no questions asked.

I urge you to read the fine print of the conditions of the refund policy before you submit e-wallet permits to ensure that you don’t get into a deal you may not properly understand.

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Pros of Crypto Cash Calendar

  • You will know the name and ticker symbols of newly-launched altcoins.
  • These altcoins have huge money-making potential.
  • The subscription is covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Cons of Crypto Cash Calendar

  • Crypto investments are subject to market risks. These investments can be particularly volatile.

Is Crypto Cash Calendar Legit?

Crypto Cash Calendar is a legit system by Charlie Shrem, who is a genuine crypto analyst with years of experience as an investor, analyst, and money maker.

Charlie has been at the forefront of urging people to embrace cryptos and even once ran an exchange in the early days of people becoming aware of the potential cryptocurrencies have.

That being said, timing the markets when it comes to cryptocurrencies can be particularly tough to pull off. Therefore, although Charlie promises that he is great at spotting cryptos that may take off, there are no guarantees that he will be right. In fact, he may wind up being wrong about them.

Crypto Cash Calendar Verdict

Charlie Shrem launched Crypto Cash Calendar to give his opinions on how we should invest in cryptos. He claims that he intends to help investors take advantage of the most profitable altcoins in the red hot crypto markets.

Early investments in these altcoins can be rewarding but you should not forget that crypto investments are always risky and you can lose all your money if things fail to work out as you expected them to.

One way to avoid getting into the trap of investing in bad cryptos is to have a few bare minimum requirements that a coin has to meet to be worth going for.

A nice place to start is that a coin has to have inherent value whereby the coin has to have some real-life problem that it solves while making life easier for the people who use it. There are other things to look for but that is a great place to start.

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Crypto Cash Calendar: Charlie Shrem Legit? [Unbiased Reviews] 3


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